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Top Reasons To Tint Your Tesla Model 3

How to Tint a Tesla Model 3 Rear Window | Full Tutorial

If you own a Model 3 Tesla, you care a lot about driving a safe car and cutting down on the expenses of powering a vehicle.

Tinting your Tesla model 3s windows Can Increase the driving range. Solar heat can activate your Tesla cabin overheat protection and drain the battery. Tinting the windows keeps your cabin cool and increases battery life. That was one of the reasons, letss check other top reasons to tint your Tesla Model 3

  • UV reduction The tint is more comfortable, and also protects you and your car interior from heat/UV rays.
  • Design/aesthetics looks nicer and matches your window coloring better between the side and top glass. Tinting will Improves Vehicle Appearance.
  • Privacy some people feel so naked/vulnerable, like a fishbowl when sitting in traffic. Getting a tint doesnt make you feel so naked.
  • Reduces glare reduces window glare to help you see better in certain angles of the sun and drive safer.

Tesla Ceramic Window Tint

Without breaking the bank, our tesla ceramic tint gives you up to 88% infrared protection, top-of-the-line film, and a window tint that retains its clarity and flawless appearance for years. The nano-ceramic construction ensures zero interference with your on-board electronics and mobile devices. When you need professional Tesla ceramic window tinting in Miami that will remain vibrant and stand the test of time, contact My Tesla Miami for quick and efficient installation.

Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting With Huper Optik Ceramic Tint

Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting

In most ways, window tint for a Tesla Model 3 is just like window tinting for any other car out there. With advice from the experts at Window Tint Z, customers choose the best tint for a car based on its appearance, its performance in terms of solar energy and damage reduction, its price, and its conformity to laws and regulations. Theres one major factor that makes window tinting a Tesla Model 3 a bit more complicated than applying window film to other types or cars: that huge back window. Well talk about that in a moment. First, lets discuss why aftermarket window tint for Tesla cars is so important.

Tesla Factory Window Tint

A brand new Tesla Model 3 leaves the factory with virtually no window tinting. There is less than 10% solar reduction with Tesla factory window tint , so the inside of your new Model 3 will be warmed up by infrared light and faces potential fading and cracking damage caused by ultraviolet light. Until you have extra window tint applied by Window Tint Z, your Tesla Model 3 will be slowly enduring damage each and every day.

Huper Optik Ceramic Tint

Also, Huper Optik window film just happens to dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your Tesla, too, adding depth and character to the glass that improves the overall appearance of this already handsome vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 Rear Window Tint

Window Tint Z in a Tesla Model 3 Forum

Best Window Tint For The Tesla Model 3

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Tesla Model 3 Tinting

When the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled in 2016, it was a genuine revelation. Already the world had seen the fine electric automobiles Tesla Inc. could produce in the celebrated Model S and Model X vehicles, but here was a capable, stylish all-electric car that was actually priced in range for the everyday consumer. Finally a cutting edge technology had reached a level of development such that production costs did not create a price prohibitive product. Still, the Tesla Model 3 is an investment worth protecting, especially as these well made cars can last for many years. And window tint for Tesla Model 3 cars might just be the best way to protect these fine vehicles. One major reason why window film for Tesla Model 3s is so important? All that glass up there on the roof.

Option 3 Tint Haus Premium Ceramic Package:

Black Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Window Tint in Orlando

Finally, our very popular Tint Haus Premium Ceramic Package offers all-inclusive protection for the inside and out at a very attractive price point.

This ensures Protection against environmental factors, UV degradation and staining, while ensuring you are cool and safe from the suns harmful rays while driving.

  • Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Coating
  • Tint Haus Full Vehicle Ceramic Tint with Panoramic rear
  • Tint Haus Interior Protection

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Why Add Interior Protection For Your Model 3

If you own a Model 3, you plan on using it. And it is a sad fact of life that no matter how careful you are, at some point there will be stains, spills, and dirt all over your beloved car.

This is especially true when youve a young family, or you yourself get mucky.

Not to mention general wear and tear from keys in pockets, pens, money, and all the other paraphernalia of modern life being tossed around on your seats.

Not convinced? Here are 6 Reasons to add interior protection to your Tesla.

Is Installing Ceramic Window Film On Tesla A Good Idea

Tesla owners take a lot of pride in the aesthetic appeal of their Model X, Model 3, Model Y, or Model S. But they are also conscious about comfort, conserving energy, and protecting their car interior and skin from damaging UV rays. This desire is what stimulates many to question whether installing ceramic window film on Tesla models will resolve these issues.

In short the answer is a definitive YES.

But this is just the tip of the automotive iceberg. There are several benefits to installing ceramic window tint on a Tesla. In todays CeramicPro.com blog, well answer a few questions as to why Tesla benefits from ceramic window tint.

Well explain the difference between tinted windows and aftermarket window film. Finally, well introduce KAVACA Ceramic IR window film to you which blocks up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays.

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The 4 Most Popular Tesla Upgrades

Tesla owners! Whether you are thinking about adding some tint to your windows and protection to your Model 3s interior and paint, or just a bit of customisation to really make it your own, here is the guide for you.

Weve tinted and protected thousands of Teslas for their fastidious owners. So, weve broken down the 4 Most Popular Tesla Upgrades for you.

Here are the most common things new owners like to do to their Teslas:

  • Window Tinting
  • Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Interior Protection
  • Lets take a look at each of these and why you should consider Tint Haus to care for and protect your Tesla.

    Tesla Model 3 Window Tint

    Best Ceramic Window Tint For 2021 Tesla Model 3 (Refresh)

    Book your appointment to have one of our trained window film installation technicians work on your Tesla! Complete this quick and easy form!

    Choosing a Window Tint shop for your new Tesla can be difficult. Ceramic Pro Pottstown specializes in Carbon Color Stable Window Tint and Nano-Ceramic IR Window Tint for all makes & models especially for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X & Model S.

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    Does Window Tint Increase My Miles Per Charge On My Tesla

    Absolutely. Part of the job of the cooling system in the tesla is to cool the battery and the interior, which means that when the vehicle senses that the interior of the vehicle is overheating, it deploys cooling countermeasures to help mitigate the power-robbing heat soak from the interior into the battery and computers.

    Ceramic Tinting Film Shure X

    He remembers the exact product installed four years ago. From the combination of Shure and Optic, it will be Shure X this time.

    Constantly detailed installation since the beginning. We do a masking process for car protection, 100% hand cut-off, and Glasstint’s special technique, Pico-edge.

    Satisfaction remembered for a long time, this good feeling goes to Model 3 from 5GT.

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    Does The Model 3 Need Additional Window Tinting


    EV-lutioin said:Update: I just talked to a detailer that has been installing 35% tint to all glass on the Model 3. I have no frame of reference to know if that is too much or too little tint. If you have experience with tinting, please let me know your thoughts.

    EV-lutioin said:Update: I just talked to a detailer that has been installing 35% tint to all glass on the Model 3. I have no frame of reference to know if that is too much or too little tint. If you have experience with tinting, please let me know your thoughts.

    dhu1 said:My installer is suggesting 35% for the rear window so that blends nicely with the OEM tint. You certainly dont want 35 on your front windows. Similar to my X, you can do 55 in the front and then darker in the back…it will blend.

    CuriousG said:I got mine done on Friday 30% Suntek all around 75% windshield. Only one I didn’t do was the roof in the front seats. The rear window is very long so my tinter had to use two sheets to fit the whole window. He made the cut along the antenna or rear defroster line so it looks seamless. There are two short lines that goes from the endpoint defroster lines to the edge of the window. The rear window tint is gradual so tinter recommended I tint the whole window rather than stop where the OEM tint starts.

    Back windshield and back seat windows: dual mirrorsDriver and passenger windows:factory tint + aftermarket tintFront windshield:

    Top Edge Window Tinting Specializes In Teslas At Our Cary North Carolina Location

    Tinted windows kit

    We have done many Tesla window tints, making us acutely familiar with specific nuances to these cars. We are able to film the entire Model 3 rear window in one seamless piece. All Tesla doors that have frameless glass the film will come exactly to the edge creating a factory look. There is no problem with the fact that the door glass drops about a 1/2 when the door opens. Filming the entire windshield for heat protection is also not a problem.

    Model 3

    *UV = Ultraviolet radiation

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    Tesla Model 3 Front Windshield Tint

    While the Model 3 rear windshield and roof are the largest piece of glass on the car, the front windshield on many models of the car is also massive compared the windshield of standard sedans. Model 3 windshield tinting requires expert use of the best window tint and the right tools, especially when a customer has the stunning all-glass roof option. We ensure a seamless finish when the glass panels of the roof meet, leaving you with a car that looks fresh from the factory, albeit now with greatly enhanced tinting over the middling Model 3 factory tint.

    Can You Install Tint On The Model 3 With A Single Piece Of Film

    Yes. We properly disassemble the interior of your Model 3 to ensure that we can lay the film properly on the glass. It can NOT be installed correctly without interior disassembly. We properly cover all of the sensitive electronics. We do NOT install multi-piece rear windows since they often fail early.

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    Does Ac Drain An Electric Car Battery While Parked Outside

    Here is a pop quiz have you ever heard the term, Vampire Drain? If not its a growing issue that owners of Tesla and other EVs live with daily. Its essentially the phantom draining of the EV battery while the vehicle sits outside. While several automated systems draw power, the biggest issue is the automatic air conditioning safety and comfort system. This is known as a vampire or phantom battery drain.

    So how much battery can be drained while the Tesla sits outside? Well, depending on how hot it is outside, or more importantly how much heat is being amplified by IR streaming through that huge roof window the battery can drain up to 8 miles of range per hour. Here is a practical example for you to ponder.

    Lets say you work in Los Angeles specifically the East Valley where it can approach 100 degrees during the summer and early fall season. You commute to work and live in Temecula, or roughly a 60-mile drive . When you arrive to work in your Tesla Model Y, you have 100 miles of range remaining. Youre not planning on driving anywhere during lunch, so that should be more than enough battery to get you home to plugin for the next dayright?

    You park the car at 8:00 am and head to your car at 5:00 pm. When you turn on the car to drive home, you now have 50 miles of range due to the vampire drain. This represents a major issue. Not only do you have to find a charging station to make it home, but thats more time youll waste.

    Tesla Model 3 Window Tint In Los Angeles

    How To Tint a Tesla Model 3 Door Windows

    Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting in Los Angeles

    If you are lucky enough to own a Tesla Model 3, you are driving one of the worlds finest new automobiles. If you have a Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles, all the bette for you, as youll be saving money and reducing emissions during all those long hours you no doubt spend in your car cruising up and down the 5, the 10, Sunset, the 101, Laurel, and beyond. You will also quickly notice one drawback to having a Tesla Model 3 in LA: all that Southern California sunshine beams down through the Model 3s huge rear window and can dramatically heat up the interior of your car, necessitating serious drain on the batteries to keep yourself and your passengers cool.

    Tesla Factory Window Tint

    Tesla Motors makes amazing automobiles, and the new Tesla Model 3 is no exception. But while they have veritably mastered engine design and auto body aesthetics, the brand does not put as much emphasis into the performance of the windows. Tesla factory window tint reduces a bit of the suns glare, and all auto glass will reduce some UV light, but in order to keep your Tesla Modelk 3 comfortable and cool within and to prevent solar fading and cracking to the interior, you should consider coming to Window Tint Z for window film for a Tesla Model 3 upgrade.

    Huper Optik Ceramic Tint in Los Angeles

    Tesla Model 3 Rear Window Tint

    Tesla Model 3 Forum

    Best Window Tint For The Tesla Model 3

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    Tesla Car Carbon Window Tint

    Our Tesla carbon window tint in Miami features a non-reflective black finish that resists fading. This innovative tint technology blocks solar, infrared, and UV rays to ensure a relaxed atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Due to its non-metal design, rest assured the tint will not get in the way of your car and mobile communication systems such as GPS, satellite radios, and others. When you need Tesla model 3 window tint done or other models installation, get in touch with My Tesla Miami for fast, dependable, and professional services.

    Why Is Window Film Important For Teslas

    Tesla owners typically have car window tinting installed for the same reasons as other manufacturer drivers. A quality window film blocks out 99% of damaging UV rays, which is the main cause of skin cancer, fading interior parts, and eventually premature aging of vehicle components. However, the premium ceramic window film blocks IR or infrared radiation. This is what creates heat.

    The main difference between most manufacturers and Teslas is the huge centrally located window that sits atop each model in the line-up. While the primary objective of this window is to improve on-road visibility, a glaring issue is the amount of direct heat that flows into the cabin. For Tesla owners, the additional heat not only reduces the comfort but causes the auto-air conditioning system to activate while the vehicle is parked.

    The AC activates on your Tesla Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and Model S as a safety system to ensure the battery does not overheat. This happens while the vehicle sits outside or is exposed to exterior heat sources.

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    Tesla 3 Factory Window Tint

    When a Tesla Model 3 rolled out of the factory, it has window tint applied to the glass. That Tesla factory window tint simply can’t match the rest of the car in terms of quality, though. The faint factory tint on a Model 3, used in order to ensure compliance with various state laws, is barely enough to reduce the effects of sunlight. A re-tint job is critical if you want to enjoy any of the appreciable benefits of window tint for a Tesla. We make sure your car maintains its looks or is enhanced in appearance by our window films, and of course enhanced in performance as well.

    Tint Haus Ceramic Paint Coating

    Black Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Window Tint in Orlando

    The paint product we use, The Tint Haus Diamond Ceramic is manufactured in the UK and has been tested and proven to 10H making it the toughest coating on the market. The Tint Haus Ceramic coating is also resistant to light scratching and scuffs.

    The other key benefit of the Tint Haus Ceramic coating is that it comes supplied with a lifetime warranty against damage caused by environmental factors bird/bat droppings, tree sap, water marks and paint fade/oxidisation.

    Before we apply the Ceramic Coat to your Tesla, we ensure that the surface is perfectly prepared with:

    • Full pressure wash
    • Clay decontamination
    • Stage 2 buff paint correction

    Then we apply a layered coating on all paint surfaces 3 times, treat your alloy wheels, as well as the Windows and chrome dressings.

    Finally, all painted surfaces are cured under IR heat lamps in our state-of-the-art custom-built facilities.

    Nothing leaves Tint Haus unless it is perfect.

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