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Issues With Production Units

[4K] Tesla Model X 100D – FULL Interior Tour (6 Seater)

The Tesla Model X faced criticism in 2016 for issues with the falcon-wing doors, which sometimes did not open or latch properly in some early production units, and the windows, which sometimes did not open or close all the way. Tesla addressed these issues with several software updates, and no known issues remained after the 8.0 firmware was released. On June 27, 2016, Tesla settled on a lawsuit over usability concerns, accepting that the Model X was rushed to production before it was ready, and by October 2016, Tesla claimed the problems had been reduced by 92%.

In 2017 Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that security researchers from Keen Security Lab at Tencent were able to remotely gain control of the Tesla Model X, allowing them to remotely open the car’s doors, blink the lights and control their brakes. They found zero day vulnerabilities that allowed them to install new firmware. The lead researcher for the team said they informed Tesla of the findings and most of the cars were patched by an update one month after Tesla was made aware of issues.

Refresh Model X 6 Seater Floormats

Asking the same question as above. Have had Weather Tec in the past, but not totally happy with them. Any help would be appreciated

Dyspareunia said:I got these Tough Pro all-weather mats full set off amazon, they fit fine for my 2022 6-seater X Plaid -> . The full set covers frunk, trunk bottom well and trunk with rear-seats folded, driver, passenger, and interior cabin. I have a similar Tough Pro set for my 2017 7-seater X and they have lasted nearly 5 years without any issues on various road trips in dust, dirt, rain, and snow conditions.

Is The Tesla X 7 Seater Right For Your Family

The Tesla X is not your ordinary mom vehicle. You are sure to feel edgy and next gen in the Tesla X 7 seater.

Ultimately, the Tesla X 7 Seater is comfortable for the family and a contender for anyone who is looking for a premium luxury SUV. However, it has a long way to go before it is a cost-effective family solution.

In the meantime we will keep hoping that Elon Musk and the gang keep larger families in mind!

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Judder Under Hard Acceleration

The front drive shafts have been problematic and Tesla have a new shim design but some owners still report issues. It’s now almost seen as a characteristic of the car, especially the performance models. High speed vibration can also be a sign of an issue with the front airdam that changes the air flow to the battery radiator.

How Reliable Is The Tesla Model X

ToughPRO 2nd Row Mat For 2017
Consumer reviews are a great resource for determining how reliable a used Tesla Model X will be. Out of 83 consumer reviews of the used Tesla Model X available at Edmunds, 17 are one-star reviews. Take a look at those reviews first, as they’re most likely to describe reliability issues with the vehicle. Learn more about the Tesla Model X

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Why The Model X

You’re probably here because you’re interested in the Model X, in which case only the Model Y is possible consideration if you want 7 seat capability or the Model S if you want luxury. The Model Y for passengers is relatively close to the Model X although the seats are not as good , especially in 6 seat configuration. The main difference however is the storage space is greater with the Model X, especially in 5 seater form. We’ve created a video to run through some of the changes. The Model S shares the same platform and has plenty of room for 5 adults, but the previous 2 jump seats in the rear have been dropped and even when theyu existed the rear facing nature of them and lack of ventilation made them only suitable for small people and short trips. There’s just something about the Model X that makes it fairly unique.

You may also want to see what you can get for your money across the Tesla range and our Tesla Worldwide Inventory Search enables you to do just that, listing both new and used cars, and those sold by Tesla and through 3rd parties. We believe this is the only resource in the world that does this.

Tesla 6 Seater Models: How Do They Stack Up

Nick Versaw

If youre looking for an electric car with a long-range battery that can fit six passengers, then youve probably come across the Tesla Model X. After all, a lot of electric cars tend to be on the smaller side, including electric hatchbacks like the Nissan LEAF. The Tesla Model X is one of the few EVs available in a 6-seater configuration.

But with so many Tesla models to choose from and trim options that seem to change by the day youll want to make sure that youre driving home the right vehicle. Heres what you need to know about the Tesla 6-seater, as well as some alternatives if the Model X isnt right for you or isnt easy to find where you live.

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Tesla Model X Comfort

I have 3 small children therefore, their current need for legroom is relatively small. Unfortunately, if you read my review of the Model Y, you will find that without running the risk of severing their toes, I was not happy with the third row option.

The Tesla Model Y third row seating is nearly unusable for everyday or long-range use.

The third row is fine for the odd extra kid pickup or even a quick trip, but is impractical for 5 children loading in and out everyday.

Because the Model X and the Model Y 7 Seat configurations have a three across bench in the second row, the third row has to get into the vehicle before the second row.

In both the Model X and the Model Y, the second row slides or lifts forward to allow the third row to get in. Therefore, the seats have to move each time my back row children get in.

While loading my children into the Y, their feet were nearly smashed in the process while their legs ended up pinned to the back of the seat in front of them.

Therefore, for growing families with larger children, that third row in the Model Y is a disappointing option.

Interior Comfort And Cargo

Tesla Model X | 5 seat vs 6 seat? Which is the Best Family Car?

A stark and nearly buttonless interior design is classic Tesla. The driver faces a digital gauge display and a unique yoke-style steering controller, which is often frustrating to use and difficult to get used to. Also unique is the Model X’s windshield/glass roof that runs seamlessly from the base of the hood and up-and-over the front-seat passengers for a nearly uninterrupted view of what’s ahead and what’s above. Despite these whiz-bang features, the Model X’s cabin leaves us wanting, especially considering its price can easily break the six-figure barrier, with non-descript air vents, misaligned panels, and flat-backed seats that don’t offer enough adjustments.

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Model X 6 Seater Cargo Space

Trifecta: Solar and both cars are EVs

gjunky said:They look cool but not the most practical setup compared to other suv type cars. Very handy to get in the third row because you can go between the middle seats and gives you extra storage between the two middle row seats. We have the six seater but the next one wont be

elguapo said:I have a 2016 7 seater and my dad has a six seater. I am getting a 7 seater precisely for the ability to haul larger stuff. Whether its Hime Dept or IKEA runs or a quick bike when I dont want to put the bike rack on. I have three kids and while none love the second row, middle seat they a) use it to hold their bags between the two kids in the second row on long trips or b) come in handy when I need to get another kid in for car pool.I will miss the elegance of the pedestals and like the motorized movement, but gotta go with practicality.

Warranty And Maintenance Coverage

Tesla offers a comprehensive warranty package to protect the Model X’s powertrain and hybrid components but lacks the lengthy bumper-to-bumper coverage and complimentary scheduled maintenance packages of the I-Pace.

  • Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 8 years, regardless of miles
  • No complimentary scheduled maintenance

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Where To Buy A Used Tesla Model X

Shoppers just like you have reviewed dealerships near you. Now that you’ve found the right vehicle for you, you can find the best place to buy a used Tesla Model X. Great news! There are 3 dealerships near you that received an Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award that have the Tesla Model X for sale in stock. Shopping at one of these dealerships means you’ll receive the highest level of customer service. Learn more about the Tesla Model X

Extra Space In The Model X

íì¬ë?¼ 모ë?¸X 6ì?¸ì¹ ìº í ì°¨ë° ì¸íë² â TESLA Model X 6 Seater Airmat

The Tesla Model X on the other hand boasts that extra 12-15 cubic feet of interior space. Therefore the space between the second and third row is much larger.

For my children, the third row became a comfortable fit when they were seated but took a long time to get in and get situated. Therefore, even though they could sit comfortably when they were situated, moving the seats was a drawn out task.

Plus, for me, putting a car seat in the third row would be a complete non-starter as I could not maneuver my way between the seats with the car seat and the child. So, rear-facing and convertible car seats would have to stay in the second row for our family.

As far as comfort goes, the Tesla Model X is far superior to the Tesla Model Y when considering the usability of the third row.

Dont agree with me? Thats ok! I had the opportunity to speak with a very proud Model X owner who finds every seat in the Model X to be comfortable for him and his family. Although this owner had only the 6 seat configuration, even adult family members reported being comfortable in the back row.

However, for our family, moving the seats back and forth to load five passengers in the rear 2 rows would take some practice, but it might be worth it for the ability to say sayonara to gas.

This leads me to my review on cost and cost of ownership.

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What To Look For When Buying A Used Tesla Model X

Price, mileage, and condition are all important factors to consider when buying a used Tesla Model X. Edmunds found 19 Great, 1 Fair, and 1 Good deals near you, so you can be sure to get the best price. We also recommend reading Edmunds’ consumer reviews to find common problems, and paying for an independent inspection to make sure the used Tesla Model X you’re buying doesn’t have any problems that need addressing. Learn more about the Tesla Model X

Hifi And Cold Weather

The hifi upgrade was an option on the initial cars before it became standard fit. The sound was a marked improvement over the standard fit version.

The cold weather pack added heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel in most cases, and a heating element under the windscreen wipers. We provide a guide above to find out what is fitted to a specific car.

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Model X Naming Convention

Tesla have adopted two basic naming conventions over the years for the model variants. The older system used a combination of letters and numbers:

  • if it starts with a P its a Performance model with a larger rear motor, ie P90D or P100D
  • The digits are roughly the battery size although not strictly accurate. For instance, an 75D model had a roughly 75kwh battery
  • All designations end in a D as all are dual motor/all wheel drive.

The later convention is to simply quote range e.g. Standard Range , Long Range or Performance , although more typically they use “Dual Motor” for the long range and “Dual Motor” for the performance . All Model X under this naming convention are all wheel drive.

The Tesla X 7 Seater Cargo Space

2022 Tesla Model X Plaid Review // Six Seat Supercar

Both the Tesla X and the Tesla Y have 7 seat configurations that leave ample cargo space. Even the much smaller Y has room for sports equipment, groceries, or luggage in its 76 cubic feet of cargo space.

However, the Tesla X has an even larger interior with more than 88 cubic feet of interior space. That brings the Tesla X interior close to the 101 cubic feet of interior space of the Toyota Sienna, a noticeably larger vehicle.

Even with all of the seats in the upright and comfortable positions, the cargo space of the Tesla X leaves plenty of room for your family vacation luggage.

Need even more space? The Tesla Xs third row folds flat to create even more cargo space. Plus, the Tesla X has towing capacity for more than 5,000 pounds. So add a cargo hitch, a trailer, or just your bikes to the back of the Tesla for even more space.

On cargo space, both the Model X and the Model Y are sufficient, but comfort is a different story.

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Who Is The Tesla 6

With a starting price of $104,990 and an additional $6,500 to add a sixth seat the Tesla Model X isnt exactly a budget-friendly EV. Its best for families who are set on buying a Tesla and want more room than other Tesla models offer.

The 6-seat configuration is more expensive than a 7-seat Tesla, but the falcon wing doors make it easier to install car seats in the second row.

If you need room for more adult passengers, you may have better luck with a 7-seater SUV by another automaker, since there are more options to choose from, and they all cost much less than a Tesla Model X.

Here are a few Tesla 6-seater alternatives that combine the features of a luxury SUV with extra seating capacity:

Tesla Model X Price Comparison

So, starting at $116,00 and even $126,000 for the Tesla Model X, can you justify the cost?

First, lets consider just the gas savings over the course of ownership.

Assuming that you compare just the Toyota Sienna Hybrid at 36 combined mpgs to Tesla Xs $6.00 per 350 mile charge, the Tesla is only an option for those who are looking for a premium luxury vehicle.

Over the course of a conservative 200,000 miles on the Toyota Sienna Hybrid at $4.00 per gallon, you can expect to pay about $22,000.

Over the course of 200,000 miles on the Tesla, however, you would pay an estimated $3,500 in charging costs.

Therefore, the Toyota Sienna could cost you about $67,000.00 over the course of your ownership while the Tesla X is going to still set you back more than $120,000.

That nearly $50,000.00 swing is not enough to convince a family of 6 to purchase the Tesla X by the price alone.

The only reasons that the Tesla X makes sense for families is if your primary motivations include the environment, the reduction of fossil fuels, premium luxury, or really high-tech style.

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Camping In A Tesla X 6

bhzmark said:wow! very informative and helpful. one of the product choices was quite the surprise, especially confusing when the i later saw the reclining position pics. but diversity is good! Darn good first post.

Spleksi said:So, you initially wanted to have a van, and now you want to turn your can into a van? Because it looks like this, I canât imagine how it all fits there. Actually, the photos look nice, but I wonder how comfortable it is in the last seats? Are they for kids only, or an average adult can fit there too?I would not be surprised if you had campfire cooking equipment in your car, just in case. This is my dream to get a car and to put there anything I want inside to turn it into a fortress that would have almost anything inside.

Seat Covers For Tesla Model X

A modified Tesla Model X by T Sportline

Discounted Price: $319.95

Protect your Model X seats from dirt, grime, moisture, spills, abrasion, pets, and kids. Custom-made to conform the unique shape of the front and rear seats. Offered in five corresponding color options, including complementary piping for accentuation. Includes a storage pocket behind the front seat and two front seat pockets for smartphones and other small objects. Made in the USA. Usually ships within 48 weeks from California. Not available for international delivery. Fits 2016-2020 Model X only.

NOTE: Seat Covers require professional installation.

Returns accepted ONLY for new and unused Seat Covers within thirty days of delivery. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.


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