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A Closer Look At The Tesla Share Price History

Tesla Stock – Pull back

According to data from Koyfin, Tesla has accumulated gains of 12,745.7% in the past 10 years, compared with the 373.5% and 190.7% returns produced by the Nasdaq and the S& P 500 Index, respectively, during that same period.

This means that the companys share value has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 62.4% a high return that hasnt necessarily come without hiccups along the way.

The chart above shows that in five months over the past 10 years, TSLA has experienced monthly drawdowns of over 20%. This shows how volatile TSLA stock has been.

Tesla hit all-time highs in November 2021 at $1,243 a share, but changes in the macroeconomic backdrop led to a significant decline in stock value after that as investors adopted a risk-off attitude due to the Federal Reserves increasingly hawkish actions.

Investors must be aware that past results are no guarantee of future performance, which means they should not base their Tesla stock predictions on historical price action.

What kind of variables can investors look at to determine where the price of Tesla stock in five years may land?


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A $1,000 investment in Tesla in November 2011 would be worth just over $204,000 now, with the stock’s price increasing from $5.74 to $1,229 over those 10 years. That’s more than a 20,000% return. A similar investment in the S& P 500 would have given you a 357.4% return.

But this doesn’t mean that the S& P is a worse investment. In fact, most experts, including legendary investor Warren Buffett, say it’s the best place for most people to put their money because it holds every stock in the index, making it automatically diversified.

Instead of trying to beat the market, index funds allow you to keep up with it. And because the stock market has historically increased in value over time, these low-cost funds are considered relatively safe, reliable investments.

Despite Tesla’s massive stock growth, any individual stock can overperform or underperform and past returns do not predict future results.

What Is The Tesla Market Cap

The term market capitalization refers to the overall valuation of a company. It is calculated by multiplying a companys share price and its outstanding shares. For example, according to Yahoo Finance, Tesla has 1 billion outstanding shares. With the Tesla share price trading at $905, the company has a total market valuation of $661 billion.

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What Is The Future Price Of Tesla Stocks Are Tesla Stocks A Good Investment

Tesla was one of the few companies operating in 2020 that managed to make significant profits in these crazy pandemic times. In January 2021, CEO Elon Musk became the richest man in the world and even surpassed Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos! The Palo-Alto, California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, is a huge brand in today’s world. The company specializes in manufacturing “future cars” that do not require gasoline or diesel to run.

The ride for Tesla, Inc shareholders appears to be getting more comfortable as the company continues to make a profit and even increase its earnings quarter after quarter. Tesla has grown into the largest producer of high-tech cars in the world. Anyone dealing with the industry in one way or another knows the name of the company. If it continues like this with Tesla, there is no doubt that its shareholders will make huge profits in the future. So, what is the Tesla stock forecast? Below is a Tesla Inc. price prediction table for 2022-2030:


Source: Coin Price Forecast

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Teslas stock has reached $1,000, setting an all-time high at $1,229.91 on November 4, 2021.

Within the next 10 years, the Tesla price could rise to over $4,600 at the end of 2031. Tesla could start 2032 at $4,429, then soar to $4,536 within the first half of the year, and finish 2033 at $4,648.

We can name only one reason Tesla would do a stock split in 2022: to gain admission to the Dow.

Everything You Need To Know About Tesla

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA): TSLA

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who had the vision to revolutionise the auto industry by creating fully functional, electrically powered vehicles .

Contrary to popular belief, Tesla was not founded by Elon Musk. Its founders were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. However, Musk was instrumental to Teslas success as he invested in the company and helped it raise money from venture capitalists and angel investors.

The first vehicle Tesla launched was the Roadster in 2008. Later on, the company introduced new models, including the Model S, Model X, Model Y and Model 3. In addition, the company is working to launch a commercial truck called the Tesla Semi and a passenger pick-up truck called the Cybertruck. The firm is also planning to launch a new Roadster model and make it available for customers in 2023.

Tesla is currently headed by Elon Musk and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has manufacturing facilities in the US , China and Germany.

In 2021, Tesla produced total revenues of $53.8bn, of which $47.2bn came from vehicle sales. During this same period, Tesla produced 930,422 vehicles and delivered 936,222 units.

How has Tesla stock performed over recent years?

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Can The Ev Specialist Eclipse The World’s Largest Company By The End Of The Decade

Sales of EVs are expected to grow at a rapid pace through 2030. AlixPartners estimates that a third of all vehicles sold by 2028 will be EVs, with the proportion increasing to 54% by 2035. That would be a big jump over the first quarter of 2022, when EVs accounted for 10% of global vehicle sales. With overall vehicle sales expected to jump to 122.8 million units in 2030 from 85.3 million units in 2020, Tesla’s addressable market is set to increase rapidly.

Meanwhile, the global smartphone market is expected to clock 7.6% annualized growth through 2030. That pales in comparison to the 29% annualized growth expected in EV sales through the end of the decade. Tesla, therefore, is in a solid position to grow its revenue and earnings at a faster pace than Apple through 2030.

Not surprisingly, analysts expect Tesla’s earnings to grow at an average of 45% annually over the next five years, a pace that it could sustain beyond that given the market opportunity ahead of it. Apple is expected to clock annual earnings growth of 9.5% over the next five years. This explains why The Future Fund, an Australian wealth fund, anticipates that Tesla’s market capitalization will hit $4 trillion in 2030.

All this indicates that Tesla could keep growing its market capitalization at a faster pace than Apple over the next eight years as it has done in the past, and that could make this electric vehicle play more valuable than the iPhone maker by 2030.

Tesla Stock Technical Analysis

Let’s start a technical analysis of Tesla stocks by examining the monthly prediction chart to determine the general market sentiment.

There has been a bullish trend on the TSLA chart since May 2010. Tesla projected growth potential was confirmed by rising trading activity until February last year.

Since the spring of 2020, the trading volumes for TSLA stocks began to fall sharply, and the price chart has been showing the sideways since the beginning of 2021. It should be noted that the uptrend line has not been broken out and there are chance for further growth.

Hence, we can conclude that the market is currently in a state of uncertainty. At the same time, future Tesla rate decline is as likely as possible growth due to a sharp decline in buyers’ activity. A breakout of the blue trend line and the support level around 540 dollars will confirm the future price decline. 900 USD serves as the strongest resistance level for the bulls. Its breakout will be a very important signal for buyers.

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Splits And Stock Performance

From 2012 to 2021, stocks in the S& P 500 rose roughly 12% on average in the year following their stock splits according to data from Dow Jones. Those same figures showed that rates of stock splitting in the S& P 500 have ticked up in the last few years to their highest levels in nearly a decade.

Excessive stock splitting has been seen at market tops in the past, especially when tech stocks topped in 2000. For example, Qualcomm had a 2-for-1 stock split in May 1999. The company then declared a 4-for-1 stock split in December 1999. QCOM stock skyrocketed more than 840% after the announcement of that first stock split in 1999. Shares surged from an April 1999 price of 21 to hit an all-time high of 200 on the first trading day of 2000.

What’s Happening With Elon Musk And The Sec

“This Is Why You Should SELL ALL Your Tesla Stock!” – Warren Buffett

In September 2018, Tesla and CEO Musk settled a civil securities fraud suit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission . As part of the settlement, Musk stepped down as chair of the board and the company agreed to corporate governance reforms, other changes, and a total of $40 million in fines for Musk and the company. The SEC had alleged that a Twitter post by Musk outlining plans to take Tesla private “lacked an adequate basis in fact.” The SEC also charged Tesla with “failing to have required disclosure controls and procedures relating to Muskâs tweets.”

On June 1, 2021, The Wall Street Journal reported that Musk had twice violated a court order requiring that all his tweets be pre-approved by Tesla lawyers. On March 8, 2022, Musk sued to end the SEC settlement condition requiring company lawyers to approve his tweets containing material business information, alleging it infringes his freedom of expression. On April 14, 2022, Musk called SEC regulators “bastards” for bringing the charges settled in 2018.

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What Is Elon Musk Net Worth

As the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk is the companys biggest shareholder. According to Bloomberg, while Musk has been selling his stake in Tesla, he owns about 175 million shares. That means that his stake is worth about 17.6%, bringing his total ownership to more than $95 billion.

He also has billions of dollars in cash, which he made by selling his stock last year. Notably, he has an interest in SpaceX. Elon Musks net worth is estimated to be over $208 billion, making him the wealthiest person globally. However, he has lost about $62 billion of his wealth this year alone, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. He has also taken loans against his shares to acquire Twitter.

How To Invest In Tesla

Teslas growth over the past five years is not necessarily a sign that it will continue to grow in fact, recent months have seen the stock dive a bit, possibly driven by Musks controversial statements and his current court fight over his abandoned attempt to purchase Twitter.

That said, if you want to invest in Tesla now, there are a number of ways you can go about it. The simplest is to open a brokerage account with an online brokerage firm and buy it directly. You may have to pay a fee for the transaction, but you can buy shares of Tesla at the current trading price directly from anyone trying to sell it.

Another way is to invest in a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that purchases Tesla shares. This will let you own Tesla while also giving you built in portfolio diversification. You can even invest in a fund that focuses on the tech or transportation sectors, letting you invest in Tesla and other similar companies.

Finally, you can get a financial advisor to help you invest in Tesla. The advisor will make the actual purchase for you and can help you build a plan around the investment.

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Who Is Tesla’s Ceo

Tesla’s CEO is Elon Musk. Musk made a significant early investment in the company the year after it was founded. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a money-losing startup into a profitable, large automaker and a global leader in electric vehicles. He was chair of the company’s board until resigning as part of a settlement with the SEC in 2018. Musk became CEO in October 2008.

Tsla Stock Forecast For Next Three Months

How Much Was Tesla Stock 5 Years Ago

It is more convenient to make a Tesla stock forecast for the next three months on the daily timeframe.

Let’s conduct a more in-depth Tesla analysis. 5 zones can be designated on the technical chart after imposing a grid of Fibonacci channels on the price movement vector and dividing the entire trend lifecycle into several conditional phases:

  • Zone 1 is where the local bullish trend starts and ends.

  • Zone 2 and 4 are consolidation phases.

  • Zone 3 is an area of dynamic development. Tesla projected stock price is extremely high here. The price seems to slip through this zone.

  • Zone 5 consists of the overbought zone and bullish trend highs.

At the moment, a tension can be observed on the border between the first and second zones.

MACD curves are located close to the zero zone, and the angle of their movement is minimal. At the same time, Tesla price history chart shows divergence in relation to the rising price, which indicates a weakening bullish potential.

With a high probability, buyers will not be able to stay above 725 USD and there will be a return to the first zone. Thus, Tesla future value may be stuck in the price range of 650 – 750 USD.

This situation will not last long. Already at the end of November, an exit from the triangle may occur, which can serve as a trigger for larger-scale movements.

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Monthly Tesla Price Forecast For 2021/2022

To make realistic Tesla stock predictions for the next twelve months, lets study Tesla trend changes and draw projections for each month using Bollinger Bands.

In the price chart above, the orange squares depict the projected value of TSLA shares for each period.

According to the three-month forecast, bullish impulse can occur already in November with a transition to the second zone. Until the end of the year, TSLA shares may test the all-time high around 900 USD. The range between 900 USD and 1000 USD is extremely complex from the point of view of market psychology. If the pressure from buyers persists, consolidation is likely to occur within 5-6 months at the indicated levels.

If support from the global trend continues, then in the second quarter the bulls will be ready to break through new highs. There may be an exit from the second zone with a quick transition to the third, which will become a consolidation zone for a new cycle of the bullish trend development. The target of this scenario is in the range of 1200 – 1300 USD with the implementation period until the end of 2022.

The table below provides more specific minimum and maximum values of expected TSLA trading range for each month.



Long-term TSLA trading plan

Let’s draw up the optimal long-term trading strategy for Tesla stocks for the next year based on the technical analysis.

TSLA technical analysis is presented by Mikhail Hypov.

Energy Could Be The Next Bastion Of Growth

Beyond electric vehicles, Tesla has an opportunity to diversify the business into the energy market, which could boost shares if it becomes something meaningful. With climate change reaching crisis levels and now a top concern for millions of people, demand for alternative energy sources is only expected to grow. If Tesla can deliver products that meet that need, it could be a huge opportunity. Musk said as much when reporting third-quarter earnings. He predicted Tesla’s energy business will be big or bigger than its car operations.

How successful Tesla will ultimately be is up in the air. Its solar roof tiles, which it just launched a new iteration of, haven’t taken off with consumers yet, but there are promising signs that the business is finding its footing. It reported that energy storage deployment hit 477 MWh in the third quarter, an all-time high for the company. During the quarter, it deployed 43 MW of solar, which is 48% more than in the second quarter. Keep in mind that two years ago it deployed more than 160 MW of solar.

Investors in Tesla have had a rocky ride over the years, but it seems to be firing on all cylinders these days. It got its production up and running in China, its gross margins increased even as the price of the Model 3 comes down, and it’s about to launch a new truck.

If Tesla can stay the course, it’s poised for more growth over the next five years.

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Tesla Stock Price Prediction 2025 And 2030

I expect that TSLA shares will be significantly higher than where they are today by 2025 and 2030. At the time, the company will be highly profitable as the world moves to electric cars. As shown below, analysts at Wallet Investor expect that the stock will be trading at above $2,500 in 2025. Similarly, Cathie Wood believes that the stock will be over $3,000 by 2030.

Tesla Shareholders Approve 3

Deep Dive: Tesla Research Report

Tesla shareholders approved the new stock split at the annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas. The company first announced the proposed split several months ago via a March 28 tweet.

TSLA stock has been on an upswing since last month, posting its biggest gains since October 2021, and the announcement of the stock split does not take effect immediately. The Texas-headquartered company hasnât specified the actual date of the stock split.

This will also be the electric vehicle makerâs second stock split in less than two years. The companyâs last effort, a 5-1 split, was in August 2020. Following that split, Teslaâs stock price surged 60% from the day of the announcement until its execution.

The company in its 2022 Proxy Statement, dated June 6, says: âWe believe the stock split would help reset the market price of our common stock so that our employees will have more flexibility in managing their equity, all of which, in our view, may help maximize stockholder value. In addition, as retail investors have expressed a high level of interest in investing in our stock, we believe the stock split will also make our common stock more accessible to our retail shareholders.â

While stock splits donât influence a companyâs value, it makes it more affordable to retail investors. Stock splits increase the number of outstanding shares while simultaneously decreasing the cost of each share.

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