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1000 HP Lamborghini Huracan vs Tesla Model S Plaid | DRAG RACE

A battery pack is hidden beneath the Teslas floor, resulting in a low center of gravity and evenly distributed weight from front to back. The battery in the Long Range variant has a range of up to 412 miles, while the Tesla Model S Plaid model has a range of up to 390 miles. Lucid Motors claims that its Air premium vehicle can travel up to 517 miles on a single charge.

The Model S delivers full-time all-wheel drive regardless of the version you choose, with an electric motor dedicated to each of the front and rear axles. The various variants acceleration varies from excellent to fierce. The 2020 Model S test vehicle clocked in at 2.4 seconds from zero to 60 mph and provided hours of enjoyment thanks to its rapid power delivery. The Tesla Model S Plaid variant has a third electric motor, bringing the total output to 1020 horsepower and allowing it to reach 60 mph in 2.1 seconds in testing. The regular Model S has proven to be a responsive sports sedan with precise steering and body motions.

Tesla Model S Plaid Breaks 200 Mph Top Speed For The First Time

A Tesla Model S Plaid that has been hacked to remove software limitations has reached a top speed of over 200 mph for the very first time, delivering on Teslas promise.

When Tesla first announced the Model S Plaid, its new top-performance flagship electric vehicle, the automaker promised a top speed of 200 mph . However, when it was first delivered last year, the vehicle only featured a top speed of 163 mph .

Earlier this year, Tesla released a new Track Mode for the Model S Plaid that pushed the top speed to 175 mph .

As far as we know, this has been the fastest top speed a Tesla Model S Plaid or any Tesla vehicle has achieved to date. Its not clear what is really preventing Tesla from enabling the promised 200 mph top speed. It could be the brakes, which Tesla is now offering to upgrade with a carbon ceramic kit for $20,000, or it could also be worries about the three motors or battery pack.

What is now clear is that Tesla wasnt lying about the vehicle being capable of reaching 200 mph because I witnessed a Model S Plaid achieving just that this morning, but it wasnt thanks to the automaker.

Ingenext, a Quebec-based company better known for selling modules that help unlock software-locked features in Tesla vehicles, has managed to get around the software limitations in the Model S Plaid to completely unlock the top speed.

The only other modification is the Ingenext module, which allows them to bypass Teslas software restrictions.

Pricing Of Tesla Model S Plaid

The Tesla Model S Plaid has a starting price of $129,990, excluding the $1,200 destination fee. California residents are eligible for a $1,500 clean fuel rebate. When you add in one of the more vibrant exterior colors and the $12,000 Full Self-Driving option, the price quickly rises. Still, were talking about a car that can outrun a Chiron while costing a tenth of the price of Bugattis hypercar. Tesla is known for adjusting prices on the spur of the moment, thus the price you see here could change in the near future. Its also worth mentioning that the Model S is no longer eligible for federal tax credits.

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Rd Race: 1000 Hp Twin

In horsepower terms, both of these opponents are quite comparable machines, Mustang with 1,000 hp and Plaid with 1,020 hp. But with instant electric torque, the absence of multiple gears , and a consistent buildup of acceleration, the Ford Mustang had no chance against the Tesla Model S Plaid.

In this attempt, Ford Mustang did the quarter-mile in 10.562 seconds @137.75 mph while Model S Plaid again showed its consistency by doing it in 9.328 seconds @149.55 mph.

Cost To Drivecost To Drive Estimates For The 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid 4dr Sedan Awd And Comparison Vehicles Are Based On 15000 Miles Per Year And Energy Estimates Of N/a Undefined In North Dakota

Tesla Model S Plaid with âpractically alienâ? tech unleashed: 1000 hp ...

There’s also the Tesla Model S Plaid. The Plaid, which presumably gets its name from an obscure Spaceballs movie reference, gains an additional electric motor, for a total of three. The automaker is touting an output of 1,020 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 2 seconds.

Also on tap for 2021 is an updated interior. It features a new horizontally oriented touchscreen, which is the style Tesla implemented on its Model 3 and Y. It’s paired with an additional dash-mounted driver information display above the steering yoke and an entertainment display for rear passengers. Wait, what’s a steering yoke? Yep, leave it to Tesla to try to reinvent the wheel. The Model Y has a new design that’s styled to look like an aircraft’s flight yoke or, perhaps more whimsically, the twin-grip design from Knight Rider’s KITT.

So what’s it like driving the updated Model S? Check out our Expert Rating below to get our test team’s evaluation of the car’s performance, real-world range and more.

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Features Of Tesla Model S Plaid

Although the Model S has sparked a national debate about the safety of partially automated driving and has been reported to catch fire after certain types of high-speed impacts, its safety reputation is supported by good crash-test results from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the knowledge that car fires, whether electric or gasoline-powered, are not uncommon. The following are important safety features:

  • Automated emergency braking is standard.
  • A standard lane-departure warning is provided.
  • Adaptive cruise control with the semi-autonomous driving mode is available.

Tesla Model S Liftback 2021 2022

What is the body type, Tesla Model S ? Liftback, 5 Doors, 5 Seats
What is the range of pure electric driving, Plaid AWD? 637 km
What is electricity consumption, Tesla Model S Plaid AWD? 20.5 kWh/100 km
How fast is the car, 2021 Model S Plaid AWD? 322 km/h | 200.08 mph
How much power, Tesla Model S Liftback 2021 Plaid AWD? 1020 Hp
What is the drivetrain, Tesla Model S Liftback 2021 Plaid AWD? All wheel drive . BEV . Two electric motors drive rear wheels, one electric motor drives front wheels.
How long is this vehicle, 2021 Tesla Model S Liftback? 5021 mm
How wide is the vehicle, 2021 Tesla Model S Liftback? 1987 mm
What is the curb weight, 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid AWD? 2162 kg
How much trunk space, 2021 Tesla Model S Liftback? 709 – 1739 l25.04 – 61.41 cu. ft.
How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid AWD? 1, automatic transmission

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Hp Tesla Model S Plaid+ Cancelled Long Range And Standard Plaid Remain

Elon Musk has confirmed that the much-awaited Tesla Model S Plaid+ had been cancelled, just days before the official launch of the updated Tesla Model S Plaid.

  • New Tesla Model S launch delayed by a week
  • Plaid launch now confirmed for June 10th
  • 1,100hp Model S Plaid+ has been axed from lineup
  • Supply chain issues may be to blame
  • Long Range has up to 412 miles of range
  • Plaid model capable of 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds

/6 2022 Tesla Model S Performance And Capability

1700hp Twin Turbo V10 Audi R8 vs Tesla Model S Plaid // THIS vs PLAID

For the 2022 Model Year, you can get the Model S in two flavors

– Model S

– Model S Plaid

Yes, it’s the Plaid that has created a buzz, tearing up drag strips across the country over the past year, but even the base dual-motorTesla Model S is no slouch. It features a dual motor all-wheel drive setup with 670 horsepower on tap. Go for the full beans Model S Plaid and you get a tri-motor setup with an all-wheel drive system with a combined power output of 1020 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque. You get a single-speed direct drive transmission.

The Model S gets to 60 MPH in 3.1 seconds and has a top speed of 155 MPH. The Tesla Model S Plaid meanwhile, does 0-60 MPH in 1.99 seconds, does the 1/4 mile in 9.23 seconds and tops out at 200 MPH. The Tesla Model S Plaid is the quickest car in the world.

Only the Rimac Nevera comes close to the Plaid. According to Tesla, getting to that top speed on the Plaid will require you to install paid hardware upgrades. With supercar levels of performance, the ‘Plaid’ could very well be Tesla’s own performance sub-brand.

Coming to the ride and handling, every Model S features an adaptive suspension setup that reacts to driver inputs hundreds of times per second. It can automatically adjust the ride height for comfort and aerodynamic efficiency. With the bulk of the weight concentrated in the center, thanks to those heavy batteries, you can expect the Tesla to perform well in the bends.

2022 Tesla Model S Specs

348 – 396 miles

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Tesla Model S Motors And Performance

The Plaid+ may no longer be coming but the tri-motor Plaid variant is hardly any less impressive. it boasts a near-identical 1.99-second 0-60mph time and a top speed of 200mph. The Plaids three motors produce 1,020hp and it comes with 390 miles of range.

The Long Range model utilises a dual-motor setup and manages a 3.1-second 0-60mph time. Thats still supercar-quick, then. It has 412 miles of range and a top speed of 155mph.

Whats New In Tesla Model S

The Model S had an outward and interior stylistic overhaul last year, which included the addition of a novel yoke-style steering wheel and a monstrous 1020-hp Tesla Model S Plaid performance model. We dont foresee many changes in 2022, although Tesla has announced a significant price rise for the standard Long Range trim.

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Let’s Talk About That Steering Yoke

It’s good on the highway when not much steering input is necessary, but it gets awkward in a few key places. Tasks like multi-point turns or navigating through tight parking lots are simply more cumbersome than they need to be. One of the other shortcomings happened on long exit or entrance ramps when the wheel had to be cocked over 90 degrees for a long period of time. There was no way to hold the vehicle around the corner without crossing my arms over each other.

Both those situations could imply actual thought was put into the yoke’s installation. But if there was indeed any, it was likely very little. Somebodylikely Muskwanted it because it looks cool, and so it ended up getting bolted in. Through the course of driving, my brain gradually did reprogram itself to use it effectively. But I must ask: Why I would ever want to wire up my brain to use something that’s objectively worse than a regular steering wheel?

Mounting capacitive buttons to the yoke in the place of a blinker stalk also pointlessly complicated things. It was never really clear if I was using them properly, and it was easy to activate them by accident when adjusting the volume on the nearby ball-shaped scroll wheel. Jason said he does this frequently and agreed a stalk would’ve just been better.

Another feature that debuted in the Model S Plaid was turning the column-shifter an all-digital one on the touchscreen. In practice, it isn’t as strange as it sounds.

The Race Towards The Finish

Tesla Model S Plaid with âpractically alienâ? tech unleashed: 1000 hp ...

The Tesla pulls up behind the Camaro at the 56-second mark. Our presenter says that this is the fourth race against the 9-second cars of the night but the first time against the Camaro. He tells us that he has been closely watching the Camaro since he’s consistently been in the lower 9-second spectrum and assumes it will be the closest race of the evening.

The Camaro pulls into the left lane while and performs a quick burnout. The two take off on the green with the Tesla receiving the better reaction time of 0.074 while the Camaro gets a 0.080.

The two race down the strip neck and neck finishing with a time of 9.421 seconds at 143.96 MPH for the Camaro while the Tesla just barely scrapes a win with a 9.200 at 150.35 MPH. So it’s quite clear that even a 6.2-liter V8 with over 1,000 hp is still not enough to beat the electric beast that is the Tesla Model S Plaid.

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Safety & Driver Assistance Tech: 13/15

The Tesla Model S hasnt been evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , and hasnt been tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in more than five years. However, the structure of the 2022 Model S is very similar to that of the 2016 and earlier models, which NHTSA awarded a five-star rating.

On the active-safety front, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warnings, side collision warnings, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warnings with lane keep assist are all standard, as is a very smooth adaptive cruise control system, all part of the Teslas Autopilot suite. Standard Autopilot is quite good and offers reliable Level 2 advanced driving operation, but many other cars at much lower price points now offer similar systems. Tesla goes further in providing two optional upgrades.

The first package is Enhanced Autopilot which adds long-range highway navigation on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon and Smart Summon. This is similar to systems like Hyundais Highway Drive Assist and GMs Super Cruise, and features like Autopark can also be found on competing vehicles like the Lexus LS.

Alex Kwanten

The Camaro Has Extensive Work

The 2018 Camaro ZL-1, like the Tesla, is a 9-second car. To achieve this, the car houses a 1,000+ hp 6.2-liter V8 with a 2.6-liter blower. This pushes through a TH400 transmission and onto some extra wide Mickey Thompson drag radials which our host tells us “wrinkle on takeoff” since they’re running on a low 15 psi. Scott, the owner, tells us that he also has Menscer Motorsports suspension on all four corners.

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What Is The Tesla Model S Plaid

Before we delve into the numbers, let’s recap the Model S Plaid’s truly impressive specs. Essentially the first significant update in the Model S’ nine-year production run, the new 2022 version is slightly lower, longer, and lighter than before, unrecognizable inside, and significantly more powerful.

The reworked sheetmetal features subtly flared fenders designed to accommodate wider wheels and tires. The wheels now measure 9.5 inches wide in front and 10.5 inches wide in the rear, increases of 1.0 and 1.5 inches. The car also features revised front and rear fascias, plus a reworked hood. The highest-performance Plaid also gets a new rear diffuser and a carbon-fiber spoiler.

Inside, Tesla drastically reworked the interior to make it more luxurious, spacious, and entertainingin fact, the company says the front seat rails are the only retained parts. The new dash is the biggest change. It features a landscape-oriented infotainment system similar to that of the Model 3 and the Model Y, a new digital instrument cluster, a new screen for rear passengers, hidden HVAC vents, and, of course, the controversial “yoke” steering wheel.

The most significant changes are hidden beneath the skin. The Model S Plaid features Tesla’s first-ever triple-motor system, producing a staggering 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

Tested: 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Is Absurdly Quick But Also Has A Few Key Flaws

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid – 1100 HP, 520 Mile Range, Under 2s 0-60!!

Tesla’s monstrously quick 1020-hp Model S plaid nabs records and delivers on most of the company’s hyperbole, but that’s not the whole story.

From the January 2022 issue of Car and Driver.

“Basically, our product plan is stolen from Spaceballs,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said with a smirk when unveiling the 1020-hp Model S Plaid, referring to the 1987 film parody of Star Wars. In that movie, the fastest faster-than-light speed is called ludicrous speed. When the ship Spaceball I reaches that speed, it appears plaid, leading a character to remark in wide-eyed awe, “They’ve gone to plaid.” Both Ludicrous and Plaid have been names for modes in the swiftest Model S variants.

HIGHS: Insanely responsive and swift powertrain, plenty refined for everyday use, impressive range.

If you’ve been following Tesla, you know that performance tapers off quickly after more than one or two acceleration runs on a full charge. No longer. The Plaid’s radiator is twice as large as before, and our test car ran eight consecutive consistent passes, the last one at an 80 percent state of charge.

LOWS: High-speed wandering, poorly integrated steering yoke, no at-the-limit feel.

VERDICT: There’s more to greatness than quickness.

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Up To 390 Miles Of Driving

Tesla claims a 390-mile driving range for the car. The EPA has not yet rated the new Model S. Theres also an important caveat to the range. The 390-mile figure comes from using the base, 19-inch wheels. The shocking performance figures are on optional, 21-inch wheels, which lower the range. So you can buy a Model S Plaid with 390 miles of range, OR one with a 2-second 0-60 mph time. But you cant buy one with both.

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