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How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car

The 30 Best Electric Cars To Buy RIGHT NOW!

How much it costs to charge an electric car depends on the type of electric car you drive, the batteries it has and where you buy the electricity from.You can charge your car at home, at a public charging point or at fast-charging points at motorway service stations and each entail slightly different costs. Generally, charging at home is the cheapest but you will probably need to install a charging point.

For more details read our blog: How far can an electric car goTo find out where you can find a charging point, take a look at our electric cars charging points finder.To find out if an electric car is for you, use the carwow Fuel Chooser.

The Best Used Electric Cars For Your Budget

Nick Versaw

The used car market is expanding, as is the demand for pre-owned electric vehicles. Many budget-conscious shoppers seeking a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle are also looking to swap their gas tank for a battery pack.

Its been over a decade since electric vehicles debuted on the global market, so there is now a wide variety of pre-owned electric cars for you to choose from.

Electric motors age with less of the wear and tear common in gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines. As such, the quality and reliability of these used models isnt far from that of a new EV. This is particularly true of electric vehicles from recent model years.

Before you take a test drive, lets take a quick look at the best used electric cars currently available some of which are more affordable than a new gas-powered car.

And since many used EVs are from recent model years, you may be able to find one with fewer miles than youd expect.

Compare EVs Near You

Are Electric Cars Reliable

Electric cars are still selling in relatively small numbers and we havent seen enough of them doing significant mileages to make a firm judgment on reliability. What we do know is that EVs have fewer moving parts than conventional cars and theres little evidence from hybrid or electric cars that battery performance degrades substantially with use, although you are likely to see a gradual reduction in capacity.

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What About Fuel Cell Vehicles

A fuel cell vehicleor FCVis an EV that uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power the electric motor and battery, resulting in similar range to a gas-only vehicle. The main advantage of fuel cell electric cars is how quickly they chargein five or 10 minutes compared to multiple hours. Aside from not having as many charging stations, fuel cell electrics’ key disadvantage is costboth of the fuel itself after the automaker’s free fuel is gone, but also the more than $50,000 it costs to own one.

Unlike a standard battery electric vehicle, FCVs usually have larger openings in the front fascia to allow air to reach the fuel cell stack where it reacts with the hydrogen. The result of the chemical reaction is water and electricity that powers the car. In the U.S., two FCVs are available: the Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai. Both are mainly sold in California and have a range of over 300 miles on a tank of hydrogen.

And No A Tesla Is Not Among Them

BMW i8: The best electric car in the world

Electric vehicles are among the best bargains in the used-car market, with a solid selection of late-model EVs going for under $15,000, and earlier examples selling for less than $10,000. Used EVs tend to be especially affordable because older models suffer an accelerated rate of depreciation due to a convergence of factors. As with all used cars, a given EVs value will vary by region, and depend largely on the vehicles condition and the number of miles on the odometer.

On the downside, most pre-owned EVs are able to run for fewer miles on a charge than some more-recent models that boast operating ranges in excess of 200 miles. Most used EVs, with the notable exceptions of Teslas, tend to have a range of around 80-125 miles. Still, thats more than enough to cover the average commute, which the U.S. Department of Transportation says is 15 miles each way. Plus, even a short-range used EV makes for an economical second or third car for around-town use and/or for getting to and from a commuter rail station.

We combed the pre-owned EV listings here on MyEV.com as well as other sources to determine the six best used models that can be purchased for less than $15,000. Were featuring them in the above slideshow.

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There Are More Electric Cars Than Ever To Choose From So We’ve Picked Some Of The Best You Can Buy In The Uk Now

Pressure is growing on UK motorists to ditch their petrol and diesel-powered vehicles and switch to pure-electric cars, but which are the best electric cars available to buy now on the UK car market?

The number of electric cars on the UKs roads continues to grow, as more new electric cars are launched and used electric cars become more widely available. The choice of new electric cars available to consumers will continue to expand as more manufacturers get on board with the technology in preparation for tightening emissions regulations and upcoming bans on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

At the same time, the electric car-charging infrastructure in the UK is improving, making electric cars more viable for more people. The wider availability of fast and rapid chargers at homes and workplaces, as well as in public spaces, means it’s easier than ever to make the swap into a BEV and enjoy its lower running costs with relatively little inconvenience. Even if you cant manage with a pure EV, todays plug-in hybrids offer a good halfway house option.

Mercedes Eqe And Eqs Suv

The low slung EQE saloon, whose profile is not entirely unlike the Ioniq 6, is already on sale here but we will have to wait until next year for its sports utility stablemate. This car is set to make its world debut in the middle of October.

A five seater, it will slot in below the bigger, bells and whistles seven-seat EQS SUV, and offer a more dynamic driving experience than the larger car. Its maker also claims that the EQE SUV will be one of the roomiest cars in its class.

Expect plenty of familiar Merc EQ design touches in an interior with a massive centre console and the option of a full width digital dash. Other technical bits of to look out for include air suspension and four wheel steering.Running gear will be similar to the EQE and EQS saloons, but rear drive derivatives have the potential to travel 400 miles plus between charges. Expect AMG performance twin motor all-wheel-drive version to have bulldozer like torque properties.

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Mini Cooper Se Signature

We love Minis and would love to be able to recommend the electric version, but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. The Mini SE is a deep-discount electric car, and it plays the part with gusto, offering its hapless buyers just 110 miles of range, a rough ride, and an excess of road and wind noise. Its fast-charging ability is anything but fast, taking 40 minutes to restore 80 percent of its paltry range on a DC fast charger . On the plus side, the Mini Cooper SE is quick, accelerating to 60 mph in 6.0 seconds, which is zippier than gas-powered Mini hardtops. But rock-hard tires and feedback-free steering rob it of the fun we expect from a Mini. Most of the other cars on this list prove a cheap electric car need not feel quite so cheap.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Electric Car

Best Electric Cars 2022 (and the ones to avoid) Top 10 | What Car?

The lifespan of an EV depends on the battery pack. Consumer Reports estimates the average EV battery lifespan to be around 200,000 miles or 17 years of use if you drive 12,000 miles every year. The vehicles usually come with a battery warranty of at least eight years. In general, most EV batteries last between 10-20 years and after they wear out, you can choose to replace just the battery or the car itself.

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The Best Electric Vehicles Under $50000

The best EVs under $50,000 are more capable than ever before. But that doesnt mean that theyre equally suited for the diverse needs of todays drivers. Whether youre hauling a family or looking for your next ridesharing car, these are the best EVs under $50k that are available now.

To qualify for federal EV incentives, ensure you purchase a Tennessee-built VIN.

Price:$37,495 $53,995

Range: 208 274 miles

Charging Speed: 130 kilowatts to 170 kilowatts Add 200 miles of range in 28 minutes

Tax Credit: The U.S.-built ID.4 qualifies for at least half of the new EV tax credit. Make sure yours is built at the Chattanooga, Tennessee factory! See full details here.

Did You Know? The 2023 VW ID.4 includes three years of free 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America. For those who travel often, this incentive could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Best Electric Cars And Evs For 2022

We rounded up the best of the battery-powered cars just for you.

If you’re ready to invest in an electric car and want some guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Our editors have driven nearly every new EV that’s currently on sale, and we’d love to help steer you in the right direction and introduce you to some of the best electric cars 2022 has to offer. After all, it’s not just Tesla selling EVs these days. There are various kinds of electric cars, and some may suit you better than others. But how are you supposed to choose the best electric car for your needs?

We can’t tell you exactly which EV is right for your life, but we can narrow your choices down. Do you want something cheaper and with a more limited range, or do you want to pony up some cash for luxury features and enough range for charge-free road trips?

We’ve driven just about every permutation of every current-production electric vehicle in the US today, so at CNET Cars we have a better-than-average view of what’s good and what’s not in EVs right now.

After taking a look at our recommendations, don’t forget to check out our tips below for buying your first EV.


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Best Electric Vehicles Of 2022 And 2023

The best new electric vehicles of 2022 ranked by experts. Get ratings, eMPG, vehicle range, price and more at KBB.com. Find the best EV for you with Kelley Blue Book expert ratings.

Drivers looking for a high-tech electric SUV from an established automotive brand will find a lot to love in the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This EV has impressive range, an upscale interior, and the engaging performance youd expect from the Mustang name.

The all-electric 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV subcompact car can run for 259 miles on a single charge. Pricing starts at $25,600, which is $5,900 less than last year. These factors mean that the Chevy Bolt EV can be a second car or even an only car.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric full-size pickup. Yes, a battery-powered version of the highly regarded, highly capable, and highly successful F-150. A standard-range battery results in 452 horsepower and a range of 230 miles. The extended-range battery provides 580 horsepower and 300 miles. Both have a muscular 775 lb-ft of torque.

The 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge all-electric small luxury SUV is spacious, stylish, safe, and swift. Its just a shame about the 223-mile range.

Behold The Sports Car Of Suvs

Mini Electric Car Pure Electric Vehicles With High Speed Of 151km

Driving the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E makes you believe in Fords commitment to an electric future. We love the idea of the forthcoming F-150 Lightning electric truck, but the Mustang Mach-E represents a more universal EV statement, offering high performance as well as high day-to-day usability.

Available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive , the Mustang Mach-E brings four levels of horsepower to the blacktop 266, 290, 346, or 480. Whichever level you choose, your driving mood of the moment is answered exactly by the immediate torque of the electric motor . The Mach-E also lets you choose among three driving mode personalities Whisper, Engage, and Unbridled .

Our review of the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E breaks these three drive modes down nicely: Whisper mode is best for serene, everyday commuting, while Unbridled mode unleashes the performance potential of the Mustang Mach-E. For an engaging yet comfortable drive, Engage mode is a happy medium between the two extremes.

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Best Electric Family Car: Mg 4

Best electric family car: MG 4

Chinese-owned MG has been bubbling under for some time now, producing workmanlike electric and hybrid models which have been high on value, but a little low on style. The MG 4 kicks all of that process into a much, much higher gear. Its a high-roof hatchback, like a VW ID.3. It comes with a choice of small or big batteries, offering you ranges of between 310km and 450km, like a VW ID.3. Its roomy, like a VW ID.3. It also has a starting price of 27,495, like a … no, wait, hang on. The cheapest VW ID.3 is currently listed at a whopping 40,862 so the MG has an astonishing price advantage. The downsides? Very few. The cabin is a little cheap in places, and the infotainment system is very fiddly but then thats true of the VW too. The MG 4 is even quite lively and fun to drive, as an MG ought to be. Remember when someone once said Chinese cars were going to take over? Well, its happening … Read our original review here.

Also try: Cupra Born

Cupra Born

Wait for: Ora Funky Cat

Odd name, and oddball looks like a cross between a 2002 Nissan Micra and a 1955 Porsche 356 but with premium-car quality and a very sharp entry price of 31,995. Small and big battery versions available and you can get it with a maximum range of 420km. An interesting, left-field choice but the dealer network is more imminent than extant, so actually getting hold of one could be tricky.

Electric Cars Just Keep Improving With Longer Ranges And Shorter Charging Times Here Are The Best Electric Cars On Sale Now

Electric cars are still considered as a relatively new concept but theyve actually been around since the 19th century. Buyers fell out of love with them in favour of petrol and diesel cars, though, and the term electric vehicle brought only images of golf buggies and milk floats to mind.

An increasing number of electric cars enter the market every year, leading to more and more new car buyers swapping a petrol or diesel car for one powered by a battery pack. They range in size, too, with electric power now available in mainstream superminis to family-sized SUVs and performance saloons. You can buy several small electric models such as the Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 208 and the MINI electric which all offer a decent range, as well as luxury and performance models like the Audi e-tron GT, Jaguar I-Pace and Porsche Taycan which would’ve been unthinkable only a few years ago. In this list, weve ranked the best electric cars you can buy today.

Top 10 best small electric cars 2022

Top 10 cheapest electric cars 2022

However, electric cars dont yet suit all lifestyles. They cost more to buy than conventional cars of the same type and you have to factor in the extra time to recharge their batteries versus refilling a petrol or diesel car. Theres also the effort of finding a charger if you need one during a journey.

To read more about electric cars, check out our guides to the longest-range electric cars and the top 10 electric SUVs on sale today.

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Welcome To Our Ev Buyer’s Guide: Electric Vehicles Under $65k Ranked The Best And The Rest

The hope is that were only a year away from having more affordable electric cars to create a worthwhile Under $50,000 category.

Even to create a meaningful Under $65K category, weve allowed for three models being a few-hundred bucks over the ceiling. Yet it’s also fair to say that, in many states, those cars would fall below $65,000 after rebates and/or state duty exemptions or discounts are applied.

Chinese brands are leading the way for Australias most affordable EVs. Depending on your state, either the BYD Atto 3 or MG ZS EV are the most affordable electric cars available in Australia each starting from about $45,000 driveaway. The Atto 3 heralds the arrival of the Build Your Dream brand, imported by local distributor EV Direct.

MG couldnt find a ZS for our Megatest, though weve previously, and recently, reviewed and compared it for which youll find links below. BMW also couldnt provide an electric Mini, the only other EV under $100K that missed out on our Megatest.

Nissans pioneering Leaf one of the first EVs sold globally is also present, along with the fully electric version of the Hyundai Kona, the second-generation Kia Niro EV, and Mazdas sole EV, the MX-30.

An intriguing group is completed by Australias best-selling electric car the Tesla Model 3.

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