Why Is Tesla Insurance So High


Why Is Insurance For A Tesla So Expensive

Why Tesla’s Model 3 Received A 5-Star Crash Test Rating

MoneyGeek found the average car model costs $1,427 per year to insure. In comparison, Tesla models cost hundreds or thousands more per year to cover.

While car insurance companies dont explicitly state why certain car models are more expensive to insure than others, there is a correlation between how expensive the car is to repair and how much it costs to cover. Electric vehicles are usually more costly to repair than non-electric vehicles. Tesla cars must also be repaired by Tesla-approved body shops, which are limited in number. In addition, Tesla vehicles often require custom parts or technology, increasing the cost of repairs.

Car insurers dont usually share why some car models are more expensive to insure than others. Generally, the more expensive a car is to repair, the more it costs to insure.

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Special Coverages Available From Tesla Insurance

All Tesla insurance packages come with a Vehicle Automation Package that includes the following:

  • Autonomous vehicle liability: This insures you against damage to property or bodily injury as a result of a collision when your vehicle is in autonomous vehicle mode to the same limits of liability as when you’re driving.
  • Cyber identity fraud expense: This covers you against digital identity fraud. Coverage is limited to $15,000 per occurrence and $30,000 per insurance period.
  • Wall charger coverage: This covers your manufacturer-issued electrical power charger if it gets damaged or lost. This coverage is limited to $3000 and doesn’t cover damage that you caused or a factory defect.
  • Electronic key replacement: This covers the loss of your electronic car keys, up to $500 for two incidents in each insurance period.
  • Loan/lease gap coverage: This protects you in case your car is stolen or damaged. It will pay the balance of your car lease or loan, based on the value of your car.
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    Special Coverages Provided By Tesla Insurance

    Tesla insurance will also have special services that it will provide to its customers in a bid of swaying them to migrate from their insurance to Teslas insurance. Some of the special policies that will be featured in their vehicle packages are:

    • Cyber identity fraud expense compensate for the costs of digital identity fraud, up to $15,000 per event and $30,000 per policy period.
    • Autonomous vehicle owner liability includes any bodily harm or property damage that takes place when your vehicle is running in autonomous vehicle mode, up to the same limits of liability during driving.
    • Electronic key replacement this covers up to $500 of the loss of electronic car keys for two occurrences in the same insurance period.
    • Loan or lease gap coverage This safeguards you when your car is damaged or stolen. It covers the balance of your car loan or lease, based on the value of your car.
    • Wall charger coverage it covers the loss or damage of your electric charger. The coverage is limited to $3,000.

    Determining Your Safety Score

    Tesla Repair Costs

    In order to calculate your daily Safety Score, we use the Predicted Collision Frequency formula below to predict how many collisions may occur per 1 million miles driven, based on your driving behaviors measured by your Tesla vehicle. Driving on Autopilot will not be factored into the Safety Score formula, but the miles driven while on Autopilot are included in the total.

    Predicted Collision Frequency = 0.682854

    1.317958Forced Autopilot Disengagement

    The current formula was derived based on statistical modeling using 6 billion miles of fleet data. We expect to make changes to the formula in the future as we gain more customer and data insights.

    The PCF is converted into a 0 to 100 Safety Score using the following formula:

    Safety Score = 115.382324 – 22.526504

    Your daily Safety Score is not impacted by the number of miles or hours you drive. We combine your daily Safety Scores into a mileage-weighted average to calculate the aggregated Safety Score, which is displayed on the main Safety Score screen of the Tesla app.

    Note: Since vehicles with hardware older than Autopilot computer 2.0 do not measure following distance, Forward Collisions Warnings per 1,000 Miles and Unsafe Following Time is replaced by default values of 10.2 and 15.8% in the PCF formula, respectively. For these vehicles, the value of 115.382324 is replaced by 118.773666 in the Safety Score formula.

    You can improve your Safety Score by improving each Safety Factor.

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    Is Atesla Model 3 Expensive To Insure

    Auto insurance providers use various factors to determine rates for a given model. Typically, the value of the car and its designation affect the cost. Insurance rates for expensive cars and sports or electric vehicles are higher.

    A Tesla Model 3 is expensive to insure because its an electric car. Repair costs for electric cars are more expensive than standard vehicles, which leads to higher insurance rates.

    How Much It Costs To Insure Atesla Model 3 By Model Year

    Older versions of a Tesla Model 3 tend to be cheaper than newer ones due to value depreciation. The same is true for insurance an older vehicle means lower comprehensive and collision insurance rates. For example, the average cost of insurance for a 2017 Tesla Model 3, the oldest version, is $1,618 per year. It costs an average of $1,767 annually to insure a 2020 Tesla Model 3. Thats a $149 difference. Different auto insurance providers offer cheaper options for certain model years. USAA has the most affordable insurance rate for a 2020 Tesla Model 3, at $1,173 annually.

    Select the model year of your Tesla Model 3 below to see how rates compare. The **average cost of auto insurance** will vary depending on the model year.

    The Average Cost to Insure aTesla Model 3 by Model Year

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    Should You Get Tesla Insurance

    Car Insurance for Teslas Like any other car, Teslas also need car insurance. Due to this car’s high-tech nature, you’ll need to purchase additional coverage for it. Insuring your Tesla will protect you against liability in the case of an accident with another vehicle, pedestrian, or public or private property.

    How Tesla Insurance Works

    Why Tesla and EV Insurance Is Higher When They Have Fewer Parts

    Tesla uses real-time driving behavior to determine your car insurance rate for most vehicles. It’s available for the Model S, 3, X and Y in all states that sell Tesla Insurance except California. California drivers can still buy Tesla Insurance, but rates won’t be based on your driving habits.

    Tesla is able to collect data on your driving habits through your car without using an additional app or plug-in device.

    Driving behavior tracked includes:

    • Taking sharp turns at high speeds.

    • How close you are to the car in front of you.

    • Driver attention levels.

    Based on this data, Tesla gives you a monthly Safety Score from 0 to 100, where a higher score represents safer driving.

    New policyowners are given a score of 90. If you’re insuring a non-Tesla vehicle or your car doesnt have the ability to report data, Tesla uses a Safety Score of around 86.

    Unlike traditional insurers, the company does not take into account your marital status, age, gender or credit history. It also doesnt use your accident or traffic violation history as a factor to determine your initial or future auto insurance rate.

    Instead, Tesla uses the following factors to determine a rate:

    • Driving behavior based on the Safety Score.

    • Miles driven.

    • Number of vehicles insured.

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    Connect Powered By American Family

    CONNECT is available in 44 states and the District of Columbia. As we noted in our company review, this insurer offers outstanding customer service. This is confirmed by the 2021 J.D. Power regional rankings, where the company holds second place in CA.

    Besides being nice to its customers, CONNECT is also quite affordable and has a particularly low insurance cost for Tesla. Additionally, the company offers various optional coverages and promotions. For instance, those who buy CONNECT insurance through Costco can get bonus discounts and perks such as free roadside assistance.

    The companys financial strength isnt too shabby either. Its A. M. Best rating is A or Excellent. While not as good as GEICOs, State Farms, or Auto-Owners, theres no reason for an average customer to worry about the companys ability to pay claims.

    Overall, the combination of low prices and exceptional customer service that CONNECT offers, coupled with its widespread availability, leave no doubt that the company is the best insurance for Tesla model 3 and its pricier siblings.

    Choose CONNECT foraffordable prices, outstanding customer service, and its various benefits for Costco customers.

    Look elsewhere if you want an insurer with the best financial strength, or if CONNECT is unavailable in your area.

    Get Affordable Coverage For Your Tesla

    Tesla vehicles have the country’s most expensive auto insurance premiums. To cut car insurance costs, shoppers should opt for lower-priced Tesla models and select coverage from auto insurance providers who offer affordable premium rates.

    If you’re unhappy with your current car insurance, SmartFinancial can help you compare rates in your area to find the cheapest car insurance policy for your Tesla. Enter your zip code below and answer a few questions for a free car insurance quote. You could save up to 40%.

    About the Author

    Dani Milton is a senior content strategist and insurance specialist for SmartFinancial. She received her B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The Georgia writer loves making complicated topics accessible. Her past work has appeared on NPR and other news outlets. She once served as a public relations specialist, NASA Solar System Ambassador and Georgia Radio Reading Service volunteer host. In her spare time, she creates art, reads books, listens to music and watches online content.

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    Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost

    This is the youngest Tesla model it went into production in 2020. The insurance rates go from $2800 to $3100, depending on the age, trim levels, and performance. This makes the small crossover the cheapest model to insure.

    The cheapest insurers are Tesla , GEICO and Allstate. Wawanesa is the best option if youre in California or Oregon because it combines low prices and interesting discounts.

    Teslas Are Serviced By Certified Mechanics

    How Much Is Insurance On A Tesla

    In addition to the higher costs associated with specialist components, Teslas may only be fixed at body repair facilities certified by Tesla. The expense of being certified will be much greater due to the equipment and training required. Tesla maintains its own network of Tesla Service Centers and Tesla-Approved Collision Centers, which can perform cosmetic repairs on Tesla vehicles.

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    How To Save Money On Tesla Model 3 Car Insurance

    There are plenty of ways you can lower your car insurance costs. Here are a few:

    • Compare quotes. Not all insurers price Model 3 insurance the same, which is why you should compare car insurance quotes from at least three different insurance companies.
    • Ask for discounts. There are more than a dozen common car insurance discounts that you may qualify for.
    • Participate in a telematics program. If youre a safe driver, you might benefit from your insurers usage-based car insurance program, which tracks and rewards safe driving behaviors.
    • Buy the right amount of car insurance. You want to make sure you have adequate insurance but not overpay for too much insurance. Heres a guide to help determine how much car insurance you need.
    • Maintain good credit. Insurers in every state except California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan can use your as a cost factor. But not all companies weigh this cost factor the same, which is why its so important to shop around.
    • Consider raising your deductible. Generally, the higher your car insurance deductible, the less you will pay in premium. Common deductible amounts can range from $100 to $1,000 .

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    Is Tesla Insurance Worth The Price

    If youre considering buying one, you may be asking yourself, is a Tesla worth it? The cheapest car, the Tesla Model 3, starts at $42,690.

    In addition to their purchase price, car insurance costs for Teslas are greater than that of other vehicles. On average, it can cost more than double to insure a Tesla than a standard gas-powered car.

    Fortunately, Tesla now offers its own insurance for its high-tech electric vehicles. Well look at whether Teslas Insurance is worth it and what other car insurance options might be better for your needs and budget.

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    What Company Has The Cheapest Tesla Car Insurance

    Of the nations largest insurers, State Farm has the cheapest rates on average for Tesla Model 3 owners. USAA would have beat out State Farm, but it was not included in our analysis because it is offered only to military members, veterans and their families. In addition, although its one of the largest insurers in the country, Liberty Mutual is not included in our rates analysis due to a lack of publicly available information.

    To find the cheapest Tesla auto insurance, make sure to check smaller regional providers as well. They may have better rates than bigger players in your neighborhood.

    Note: Rates for Teslas own insurance, Tesla Insurance, werent available. Read more about Tesla Insurance.


    * USAA isnt ranked because it is available only to active military, veterans and their families.

    Other Tesla Insurance Options

    What Makes Teslas So Safe

    Not everyone is eligible for the Tesla Insurance program, and even if you are, its still a good idea to shop around and get quotes from multiple insurance companies. As you can see in the below chart, insurance prices can vary a great deal between companies.

    For example, Allstates quote for coverage for a Model S was $3,857, whereas USAA quoted $1,648 for the same coverage amounts a difference of over $1,200 per year.

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    Tesla Car Insurance Coverages

    • Autonomous vehicle owner liability covers bodily injuries and property damage that take place when a Tesla vehicle operates in autonomous vehicle mode , up to the same liabilities limits you have when driving.

    • Cyber identity fraud expenses pay for digital identity fraud costs up to $15,000.

    • Wall charge coverage covers up to $3,000 of damages or losses to the electrical power charger Tesla supplies for your vehicle. Wall charge coverage doesn’t cover damages caused by negligence.

    • Electronic key replacement pays up to $500 to replace electronic keys Tesla supplied with your vehicle. Owners can only make two claims per period.

    Things You Should Know About Insuring Your Tesla Electric Car

  • Software upgrades arent automatically covered by your auto insurance.Contrary to popular belief, FULL COVERAGE is NOT the same across the board with all auto insurance companies. Some consider software upgrades, such as self driving, as customization and it will NOT be covered automatically.
  • Dealer parts coverage is NOT a guarantee on any electric vehicle!Even Teslas have competition in the after market world of crash parts. The insurers have the right to make you wait as long as it takes for more affordable replacement crash parts to be supplied. Which means that you may end up with a down vehicle for upwards of 90 days when you choose not to buy OEM parts coverage.
  • Carrying limits above the value of your Tesla will cost you less than going cheap.The insurance cost per thousand is lowered at the higher end of coverage limits. So buying cheap Full Coverage will actually cost you more than insuring your car at a level that will actually cover a real accident.
  • These are just 3 things that other insurance folks wont explain to you until you are in a claim where you are not being paid for what you thought you had. Who wants to be that guy or gal? Not us and definitely not one of our valued clients!

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    How To Purchase Tesla Car Insurance

    If you live in California, own a Tesla and would like to purchase Tesla Car Insurance, simply request a quote from Tesla’s website directly and apply for its car insurance coverage through. The cost of your premium will differ, as with every car insurance company, depending on factors such as:

    • The driver’s age and gender.

    • Your driving record .

    • The year, make, and model of your Tesla.

    • How many miles you plan on driving per year.

    • Your credit score and payment history.

    Tesla Insurance Cost: Insuring Tomorrow’s Car

    Best Tesla Car Insurance  Cost to Insure by Model [Fast Guide]

    Tesla has had one of the wildest rides in automotive history. Although they’re considered to be the global leader in electric vehicles today, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy just a few short years ago in 2017. This was due to the slow rollout of the Tesla Model 3. However, Elon Musk continued to support the company with his own personal investments, and the rest is history.

    Prior to the Tesla Model 3, electric vehicles were considered too expensive to be practical for the average everyday driver. However, Musk and his team specifically designed the Model 3 to make electric cars more affordable.

    In fact, the average cost of a Tesla Model 3 costs just $37,450 – a number that’s similar to many other luxury and sports cars in America. While it’s not quite as cheap as a base-model Kia, it’s still a lot more attainable.

    But how much is Tesla insurance ? Is insuring a Tesla different from insuring a standard sports/luxury sedan? What are some of the ways that drivers can reduce their car insurance costs on their new Tesla Model 3?

    Below, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions about how to insure a Tesla and how insurance is different from standard fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

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