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Recommended Tesla Usb Drive Size

Where are the USB ports in a Tesla Model Y?

Secondly, youll want something with a lot of space since both the Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode can eat up a lot of memory, especially since they record from multiple cameras at once. Theres currently no way to see how full your drive is so Dashcam and Sentry mode will just suddenly stop working, so its better to use a larger drive that needs space cleaning less often.

Viewing Tesla Dashcam Footage On A Computer

To view Tesla dashcam video clips, insert the drive into your computer and open the TeslaCam folder. In there youll see three subfolders:

  • Recent Clips the last 60 minutes of dashcam video
  • Saved Clips Manually saved video clips
  • Sentry Clips Sentry Mode video recordings

You can simply view these files with your favorite video viewer . You can also view dashcam video clips on your smartphone, but its a bit more advanced .

Tesla’s Latest Navigation Feature

This week, the Palo Alto-headquartered company officially included the navigation feature “Waypoints.” Following the requests of many Tesla customers for this system, Elon Musk immediately gave what they wanted.

For Tesla’s Waypoints, expect more smooth trips through different buttons to click while on a trip.

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New Teslas Delivered With Surprise Missing Usb Ports Due To Parts Shortages

A number of new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have been delivered in the last few days with missing USB ports, often without any warning before the owners get their new cars home and notice that the cars phone charger isnt working.

The automaker blames the missing parts on the global chip shortage.

Weve noticedseveralreports of new owners getting cars with missing USB-C ports. Most affected cars seem to be missing the USB-C ports along the back wall of the center console, though at least one claims that the rear-seat USB ports are missing. For new owners with missing center console USB ports, wireless charging also seems to be inactive.

Reports of missing USB ports seem to have started with cars delivered on November 11. Other owners with recent deliveries have chimed in to say that they do have USB ports. The latest confirmed USB-having Model Y we can find was delivered on November 6.

So, some time in the last couple days, Tesla has started delivering cars without USB-C ports in the center console:

While some owners received advance notice from their delivery specialist, other owners were taken by surprise when they got their car home and noticed their USB ports dont exist or their wireless charging doesnt work. Only after a call with Tesla service, or browsing through Tesla forums on the internet, or reading this article, did they discover the pattern of missing USB ports.

Advanced: Partitioning For Music

For Tesla Model Y ABS Back USB Charging Port Decal Cover Anti

If youd like to store your MP3 music on the same drive to save USB ports, you can partition the drive to include a music partition. Partitioning a drive essentially splits to the USB drive into virtual drives, one for the Dashcam / Sentry Mode and one for Music. This takes more effort than formatting a single volume, but can done by anyone generally comfortable with more advanced computer tasks.

If you dont want to partition your drive, you can buy a simple USB Thumb drive like this one to store your music in the other USB port .

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Altawares Dashcam And Sentry Portable Ssd Usb Drive

The AltaWares USB Drive contains 128GB of storage and is pre-formatted and pre-configured for the Tesla dashcam. With 210 megabytes a second write speed and selling for $39.95, this USB Drive is designed to store high quality video footage and is suitable for use in both Windows and Mac PCs/laptops.

to check the price on Amazon.

Usb Drive Requirements For Recording Videos

One or more features on your Model Y requires the use of a flash drive that meets these requirements:

  • Minimum storage capacity of 64 GB. Use a flash drive with as much available storage as possible. Video footage can occupy a large amount of space.
  • A sustained write speed of at least 4 MB/s. Note that sustained write speed differs from peak write speed.
  • USB 2.0 compatible. If using a USB 3.0 flash drive, it must support USB 2.0.
  • Properly formatted .

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Sentry Mode Active States

There are three states to Sentry Mode:

  • Standby the vehicle monitors the surroundings using its cameras
  • Alert the vehicle detects a threat and displays Sentry Mode on the screen and saves the last 10 minutes of footage.
  • Alarm if the vehicle senses a major threat , it sounds an alarm for 30 seconds, records the last 10 minutes of footage and then returns to Standby.

Can Tesla Fix This Problem

Jeda Model Y USB-C/A Hub and hidden TeslaCam/Sentry storage ($15 off)

In another report by EV Globe, the affected Tesla owners could request a fix about the missing ports. It was mentioned there that someone who purchased the Model Y would arrange an appointment with the company regarding the issue.

Most importantly, there will be no charge for this negotiation since the owner has previously paid for the component.

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Our Recommended Tesla Usb For Dashcam And Sentry Mode

Below well outline the options that we recommend for Tesla USB drives that work with Tesla Dashcam and Tesla Sentry Mode.

Our Recommended Tesla Dashcam: USB SSD Drive

The most robust option for most Tesla owners, especially Model 3 owners, is to use a USB SSD Drive. This Solid State Drive is similar to the drives found in most laptops today but instead can connect to a computer via USB. The current favorite is the Samsung T7 drive:

Samsung T7 SSD Drive

While its larger than a USB flash drive and reader, it can be hidden under the Model 3 or Model Y compartment or under the Model X or S center console using a USB C cable like Tesla provides in this kit.

Other Option Flash Memory Card with USB Reader

The second most popular option is to use a Flash Memory Card with a USB reader. Flash memory cards are meant to be written to and read from on a high-frequency basis, especially now with 4K digital video cameras. Again, Samsung makes a great flash card here and theres also a small reader you can use to go with it. This is a great option is the SSD drive above is too bulky for you. This setup can directly and neatly plug into your USB port with no extra space needed.

SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD Card Reader

Avoid USB Thumb Drives for Dashcam

Avoid using USB thumb drives, even if they say theyre high speed. The biggest issue is that they wear out quickly and over time, youll get error messages.

Ition Steps For Windows Pc:

To partition the drive in Windows use the Windows Disk Management app to create two NTFS partitions and then format those partitions using the FAT32 formatting app above.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • From the Windows start menu, type format into the search box and choose Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions. This will bring up the Disk Management App
  • With the USB Drive inserted, you should one of the Disks as the Removable with the size correlating to the disk size.
  • Right click on that disk in the white space area , and select Delete Volume.
  • Then right click again in the disk white space area and select, New Simple Volume.
  • This will bring up a Wizard in which, as the first step, you specify the volume size of your first partition . It will then assign a drive letter , click Next.
  • On the next screen in the Wizard, choose:
  • File system: NTFS
  • Volume label: MUSIC .
  • Be sure Quick Format is checked
  • Press Next. Then click Finish.
  • You should now see two partitions on the drive in the Disk Management app. The one you just created and another, unallocated partition.
  • Next right click on the unallocated partition and do the same, except leave the size as the default suggestion and change the volume label .
  • You will now have two drives that you can format using the downloaded formatting app as noted above.
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    Klutchtech Tesla Model 3/y Usb Hub 4

    It is worth mentioning this hub for your various cables. A USB hub gives you the advantage of providing additional ports of charging in your Tesla Model Y. Do you need to kill some time playing a video game, you now have a place to plug game controllers.

    This hub is easily installed and conforms to the continuity of the interior of your vehicle. Made of durable ABS plastic, it is also extremely lightweight. This hub affords you with having options available.

    You did it. You purchased the Tesla Model Y. People may say that you have impeccable taste. Now is not the time to cut corners. Do not skimp when purchasing your accessories. The name Tesla has earned its status of quality. Whether buying a new dashcam, a video controller or something as simple as a USB-C cable, do the research. Take into account not only what you want, but what you need. Then you can fully enjoy all the benefits that come along with owning your new Tesla Model Y.

    Model Y Performance 2022 New Usb

    TAPTES USB Hub for 2021 Tesla Model 3/Y, Refresh Center Console USB Po

    EDIT NOT SOLVED- although Im an idiot and found the two extra USB-C ports in front console, these are still charging ports and not data ports. I still cannot pair controller, use wireless adapter, or use wired controller.

    Thanks to everyone that helped me with my last question. Ive only had car 2 days-

    So Im a gamer- I have every controller under the sun. Logitech wired, PS4, PS5, Xbox, variety of Bluetooth controllers and 8-bitdos.

    The wireless pairing does not work.

    The 2 USB-C are now located in BACK of center console- there are no ports anywhere else except whatever is in the glovebox

    These back console ports are not data ports- they only are for charging. You cannot use a converter or wireless adapter in these. Controllers are not recognized.

    Ive scoured Tesla Motor Club site and no one seems to have answers to this.

    Can anyone help me?

  • Why cant I wireless pair?

  • can I use the glovebox port to pair?

  • Maybe Tesla did this so we buy their new controller?

  • oversight that will possibly be fixed?

  • Anyone who games knows that the touchscreen is fing useless, the new 2022 models cant possibly not have controller compatibility.

    I dont care what I have to buy- I just want any controller to work.

    Also, the 8-bitdo wireless converter doesnt work so dont just Google an answer.

    Thanks for reading and help.

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    Tesla Customers Receive Model 3 Model Y Evs Without Usb Ports Here’s Why

    Various new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles delivered to customers in the last few days did not have USB charging ports in the centre console – a problem which was discovered by the customers after bringing their new cars home, Electrek reported. The automaker has blamed this on the global shortage of semiconductor chips.

    The vehicles that have been most affected due to the chip crisis do not even have the back wall of the center console while some have the rear-seat USB ports missing, the report cited posts by customers. For those vehicles that have missing center console USB ports, the wireless charging function also seems to be inactive.

    Amazon Basics Usb Type

    Amazon offers a very affordable USB-C cable in a variety of options. You have the choice of length for your cable, from as little as 3 feet up to 9 feet. You can also opt to purchase a multi-pack of cables. If you are like most people, you can never have too many. This cable, as the others, has connectors that are also reversible so there is never a concern which way you plug it in.

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    Recommended Tesla Usb Speed

    The Tesla USB speed should be 4 MB/s or higher, HOWEVER, it must be able to sustain that rate for long periods of time, which is where most typical USB thumb drives fail, even if they say they are faster than 4 MB/s, which most are. Hence the reason we only recommend USB drives and Flash Cards designs for high read/write cycles for long periods of time.

    We tried a USB stick, like this one as recommended by Tesla for music, which is rated for high speed and worked fine just for music, but when used for Dashcam it began failing after a couple months, giving us the following error message:

    Some clips not saved USB too slow for Dashcam. Use USB drive that writes at 4 MB/s or higher. error code: MCU_w068

    Therefore, we recommend you stick with the ones below.

    Fast Usb Drive Needed For Dashcam & Sentry Mode

    Tesla Model Y Performance has 6 USB Ports? I count 5

    The first thing youll want to get is a fast USB drive that can handle A LOT of read / write cycles. One of the biggest problems Tesla owners encounter with the Tesla Dashcam feature is using drives that are too slow or cant handle the amount of reading and writing activity that the Tesla Dashcam pumps out. So, youll want fast and robust USB devices like the choices below.

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    Samsung Muf Fit Plus Flash Drives

    Samsung have designed a range of flash drives that would slot into the USB A port of your Model Y. The sizes of these flash drives vary, as 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB drives are available. These drives also vary in price and have a file transfer speed of up to 200 megabytes a second and are designed with a key ring slot to prevent losing the compact drive. Consumers have praised the storage space and speed of the flash drives but have noted that the drives can get very warm when in use and can be prone to random disconnection.

    to check the price on Amazon.

    The Front Tesla Usb Ports

    In addition to charging your phone and other devices, the front center console USB ports in a Tesla can transfer data .

    NOTE: Some recent 2022 models do not allow the transfer of data .

    Note that depending on your vehicles year, the center console ports may be USB-A or USB-C . In addition, newer vehicles also have a USB-A port in the glove box to keep the USB drive secure, in case of a break-in.

    The front USB ports work with the following types of data features:

    • Dashcam The Tesla Dashcam continuously records footage from multiple cameras while you are driving but will only save the last 10 minutes if you press the dashcam icon .
    • Sentry Mode Sentry Mode on a Tesla watches your vehicle using its multiple cameras while parked and will automatically record any suspicious activity it senses.
    • Music You can store your own MP3 music on a USB drive and access it from the Music menu when you plug in your USB drive.

    Since there are a limited number of front USB ports, some people use one USB drive for all of the above . Well get into that below.

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    Zell Technologies Dashcam And Boombox 31 Flash Drive For Tesla

    Zell Technologies have introduced a range of flash drives which can include MP3 files, thus combining two functions into one compact flash drive. The flash drives even include a function of altering the sound of your car horn, improving the personalization of your Model Y. Ranging in price from $39.95 to $49.95, the flash drives are available in five different combination deals to customize the sound of the horn.

    to check the price on Amazon.

    Pi Man Tech Teslacam Plug And Play Usb 30 Adapter And 128 Gb Microsd Card

    Tesla Model Y USB Hub

    PI MAN Tech have created a plug and play adapter and accompanied it with a MicroSD card. As the adapter has been formatted to FAT32, the adapter does not need to be formatted for the Tesla Model Y. This type of adapter, which retails at $53.77, allows you to store relevant files on a MicroSD card, which can then be transferred to a digital camera or a PC/laptop for storage. Customers have written rave reviews about the pre-configuration of the adapter and the performance of the adapter but have raised concerns about how the adapter gets very warm during use and about the comparatively high price

    to check the price on Amazon.

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    Where Is Model Y 2022 Usb Data Port

    2022 MYLR Red/White, 19″, OD:12/13/21

    HelloJP said:I still cant get my USBa adapter with music to work in my Jan 2022 MY. Ive used a hub In the center console and a hub in the glove box and I cant get my Tesla to recognize the USBa with music on it. The usb does play on my laptop and is in FAT32 format.

    bigapple said:Thank you all for the response. I just double checked the glove box again and indeed saw a USB-A flash drive there. I can’t believe both my wife and I have missed it. And this was my 3rd time checking it.. Tesla raised the bar for hiding things

    charlesoris said:Depending on the date of production, the current center console USB ports are power only, no data. There is a way to retrofit the center console USB ports with a working data module. Console Data Transmission ModuleNot all USB hubs work with the data port in the glove box. There is a discussion on this forum regarding it.

    2022 MYLR Red/White, 19″, OD:12/13/21

    It shows a difficulty of Two at parts wrenches out of 5.I will definitely look at doing this with some old USB music devices.

    2022 MYLR Red/White, 19″, OD:12/13/21

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