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Tesla Roadside Assistance Charging Cost

Our Tesla Got a FLAT TIRE! What Happened Next?! Tesla ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Experience

Now, what happens if your Tesla runs out of battery? Apart from you being halted to a standstill, youll receive help from Tesla if youre on Roadside Assistance.

Now, this is an additional service so youll be charged for it by Tesla. Theyll also help you jumpstart the car if needed. You can know more about this service by contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance.

Requesting A Flat Tire Change In Richmond Hill

If you need flat tire roadside assistance in Richmond Hill, Ontario, please request our flat tire change service via telephone , or you can book this service online without needing a credit card. Unfortunately, we don’t accept payments online, but you can pay the technician in person via debit or credit card.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover

In general, roadside assistance covers most mechanical failures while on the road. This can include anything from helping you put your spare tire on or jumping off your battery. Some roadside assistance companies even bring gas to your car or pay for a locksmith. However, roadside services usually limit how many times you can call on them per year and price limits per event. While the benefits vary between providers, Tesla provides some services as a part of their plan.

  • Towing to the nearest Tesla Service Center
  • Mechanical assistance
  • A flat tire change

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Alternatives To Tesla Roadside Assistance

  • Cell phone companies : Some cell phone companies provide limited roadside assistance for a low feeâcharges are included on your monthly phone bill
  • Towing and labor coverage : Most insurance companies offer towing and labor coverage to their drivers, but they may require you to carry collision and comprehensive coverage as well


The Standard Repair Rate For Fixing Tesla’s Tires

AAA vs Tesla roadside assistance? : TeslaModel3

According to Tesletter, it costs $230 to repair a tire plus $55 for labor for each one serviced through Tesla’s Mobile Service support. Tesla’s mobile service also is more likely to fix the tire on the spot and have it repaired with less of a delay, though they lack the equipment for alignment, so they only do balancing.

Another alternative: most Costco warehouses will take on the job of repairing Tesla tires, but it costs $230 each, with a $70 discount when purchasing all four tires. However, there is an additional labor charge of $20 per tire. Also, Tesla does save a lot of money for its own business by not offering a spare tire. In fact, today, many carmakers do not offer a spare tire any longer.

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Is Tesla Roadside Assistant Worth It After The Warranty Coverage

Teslas roadside assistance is a great service during the warranty period for covered services.

The chances are its not worthwhile to use it as needed and pay for the service calls after its expired. Theres no problem with Teslas services. Its purely the fact that many insurance companies include limited roadside assistance in their comprehensive and collision policies. And if its not included, you can add it as an additional service for minimal cost likely not much more than a single service call from Tesla.

So, if you purchase a used Tesla thats outside the warranty period or already own a Tesla car and are over the warranty threshold and want to continue using roadside assistance, you may want to look into finding an auto insurance provider that offers this with its policies.

Compare Rates from Dozens of Companies

Ottawa Tesla Roadside Assistance

Driving down the road in your Tesla is an amazing experience. These cars are built for durability and reliability but they can run into problems on the road just like any other car. When it comes to our clients, we know just what you need as a Tesla driver. Our dedicated tow specialist will we make sure your car is professionally towed or serviced at the best price possible.

If you find yourself in need of urgent assistance with your Tesla, Canadian Towing Ottawa is here to offer the best roadside assistance in the metro area for your specialty vehicle. We are one of the premier Tesla roadside assistance service providers in the Ottawa area.

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Tesla And Spare Tire: Youre On Your Own

When you buy a Tesla , youll note that theres no donut included

The company doesnt make one for any of its vehicles. And no Tesla car, so far, has a designated place to store one. So, the Model Y is my first ride without a spare tire.

But that makes sense since carrying more than ten pounds of basically deadweight at all times is a terrible waste of energy, especially when you drive an electric vehicle Ill talk more about the range and other related issues in a different post.

That said, I brushed off the idea of getting a third-party donut or an extra full-size wheel. The exorbitant cost aside, again, theres nowhere in the car to store it properly anyway.

Roadside Assistance For Evswhat Should You Do

Tesla Roadside Assistance: Two Flat Tires in One Week!?

Despite the rising popularity of electric vehicles, range anxiety remains a major obstacle to their widespread adoption. In addition, while most roadside assistance programs will help you with a flat tire, lockout, or minor mechanical repair, very few offer solutions for a depleted EV battery.

While EV roadside assistance services offer mobile charging and other mechanical repairs in an emergency, we advise planning longer journeys with EVs more carefully than with combustion engine vehicles.

Pay attention to your EVs estimated range and use a route-planning app to see where high-speed chargers are when taking a trip. Where in a gas-powered car, you carry water, fuel, and a spare fanbelt, we recommend carrying a couple of charging leads and adapters in your EV, so you can get charge from any electrical outlet when running low or out of battery.

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Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Free

Teslas Roadside Assistance service is included in the cost of owning a Tesla, and its not a pay-per-use service. This means that as long as you own your car, youre covered for roadside assistance with no additional cost. The same applies if you lease your carthe program is included in your Lease Plan .

If you need help on the road, just call us at 1-800-433-8270 or press S on your center touchscreen to connect with our team instantly through video chat or phone.

Dashboard Light Meanings & What To Do With It

How Is Roadside Assistance Different For Electric And Normal Vehicles

Roadside assistance usually provides jump-starts, fuel delivery, and towing services for gas-powered and hybrid vehicles. But the coverage is insufficient for vehicles that are fully powered by electricity.

For starters, it doesn’t make sense for recovery vans to carry around heavy batteries and help stranded drivers with depleted EV batteries.

Secondly, the functionality of motors and the lack of true neutral gear in an electric car make towing a risky solution. As a result, most auto manufacturers recommend loading the EV onto a truck to avoid damaging the vehicle.

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Teslas Low Tire Pressure Warning

The TPMS will notify the driver that there is an issue when the pressure starts to drop, giving the owner enough warning before their tire goes flat. The touchscreen will display a warning on the main screen that one or more tires are above or below the correct pressure.

Once the tire pressure has been corrected, it will take driving a few miles before the warning disappears.

What Are The Exceptions In Teslas Roadside Assistance Coverage

Does Hyundai Roadside Assistance Cover Flat Tires

Teslas free roadside assistance coverage has a range of exceptions to keep in mind. Heres a partial list of some items roadside assistance does not cover:

  • Transportation back to the service center after repairs are complete
  • Coverage in hazardous areas
  • Any issues related to customs clearance
  • Cost for ferries, tolls, and other fees
  • Damages caused by accidents, collisions, objects hitting the car, and damage caused by road fixtures
  • Driving the vehicle off road
  • Racing the vehicle
  • Extraction from mud or snow
  • Damage due to abuse or negligence
  • Broken window or windshield repair
  • Overloading the vehicle
  • Reimbursement for third-party roadside assistance
  • Storage charges incurred
  • Damaged caused by vandalism

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Tesla Flat Tire Coverage

In some markets, Teslas roadside assistance team carries loaner wheels so you can drive your Tesla to the nearest service center to have your flat tire repaired or replaced with a new tire. You must return the loaner wheel to Tesla within three days, and the roadside assistance team will come to install your original wheel and take back the loaner.

If there is no loaner wheel available, Tesla roadside assistance will tow your vehicle to the nearest service center for free as long as its within 50 miles. If the service center is farther than 50 miles, you will pay extra.

Do You Really Need Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is something you’d rather have and not need than need and not have. Having roadside assistance can save your day if your car decides to break down while driving. While you may hope you never need to use it, knowing it’s there can give you peace of mind. Imagine if you or your family gets stranded in a strange area at night. Roadside assistance can come and get you back underway. Here are some benefits that you can have with roadside assistance:

  • A safety net, so you aren’t stranded on the side of the road
  • Savings or discount on services
  • Help with a mechanical issue
  • Peace of mind for other drivers, if the plan covers additional drivers

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Tire Rotation And Wheel Alignment

On topic with changing your tires, Tesla also recommends that you check your tires every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. During this time, Tesla will check for any rotating, balancing, or alignment that your vehicle may need. If you find that your tires are either misaligned or unbalanced, this could affect the tire life, leading to a flat tire.

Options When Your Tire Is Damaged

(4045459622) tesla roadside assistance flat tire | ABershanCity Roadside LLC | Atlanta Ga

Roadside AssistanceTesla Roadside Assistance is available to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the duration of your warranty period. If your tire is damaged and your vehicle becomes inoperable, you can request roadside assistance immediately from the bottom of your Tesla app home screen.

Loaner Wheel Service and TowingIn some regions, our trained roadside providers carry a limited number of loaner wheels to quickly exchange for a damaged wheel or tire. A new tire will be mounted on your original wheel, at your cost, and made available at your nearest Service Center. If a loaner wheel is not available, transportation services are free of charge to your home, the nearest Tesla Service Center or third party repair facility within 50 miles of the cars location. Contact Roadside Assistance to learn more or arrange an appointment directly within the Tesla app.

Punctured TiresA puncture eventually causes the tire to lose pressure, which is why it is important to check tire pressures frequently. Permanently repair or replace punctured or damaged tires as soon as possible. Your tubeless tires may not leak when penetrated, provided the object remains in the tire.

Important note: Do not drive with a punctured tire, even if the puncture has not caused the tire to deflate. A punctured tire can deflate suddenly at any time.

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What Is Roadside Assistance

Watch this video to discover about roadside assistance coverage, Tesla Roadside Assistance, what is roadside assistance, why you should get one, and how it can help you and your family.

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How To Get Tesla Roadside Assistance To Help With Flat Tires

If you have a Tesla, you know that the company is all about being on the cutting edge of technology. Thats why its no surprise that it also offers an amazing Tesla roadside assistance for flat tire program, with a lot of benefits for its customers.

If youre on the road, and your tire goes flat, Tesla Roadside Assistance will come out and help get you back up and running. Theyll even tow your car to the nearest service center if you need it!

But thats not all: if someone else hits your car, or if theres another issue that requires immediate attention, such as a battery problem or an airbag malfunction, theyll take care of it tooand theyll even send an Uber to pick up anyone who needs to be driven somewhere else while they wait for their vehicle to be fixed.

The best part? All this comes at no extra cost beyond your regular maintenance costs, which means theres no price tag attached to keeping yourself safe on the road!

Tesla has a Roadside Assistance program that offers free towing and replacement of flat tires. The program also includes jump starts, battery changes, and lock-out service.

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How We Can Help

Getting in touch with Ottawa Roadside Assistance is as easy as picking up the phone and calling . Our knowledgeable customer service agents are standing by to dispatch a Tesla safe tow truck with specially trained tow operators to your location and offer you assistance with your electric car. If you happened to be in a place or situation where you dont feel safe, our customer service agent will stay on the phone with you until help arrives.

Our services are affordable and cost-effective. You will never have to deal with hidden charges for surprise services, and our terms and conditions are clean and easy to understand. We make sure that you only pay for services you need, and ones that you actually use. Our customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we guarantee yours. Give Canadian Towing Service a call today to see how we can help you move your electric car.

Ottawa Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day. We are here to help if your car runs out of charge in the middle of nowhere, or if you happen to have a flat tire on the way to the office. Regardless of what Tesla issues you may be facing, our professional tow truck drivers are here to get you back on the road. If you are in need of roadside assistance for your Tesla, get in touch with us at now.

Saving Space And Tire Technology

Tesla Vehicles May Include Tow Truck Auto Call Feature

The truth is, these days, spare tires are not used as much as they once were. This is also the very reason many automakers chose to follow Tesla’s lead. When a vehicle’s life cycle concludes, the spare tire and tools with the vehicle don’t even get used before heading to the junkyard about 85% of the time, according to TireRack. To Tesla, it didn’t make sense to include a spare tire when it is used only 15% of the time.

Tesla thought this was an unworthy investment. So, in place of a spare tire, there’s something called the TPMS sensor. This informs drivers when the tire pressure is low, giving them enough time to drive to a tire repair shop, decreasing the risk of flat tires. However, many drivers are not too pleased with driver-assist programs such as TPMS.

However, Tesla actually equips its vehicles’ tires with noise-reducing, sound-dampening foam that’s permanently adhered to the inside of the tread surface. This helps reduce cavity resonance and road noise, but as a downside, smaller tire shops lack the proper training and supplies to adequately patch or repair Tesla tires. Keep in mind that up to 20% of the raw material and labor costs for tires are being invested in spare tires, making the process quite costly.

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Tire Sealant Vs Tire Plug

Most containers of sealant will need to be replaced after 9 years Long life span and the plugs can be replaced for only a few dollars
Ease of use Very simple to use with little effort. Just attach the hose to the tire and turn it on Some skill is required, and different tools are needed. The plug has to be manually inserted after the hole is widened
Cleanliness No need to get dirty working on the tire. Only time you have to be close to the ground is when connecting and disconnecting the hose Wearing gloves are recommended. Working in a tight spot around the tire can cause you to become very dirty
Tire Repair Shop Some tire repair shops will not fix tires if sealant has been used, due to the mess it causes Tire shops have no problems repairing tires with plugs
TPMS Some sealants will damage the TPMS and the sensors will need to be replaced No damage done to the TPMS at all when using a plug
Weather Most sealants are prone to freezing and can only be used in temperatures above -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Can be used in any temperature.

Neither the tire sealant nor the tire plug are a permanent repair. They are only designed as a temporary fix. Damaged tires should always be repaired at a tire repair shop.

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