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Tesla Battery Tips for Maximizing Range!

The expert team at Electric City can handle any EV charging repairs, replacements, or new installs. If you have questions about what you should install or what kind of wiring you need to get started, dont hesitate to reach out to us! Were here and ready to help you get the most efficient charging capabilities at home so that you can be on the go.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Tesla Battery

At the same time as saying Model 3 batteries should last for 186,000 to 310,000 miles, Musk also said replacing battery modules will cost $5,000 to $7,000 . With such good performance though, you wont need to worry about Tesla battery replacement cost issues. When you lease one through us you definitely dont need to worry as you hand the car back at the end of your lease with no further obligation.

No It Is The Fault Of The Cold

The external temperature, on the other hand, is the key to reading the results obtained. The January test took place in colder conditions, often below 10 degrees Centigrade . The October one, on the other hand, took place with clear skies and spring temperatures, over 20 Centigrade degrees

Precisely this difference has allowed the battery to face the journey in optimal conditions, without requiring special efforts from the accumulator air conditioning system. The case of January is different.

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How Fast Is A Tesla

Teslas are no slouches. In fact, they claim the Model S has the quickest acceleration of any production sedan on earth, able to cover 0-60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. Tesla also calls the Model X the quickest SUV on earth, with a 0-60 sprint time of 2.6 seconds.

We think that’s plenty quick enough!

How Does A Fully Charged Tesla Compare To Gas

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus charging full speed on 350kW charger ...

Tesla cars have become more reliable in terms of mileage range and the lifetime of their batteries. The upfront cost of a Tesla vehicle ranges from $40,000 – $125,000 and is based on the model type, making it much more expensive than many gas-powered vehicles.

The good news is, it is cheaper to charge your Tesla than it is to pay for gas. You will save more money in the long run with a Tesla versus traditional cars, even if your battery does need replacing down the line.

An even better way to keep costs low is to charge your car using solar panels. This way, the electricity you are using is free and sustainable. Find out how much it will cost you to install solar panels so that you can make owning a Tesla as sustainable and cost-effective as possible.

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Additional Tips For Maximizing Tesla Range

  • Maintain even tire pressure Tesla recommends between 42-45 PSI , depending on the model
  • Travel light remove unnecessary cargo whenever possible. Either donate those kettlebells or actually use them they serve no purpose rolling around in your trunk!
  • Disable features you dont need or arent using, e.g. Sentry Mode, Cabin Overheat Protection, etc.
  • Try to avoid charging your phone in the center console unless absolutely necessary
  • Utilize Scheduled Departure to help keep your battery warm and preconditioned for better efficiency
  • Model X and Model S owners can use Range Mode in their Driving settings It conserves energy by limiting the power of the climate control system.

Tesla Range Is Only An Estimation

It is worth keeping in mind that the ranges listed by Tesla are only estimations and can vary in other ways as well. Due to this, and while they can be good to use as a general guide, they shouldn’t be taken as a guaranteed minimum or maximum distance that a Tesla can travel on a single charge. Tesla explains this point in detail on its Range Tips page, stating the range is based on test data and is not designed to be reflective of an individuals experience. As Tesla points out, there are multiple additional factors that can impact on the range.

Furthermore, these distances are not necessarily static. For example, as Tesla EVs are software-supported vehicles, and with range typically related to efficiency, there is the possibility of improvements being made at a later time and this is exactly what happened to the Model Y in October of 2020. At the time, Tesla rolled out an over-the-air software update that not only improved efficiency, but also increased the range from 316 miles to the 326 miles now listed on the Tesla website.

Overall, all of the current Tesla models are rated to travel a minimum of 300 miles on a single charge, with the Model S offering the longest distance. However, exactly how much travel someone will get out of a Tesla will depend on a variety of factors, including their own driving style and habits.

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Tesla Model 3 Loses Only 22% Of Battery Range After Four Years And 100k Miles

The longevity of electric vehicles battery packs has always been a tricky subject. Companies like Tesla suggest that their cars battery packs are designed to last years, while avid EV skeptics would argue that electric vehicles would need a new battery after a few short years of ownership due to degradation. Fortunately, vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 have been around for several years now, and some can already provide valuable data.

Electric vehicle advocate Andy Slye was among the first customers of the Tesla Model 3, taking delivery of the all-electric sedan at a time when only the Long Range RWD variant was available. Since taking delivery of his Model 3 four years ago, the EV owner was able to rack up 100,000 miles in the vehicle. Over its four years in service, the Model 3 proved to be a car that definitely seems designed to go the distance.

The Model 3 owners overall thoughts and insights were summarized in a YouTube video, which he uploaded recently on his personal channel. Yet within the Model 3s 100,000-mile review, the EV owner mentioned something rather remarkable. Over the four years hes had the vehicle, and over the 100,000 miles the Tesla had traveled, the all-electric sedan had only lost 2.2% of its range. The vehicle was rated at 310 miles when it was new, and now, its full charge remains listed at 303 miles.

Dont hesitate to contact us with news tips. Just send a message to to give us a heads up.

Range Of Tesla Battery After One Charge

Tesla Model 3 EU price and range | Fully Charged

Tesla just upped the mileage ranges for each car, and while the increases are minor, a mere 5 miles can make or break your drive to your next charge.

As previously stated, the battery in any Tesla car will last at least 267 miles on a single charge. Various factors determine the range of batteries. These are how you drive and the size of your battery. The most extended range Tesla currently offers is roughly 375 miles per full charge.

Tesla modifies the available mile range based on current driving circumstances, precisely like a gasoline engine. It may claim you have 250 miles on a full charge, but it could be less if you constantly stomp on the pedal and drive furiously.

As shown in the figure below, Teslas Model 3, Model S, and SUV Model X and Model Y have differing ranges after a single full charge:

Model Y Performance 303 miles

Because of the rising availability of Superchargers, whatever Tesla you choose will give enough range for everyday use and lengthy drives.

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Should I Charge A Tesla Battery To Full

Considering all new Teslas deliver a minimum real-world range of more than 200 miles, most people dont need to charge to more than 80% of capacity each night. This is the figure recommended for optimal battery life and longevity, and you can easily adjust the percentage your car charges to via the settings menu on your touchscreen. When you need to travel longer distances the following day, simply increase this accordingly.

Your Driving Style And Environment

Your driving behaviors and environment play a big role in achievable range. Frequent stop-and-go driving, inclement weather and uphill driving put a natural strain on the battery. To maximize range, its important to watch your driving speed and keep regenerative braking in its Standard setting, if selectable regenerative braking is equipped on your vehicle.

As you drive, be mindful of common reasons your range may decrease more rapidly:

  • High driving speeds
  • Inclement weather such as rain, snow and headwinds

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Evs Aren’t Cheap But Tax Credits Can Save You Money

Tax credits and rebates for EV buyers offered by your locality, state, or the federal government can go a long way toward making plug-in vehicles more affordable. The Consumer Reports survey found that nearly half of Americans aren’t aware of incentives for EV purchases.

The best-known program is the federal government’s $7,500 tax credit for EVs purchased from most automakers , but shoppers should do their homework and find out if they qualify for other incentives, experts said. Utility companies may offer credit toward installing a home charger or preferential electricity rates for charging, Harto said.

Relatedly, studies show that EV owners spend less on fuel and repairs than people who drive gas-fueled vehicles. EVs have fewer moving parts than gas cars and often require less maintenance. Electricity, particularly when accessed at home, is generally cheaper than gasoline per mile of driving.

Wall Connectors For Tesla Charging Stations

2021 Model S Long Range officially receives Tesla

Tesla offers at-home wall connector charging stations that serve as an upgrade from the standard charging cord provided when you purchase your Tesla. With the help of an electrician, you can install a wall connector to charge your Tesla Model S or Model X at your your home. A wall connector can fully charge your Tesla Model S battery in 6 to 9 hours, or your Model X battery in 6 ½ to 10 hours.

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Charging At Home Is Your Best Option

The first thing people should consider before going electric is where they’ll plug in, experts told Insider. Although public charging stations are becoming more common, the most convenient approach is to charge at home, which allows owners to wake up each morning to a fully charged battery.

“Yes, there is public charging. But when you’re talking about the day-to-day use of this vehicle, you want to make it easy on yourself,” Jennifer Newman, editor-in-chief at the online car marketplace Cars.com, said.

Charging at home also is also cheaper, Benjamin Preston, an automotive reporter at Consumer Reports, said.

This means EVs are best suited for drivers who have off-street parking with nearby access to electricity. Experts recommend installing Level 2 charging, which uses a higher-voltage connection to increase charging speeds. A Level 2 charger can fully charge an EV in roughly 4-12 hours.

Using a regular, 110-volt household outlet , that could take days.

We’re 0 For 7 On Teslas Tested To Date

  • TESTED: 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range Falls Just Short of EPA Range
    • byJonathan ElfalanDirector, Vehicle TestingJonathan Elfalan has worked in the automotive industry since 2005. As a director of vehicle testing at Edmunds, Jonathan has tested and reviewed thousands of cars and written thousands of car-related articles over the course of his career.
    • The 2021 Model Y Long Range falls just short of its EPA-estimated range of 326 miles, covering 317 miles on Edmunds’ real-world EV range loop.
    • That total puts the Model Y Long Range in 5th place on our EV range leaderboard, 54 miles ahead of the Model Y Performance.
    • To date, no Tesla has matched its EPA range estimate in our test.
    • Edmunds’ EV range leaderboard is embeddable and dynamic, meaning it will update in real time whenever we add a new electric vehicle.

    The 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range has an EPA-estimated range of 326 miles on a single charge. While 326 miles is well above the luxury EV norm, it’s still just an estimate. We wanted to see how the Model Y Long Range would perform on our standardized EV driving loop.

    Would the Model Y Long Range become the first Tesla to match or exceed its EPA range estimate in our testing? Here’s what we found.

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    Are Tesla Superchargers Free

    Tesla Superchargers were originally free to use, and many people assumed that they would always be free. However, Tesla has since started charging for use of the Superchargers, and the price is now around $0.25 per kWh. While this is still significantly cheaper than gas, its not quite as good of a deal as it used to be.

    Can You Charge A Tesla At Home

    Here’s What a Tesla Model 3 Is Actually Like After 100,000 Miles

    Its best to charge your Tesla at home overnight.

    This is usually the cheapest way to charge up and means your car will be ready for your day in the morning. New Teslas come with a basic mobile charging cord which is called a Mobile Connector and allows you to plug into your regular mains supply via a 3-pin plug. This only provides six to eight miles of range per hour though so isnt ideal for regular charging. At DriveElectric we strongly recommend the installation of a home charge point, which means a large capacity Tesla Model Y Long Range can be charged from 0% to 100% in 12 hours.

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    Can I Charge My Tesla For Free

    As well as free Destination chargers, there are other ways you can recharge your battery for nothing and reduce the cost to charge a Tesla. There are many free public charge points across the UK, including in car parks for supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and hotels, and you can use Zap-Map to find them.

    The 10 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

    Whether range anxiety is real or not, the distance an electric car can travel on a full battery remains one of the key factors to consider when buying an electric car.

    The good news is that the range of electric cars has increased dramatically in recent years, making them practical transport for all types of journey especially if you can charge at home. But which EVs will go furthest on a charge?

    To find out, we’ve delved through the spec sheets to unearth the 10 electric cars on sale in the UK with the longest range. We’ve used the official Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure figures, a rigorous emissions and efficiency test. While far more reliable than previous tests, the WLTP figures still tend to be a bit higher than the mileage you’ll achieve in the real world, but they do provide a good, consistent guide.

    So what are the ten cars with the longest range? Let’s find out.

    1. Mercedes EQS 450+ AMG Line – 453 miles

    The Mercedes-Benz EQS is the German brand’s luxury electric car and, in 450+ AMG Line trim, delivers a whopping 453 miles of range between charges. Packed full of tech and offering excellent comfort throughout the EQS is a commendable EV that is also excellent to drive.

    2. Tesla Model S Dual Motor All Wheel Drive – 405 miles

    It’s also worth noting that the Model S is currently being updated, with new versions including the much-anticipated Plaid model on the way. That could stretch its range still further.

    3. BMW iX xDrive 50 – 380 miles

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    Our Tesla Electric Car Lease Special Offers

    • £5,605 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
    • £4,671 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
    • £6,199 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
    • £5,166 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
    • £6,620 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
    • £5,517 Initial rental
    • 48 Month term
    • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee

    Price And Model Range

    2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range Can Do 244 Miles On Full Charge As ...

    The entry-level Model 3 Standard Range Plus starts at £37,340, or £395 per month, after the UK governments £3,500 Plug-In Car Grant. Our test car had the expensive option of Red Multi-Coat Paint . There are five colours to choose from in total: theres no cost for Pearl White Multi-Coat Solid Black is available at £750, with metallic colours Midnight Silver and Deep Blue available for £950.

    The Model 3 comes as standard with all-black premium vegan leather interior, or the white and black premium vegan interior option for £950.

    The Model 3 now comes with Autopilot included. Eight surround cameras allow for 360-degree vision, while twelve ultrasonic sensors provide detection of surrounding objects. Forward-facing radar sees through heavy rain, fog, dust, and beyond the vehicle ahead. The Model 3, like other Teslas, has over-the-air software updates.

    The Model 3 achieved a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating in every category with the highest ever score in the latest Safety Assist tests.

    Electric vehicles have cheaper running costs than petrol-powered vehicles Tesla claims that the cost of electricity is up to seven times lower than that of petrol.

    Before you place your order its worth comparing the different Model 3 variants. Standard Range Plus, as tested, is rear-wheel drive, has a range of 254 miles, a 0-60mph time of 5.3 seconds, and costs £37,340.

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