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How Easy Is It To Install Tuxmat

2020 Tesla Model X Review, the fastest 7 seater in the World.

TuxMat is laser scanned and custom-designed for the perfect fit. They are installed using your vehicle’s existing factory retention hardware and comes with additional clips to lock the mats in place.

The vehicle’s interior data is taken with our highly precise 3D scanner. With accuracy up to 0.1 millimetre, we’re able to capture every detail to create patterns for perfectly fitting mats, every time.

Tailored to each vehicle’s retention system, installation is a seamless and intuitive experience. TuxMat is installed using the vehicle’s existing retention hardware.

The enlarged heel pad is an added touch to an area that takes on most wear and tear. Its three interconnected sections provide extra grip while offering the most comfortable driving experience possible.

TuxMat has our proprietary Teluxe texture on the top for an aesthetically pleasing ruggedness. The bottom is covered with stippled anti-slip material for added durability and safety.

TuxMat has the built in tuxedo inspired ridges. They will help keep your feet and belongings dry when there is excess water from snow or rain.

Each set of TuxMat includes side security clips and hook & loop clips, this will allow your TuxMat to completely blend into your vehicles.

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Tesla Model X Price And Specs

The price range for the Tesla Model X varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $134,900 and going to $191,730 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below.


Is The Tesla Model X A Good Car

Its makers will tell you that the Tesla Model X is an SUV, but its basically a people carrier version of the Model S. Like the S, this is also an electric car and it uses similar components, but theyre wrapped up in a more practical body.

As such, its a unique car in todays market. Sure, you could also buy a BMW X5 hybrid, Audi Q7 e-tron or Range Rover P400e, but they cant match the breadth of the Tesla Model Xs on-paper abilities and none can turn as many heads. From its party piece Falcon Wing rear doors that are hinged at the top and lift up, to the 17-inch screen that takes up almost all of the centre console, the Tesla Model X makes many non-electric SUVs feel about as high-tech as a VHS tape in a world of 4K ultra-HD TVs.

Thankfully, despite the sheer number of gizmos youll find under the Tesla Model Xs space-age skin, its still a very practical electric family car. Theres plenty of room in the front seats for a couple of adults and its easy for almost anyone to get comfy thanks to the wide range of adjustment on the steering wheel and drivers seat all done electrically, of course.

You can order your Tesla Model X as a five-, six- or seven-seater, but whichever you choose, those upwards-hinging rear doors make it fantastically easy for the rear-seat passengers to get in. And, once theyre in, theyll have plenty of room. In the second row, all three seats can be adjusted independently of the others.

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Where To Buy A Used Tesla Model X

Shoppers just like you have reviewed dealerships near you. Now that you’ve found the right vehicle for you, you can find the best place to buy a used Tesla Model X. Great news! There are 3 dealerships near you that received an Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award that have the Tesla Model X for sale in stock. Shopping at one of these dealerships means you’ll receive the highest level of customer service. Learn more about the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Interior

The Tesla Model X is a mid

The Model X, along with its saloon sibling the Model S, were the first examples of Tesla minimalism in action.

When you get into the Model X, you are presented with pared-down simplicity. Gone are most of the buttons, dials, knobs and levers we have all got used to in traditional motor vehicles.

Instead the dash is dominated by a huge, central, 17-inch, portrait-oriented touchscreen. It controls practically all of the car’s functions . There is also a separate display behind the steering wheel so the driver has easy access to all key data while on the move.

Materials are a mixture of soft and shiny plastics, leather, chrome and glass. The overall effect is soothing and slick, though the premium German manufacturers use higher grade materials at this price point.

The seats in the front and middle rows are very comfortable, well-sized, and can all be electrically and individually adjusted. Even the two smaller seats in the third row , can fit adults at a pinch.

Other interior special mentions include:

  • A massive windscreen that stretches up and over the two front seats, with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Heated seats for every passenger
  • HEPA air filtration system, preventing any viruses, bacteria or nasty smells from entering the cabin
  • Power-folding, auto-dimming, heated wing mirrors
  • Custom audio system featuring 17 speakers
  • Custom driver profiles

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How Is The Driving Experience Of The Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X isn’t just fast? it’s also very hushed and exceptionally smooth when driving in the city, which is where it belongs. Thanks to its internal combustion system, there are no jerky gear changes and no engine noise. When your foot hits the acceleration pedal, the car’s response is instantaneous, making it one of the easiest and most relaxing EVs to drive.

Interior Comfort And Cargo

A stark and nearly buttonless interior design is classic Tesla. The driver faces a digital gauge display and a unique yoke-style steering controller, which is often frustrating to use and difficult to get used to. Also unique is the Model X’s windshield/glass roof that runs seamlessly from the base of the hood and up-and-over the front-seat passengers for a nearly uninterrupted view of what’s ahead and what’s above. Despite these whiz-bang features, the Model X’s cabin leaves us wanting, especially considering its price can easily break the six-figure barrier, with non-descript air vents, misaligned panels, and flat-backed seats that don’t offer enough adjustments.

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Is There A Fully Self

Tesla never released an official version of a fully self-driving Model X, but the package is available post-delivery as a custom option. Using the Tesla app, you can use voice commands to tell the car where you want to go and then, theoretically, it will do the driving for you. Unfortunately, even though Tesla has declared that its self-driving system is Ready to Go, it hasn’t been approved for use on public roads yet. If you are truly desiring the thrill of experiencing autonomous driving, buy the Enhanced Autopilot package for your Model X. The package enables the car to overtake slower traffic and merge on slip roads automatically.

Range And Battery Capacity

Tesla Model X First Impressions | 7 Seater SUV | Gagan Choudhary

In addition to the powertrain, youll also want to take a look at the specs on the battery pack. The battery determines how far you can go on a single charge.

The Tesla Model S Long Range is currently the market leader with 405 miles of range, but it isnt available in a 7-seat configuration. For that, youll want to consider the Tesla Model Y or Model X, which both get more than 300 miles of EPA-estimated range.

As for charging speeds, you can expect your electric car to take up to 10 hours to charge using a Level 2 wall charger and as little as 30 minutes at a fast-charging station.

This varies from model to model, though, so be sure to check which charging networks your EV is compatible with and its overall battery capacity.

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How Safe Is The Tesla Model X

Thanks to its futuristic safety assist features, the Euro NCAP crash-tested the Model X in 2019 and awarded it a full 5-star safety rating. In addition, the X’s low centre of gravity and rigid passenger compartment helped contribute its high 98% score for adult occupant protection and 81% for child protection.

What Is The Driving Range Of A Tesla Model X

Initially, the Tesla Model X offered 60 kWh, 75 kWh and 90 kWh options, but Tesla trimmed down the power options on all later versions to only the 100 kWh battery. As a result, the entry-level Model X Long Range trim is the most economical choice, delivering a range of around 314 miles on a full charge. The Performance trim gets you around 300 miles. Nonetheless, all variants are good cars to take on trips outside the city, provided you remain light-footed on the motorways.

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Tesla Model X Price Comparison

So, starting at $116,00 and even $126,000 for the Tesla Model X, can you justify the cost?

First, lets consider just the gas savings over the course of ownership.

Assuming that you compare just the Toyota Sienna Hybrid at 36 combined mpgs to Tesla Xs $6.00 per 350 mile charge, the Tesla is only an option for those who are looking for a premium luxury vehicle.

Over the course of a conservative 200,000 miles on the Toyota Sienna Hybrid at $4.00 per gallon, you can expect to pay about $22,000.

Over the course of 200,000 miles on the Tesla, however, you would pay an estimated $3,500 in charging costs.

Therefore, the Toyota Sienna could cost you about $67,000.00 over the course of your ownership while the Tesla X is going to still set you back more than $120,000.

That nearly $50,000.00 swing is not enough to convince a family of 6 to purchase the Tesla X by the price alone.

The only reasons that the Tesla X makes sense for families is if your primary motivations include the environment, the reduction of fossil fuels, premium luxury, or really high-tech style.

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid


The Hyundai SANTA FE is available as both a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, with a starting price of $33,750 for the base model. The PHEV gets 30 miles of electric range and 440 miles of total range, for an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 76 mpg. The SANTA FE can tow up to 2,000 pounds and has built-in Trailer Sway Control for added safety.

MSRP: $33,750

Range: 30 miles , 440 miles

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How Long Does It Take To Charge The Tesla Model X

Tesla has never released official charging times for its range of electric cars, as the carmaker insists that the duration widely varies depending on weather and other usage factors. However, most 150 kW public charging points can charge a 100 kWh battery from 0-80% in about 40 minutes, while a wall-mounted home charger will take about 12-14 hours. If you use a standard 3-pin domestic plug, the charging time can take 24 to 33 hours.

Fuel Economy And Real

Among other similarly-sized all-electric SUVs, the Model X boasts the highest MPGe ratings from the EPA. Long Range models earned ratings of 109 city, 101 highway, and 105 MPGe combined. Even the Plaid model, which sacrifices some efficiency for faster acceleration, outperforms key rivals such as the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron SUVs in this metric. For more information about the Model X’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

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How Practical Is It

The Tesla Model X is very spacious and very practical, but it only comes with five seats as standard you have to pay extra if you want to carry a sixth or seventh passenger

The Tesla Model X has more space for seven than most other large SUVs and the individually adjustable back seats and huge rear doors make it very easy to climb in and out.

Mat Watson

Tesla Model X Range Batteries & Performance

Tesla Model X SUV preview Exterior/Interior wing doors 7-Seater & 6-Seater

The Model X is excellent at harnessing the power of its lithium-ion battery cells efficiently.

What does this mean in practice? Lets consider the Tesla Model X Long Range first. It has a 95 kWh battery , resulting in an official WLTP range of 314 miles.

The power from the twin electric motors one on each axle delivers 469 bhp . Top speed is 155 mph, with a 0-62 mph of 4.4 seconds. So Tesla’s advanced battery technology = class-leading range and performance.

Acceleration is taken to another level with the Tesla Model X Performance. It has the same capacity battery, but the electric motors yield a bhp of 825, or 615 kW. That’s monumental. 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph.

The Model X has the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV available, incorporating an active spoiler which adjusts automatically for maximum efficiency.

It’s all fine and dandy having your internal organs squashed by extreme G forces, but what’s the Model X actually like to drive in normal conditions? It’s pretty stable around corners, as the batteries are all under the floor, giving it a very low centre of gravity. You also notice how quiet it is, although wind and road noise do become more noticeable at higher speeds.

Range alert: In practice, Tesla Model X range on a single charge wont always be identical to the precise number of miles claimed in the official ‘WLTP’ figures. To discover how range varies in different situations, please see to our Range Guide.

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Ev Motor Power And Performance

The base Model X comes standard with two electric motorsone at the front axle and one at the rearwhich enables all-wheel-drive capability. This setup is plenty swift and Tesla claims a zero-to-60-mph time of 3.8 seconds. The 1020-hp three-motor Plaid high-performance variant is boasts a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 2.5 seconds, but we haven’t verified its acceleration times at our test track yet. When we tested the Model S Plaidthe Model X’s sedan platform- mateit managed a viscera-compressing 2.1-second zero-to-60-mph time. Handling is respectable, but the Model X’s party trick is the strong acceleration generated by its electric motors.

What To Look For In A 7

The best 7-seater electric SUV depends on what you plan to use it for. If you have a big family and need to use all seven seats often, then youll want to look for one with plenty of legroom in the third row.

On the other hand, if you only plan to use seven seats occasionally, you may be better off with a more compact EV that gets better fuel economy.

Here are a few other things to look out for when choosing an electric vehicle:

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Tesla Model X Review Colours For Sale Models & News In Australia

Tesla didnt want to make another minivan or standard SUV. It wanted to make a splash with its second even mainstream model and so the Model X was born.

With eye-catching gullwing rear doors and unconventionally sleek styling from nose to tail, this isnt the sort of SUV that appeals to those who want a rugged off-roader. Its a high-tech, eyes-on-me city SUV, with amazing electricdriving range and enormous performance to boot.

Extra Space In The Model X

How Much Is A Tesla Model X With Autopilot

The Tesla Model X on the other hand boasts that extra 12-15 cubic feet of interior space. Therefore the space between the second and third row is much larger.

For my children, the third row became a comfortable fit when they were seated but took a long time to get in and get situated. Therefore, even though they could sit comfortably when they were situated, moving the seats was a drawn out task.

Plus, for me, putting a car seat in the third row would be a complete non-starter as I could not maneuver my way between the seats with the car seat and the child. So, rear-facing and convertible car seats would have to stay in the second row for our family.

As far as comfort goes, the Tesla Model X is far superior to the Tesla Model Y when considering the usability of the third row.

Dont agree with me? Thats ok! I had the opportunity to speak with a very proud Model X owner who finds every seat in the Model X to be comfortable for him and his family. Although this owner had only the 6 seat configuration, even adult family members reported being comfortable in the back row.

However, for our family, moving the seats back and forth to load five passengers in the rear 2 rows would take some practice, but it might be worth it for the ability to say sayonara to gas.

This leads me to my review on cost and cost of ownership.

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Tesla Model X 7 Seater Cost Of Ownership

Teslas are 100% electric and require no gas at all. So, when you look at the price tags, factor in your gas prices.

Keep in mind that while you are no longer beholden to the rising cost of crude, electric transportation is not free either. While you will save gas money and do your part to alleviate emissions and pollution, electric charges do cost money too.

It isnt free to run a Tesla. Electricity doesnt grow on trees! And, those Tesla Superchargers are not free either.

Tesla markets that the Tesla X can run up to 348 miles per charge while the Tesla Y runs for up to 320 per charge. Further, a Tesla X can be charged on a Supercharger in as little as 15 minutes to reach a 150 mile charge.

Regardless, paying only about $6.00 for almost 350 miles of charge is a lot more appealing than the current cost of gas.

Even in the gas-efficient 2022 Toyota Sienna, 350 miles will cost you at least $40.00 every time you fill it up.

Driving the Tesla X is a tremendous gas savings over the life of the vehicle. This is especially true if you plan on using the vehicle for daily commutes and short trips that allow you to fully charge the Tesla in your own home prior to needing to drive it again.

The gas cost savings doesnt even consider that Teslas cost of maintenance is far lower than other competing models. No oil to change, no gas to buy the pros list gets longer and longer!

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