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Used Model 3 Long Range Awd/dual Motor Price

Tesla Model 3 SR 2021 LFP | Six Months Later. How Did The Car Do?

The current 2020 MSRP for a Tesla Model 3 Long Rang AWD is $46,990 before any state incentives. This includes Base Autopilot, and an upgrade to Full-Self Driving is an additional $8,000.

Due to the combination of range, performance, and all weather handling, many people feel as though the Long Range AWD Model 3 is the best bang for the buck variant, and the best all-around option. Youll find that this is generally the most popular variant available on the used Tesla Market. This means that with all selection of used Long Range AWD Model 3s available, its more likely that youll be able to snag a good deal if this is the one youre looking to buy.

Given these facts, you can expect to pay between $38k and $48k for a used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD/Dual Motor, depending upon specific options , mileage, condition, and seller motivation.

Performance Model 3 2019 Model 3 Performance seen here

Finding Used Tesla Model 3 For Under $30000 Is It Possible

One of the big questions that used Tesla Model 3 buyers have iswhere can I find a used Model 3 for under $30,000? The thing about $30k is that its kind of a strange mental number, where anything with a 2 in front of it seems like a great dealand for a Model 3, it really is.

The honest truth is that in 2020, youre going to be hard-pressed to find such a deal, unless you stumble across an insanely motivated seller, an extremely high mileage vehicle, or salvage title used Model 3.

Used Tesla Model 3s just hold their value too well currently, and they really dont dip below $30k on the used market. But, the good news is that as the years go on, they eventually will.

Will this happen soon? Probably not, but in the next few years as the price of early Model 3s come down, and mileage goes up on these cars, the under $30k Model 3 will become a reality.

Buying A Used Model 3 Vs New Which Is The Best Deal

One question we see all the time isWith used Model 3s holding their value so well, is it even worth it to buy used? Should I just buy a new one? And thats a very good question!

There are still a lot of benefits to buying a used Tesla Model 3, which well examine below. One thing to understand overall is that used Model 3s tend to hold their value extremely well, not just best in class, but the best of any vehicle for sale right nowwhich means you cant expect to get the same deal as you would on a used BMW, Audi, or a similar competing vehicle.

That said, there are still a ton of good reasons to buy a used Model 3. You can generally avoid the $1200 destination and doc fee that Tesla is federally required to charge on new vehicles. You can also typically get EAP or FSD at a discounted rate, because while they are worth something on the used market, its typically not the same as what someone originally paid .

And finally, even though used Model 3s hold their value extremely well, they still do depreciate, which means youre going to save something over the cost of a new Model 3. Yes, a new Model 3 is brand new, which is worth something to some people, but Teslas are typically so well-taken care of, that the overwhelming majority of them for sale on the used market are in quite good condition.

With all that said, lets take a look at the quick pros and cons of buying a new Model 3 vs. a used Model 3

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Used Tesla Cars Overview

Teslas first car was the Roadster in 2008 an early electric convertible that was based on the Lotus Elise, and even partly assembled at the firms Norfolk factory. Bringing strong performance and a decent range, limited production means its a very rare sight.

But the breakthrough came in 2012 with the Model S, which was Tesla’s first bespoke EV. It was a stylish, advanced, practical and fast electric saloon and helped to get this manufacturer recognised. The line-up expanded in 2016 with the Model X SUV. Based on the S, this was a larger and more practical choice with up to seven seats.

In 2019, UK buyers got their hands on the first Model 3s an instrumental car in the growth of Tesla. This compact saloon offered the same tech and performance from larger Teslas, but at a far more affordable price. The latest addition is the Model Y a smaller SUV based on the 3, but still comes with seven seats. Launched at the end of 2021, its expected to become a big hit.

Used Model 3 Standard Range Rwd Price

Tesla Price Indonesia Unique Tesla to Close Stores Take orders for $35 ...

The Standard Range RWD Model 3 is often called the $35k Model 3 because it was this trim level that really created the most buzz around the Model 3. When it was unveiled, Elon said that $35k would be the base price for a Model 3, and it actually took Tesla a while to offer it for sale .

When the $35k Model 3 finally became available in February 2019 sporting 220 miles of range, it was pulled from the public menu after about two months in April 2019. However, the base Model 3 is still available as an off-menu purchase either via phone or in Tesla stores, you just cant buy it online anymore.

Its value holds extremely well on the used market, and you can expect to pay around $32k to over $35k if it has Autopilot or even slightly more if it has FSD .

The margins are pretty close on this variant, but a used Standard Range RWD Model 3 still remains your best bet if youre looking to get the cheapest used Model 3 possible .

Standard Range Plus RWD Model 3 2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD seen here

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Used Tesla Model 3 Pricing How Much Should You Pay

Its no secret that Teslas Model 3 represents the best value in the electric car market, hands down. And this is one reason why its become the fastest selling used car in America.

This is good and bad news for used Model 3 buyers. The good news is that the used Model 3 market is quite robust, and inventory is typically pretty good compared to other used car markets.

The bad news for buyers is that good deals tend to go FAST, and in general used Model 3s tend to hold their resale value better than any other car in the US. So, if youre looking to score an insanely good deal, you really need to act fast, and also need to know what to look for .

So, lets take look at the different Model 3 trim/battery options, and dive into pricing on a model-specific basis

Standard Range RWD Model 3 2020 Model 3 Standard Range RWD seen here

Used Model 3 Vs New Model Y Which One Should I Get

Now that theres another vehicle similar to Model 3 in terms of cost, size, and a lot of other waysthis has lead users to wonder if they should buy a Model 3 or a Model Y. And to add to the conundrum, a new Model Y is about $5k more expensive than a new Model 3which makes a used Model 3 about $10k less expensive than a new Model Y.

So, this raises the questionif $10k savings is on the table, should you get a used Model 3 or a New Model Y? Because the Model Y is so new, there arent many used Model Y vehicles out there yet, making a used-to-used comparison a bit more difficult.

Ultimately, because these vehicles are so similar, this choice comes down to 1) personal preference, and 2) budget.

If you need the space because youve got a family, you travel and frequently need the cargo space, or you just prefer a bigger vehicle, then a new Model Y is probably the way to go. However, if budget is the biggest concern and space isnt on the radar, then a used Model 3 would be a great way to save 10 large. Lets take a closer look at some pointed pros and cons of each

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Personal Seller Of Model 3

The third and final option you have to purchase your used Tesla Model 3 would be to get it from a Tesla Model 3 owner themselves. It might sound like a lot of work to reach out to the seller and arrange an agreement but with sites like Ebay, and it’s actually not that difficult. These of course, are the most fluctuating in price and hard to pin down a general range, but you could end up with the deal of a lifetime. On Ebay there is a Model 3 up for bidding that currently sits $17,000 below market value at about 37,995. The 2018 model 3 up for sale had only one owner and is a top-end long-range dual motor all-wheel drive model. Financing is available through Currency on Ebay motors. is a site able to help sellers sell their cars without dealerships. There are a few Model 3s available from all around the country posted on the site. Through the app, you can choose to pick up the vehicle from the seller for free or deliver the vehicle to you for a fee. There is no dealer fee associated with your purchase, and they do handle DMV paperwork, so you don’t have to. The Model 3s available on the site range from about $37,000 to just over $40,000. The site offers transparent pricing and even a monthly breakdown of how much you can pay with $0 down.

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Used Model 3 Long Range Rwd Price

2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD has an original MSRP of $44,500, and has since been discontinued by Tesla, forcing buyers to choose between the current Standard Range Plus RWD version and the Long Range AWD or Performance versions.

The Long Range RWD Model 3 was a fan favorite because it allowed users who live in warm climate states to take advantage of the lower initial price point vs. the more expensive Long Range AWD Model 3. While many feel that the Long Range RWD variant isnt ideal for cold climate states, it does have all the traction control features youd expect from Tesla, making it still an attractive option to some used Tesla buyers who dont mind RWD in the winter.

On the pre-owned market, you can expect to pay about $36k to $45k or so for a used Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD, depending upon specific options, mileage, condition, etc.

Long Range AWD Model 3 2021 Model 3 Long Range AWD seen here

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Used Model 3 Performance Price

The Performance Model 3 is considered to be one of best bargains in performance vehicles. For a 2020 MSRP price of $54,990, you get supercar-like performance, with 0-60 clocking in at 3.2 seconds. Theres really nothing even close that can touch this for the money, making the Performance Model 3 an insane bargain. On top of that, Tesla offers a Stealth Performance option , allowing you to use the regular brakes/wheels from the other variants.

Now that the Stealth Performance option is available from Tesla at any given time, youll find that this variation and the full Performance variation are about equal in value.

On the pre-owned market, you can expect to pay approximately $47k to $57k for a used Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD, depending upon options , condition, mileage, year, etc.

Easily browse and sort the used Model 3 on Find My Electric here. Select Sort By: Price Low to High to quickly see if there are any Model 3s in the $30,000 range.

Used Model 3 Mid Range Rwd Price

The Tesla Model 3 Mid Range RWD has an original MSRP of $42,900 and is no longer available from Tesla. Some buyers who bought the Mid Range Model 3 early on were disappointed when Tesla dropped the price of the Model 3 Long Range RWD/AWD to be incredibly close to the Mid Range RWD price, and then included Base Autopilot on top of that. But, thats just the way it goes with new techyou often pay the early adopter tax in order to be one of the first who has it.

Because the Mid Range RWD Model 3 is no longer made, this variant is a bit more scarce on the used Tesla market, although you can find them from time-to-time, just not as commonly as the variants that are still produced today . The Mid Range RWD Model 3 was produced in 2018 and 2019, so youll also only have two model years to pick from.

Taking all of this into considerion, you can expect to pay somewhere between $36k to $44k, or slightly higher, for a used Tesla Model 3 Mid Range RWD depending upon the specific options .

Long Range RWD Model 3 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD seen here

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How Reliable Is The Tesla Model 3

Consumer reviews are a great resource for determining how reliable a used Tesla Model 3 will be. Out of 304 consumer reviews of the used Tesla Model 3 available at Edmunds, 23 are one-star reviews. Take a look at those reviews first, as they’re most likely to describe reliability issues with the vehicle. Learn more about the Tesla Model 3

Prices Starting To Fall After $23000 Dropped From One Example

Tesla Used Under $35000 Luxury Autogyan On Instagram tesla Model 3 ...

A month ago, I looked at an example of Australias most expensive Tesla Model 3 listing at that time. Now it seems that cars price has been reduced, and it only has a few more kilometres on the clock. Its seen a drop in asking price of over $23,000 in under a month.

However, asking prices are still high. This Model 3 Performance in black is now listed at $115,000 which is still above 10% of a new one. Originally, this model was listed for $138,000 just over 3 weeks ago.

This month has seen thousands of lucky Tesla owners take delivery of their new Model 3 and Model Y cars all across the country.

With more used EVs on the market, supply chains improving and multiple more ships on their way, the supply of new EVs is starting to improve significantly.

The impact on used Tesla prices is also taking place now which is good for those looking at getting into a used EV sooner before the fuel excise reduction is removed and fuel prices see a resurgence.

Overall, this is a healthy change for the used EV market, just as more affordable options like those from BYD and MG also become available further improving EV uptake in Australia.

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Leasing Vs Buying A Used Model 3

If youre looking for the cheapest way to get into a Model 3, leasing is an option to consider. However, there are some important caveats to note.

First of all, Tesla doesnt allow the option to buy your Model 3 at the end of a lease. So, if you fall in love with the car, youre stuck giving it back to Tesla at the end of your term. Elon has said that this is because they plan to use them for their autonomous taxi fleet in the future, but there may be other reasons as well. Either way, you dont get to keep your leased Model 3, no matter how much you may want to.

Also, like everyone knows with respect to leasing, youre basically renting a car. This means that theres no residual value at the end of the lease for you, and thats something to consider. With the price of FSD increasing, and Elon claiming that a Tesla is an appreciating asset, it may be something to consider in terms of throwing money away on a lease vs. buying. On top of that, there are mileage restrictions/concerns, so if youre thinking about road-tripping with your Tesla, this might not be possible in the same way with a lease.

New Model 3 Vs Used Model S Which Is The Best Choice

Ah, the age-old question of new Model 3 vs. Used Model Swhats the best choice here?

Were not going to cover this in-depth in the Model 3 buying guide, because weve covered it extensively on our used Model S buying guide, and also in a blog post about the CPO Model S vs. new Model 3 conundrum that a lot of Tesla buyers face. So, make sure to check out those posts!

What we will say here, briefly, about the new Model 3 vs. Used Model S choice is that it really comes down to two things: 1) personal preference, and 2) budget.

The Model S is a bigger, more luxurious car with a lot more space/features than the Model 3. But, the Model 3 is more nimble, sporty , and presents a totally different package.

If you want the space, range, and luxury of a Model S, then youre probably better off with a used Model S. But, if you want the newest tech possible, are somewhat limited by budget, and space isnt a big concern, you may be better off with a new Model 3. Ultimately, its a personal choice and something that you need to decide.

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