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Solar Roof Durability Vs Solar Panel Durability

Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

Tesla is extremely confident in the durability of its solar roof. Elon Musk has stated that the Tesla Solar Roof has an infinity warranty or for the lifetime of your home, whichever comes first. While the durability of the new solar tiles has not been successfully field testing, there are videos online of the Tesla Solar team launching hail and other heavy objects at the solar tiles to show their durability. Based on a video recorded in a Tesla owned factory, it seems the solar tiles are stronger than a tempered-glass solar panel.

Standard solar panels, however, are usually warrantied by the manufacturer for 25 years and the panels typically will last longer than the warranty. The expected lifetime of solar panels has also been field tested, unlike the solar roof.

The biggest question here is what is going to happen when solar tiles start degrading and losing their efficiency? When solar panels need to be replaced or corrected it is a pretty simple replacement. But what happens when there are solar tile problems? How much of the roof is going to have to be replaced? It seems that making any corrections to a Tesla Solar Roof is going to be very expensive and labor-intensive.

Tesla Roof Is Geared Towards New Roofs Solarskin Is Applicable For All Roofs

Because the Tesla roof is a product that is both solar and roof in the same, it cant be applied on existing roofs. It requires your current roof to be replaced. However, many homeowners are not in a situation requiring a new roof, but still excited at the prospect of going solar.

For them, SolarSkin is a perfect solution because it can be applied anywhere solar panels are installed. This allows maximum flexibility in the realm of aesthetic solar. SolarSkin is the best complement to existing solar modules, allowing your solar transition to be a breeze. Here, youll see SolarSkin designed for a client who wanted an emerald pattern to match their roof.

Is The Tesla Solar Roof Worth It

Were going to cut to the chase – for most homeowners, the Tesla Solar Roof isnt a worthwhile investment. Installing traditional solar panels is going to be cheaper, no matter how you slice it. Even if you also need a new roof, Teslas roofing material and removal costs are so high that unless you were already planning on getting a premium roof installed, its going to be more expensive than it needs to be.

Even in scenarios where the price of a Solar Roof is competitive, were not so sure its the right way to go solar. For one thing, Tesla is notorious for having subpar customer service when it comes to its energy division. You can see for yourself in Teslas customer reviews here on SolarReviews. People have reported waiting weeks to hear back from their Tesla advisors if there is an issue with their system.

Tesla is also extremely unreliable. Despite being introduced in 2016, Tesla didnt start installing Solar Roofs until 2018, and its still unknown how many have actually been installed. Then in mid-2020, Tesla started canceling Solar Roof preorders after homeowners had paid their deposits – claiming the sites werent within their service territory. And not long after, Tesla changed the prices of Solar Roof installations for homeowners who already signed contracts. If you cant even trust that theyll honor their contract – what can you trust them about?

Calculate how quickly a solar installation would pay for itself after rebates

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Tips For Cost Comparison Of Tesla Solar Roof To Solar Panels

My cost estimate comparing Tesla Solar Roof to traditional roof-mounted panels was overly complicated as I was changing my system size during the quoting process.

We had just purchased my home and were not living there as it was undergoing a large remodel. The previous owner lived there alone and hadnt occupied the home for nine months prior to the sale. Plus, I was electrifying my house so the electrical load was going to increase.

Therefore, I couldnt rely on past electricity usage to determine my system size. I had an energy audit completed estimating my peak load. We used this to design my solar roof.

Before you start the process of getting accurate quotes, know the size of your solar system. This will make it easier to compare prices.

Cost is only one factor for deciding to go with a Tesla Solar Roof or traditional roof-mounted solar panels. Make sure you read the reviews, see how the customer service is during the bidding process, and study the warranties.

See my video below on the 7 Reasons Why I Decided to Get a Tesla Solar Roof for the reasons I went with Tesla.

Overall, the bidding process with Tesla was smooth and transparent. When you submit your deposit, you will be assigned a Tesla Project Advisor. Your Project Advisor will share their email address and phone number.

I found text messaging them was the fastest way to get an update.

Receive a free Tesla Solar Roof quote here and receive $500 off your Tesla Solar Roof.

Breaking Down The Price Of Teslas Solar Roof

Teslas solar roof rollout was ... meh. These other new solar power ...

Tesla Solar Roof systems are designed entirely with Tesla-exclusive equipment. The total cost of a Solar Roof installation consists of three main components:

  • Active solar shingles

Heres the breakdown of how each one of these contributes to the final price:

1. Active solar shingles

Cost: $1.80 per watt

Teslas active solar shingles are tempered glass shingles that contain solar cells and generate electricity.

It costs about $1.80 per watt to install the active Solar Roof tiles. If you installed a 7 kilowatt Tesla Solar Roof, the active shingles alone would cost $12,600 before any incentives are considered. The bigger the solar system you need, the higher the total price will be.

Regular solar panels cost around $3.00 per watt on average, so the solar portion of the Tesla roof is technically cheaper than solar panels.

Each active shingle is 15 by 45, and designed to have a similar look to slate shingles. According to Electrek, Teslas solar shingles are 71.67 watts in size, meaning youd need about five shingles to produce the same amount of power as one 370-watt solar panel. However, Tesla doesnt list any official power ratings or performance specs on their website.

2. Inactive shingles / non-Solar Roofing materials

Cost: About $20 per square foot of total roof space

3. Roof tear off

Cost: About $3.58 per square foot

See what solar incentives and rebates you qualify for

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Advantages Of Tesla Solar Roof Over Solar Panels

  • More surface area: Ordinarily, the surface area of a roof encompasses more surface area than solar panels installed on a roof, either on one side or both sides. Tesla installs both active and inactive solar tiles on your entire roof, taking advantage of your roof size so you have more surface area by square foot of photovoltaic cells than you would typically have if you installed traditional solar panels.
  • Beauty: Unlike solar panels, Tesla Solar Roof tiles resemble asphalt shingles. You can have a sleek, high-tech roof that is still stylish and guaranteed for 25 years. If the solar panel look isnt for you, you have the option of the Tesla Solar Roof System.
  • Solar inverter: The Tesla Solar Roofs power is maximized and controlled through the Tesla solar inverter. This is the heartbeat of your system, essentially, and its always working to make sure your energy levels stay stable, even through dips and increases in energy flow or power outages. The Tesla inverter even updates its software over WiFi connection.
  • Personal situation: If you are looking to replace your homes roof, you have a smaller roof, and youre looking to save on your monthly electric bill as well as reduce your carbon footprint over time, then that combination of circumstances makes the Tesla Solar Roof System an excellent choice. However, those with large or complex roofs or those who dont need a whole new roof should likely opt for solar panels.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost: Is It Worth The Premium

To best explain Teslas Solar Roof cost and price premium, well provide an example of a household shopping for a traditional solar panel system. Well use this example to show how the cost of the Tesla roof compares to traditional solar panel systems based on the roofs complexity and size. Well explore four different scenarios based on what this household is seeking read on to see which describes you best!

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Tesla Solar Roofs Cons

  • Return on investment can be lower or take longer than how long youll own the house. Solar of any kind is a big investment that may or may not recoup your investment through energy savings.
  • Homeowners might need a new roof if they want to install solar shingles, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars
  • Tesla solar roofs wont work with flat roofs or homes with unique architectural roof features

Tesla Solar Payment Options

The Problem With Teslas Solar Roof

To help customers estimate the cost of installing solar panels, Tesla provides them with a cost calculator based on their location and average monthly electric bill. To help you get an idea of how much a Tesla solar system costs, we received a quote for a single-family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with an average monthly electric bill of $170.

Tesla allows customers to own their system through a cash purchase or loan in select states.

  • Solar loanSolar loans work similarly to a home or auto loan, with customers paying a monthly fee to own their panels and benefit from solar incentives.
  • PurchaseYou may also purchase a Tesla solar system outright if you have the funds available.

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Slow To Get Installed And Takes A Long Time To Install

Since solar roof tiles are a recent innovation, solar roof shingles do not have many installation contractors. To install solar roof shingles, you need to find a solar installation company with expertise in roofing and solar energy. With the limited number of experienced solar tile installers, it can be harder to find a professional solar tile installer, and the vetting process is typically longer. Also, it takes much more labor to install solar roof tiles than solar panels. On average, it takes 5-6 hours for a solar installation team to install solar panels on an average home. It would take the same solar installation team roughly 5-6 days to install the solar roof shingles.

What Is A Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof V3 is the most recent update regarding the companys ambitious solar generation projects. The latest V3 roof tiles have been bigger, sturdier, and more aesthetic than the previous two versions. According to Tesla, these solar roofs will blend in beautifully with any house alongside 24/7 outage protection through its Powerwall battery and software-integrated Tesla inverters. Also, Teslas tile warranty is 25 years, which means that the roofs will last for almost three decades.

The tiling aesthetics are carefully considered to blend in with residential buildings, according to Teslas official website. Before confirming an order, Tesla says they will perform 3D modeling to meet consumers custom design needs. The installation is offered by Tesla professionals in the quickest time possible.

Else, there are many other claims that may make you order Tesla solar roofs at this very moment. Lets dig in deeper to find out what is in stores from Tesla Solar Tiles to residential consumers.

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Solarskin Is Affordable For Everyone Not Just The Affluent

Industry estimates indicate that the Tesla solar roof comes at a 33-50% premium to traditional solar panels, suggesting that its primary market is likely to be high income households. This would be in line with Teslas new product strategy, which typically sees early versions targeted at the affluent and the costs being driven down over time to make later versions geared towards the mass market. Consider the target audiences for the Tesla Roadster vs. the Model 3.

SolarSkin, though, was designed for the mass market from the outset. For less than the price of a pro laptop, a SolarSkin installation is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. Adding SolarSkin to your array not only boosts your curb appeal and homes value, but it also protects your panels from UV rays and other harsh elements. The list of benefits for the price you are paying is an advantageous way to preserve both the panels themselves and your homes aesthetics.

How Good Are Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Roof Vs. Apollo and Dow Solar Shingles in 2017

Tesla currently installs Hanwha Q CELLS Peak Duo Black solar panels more specifically, the Q.Peak Duo Blk-G6+ modules which are not exclusive to Tesla.

This specific model has an up to 19.5% efficiency rating a pretty average figure, which doesnt quite match some of the best solar panels on the market, which have efficiency ratings of around 22%.

However, if youre searching for aesthetically pleasing panels, Hanwha might be the way to go. The panels sleek black body has no visible gridlines, and its concealed edges make it blend into the roof nicely.

Plus, Teslas mounting hardware uses 30% fewer anchor points on the roof, compared to a traditional installation, making the solar panels less prominent.

An additional feature that many solar panel owners will find useful is Teslas smart solar inverter, which has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. This means it can easily integrate with Tesla Powerwall and the Tesla app, and users can manage their solar system from anywhere in the world.

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Does Tesla Sell Traditional Solar Panels

If you dont want to replace your roof completely, Tesla also offers conventional solar panels. These are more affordable than their photovoltaic roof shingles, and you can expect the typical pricing of a residential installation. Tesla uses 400-watt modules, and their home systems come in four standard sizes:

PV System Size
48 1,040 sq.ft.

Tesla is one of the leading solar panel providers in the US, with more than 430,000 installations completed. Their solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty, which offers 80% of rated capacity at the end of the coverage period.

Tesla also offers a 10-year comprehensive warranty, which covers products and labor. The 10-year warranty also covers the solar inverter and mounting system, as well as the Tesla Powerwall if you decide to include it.

The latest solar roof shingles from Tesla can be installed on top of your normal roof shingles, just like traditional solar modules. This can be expected to decrease installation costs in the future, since a complete roof replacement will no longer be necessary.

What Is The Warranty Of A Tesla Solar Roof

The warranty conditions of a Tesla solar roof are like those offered by leading solar panel manufacturers. Tesla solar roofs have a 25-year product and weatherization warranty, combined with a 25-year power production warranty. Solar shingles lose some performance over time, just like conventional solar panels, and Tesla offers the following conditions:

  • At least 95% of rated generation capacity after five years.
  • A maximum degradation rate of 0.50% per year after this period, during the next 20 years.
  • At least 85% of rated generation capacity after 25 years.

Since a Tesla solar roof is more expensive than a traditional solar panel system, you can expect a longer payback period. However, the 25-year warranty gives you more than enough time to recover your upfront investment. Tesla solar inverters have a 12.5-year warranty, and theyre available in 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW versions.

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How Much Does A Tesla Solar Roof Cost Compared To Solar Panels

The total installation cost of a Tesla Solar Roof is going to be much higher than that of a traditional solar panel installation. However, the Tesla Solar Roof also includes a roof replacement. So, when you factor in the price of both a roof replacement and regular solar panels, the totals come out to be closer than you might expect.

The easiest way to compare these costs is with an example. Lets say you own a home in California that has a simple, 1,700 square foot roof and uses about 9,300 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a year.

The Tesla Solar Roof in this example will cost $51,142, before incentives, whereas the conventional solar installation and roof replacement will cost just $29,485.

To cover a 9,300 kWh electricity usage, Tesla recommends installing a 6.14 kW solar system that would cost $51,152 to install, before incentives. Of that cost, $11,052 would be for active solar shingles, $6,100 would be to tear off your existing roof, and $34,000 would replace your roof.

You would only need 5.55 kW of conventional solar panels to cover 9,300 kWh electricity usage, costing about $16,650 before incentives. Now we need to consider the costs for a traditional roof replacement. A roof tear-off would only cost about $935, while a roof replacement with architectural asphalt shingles would cost about $11,900.

Cost Comparison Of Tesla Solar Roof Versus Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Versus Solar Panels Full Cost Breakdown: Not Cheap

I went out to bid to two solar panel installers in my area. Only one ended up providing a cost estimate.

The big difference between the Tesla Solar Roof bid and the local solar panel installer bid is that the two companies bid on different solar system sizes. Tesla provided a bid for the system size I needed, while the solar panel installer bid on the maximum solar array my roof could hold.

Panels could always be deleted if I requested less solar, was their reason

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