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Conceal Ugly Curb Rash With 20 Tesla Model Y Induction Wheel Touch

Curbed Tesla Wheel Touch Up and Paint Correction

Unfortunately, curb rash sometimes happens. It can be quite an emotional experience to grind the wheel of your beautiful Tesla against a concrete curb or barrier… especially the first time it happens to you. The cost of replacing the wheel can be several hundred dollars if you consider the cost of a new wheel from Tesla and the cost of the labor to re-mount and re-balance the tire. Hiring a professional wheel repair specialist is also not cheap.Another great and inexpensive do-it-yourself option is wheel touch-up paint for your 20-inch Tesla Model Y Induction wheel. Just remove any rough edges as desired, clean the area well, and carefully apply our professionally-mixed, high-quality, automotive-grade paint to conceal the curb rash on your wheel.No need to be an automotive paint expert or spend hundreds of dollars to conceal the curb rash on your Tesla Model Y Gemini wheels.

When Curbs Get Carried Away

How to touch up your T Sportline Tesla Wheels

We live in an increasingly busy world and sometimes, our vehicles wheels get rubbed the wrong way because of it. Whether its the at the fast-food drive-through or at the school pickup line, curbs can mar our wheels and create a blemish on an otherwise pristine exterior. Fear not, though, as T Sportline is here with a DIY tutorial on how to make quick repairs to minor curb rash.

Of course, T Sportline can certainly sell you replacement wheels if thats the way you want to roll, but sometimes a simple touch-up can be good enough. With that in mind, T Sportline offers its Tesla Wheel Touch Up Paint in various colors, including Aero Wheel, Gunpowder Gray, Brilliant Silver, Satin/Onyx Black, Metallic Gray, Space Gray, Gloss Black. The paint is properly formulated to a heavy duty, industrial specification suitable for use on automotive wheels. T Sportline Wheel Touch-Up Paint is intended for use on small scratches, dings, and minor curb rash. For major curb damage, we recommend professional wheel refinishing or wheel replacement.

Surface Preparation

To make it easier to get to and work the surface, rotate the wheel to get the desired repair area positioned at 12 oclock. Evaluate the damaged area. If the damage is beyond just using the touch-up paint alone, you can apply some duct tape to the tire to prevent scuffing the tire with the file or sandpaper, as well as getting paint on it.

Applying Paint

Storing Extra Touch-Up Paint

Model 3 Aero Wheel Touch Up Paint

stphw said:Has anyone successfully imported or bought touch up paint for model 3 aero wheels? The American forums talk about Duplicolor’s AFM0360 – doesn’t seemed to be stocked anywhere in Oz and Amazon don’t ship anything here. 1 place on ebay will ship it here for about $60. Tesla’s paint code is PMTG.

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