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Will 19 Inch Wheels Fit the Tesla Model Y Performance?

We are happy to help you choose the right rims for your Tesla Model S, Model 3 or Model X. Use our 3D configurator to choose the right alloy wheels for your vehicle from our range of alloy wheels. In the 3D view you can see for yourself what your desired rim will look like on your car before you order.

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs 20 Inch Wheels Are There Any Major Differences

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels, illustrating this argument logically, one will find no major differences. Having the same width, construction type, and almost similar rim diameter, it is hard to have any differences.

However, the wheel with 20 inches rim will provide better traction, grip, and performance. Besides, the 19 inches wheel option will provide comfortable ride than any other option. Moreover, they will share some differences in the price too. Furthermore, buyers or users must look below to know more details on the Tesla wheels of model Y.

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs 20 Inch Wheels

Tesla is one of the best-selling cars in the recent world. According to the market research, the popularity graph line of these cars will always go up. It is because of the wonderful features of the car. By buying any tesla model, buyers will get the best possible service with tesla.

Moreover, the tesla is different from the other regular vehicles on the market. So, all of their mechanism and parts are quite different. In the process, people often ask about the tier size of the car. Mainly, an owner of Tesla Y always gets stuck into the choice of 19 inches and 20 inches wheels.

Well, both of the tiers are almost identical. One will not find any differences seeing wheels at a glance since they have only one inches difference, it becomes hard to notice. Also, the width of these two wheels is the same, which is 155 mm. Besides, both of the tiers are all-season tires providing almost similar performance.

However, lets see the differences between these two-wheel shares.

Table:Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels

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Bonus Tips For Purchasing A Tesla Model Y

Here are some extra tips for best results when purchasing your new Tesla Model Y:Plan For Home Charging Now: The best place to charge your new Model Y is at home. If you have the ability to install a 240-volt charger or electrical outlet for charging your new car, then start looking into that now. You’ll likely need to hire an electrician to install your home charging setup, which could cost you $500-$2,000 depending upon your situation.Budget For Other Ongoing Costs: Charging is inexpensive, but it still costs money . Teslas are very low-maintenance vehicles, but they still need annual service, new tires, and other minor maintenance items. After the first year, you may also want to continue the premium connectivity service, which currently costs $10 per month.Budget For Accessories: Want to personalize your Model Y? There are tons of interior and exterior aftermarket parts and accessories that you can purchase to customize your beautiful new vehicle. Wheels, floor mats, window tint, and PPF are very common aftermarket add-ons that you may want to consider.

All Zax Wheels Are Approved For The Eu

Tesla Model Y 19"  Gemini Wheels RIMS Satin Black 2020 Factory OEM

We have frequently questions from customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland about TÜV or ECE certificates for ZAX Wheels, but the rules in the EU is minimum homologation certification passing JLW / VIA standars, same as the global rules. These standards makes us capable to upgrade the ZAX Wheels for EVs with less weight, to improve range and acceleration for electrical cars.

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How Many Types Of The Wheel Is Available For Tesla Model Y

Tesla Y is a popular model that has different types of wheel options. The most popular wheel option for tesla Y is the 19 inches and 20 inches all-weather or all-session wheel. They have almost similar dimensions and performance with a different price range.

Another option is the 21 inches summer session option, which has different front and rare wheel features. For the front, the aspect ratio is 40mm with 9.5 widths. On the other hand, the rare will have a 48mm aspect ratio and 10.5 inches width.

Tier Name
275/35R21 XL Summer

Turbine Wheel Covers Model Y


1 , Set of 4


Please choose carefully, only store credit will be issued for this product if return occurred

The Turbine Wheel Covers are only compatible with the original OEM Tesla Model Y 19 Gemini base alloy wheel. They are designed only for this wheel and will not work with other wheels.

  • Set of 4 wheel covers, high gloss epoxy coated centre cap with white colour T logo
  • Larger wheel look with the advantages of the 19 Gemini base wheel
  • Hides any existing rim damage by covering the outside rim edge
  • Covers the rim edge, Protects against curb rash damage
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Fast installation
  • Affordable and easy to replace
  • All 4 covers are the same

* Single Replacement Cover is only sold to customers who have already purchased a set from us.

Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in Shipping and Returns & Refunds.

Fitment is at the top of product description on each product page, please see this link.

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Which One Is Best 19 Vs 20 Vs 21 Tesla Model Y Wheels

The best looking are the 21 Überturbine Wheels, yet, to get them you need to buy a Performance version as mentioned above, and that will mean paying $11,000 just to get the 21 inch wheels.

However, note that not only 21-inch wheels come with the Performance version, as you also get more power, 456 hp against the 384 hp the Long Range produces better acceleration, 0-60 mph in 3,5 seconds against the 4,8 seconds the Long Range has a higher top speed, 155 mph versus the 135 mph of the Long Range.

But the Performance is not better at everything, as it has less range, 303 miles than the Long Range version, 326 miles .

If you dont want to spend an extra $11,000 for the Performance, you can settle for the 20 Induction Wheels option in the Model Y Long Range, which actually look pretty good, and pretty close to the Überturbine Wheels.

German Company Reveals Wild Tesla 4×4 Gravel Basher

Tesla Model Y Performance with 19 inch wheels first drive

In just a few days its expected that the Tesla Model Y will be formally confirmed as New Zealands most popular fully electric vehicle for 2022.

Its popularity is not rocket science. The Model Y had a long hype-fuelled runway to launch, with strong supply out of Teslas Shanghai GigaFactory and competitive pricing. Its an excellent companion around town, thanks in part to its formidable range capabilities and its tech.

Where the Model Y tend to fall over is in their abilities beyond the proverbial urban concrete canyon. Theyre hardly what you would call an adventure vehicle, with rough terrain clearly not of particular relevance to Teslas engineers.

This is where aftermarket companies like Germanys Delta 4×4 come in. Delta have worked to make a name for themselves in the EV space, having rolled out numerous off-road packages for other dedicated plug-in vehicles .

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Most recently, Delta 4×4 unveiled its first package for the popular Model Y, growing the models ability on gravel at least in theory. The package is admittedly a fairly surface level affair, mostly amounting to a lift kit, beefed up tyres, and cosmetic tweaks.

The kit also widens the Model Ys footprint, by way of the addition of flared arches on all four corners. The extra 60mm helps it accommodate Deltas 20-inch Klassik_B wheels, which are in turn wrapped with 265/45R20 Continental Cross Contact ATR mud tyres.

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Selecting The Tow Hitch

The next choice is a fairly straightforward one if you want your new Model Y to arrive with a towing hitch pre-installed, then you simply select the option to add the hitch and move on. If you don’t foresee needing the 2-inch Class II hitch receiver for carrying cargo, transporting bikes, towing trailers, etc… then skip this option and save $1,000.If you don’t choose the towing hitch and change your mind later, then you can order a hitch from Tesla and have it installed by them for $1,200. There are also aftermarket hitches that can be installed later… but they won’t be covered by the Tesla warranty, and the vehicle won’t have ‘Trailer Mode’ which changes the way that the vehicle behaves when towing a load.

Selecting The Paint Color

The next choice is the vehicle’s exterior paint color…

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat

…and ‘Pearl White Multi-Coat’ is pre-selected.If you stick with ‘Pearl White Multi-Coat’, then you can keep moving through the design process without paying anything extra. All of the other colors cost $1,000-$2,000 extra. They’re all beautiful… just pick the one you like the most. If you’re looking for ways to save money, then pick white and move on. Trust me… they all look great.

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Tesla Model Y Winter Wheels Which Increase Comfort And Range

Many people miss the air suspension on the Model Y and want similar comfort. Then 18-inch super-light wheels are the closest solution. Higher tire profile provides significantly smoother driving experience. Lighter wheels give less impact in the wheel position in bumps, and lower wheel weight gives less noise and lower energy consumption.

Before Making Any Choices

Tesla Model Y 19"  Gemini Wheels RIMS BLACK 2020 Factory OEM

When you first visit the Tesla Model Y order page , you’re presented with a picture of the base Model Y vehicle with a series of choices on the right side of the screen.HOWEVER… all prices initially shown on the page are calculated based on the ‘Potential Savings’ that you may receive by driving an electric vehicle instead of a gas-powered one. In the upper-right corner of the page, there are two options…

  • Potential savings*

…and ‘Potential savings’ is pre-selected.If you follow the asterisk and read the ‘fine print’ lower on the page, it states: “Prices above include potential incentives and gas savings of $4,300.”If the actual purchase price is important to you , then I suggest that you immediately select ‘Purchase Price’ instead of ‘Potential savings’, as this reflects the actual amount of money that you need to have in-hand when you purchase your Model Y. You will see that all of the prices on the page change automatically to reflect the true purchase price of the vehicle that you’re building. Every time you select a different option on the page, it automatically updates your purchase price to reflect your choices.

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Tesla Model Y Performance Is Delivered Only With 21 ” Staggered From Dealer And We Think Most Skilled Drivers Will Switch To 18 Or 19 ” With Same Wheel Size Front And Rear

In this article, well be exploring the world of wheels and how they perform on EVs like the Tesla Model Y and YP. The Tesla Model Y has been a long-awaited addition to the European car market, and its finally arrived on our shores. The Model Y comes factory-equipped with wheel dimensions of either 19×19.5 and 255/45R19 tires, or 20×9.5 with 255/40R20 tires. The STRO and our own in-house team recommend wheel dimensions of 19×8.5 or 20×9 respectively, and with good reason. Narrow wheels mean less weight, and having an appropriate rim width relative to your tires prevents you from driving on, and potentially damaging, the edge of the rim. To comply with EU regulations on wheel configuration, we recommend ET35 to ET40 for a better look with more outward-facing wheels.

Rotational Mass Plays A Key Role In Ev Wheels Including The Tesla Model Y

In the world of motorsports and biking, its common knowledge that wheels should be as light as possible with as large a radius as possible. Though the differences in weight between different tire brands may seem almost imperceptible, these differences can have a significant impact on the wheels. Forged wheels weigh less than cast wheels, and rotary forged cast wheels offer the simplest way to reduce the base weight of the wheel. The wheels used in motorsports have a significantly smaller radius than the Tesla Model Y, and for each kilogram of wheel weight shed, theres a reduction of roughly 7 HP in energy consumption. The wheels of the Tesla Model Y have a much larger radius, thereby saving 10-11 HP of energy for each kilogram shed, with even larger energy savings if the weight is shed exclusively in the outer rim.

Googling wheel weight vs horsepower will produce a lot of relevant articles. Click on the image below to see what we mean.

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What Type Of Tier Does The Tesla Model Y Come With Their 19 And 20 Inches Wheels

Tesla is very much sensitive with its selection of tiers. As for their 19 inches and 20 inches, wheels will provide the standard Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Providing an extreme level of performance, this tier will be a perfect fit with many types of road and weather conditions.

However, one has another option in tier if they want to have a performance upgrade. The manufacturer will provide Pirelli P-Zero tires for enhancing the overall performance. Among these two wonderful options, one can choose any of the ones. Moreover, the price range will be different for these two different tiers.

If one is not a fast-forward river, they can go for the Eagle Touring tiers. Those will be enough for having adventurous driving experiences in all types of weather. Otherwise, the second option is always better.

Overall, in tesla model Y, the users can use any of the wheels from 19 inches and 20 inches options. Because they do not share any major differences by which one can jump to any strong point. Moreover, it is logically not possible to stand any strong differences.

However, users can choose one according to their priority. Though both of them will provide similar performance, the 20 will be better at some point. Besides, the 19 inches is the pick for the extreme amount of comfort. Hopefully, one has gone through all their answers from the discussion.

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs 20 Inch Wheels Which One To Choose

Tesla Model Y: MODIFYING 19″ Gemini Wheels (Alloys, Aero Covers, Michelin Tyres)

This illustrates differences in 19 and 20 inches wheels for the Tesla Model Y. Because two of the wheel is almost identical in physical appearance and performance. However, the 20 inches wheel will provide better grip, traction, stability, and performance. So, if the drivers are looking for those features must go for 20 inches over 19 inches.

However, the 19 inches wheel is well known for the amount of comfort, specifically for the tesla model Y. one should go for the 19 inches option for the smoothest performance and maximum comfort.

Though the 20 inches will provide a better look, it will cost much more than the other option. Specifically, they have almost $100 differences per wheel price range. In case one does not want to pay any extra money for not-so-obvious reasons, they should go for the 19 inches option.

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Zax Gforce Wheels Offer A Technical Step Forward For The Tesla Model Y Improving The Cars Attributes

The ZAX GForce rims are rotary forged with a super lightweight sports design, providing optimal ventilation to the brakes while being easy to clean throughout the entire winter season.

The rims will come to market in the first quarter of 2022 and are now available for preorder at discounted prices. The first shipment of rims may sell out before hitting the shelves, so order early to avoid disappointment. We have a range of distributors all over the EU, some of which are buying in bulk straight from the factories.

All ZAX Wheels are approved for the EU-market and each wheel application comes with homologation certifcation passing JLW / VIA standards.

Tesla Model Y Wheels Custom Rim And Tire Packages

Search for 1000’s of Tesla Model Y Custom Wheels using our custom search tool for rims and tires. There has never been an easier or more complete wheel search available on any other website.

Get started by selecting your vehicle in the search box above. You can narrow down your search by choosing specific rims sizes including 16 inch wheels, 17 inch wheels, 18 inch wheels, 19 inch wheels, 20 inch rims, 22 inch rims, 24 inch rims, 26 inch rims, and bigger. Also narrow down your search with custom wheel colors such as black, chrome, or silver. In addition, check the “show only staggered wheels” box to show only staggered wheel and tire packages for your car. Its never been easier to search through thousands of custom rims to find that perfect fit for your car.

ModelsModel Images

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The Final Step Congratulations

After making all of your selections, the next step in the purchase process is ‘Continue To Payment’. Clicking this button takes you to the payment page, where you pay a $100 deposit via credit card and decide how you’re going to pay for the rest of the purchase price . You can change this choice later, but the most important part is paying the deposit and getting the next stage of the process started… the build stage.Below the ‘Continue To Payment’ button, you may also see a ‘view available inventory’ link. Depending upon how you choose to equip your new Model Y and how many vehicles Tesla currently has in their local inventory, you may find that there are similarly-equipped vehicles that you could purchase immediately… rather than waiting for Tesla to custom-build your vehicle to your exact specifications. If there is nothing available that closely matches your chosen configuration, then you’ll simply need to wait for Tesla to build your Model Y. It can feel like an eternity, but it will happen soon enough.

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