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It’s Finally Here… My Tesla Model S Plaid

There are often rumors that circulate online about buyers apparently being able to work out their own delivery date as long as they have received the VIN, but none of these are substantiated by any fact. Insideevs.com published a piece in October 2021 where they detailed the once-again extending delivery times of Tesla models.

They reported that the entry-level Tesla Model 3 would need about 10 months before delivery, but only 7 months if you ordered with the 19-inch wheel option. At the time of writing they were estimating that if you were to order a new Tesla in October 2021, youd be waiting until :

  • Model 3 August 2022 for Standard Range Plus with 18 wheels
  • Model S June 2022 for Long Range
  • Model X September 2022 for Long Range July 2022 for Plaid
  • Model Y: July 2022 for standard wheels, and April 2022 with 20-inch wheels

What it shows is a pattern of extending delivery times, perhaps caused initially by excessive orders, but then exacerbated by the chip shortage and the effects of the pandemic. Such news is a strong indication that even if you had a formula to calculate the delivery date with some accuracy, youd have to be recalculating quite often to take into account further delays that are happening.

Anytime Before Delivery Day

  • Watch Model 3 or Model Y walkthrough videos. These are great at getting you started with the basics and will speed up your handover process.
  • Review the information supplied on the Tesla Support pages, these pages go over details on financing, trade-ins, vehicle registration, insurance, warranty, etc.
  • Attend a Tesla owner orientation event. You will meet other owners and learn lots of handy tips about general ownership, driving and living with the car.
  • Download Model 3 or Model Y owners manuals. It will come in handy on your phone/computer for when you need it.
  • Join the unofficial Tesla Motors Club forum, and r/teslamotors subreddit.
  • Tesla Model Y Deliveries Begin In Australia

    Two years after the US, deliveries of the Tesla Model Y electric SUV have finally begun in Australia alongside the first mass shipment of Model 3 sedans in several months.

    The first 2022 Tesla Model Y electric SUVs have been delivered to customers in Australia two years after the US after a four-month stock shortage amid lockdowns in China.

    The first customer arrived in Australia at the end of July, and were delivered to buyers across the country from late last week two months after orders opened in early June 2022.

    It’s unclear exactly how many Model Y SUVs as well as sedans are soon to be delivered in Australia, however the volume of photos and reports on Tesla social media forums suggests deliveries are in the hundreds, if not approaching the thousands.

    The first Tesla Model Ys reaching customers are circa-$70,000 rear-wheel-drive base models, with the $100,000-plus drive-away Performance version slated to reach customers late this year or early next, if release timelines given in June hold true.

    More shipments of cars are due over the coming weeks and months, according to reputable Tesla shipping tracker VedaPrime following the first at the end of July, and the second, which reportedly docked on Monday night .

    Included in these shipments are a number of Tesla Model 3 electric sedans the first shipment of customer examples to Australia since June, and the first big batch since the first few months of 2022.

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    Tesla Deliveries Are Coming The Line In The Sand Is 250000 Cars

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    Tesla second-quarter delivery results are expected to arrive in early July. It has been hard to predict the numbers for a couple of reasons: The first is production volatility from Covid-19 lockdowns in China, and the other is Wall Street.

    Wedbush analyst Dan Ives believes 250,000 is the line in the sand that will drive the stock once delivery numbers are released.

    Tesla Account & Tesla App

    The Tesla Model 2 will arrive in 2023 and at a knockdown price

    Why do I need a Tesla Account? Your Tesla Account is the home for all your Tesla products. An account is automatically generated when you place an order. As a Tesla owner, you will need to access your Tesla Account to complete delivery milestones, view guides and receive important updates. Please note that all information entered into your Tesla Account directly affects the spelling and punctuation on your registration documents. Learn more. Back to Top

    How do I get the Tesla App? You can download the Tesla app from the App Store or after placing your order.Learn more.Back to Top

    How do I use the Tesla app? After downloading the Tesla app, connect your car or Powerwall by logging in with the same email address and password as your Tesla Account. Learn more about the Tesla app in our Support page or watch our Tesla app walkthrough video.Back to Top

    When can I access my Tesla App? For safety reasons, the Tesla app will not connect to your car while it is at the factory or in transit to the Delivery location. You can access your car through the Tesla app once you take delivery with the same login credentials as your Tesla Account. To enable Mobile Access from your cars touchscreen, tap Controls > Safety & Security.

    Can I transfer my Tesla product to a different Tesla Account? Yes, you can transfer your Tesla product after taking delivery. Learn more about Ownership transfers.Back to Top

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    If You Want A Tesla Here’s 5 Things You Must Think About First

    1. Before You Order a Tesla

    When you order a Tesla, you will get an estimated delivery date on Tesla’s website. You cannot bump up this date to become sooner. The reason for this is that your Tesla vehicle is getting custom built at a Tesla factory.

    You can, however, ask Tesla to delay your order, but Tesla will only do this for so long. Eventually, you will have to take order and pay any price increases for the vehicle and software, like FSD, that are available.

    You will also want to look at any State rebates you get for having an electric vehicle. This will help reduce the price you pay for your vehicle.

    There are new technologies coming, like a Ryzen processor and the 4680 batteries coming out of Giga Texas. I believe the Ryzen processor is already getting put in the Model 3 vehicles from Fremont according to Twitter and Reddit, but the 4680 batteries are still not available yet. In my opinion, if you want a 4680 battery car, you’re going to have to wait a few months to order.

    You should also think about how much you’re going to drive and what you’ll use your car for. If you just drive short distances and don’t need to tow anything, a Model 3 RWD , with the new LFP batteries makes a lot of sense.

    If you’re going to take long commutes and tow small trailers, or want a little bit bigger vehicle, a Model Y may make more sense.

    2. Before Taking Delivery

    3. While Owning Your Tesla

    Whats Different About Your Model 3/y

    Your Tesla Model 3/Y is a very different beast than your old gas burner. What do you need to know to drive it away from the delivery center? Once the car is unlocked and the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel are adjusted, you touch the brake to start the car and just drive away. Push the right steering wheel stalk down to go forward and up to go backward, and off you go. The steering, accelerator, and brakes will feel pretty much like your old car, so your first drive should be a piece of cake. The one thing that takes a bit of time for people to get used to is the regen braking the car starts braking for you when you take your foot off the accelerator. With some time, almost every EV driver comes to love this, but it takes a day or two to get used to it. When you finish your drive, you push in on the right stalk to park and hold it in if you are parked on a steep hill.

    Background: I took delivery on my first Nissan LEAF on February 31, 2014, my second LEAF on March 14, 2016, my third LEAF on May 2, 2018, and my first Tesla on October 22, 2019. My current car, Roxanne, is a Tesla Model 3 Long Range with 70,000 miles on it, so Im going to try to pass on some things Ive learned from driving Roxanne for two years and seven months. on the Interstate highways from North Carolina to Southern California, on the 12 lane metropolitan I-15 freeways and intersections of Salt Lake City, as well as the rural roads of Northern Wisconsin.

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    Tesla Will Move Your Model Y Delivery Up 4 Months With Fsd

    As you can see from the configurator comparisons above, Tesla is currently incentivizing consumers to throw an extra $12k at their Model Y or Model 3 purchase by expediting their delivery.

    Model 3 customers currently only see a months advantage on delivery times buying FSD vs. not. However, Model Y customers might be more motivated to add the FSD option if they have the money and dont want to wait until September to drive their new EV. By spending $12,000 more, the Model Y delivery window jumps up to May, just two months from now.

    Currently, delivery times for the Tesla Model X and Model S are not affected by the choice to add FSD capabilities or not. Despite some of these recent changes, the demand for Tesla vehicles is still sky high, especially with soaring prices for gasoline and diesel fuels.

    For those consumers who were planning to give FSD a shot on their new Model Y anyway, this may come as welcomed news. For others, however, it may not be worth the money to jump the delivery line by a few months. Theres always the pre-owned market too!

    Other Cybertruck Production Locations

    My Tesla Arrived 9 MONTHS EARLY!!

    Wondering about a smaller Cybertruck that will be more fitting for other, non-US markets? Then you should know that Elon has also announced that its highly likely that it will make a smaller Cybertruck for Europe.

    That model, for obvious reasons, would unlikely be manufactured in Texas alongside the full-sized model. If a smaller Cybertruck does surface, it would more than likely be built in Teslas other factory under construction, Giga Berlin.

    Tesla also opened up reservations for the Cybertruck in China, and with the companys broader push for localized production, the company could be looking to produce future Cybertruck inventory there, too. Its yet to be seen if there will be demand, however.

    To see where future versions of the Cybertruck could one day be produced, check out our list of current and rumored Tesla Gigafactories.

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    Tesla Wait Time: Tesla Model 3

    The Tesla Model 3 is the least expensive car in Tesla’s current line-up, and the one that has some of the least depressing delivery estimates. If you want the cheapest possible Tesla Model 3 , youll have to wait until sometime between October 2022 and January 2023 this year.

    Like other cars in the automakers line-up, this too can be improved by paying for extra stuff. Opting for a premium paint job , 19-inch wheels or a black & white interior improves that window by a month meaning you could get your car between September and December of this year.

    Combining add-ons, or choosing for the $12,000 Full Self Driving Autopilot add-on doesnt affect the delivery estimate in any noticeable way.

    The Tesla Model 3 Long Range currently has the same estimated delivery windows. That means the cheapest model will arrive between October 2022 and January 2023. This can be improved with premium color paint, black and white interior or 19-inch wheels. Both those bump you up to a September to December delivery window.

    The Tesla Model 3 Performance model has the shortest wait of the three, coming sometime between June and August. It doesnt matter what extra add-ons you pay for, thats the best estimate youre going to get with this particular model.

    Youve Got A Tesla Delivery Date: How Accurate Is It

    So, depending on which model you chose and which variant of that particular model, you will have a delivery date. Its important to note, as Tesla does, that this delivery date is an estimate, first and foremost. Official information from Tesla tells us, in answer to the question When can I expect to take delivery?:

    Delivery timing varies by model, location and current production availability. For more immediate delivery, check existing inventory in your area.

    Tesla.com FAQs

    Telsas explanation for delivery estimates is a more roundabout way of saying that you should regard the given estimated delivery date as accurate based on the current information available, but also to be aware that things can change.

    In other words, the estimates are accurate based on the circumstances of the time, but as circumstances change, so too can your estimated delivery date.

    The tweets that we mentioned above are a clear indication that things can and do go wrong. Its easy to point the finger at Tesla and say its down to their own incompetence, but is it really? In the next section well take a closer look at the specific factors that determine that final delivery date.

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    Exterior Within 24 Hours / 100 Miles

    Check the panel gaps to ensure there are no unusually large or small gaps, and they should match on both sides of the car.

    Check panels lie flat. As an example, it’s been known for the doors to be slightly proud of the surrounding panels and the exposed edge is prone to damage. Check this along the length of the panel edges as it can align in the middle but be high at one extreme and low at the other as if twisted. Also check around the headlights as some cars have had distorted trim between the bumper and lights. It’s worth doing this a couple of times as temperature can have an effect.

    Recheck the paint, but this time play attention for defects such as excessive orange peel and buffer marks which tend to only be visible in good light. Tesla allow up to 100 miles to report any issues so if your journey home after collection is longer than this then check either before you leave.

    Check the trim. There is a fair bit of decorative bits and bobs which are simply stuck on and hammered into place, primarily around the windows. Check the lines flow.

    Check tyre pressures .

    Check wipers and washer jets operate.

    Check general driving characteristics

  • MX, check the front wheels don’t touch the wheel arch when applying full lock
  • Before Heading To The Delivery Center:

    The first Tesla Model Y units arrive in Europe â World Web Dynamics

    If you haven’t had any contact with a Delivery Advisor/Scheduler since “First Contact,” before you drive to pick your vehicle up, call the Tesla delivery location’s direct number, and verify that your vehicle is indeed ready to go. There have been reports of people driving hours to pick up their Tesla only to be told their vehicle isn’t even in production yet!

  • Have the Tesla app installed on your smartphone prior to arrival for delivery.
  • Bring your driverâs license.
  • If your vehicle will be registered to more than one person, each person on the registration needs to be at the delivery appointment to sign final documents.
  • Bring written or digital proof of your down payment having been made and the final payment details or financing details. If you are financing, make sure your loan has been funded before you arrive to take delivery and that you have some kind of proof you can provide to Tesla should they ask about it.
  • Bring a printed insurance card or other proof of insurance that shows your Model 3 is insured.
  • Since the delivery area where you will inspect your Model 3 may be dark, bring a flashlight.
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    Release Date: When Will Tesla Cybertruck Be Available To Buy

    At the original event, Cybertruck was scheduled to be released in late 2021 for the dual-motor AWD version. The single-motor version will be released in late 2022.

    CEO Elon Musk originally announced Tesla had 250,000 pre-orders within a week of the unveiling.

    Next, it was estimated that a half million Cybertrucks were pre-ordered:

    The company hasnt updated the number in months, but Cybertruck reservation holders at Cybertruckownersclub.com have been keeping a tally of pre-orders, and based on their estimate, Cybertruck reservations have now reached over 500,000.

    As of May 2021, reservations had surpassed 1 million and continued to grow as deliveries looked less likely to begin before years end.

    Elon Musk stated that Tesla would be unveiling an updated version of the Cybertruck in the second quarter of 2021 as the company neared production. Musk also said that the truck will be produced at Gigafactory Texas, which is still under construction as of this writing.

    As is often the case, the original quoted dates for the Cybertruck did not come through. Musk had warned that Tesla needs to be lucky for the electric pickup to not be delayed.

    After much speculation and the assumption from many that the Cybertruck would in fact be delayed, we now have confirmation directly from Tesla. The Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed to 2022. While there is no direct timeline yet, all three variations of the EV are delays to next year.

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