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Michelin Premier Ltx Best Touring

New Tesla Tires Ultra High Performance All-seasons for our Model Y

A top of the line touring tire is capable of meeting all your driving needs. It provides a longer tread life, improve wet and dry traction and a comfortable riding experience. The Michelin Premier LTX is the perfect example of all these key attributes.

The Premier LTX is a grand-touring all season tire. It features a tread compound containing copious amounts of sunflower oil and silica content. The sunflower oil provides the tire with flexibility needed to provide a firm in cold weather conditions.

The silica content, meanwhile, gives the tire flexibility, while also acting as a bonding agent to make it sturdier than the competition. Together, the sunflower oil and silica content cancel out each others weak points while supplementing the stronger ones.

An EverGrip Technology does what its name implies. As the tire wears down and old tread grooves disappear, the EverGrip technology replaces them with new grooves. Consequently, even when the tire is fully worn out, youd continue to get excellent traction in all conditions.

Yet another reason why this tire performs as well on dry roads is its tough sidewall. It minimizes tire wear and thus increases the tread life. Aside from that, a softer-than-usual-tread, lubricated from the inside by the sunflower oil, keeps this tire grippy on difficult surfaces.


  • Tread life is noticeably shorter than the competition

Nokian Zline A/s Review

Precise handling capabilities and technology advances ensure the Nokian zLine A/S will get you where you want to go, as quickly as you want to get there.

Available tire sizes that fit Tesla Model Y:

Hankook Ventus S1 noble2 combines on-road performance with all-season traction in dry wet and wintry conditions.

Available tire sizes that fit Tesla Model Y:

Model Y Originally Equipped With 20 Inches

The Tesla Model Y equipped with 20 inches as standard have tires:Michelin Pilot Sport EV 255/40 R20 101WSpecificities: XL: Extra Load: reinforced tire with a higher load index.Acoustic : Michelin Acoustic Technology.Tesla original equipment: Original equipment Tesla.Reference Michelin Pilot Sport EV 255/40 R20 101W XL Tesla Acoustic

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Michelin Pilot All Season 4 Tires Now Standard On Tesla Model Y Performance

Tesla has made a big change to the Model Y Performance, and just in time for those taking delivery of the car in colder climates.

The top-of-the-line electric SUV now comes with Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires.

The information comes from Geri Deitchler, who shared a photo on Facebook of her December built Model Y Performance that was delivered on Friday sporting the new wheels.

It appears this tire setup wont be limited to deliveries in colder climates, as Deitchler lives in Las Vegas.

The tires are also still staggered, 255/35/21 in the front and 275/35/21 at the rear.

UPDATE Dec 10 10:30am PST: The new tires have now reached Canada.

Until now the Performance variant of the electric SUV came with matching high performance summer tires Pirelli P Zeros.

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This forced new owners to have to spend a few thousand dollars soon after taking delivery to buy all-season tires and new rims.

Now you can save that money to spend on other Tesla accessories .

If you experience frequent snow and cold temperatures you are still required to get a dedicated set of winter tires.

Toyo Proxes Sport As Best Budget

Best Tesla Model Y Tires

Spent all the money you had set aside on the Tesla Model Y? Dont have anything left to invest in a set of premium tires? If so, the Toyo Proxes Sport 4S might be a good option for you.

In normal driving, the Proxes Sport 4S wont give you any reason for concern. It would stay quiet at comfortable on a variety of different surfaces, whether youre navigating a freshly repaved highway, bump road, concrete path, or a slippery gravel track.

Despite costing many times lower than its premium counterparts, the Proxes Sport AS is a very responsive tire. The credit for that goes to its stiffer sidewall as well as a fairly large contact patch. Both join forces to take the A/S shoulder-to-shoulder with the best-in-class tires in this category.

Multiple improvements are also on offer. An all-new Dynamic Taper Design performs the seemingly contradictory jobs of improving cornering grip without affecting fuel economy pretty well. Aside from that, Toyo has provided this tire with an improved rib design for higher lateral grip.

All of this explains why the Proxes Sport As possesses the grip that it does. Considering that it has an all-season tread compound, you can accelerate this tire fairly hard at corners and not have second thoughts about losing grip, before accelerating out of the bend without losing traction.


  • Very good wet traction and grip
  • Treadwear warranty is outstanding for the price

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Speed And Weight Ratings For Tires From Tesla Model Y

In addition to the dimensions of the tires for your Tesla Model Y it will be important to respect at least the indices given by the manufacturer. This is the other very important element that will make the mounting conform. The indices are easy to read, the number indicates the load index, that is to say the maximum load that the tire can take, and the letter indicates the maximum speed of the tire

If we take our Tesla Model Y we are at

19 inches : 104 = 900 kg / W = 270km/h

20 inches : 101 = 825 kg / W = 270km/h

21 inches : 98 = 750 kg / W = 270km/h

When you are looking for a tire, make sure you always respect at least these indices

Finally, winter information, in winter and ONLY in winter you will have the right to lower your speed index by one letter

That is to say:

19 inches W = 270km/h to V = 240km/h

20 inches : W = 270km/h to V = 240km/h

21 inches W = 270km/h to V = 240km/h

Top 11 Best Tires For Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y hit the market seven to eight months before the anticipated date. Yet, if the electric carmaker cut any corners to bring the release date forward, they are yet to be found. The Model Ys roomy interior, best-in-class safety features, and great acceleration continue to keep the sale numbers strong, even though it was released way back in March 2020.

Yet another thing that distinguishes the Model Y is tires. Or, to be more precise, the range of tires. Tesla gives new Model Y owners the option to select between a summer tire and a winter tire. The two tires you have to choose from are the Pirelli P Zero and the Pirelli Winter Sottozero. Both these tires are great and have earned rave reviews from users.

However, your presence here indicates you want more options. That is why we have come up with this guide. Were going to examine both the tires mentioned above as well as look at tires recommended by Model Y drivers. Perhaps after looking at all the tires on offer you will be satisfied with what you already have. Or maybe youd go with an aftermarket option.

Every tire reviewed below has been recommended by Model Y drivers. However, not all of them will suit your driving style needs or the weather conditions you drive in. For this reason, we have listed the best tires for every category that fit Model Y.

What’s In This Guide?

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Cooper Evolution M/t All

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire gives you the confidence to power through mud and tackles dirt roads. The Stone Barriers in the tread boost durability while the ridges are designed to help protect against damage from sharp rocks and expel lodged stones. Finally, the Cooper Evolution M/T comes with Trail Grip Sidewall which will power over trail obstacles with climbers that grab onto rocks and sticks, providing strong resistance to rubbing.

Available here

Tesla Model Y Performance With All

All Season Tires Now Shipping on Tesla Model Y Performance 2022

In a recently published YouTube video, Tommy L Garage puts his Tesla Model Y Performance to the test driving in fresh snow on all-season tires .

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The Model Y Performance was pretty impressive, even on an unplowed road fully covered with snow. Thanks to all-wheel-drive and its weight, the Model Y Performance does not get stuck, even when going uphill or starting from a full stop.

Road traction is good, even with all-season tires instead of specialized winter tires. The car is a tank, said the YouTuber. The roads are slippery, but Im not afraid. He says he would previously have trouble heading up his driveway in his BMW M3 and Porsches.

Braking is decent, but it is always recommended that you drive at low speeds on snowy roads, which can be pretty slippery. Overall better performance, improved braking, and higher speeds can definitely be achieved with the addition of winter tires. Regenerative braking is usually reduced in cold weather if your Teslas battery hasnt been preconditioned.

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The Tesla Model Y As An Suv Must Have Suitable Tires To Ensure Safety And The Preservation Of The Manufacturer’s Warranty

For the years 2021 – 2022 the Tesla Model Y seems to be the new must-have car for the Californian manufacturer. After two years of selling Tesla Model 3 like hotcakes Tesla seems to be catching the SUV wave in Europe. The price increase of the beginning of 2021 added to the price increase of 2022 makes appear a less heterogeneous range with higher average prices around 60 000 .

Tesla Model Y Tire Sizes For Long Range And Performance Leaks On Tire Rack

Tesla Model Y tire sizes for the Long Range and Performance variants have appeared on TireRack ahead of Teslas planned first deliveries.

The popular online tire distributor listed the following tire specifications for each of the Model Y variants, showing a square set up for the Long Range Model Y and Model Y Performance wherein all four tires have the same sizing. The Model Y with Performance Upgrade package will outfit the all-electric crossover with high-performance tires in a staggered configuration with wider tires in back.

  • TESLA MODEL Y LONG RANGE:19: 255/45 20: 255/40
  • TESLA MODEL Y PERFORMANCE UPGRADE:Front: 21 255/35 Rear: 21 275/35

Tesla Model Y will come standard with Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, an all-season tire that can handle a wide range of climates, while the Model Y with Performance Upgrade is expected to have Pirelli P-Zero tires. The P-Zero tire is recommended for Ultra High Performance according to Pirellis website, and it may be perfect for those who intend to take full advantage of the Model Ys 3.5 second 0-60 time and 155 MPH top speed. Its worth noting that Tesla is known to make changes to its original manufacturer suppliers, including tires, in its production run.

The Long Range variant is available for $52,990 and the Performance options are both listed for $60,990.

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Be Careful If You Have A Tesla Model Y With A Structural Battery Pack

Tesla has started its transition from the 2170 batteries to the 4680 batteries. These new batteries will make it possible to lighten the vehicles because the battery will act directly as a chassis. Moreover, all the elements of the interior of the car will be directly assembled on the structural battery and the body will be fitted on it during the phase called “marriage”.

The method to change and lift the Tesla Model Y equipped with 4680 batteries may therefore vary a little as indicated in the US user manual.

If you are looking for a lifting support, we sell them for less than 10 each

Tesla Launches Second Model Y Wheel And Tire Winter Package

2020+ Tesla Model Y Replika 241 Winter Tire Rim winter tire package 19 ...

Tesla is now launching a second Model Y wheel and tire winter package giving owners more options before the winter starts.

As we reported last week, as a California-based company, Tesla has often been criticized for addressing concerns from owners living in colder climates as a second thought.

That has often materialized itself through a lack of or last-minute availability of winter tires directly from Tesla.

With Model Y, Tesla has been moving a little faster.

Last week, the automaker launched the Model Y 19 Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package.

Now Tesla is following up with the Model Y 20 Induction Wheel and Winter Tire Package:

Model Y 20 Induction Wheel and Winter Tire Package provides maximum safety and grip when driving in wet or dry conditions and on icy or snow-covered roads. The winter package guarantees a high level of traction, stability, and braking efficiency under 45° F, so you can enjoy wherever you drive with confidence and comfort.

Here are pictures of the wheel and tire package from Teslas website:

As we reported last week, those packages are good for people who prefer not to change tires on their existing wheels.

However, we recommend smaller wheels for winter tires for efficiency reasons.

For those who want to save some money, you can buy the 255/45R19 PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO tires separately and have them installed on your existing Gemini wheels, which come standard with Model Y.

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Michelin Pilot Sport A/s 3+ Best All Season

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is arguably the best all-season tire for Tesla Model Y. This tire is designed to fit sports cars that are meant to be used year-round in all weather conditions.

Michelin has developed and used a special Helio material in this tires construction. Together with its proprietary silica compounds and sunflower oil, the Helio material increases this tires traction in rainy and wintry conditions, while also keeping the A/S 3+ from shriveling up in cold weather.

Cornering is another area where this tire shines. The credit for this goes to the Variable Contact Patch technology that took Michelin years in its making. This technology ensures that even when cornering at high speeds, the tire remains incredibly stable, giving you full control over your driving.

The Pilot Sport A/S+ is available in 4, 5, and 6 rib designs. All of which help improve traction on the outward shoulder blocks. The blocks, in turn, improve the tires dry cornering capabilities as well as improve the tires overall lateral grip, which comes in handy when youre steering and turning corners.

Wet traction is also supreme. Four circumferential grooves perform a fine job of removing water from the tread area, keeping the risk of hydroplaning at a minimum. And the Variable Contact Patch technology discussed above also creates more secure grip in wet conditions.


How To Change Your Rims And Tires On Your Tesla Model Y

This is a very important part to read and note for the life of your car. The Tesla Model Y requires a specific handling when changing the wheel and more widely when the car is lifted. For this Tesla has provided lifting points at the 4 corners of the car to allow working in safety


  • It is strongly advised to use lifting supports to lift the car safely.
  • You will have to insert the jackpads in the specific inserts provided for this purpose under the car.
  • The car must be unplugged for any intervention.
  • Never lift the car with another lifting support and elsewhere than in these places provided for this purpose

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What To Know Before Buying Tires For The Tesla Model Y

Before you buy a Tesla Model Y tire, you need to know how to identify the correct tire. Tesla Model Y tires are sized quite differently from other vehicles. Try to understand what size you need for your Model Y. You can check this by going to the main page of your vehicle and reading the information on it. If you are unsure about which size tire is best for your Tesla Model Y, you can bring it to a specialist who can provide you with some options for fitting the correct size tire.

If you decide to buy a new Tesla Model Y tire, there are certain considerations that you should be aware of. The best tires for the Tesla Model Y have a few distinctions. For example, they all have different tread styles. This feature matters as it significantly impacts the tires overall performance and the cars handling.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3

Tesla Model Y – Better Tires for All Seasons

The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 is a sport truck tire for performance track driving. This tire was originally developed as the original factory tire on some of the top sport SUV and crossover vehicles like the Macan Turbo.

Michelin developed this tire through their Green X branding initiative to provide a more eco-friendly tire. The Latitude Sport 3 gives drivers better range efficiency, low rolling resistance, and top notch wet and dry road traction.

Michelin Acoustic Technology provides an additional layer on the exterior of the tire to absorb road vibrations to eliminate tire noise. It also helps to eliminate cabin noise inside the vehicle for a smother and quiet ride.

This summer tire is not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures and could see performance decline and wear to accelerate if exposed to these conditions.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: 20,000 miles
What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire is available in sizes between 17â and 21â for interested buyers.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The warranty offered on this tire by Michelin is a 6 year / 20,000 mile warranty. There is also a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year flat changing protection.

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