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Used Tesla Cars Overview

Is a Used, High Mileage, 2013 Tesla Worth It?

Teslas first car was the Roadster in 2008 an early electric convertible that was based on the Lotus Elise, and even partly assembled at the firms Norfolk factory. Bringing strong performance and a decent range, limited production means its a very rare sight.

But the breakthrough came in 2012 with the Model S, which was Tesla’s first bespoke EV. It was a stylish, advanced, practical and fast electric saloon and helped to get this manufacturer recognised. The line-up expanded in 2016 with the Model X SUV. Based on the S, this was a larger and more practical choice with up to seven seats.

In 2019, UK buyers got their hands on the first Model 3s an instrumental car in the growth of Tesla. This compact saloon offered the same tech and performance from larger Teslas, but at a far more affordable price. The latest addition is the Model Y a smaller SUV based on the 3, but still comes with seven seats. Launched at the end of 2021, its expected to become a big hit.

Used/cpo Model S Vs New Model 3 Which Should I Get

We wrote an entire, in-depth blog post on this topic which you can find here. So, if youre looking for a complete, nerdy breakdown on the topic, you should check that out.

However, just to summarize in this ultimate guide to buying a used Tesla Model S, well touch on some of the main points as this is a common conundrum for Tesla buyers.

The allure of a used Model S often weighs heavy when looking at how closely the prices compare to a new Model 3, leaving people to wonderWhich Tesla should I get? A CPO or used Model S or a new Model 3? Lets take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of each.

Used Tesla Model S Prices How Much Do They Cost

In this section, were going to break down used Tesla Model S prices by model-specific trim to give you a better idea what price range you might be looking at when searching for a used Tesla Model S.

One thing to note is that these prices are approximations that generally fall under a bell curve, so there will be outliers on both ends.

And also, pricing can change quickly in the Tesla worldfor example, each time Tesla raises the price of Full-Self Driving , it becomes a bit more valuable on the used market. And if 2020-2021 rumors are true, they may end up offering FSD as subscription software, which could change the value of that in a completely different way.

With that said, lets take a look at model-specific pricing on the used market

First Generation Model S 2013 Model S 85 seen here

First Generation Model S 2012 2014

If youre looking for a used Tesla Model S, and funds are the biggest concern, your best chance of getting into one is by looking at the oldest generation models.

Sure, youll be sacrificing a few things like battery capacity, Autopilot, looking at an older Media Control Unit , and some other older tech, but since the exterior design of the Model S has basically remained the same from 2012-2020, youre still getting the same awesome looking car for a lot less money. You also wont be getting a D model with dual motors in this price/year range, which can affect drivability if youre in a cold climate state too.

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This Move Seems Geared Towards The Next

Tesla has quietly bought the Richmond Hill, Ontario battery manufacturing company Hibar Systems to use its knowledge in battery manufacturing.

Public records show that the EV manufacturer bought the battery company sometime between July and October of 2019, according to Electric Autonomy Canada.

Both Tesla and Hibar have yet to comment on the matter, but federal documents show that prior to July 2019, Tesla Canada didnt own any subsidiary companies, and now its most recent documents list Hibar as a company that it holds, reports Electric Autonomy Canada.

Hibars website is now just a simple landing page with some contact information, but according to reports, it previously said that its truly unique in its capability to provide the worlds leading manufacturers with innovative advanced automation solutions that are engineered specifically to suit their production automation requirements.

It also mentioned, how it was, well-known for its high-speed integrated battery assembly lines and filling system, plus, the website which can be found by using the Wayback Machine, mentioned the company holds some intellectual property related to battery manufacturing technology.

The cash injection was to help the Ontario company develop a form of high-speed lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.

Since then, the company has flown under the radar until the reported acquisition from Tesla.

Used Tesla Model S For Sale

Used Cars Orlando Under 4000 in 2021

If youre looking for a used Tesla Model S for sale, theres no doubt that youve come to the right place! Find My Electric is the ultimate Tesla marketplace, and were glad youre here!

We built Find My Electric to be the best, easiest to use Tesla marketplace on the web, hands down. Whether youre looking to sell a used Model S, or buy onethis is the most technologically-advanced platform in existenceso feel free to dig in and check out our listings below posted by Tesla enthusiasts and fans, just like you.


On this page, weve also taken the time to create the ultimate guide to buying a used Tesla Model S in 2020. We cover the basics, and also the in-depth, nerdy tips and tricks that you can use to find the best deal possible on a used Model S.

Sound good? Alright, lets jump into everything youve ever wanted to know about buying a used Tesla Model S!

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Tesla Model S Used Vs New Pricing

In 2020, the pricing for a new Tesla Model S is as follows:

  • Model S Long Range Plus: $69,420
  • Model S Performance: $91,990

There are a few things to note about these prices as well:

  • They dont include state/local incentives which reduce the overall cost
  • They can easily be optioned higher with better wheels, paint colors, interiors, and software features like Full-Self Driving
  • They dont factor in the savings compared to a gas vehicle over time
  • Still, with that said, as awesome as Teslas are , $80k+ is just simply out of reach for many consumers

    So, what do you do if you want a Tesla but cant afford a new Model S? Well, you basically have 2 options:

  • Buy a used Model S
  • Leasing a Model S could potentially be considered a third option, but generally speaking if you cant afford to buy a new Model S on a loan, leasing will probably be out of range too.

    Lets talk about the Model 3 for a momentits an amazing vehicleand here at Find My Electric, we love the Model 3for sure. But what if you have your heart set on a Model S? Well, in that case it might be hard to settle for a Model 3

    Its definitely up for debate, but the Model S is likely one of the best-looking sedans of all timeit just exudes tech cool, and as much as we love the nimbleness and value of the Model 3we have to say Model S has the edge on looks.

    Used Tesla Model S For Sale Near You Finding The Best Deals

    Now that you have an idea of what it costs to buy a used Model S, that raises an important questionwhere is the best place to find a deal?! Were glad you asked

    In our opinion, Find My Electric is hands down, the best place to buy a used Model S. We bring together private sellers, Tesla enthusiasts, and dealers in a single marketplace that allows you to search/sort/filter down to the nerdiest, most specific Tesla options in order to find exactly what youre looking for!

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    The Used Tesla Model S Buying Guide Putting It All Together

    We hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide to buying a used Tesla Model S! At this point, we cant imagine theres anything left to coverbut if youve got any questions, feel free to reach out to our team and well help you with anything that we can!

    And if youre currently in the market for a used Tesla Model S, be sure to check out our current listings. Happy Tesla hunting!

    Not sure which used Tesla you should buy? Wondering where to begin?


    Everything You Wanted to Know About the Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y

    Choice Of Electric Models

    The 2008 Tesla Roadster Is the Cool Tesla Before Tesla Was Cool

    Tesla may offer a limited selection of models, but it is quickly expanding. Musk has revealed a master plan that includes the development of more affordable cars, SUVs, trucks, and autonomous vehicles. Currently, there are a few options for new and used Tesla for sale. The award-winning Tesla Model S was the first all-electric vehicle to top monthly sales rankings. The Tesla Model X is a mid-size SUV alternative to the popular Tesla Model S. Meanwhile, the updated Tesla Model 3 has since become the worlds best-selling electric car in history. The Tesla Model Y is a larger utility version that shares many components with the more traditional 4-door sedan.

    Explore a wide variety of Tesla vehicles for sale on Kijiji Autos.

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    Used Cars For Saleunder $20000 In Sarasota Fl

    On the search for a reliable used car at a fair price? Gulf Coast Auto in Sarasota has many used cars for sale for under $20,000. With over 100 vehicles in our inventory, the majority are available for under $20,000. All of our vehicles have passed a thorough multi-point inspection by one of our certified technicians to ensure that its still in good condition. Our vehicles arent just affordable, theyre also reliable! Stop by Gulf Coast Auto of Sarasota today to test drive one of our great pre-owned vehicles.

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    Truths And Myths About Tesla Models

    • Myth: Tesla cars are expensive

    How much is a Tesla? The answer varies depending on the model, with the 2021 Tesla Model 3 starting at roughly $30,000 with all subsidies and incentives factored in. The most expensive Tesla, the 2021 Model X, retails for $83,190. Though the best bang-for-your-buck is always going to come from a used Tesla.

    In practice, Teslas are priced competitively, with the Model 3 roughly in line with what youd expect to pay for a midsize family car like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry . The Model X compares favorably against other competing luxury cars, like the 2021 Audi A8 and Lexus LS .

    Although its possible to get an affordable Tesla on the used market, its worth noting they tend to hold up well against the forces of depreciation. While you can expect a luxury vehicle to lose over half of its value after three years, for Tesla cars its closer to 35 percent. This trend is indicative of the strength of the Tesla brand, and the prestige that comes with owning one.

    • Truth: Tesla insurance is expensive

    While owning a Tesla will save you money at the gas pump, one major downside is that insurance tends to be expensive, with Tesla Model S owners paying as much as 50 percent more according to analysis by Nerdwallet. Average annual prices vary from state-to-state, with Tesla owners in Vermont paying the least at $1,245 on average, with those in Louisiana facing the highest insurance costs at $3,436.

    • Myth: Tesla Cars Are Expensive to Maintain

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    Sign Up To Get Great Deals For Cars

    In less than two decades, Tesla has evolved from a plucky startup to one of the worlds most valuable companies, in the process changing how we think about electric vehicles. Once exclusively bought by committed environmentalists who cared more about their carbon footprint than sheer horsepower, EVs now rival their gas or diesel-burning rivals in terms of range, performance, and features.

    But theres one stereotype theyve been unable to shake, with many convinced that electric cars are unaffordable. Another common concern hinges on convenience, with would-be buyers concerned about range and the availability of charging stations. The reality is somewhere in the middle:

    Used Car Financing In Sarasota Fl

    Tesla In Cold Weather New Tesla Model X with Extreme Mileage Racked Up ...

    Gulf Coast Auto of Sarasotas auto financing team has years of experience in getting our customers approved for the car loans they need. If you are worried about getting approved because of your credit history, do not fret.No matter if you have good credit, bad credit or no credit – well help you get approved for the used car loan you need. When buying a used car under $20,000, generally youll need to borrow less than new cars so its easier to get approved.

    If you find a car you want on our website, apply for financing online and get pre-approved for your auto loan before you even come to the dealership. If you plan on making a trade-in, use our trade-in value to get an estimate of your cars value before we take a look at it.

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    How To Buy A Used Model S2020 Buying Guide

    Theres no doubt that buying a used car of any type can be intimidating to some people, and with Teslas thats no exception. How do you know if youre getting one thats been well taken care of? Are there any years, model-specific trims, or problems to avoid? Is it better to just buy a new Model S? If youre not buying new, how much should you pay for a used Model S?

    These are all valid questions, and in this guide, were going to break down questions like this and much more. First, lets take a look at pricing

    Why Buy Used Cars From Gulf Coast Auto In Sarasota Fl

    Gulf Coast Auto is one of the most dependable used car dealerships in Sarasota. Weve got over 75 pre-owned cars for sale under $20,000 in Sarasota, FL. Not only are our vehicles affordable, but theyre also dependable and in great condition.

    Our experienced staff is here to give you the most stress-free and no pressure car shopping youll ever find. Youll find that were different from your average used car dealership. Giving transparency in the way we do business and giving our customers peace of mind when working with us is our top priority.

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    Used Model S Vs Cpo Model S Whats The Difference

    Whenever the words used Model S are thrown around, undoubtedly the term CPO Model S is tossed in alongside it somewhere. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it refers to Teslas factory Certified Pre-Owned program.

    Technically, Tesla doesnt certify pre-owned vehicles anymore , but people still refer to them as CPO cars in the Tesla community. Essentially, youre buying a used car directly from Tesla that theyve taken back on a trade, lease, or in some other way and then they check the car over and issue either a 2-year or 4-year warranty on the vehicle depending upon the year and mileage . The 2-year warranty goes up to 100k miles, and the 4-year warranty typically goes an additional 50k miles above the current mileage on the vehicle, and is similar to the initial factory warranty.

    The fact that you get a warranty is definitely a benefit to buying directly from Tesla, but the problem is that this comes at a higher cost, and you can often add an extended warranty to a used Model S as long as there is some remaining balance of the factory warranty. In addition to that, many used Model S vehicles for sale still have a balance of the factory warranty too. So, you might be able to get a better deal from a private party and then just add your own extended warranty direct from Tesla.

    In the next few sections, well look directly at some of the pros and cons related to buying a used Model S vs. a CPO Model S.

    Autocheck Vehicle History Summary

    20 reasons why you should buy a older used Tesla model S

    Located in Maumee, OH/ 754 miles away from Rutland, ND

    Super Nice Tesla!! Premium Connectivity, Auto Pilot, Navigation System, Heated Seats, Leather Seats, Panoramic Sunroof, Backup Camera, Bluetooth. Why …

    Dealer Review:

    Terrible company. Do not even attempt to do business with them and especially not John Meyer. He put us through the ringer and he cannot be trusted. My husband spent hours working w this man to purchase a car. We were told we had the car via phone and email. We received the papers via UPS and immediately signed and sent from UPS store with a check. We also scanned the papers with the UPS confirmation and sent via email. We called repeatedly throughout the day to confirm and John Meyer avoided our calls. Finally at 5:30 he called to inform us that he sold the car to someone else. The car was for my 20th anniversary and my 50th birthday next week. John knew this and still sold the car after confirming he would sell the car to us.

    AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary Unavailable.

    Features and Specs:

    Located in Woodbridge, VA/ 1,149 miles away from Rutland, ND

    Model 3 Long Range AWD, Dual Electric Motor, AWD, 14 Speakers, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, ABS brakes, Air Conditioning, Alloy wheels, Auto High-beam Headlig…

    Dealer Review:

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