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Satin Or Matte Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model 3 | PPF costs DIY vs Pro install

Choosing stealth over a gloss finish is an extremely common choice with car enthusiasts who want to add a unique finish to their vehicle without losing the factory color and finish of their vehicle. This film has the same protective qualities, thickness, and performance of a gloss clear bra. The installation technique and process is also extremely similar although we prefer to do a more thorough disassembly to provide a seamless look without glossy areas showing through trim. As you can see on this Tesla we removed all the trim to hide the edges of the Stek DynoMATT film. Learn more about our satin/matte film options.

How Can Ppf Keep My Tesla Safe

Having a layer of protection film on your Tesla adds a lot of value. Sometimes called clear bra, PPF offers these benefits to your Tesla:

  • Preserves your Teslas original paint from deteriorating.
  • Protects from dirt and road debris.
  • Keeps liquid and water from sticking: Its hydrophobic ability means that it will be easier to clean and that it also prevents corrosion due to water seeping inside.
  • Protection from summer and winter weather: The Tesla paint protection film we install in Charlotte also shields the cars surface from the summer sun and salt-covered roads of the winter.
  • Minor scratches automatically heal. The paint protection film is also self-healing which means the films surface returns to normal after a light scratch or graze.
  • Long-time protection: PPF lasts a long time, so they are like a one-time investment to keep your car new for years.

How Do You Prevent Paint Damage

So if you dont want to have the front end of your car peppered with chips by the time it has done 50,000 miles, you can have it resprayed, but that will cost around £1000 in the UK for a bonnet and bumper partial respray, and you run the risk of the paint not matching, or being a poor finish. Plus you have to spend the first 50,000 miles looking at the ever-increasing range of pimples on your car. The alternative is PPF or Paint Protection Film this clear, highly robust plastic film covers your cars paintwork and adds a physical barrier to the paint meaning that most rocks will bounce off and not be able to chip the paint underneath. It is also incredible at preventing scratches and can even prevent people keying your paintwork. Even if they do manage to cut through the film, the chances are that the paint underneath will be fine when you remove the film. Thats the other benefit if you do manage to damage the film, then individual panels can be peeled off and replaced by a trained installer.

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Full Car Ppf For Teslas

  • The apparent advantage of full car paint protection is that it will offer complete coverage of your Tesla for a longer time. All body panels are equally protected.
  • Full car paint protection also helps with the resale value, as a shiny exterior with minimal or zero blemishes is more desirable.
  • Of course, full coverage costs more than a front-only approach, but the trade-off is a better resale value.

Why Choose Exclusive Detail

Tesla Model 3 PPF (Paint Protection Film) For 1/5th The Price

Searching for Tesla PPF near me may bring up many options, but service makes all the difference when upgrading your Tesla with paint protection film. Thats what Exclusive Detail is all about. Well work with you to choose the ideal PPF solution for your needs, ensure a world-class installation, and review all the details before you drive away. Exclusive Detail stays focused on an unmatched customer experience from start to finish.

Because clients and their vehicles are unique, we adapt our services for each job. Cant come to our conveniently located detailing center? Well pick up the car from you. Looking for a way to keep your Model S, Model Y, Model 3, or Model X looking like new? Well explore all the options down to the last detail. Its why Tesla owners from Myers Park, NoDa, Lake Norman, and across greater Charlotte have come to rely on us. Tesla Model Y PPF near you is at Exclusive Detail.

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Tesla Now Sells The Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit On Their Website As Well As A New Ppf Kit

Last year Tesla began offering a set of mud flaps free of charge to all Canadian Model 3 owners, except for some reason owners in British Columbia.

At the time, the kit only included two mud flaps for the front two wheels, and they came in two different sizes. Early reviews were mixed, as it appeared they had a design flaw where mud and debris could be caught between the mud flap and the car, causing more damage than protecting the vehicle.

Now Tesla has added two versions of the All Weather Protection Kit to its website for anyone to purchase.

Best Tesla Model 3 Ppf Overall: Xpel Ultimate Plus & xpel Stealth

All fingers overwhelmingly pointed to XPEL as THE best Tesla Model 3 PPF wrap to choose.

Overall, Tesla owners love the glossy Ultimate Plus for white and red vehicles,

While the preference for black, blue, and silver models is mixed either wrap makes the car look fantastic.

Including examples for every possible color + wrap combination will make this section too long.

Google Tesla Model 3 + XPEL to preview which one suits your cars color and preferences.

Here are my favorites, though:

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The Benefits Of Adding Ppf To The Tesla Model 3

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Vehicles undoubtedly lose their shine due to normal wear and tear. Having an exterior coating applied at the time of purchase can help to keep that fresh paintwork appeal over time.

Commonly referred to as a clear bra, PPF works as a protective layer that helps to prevent fading and oxidization from the suns harmful rays. Tesla uses a thermoplastic urethane film that is perfect for vehicle exteriors because it is invisible and doesnt distract from the cars overall aesthetic.

This high-tech material most likely appeals to Elon Musk because of its Sci-Fi like properties. PPF is self-healing, meaning that it is capable of resisting high impact and corrosion, healing itself before the damage reaches the vehicle. The film protects vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 against acid rain, mineral deposits, bug residue, and chips from flying rocks. These hazards are absorbed into the films top layer of elastomeric polymers allowing it to change back to its natural shape.

Reason #3 Ppf Offers Tesla Owners The Best Bang For Their Buck

DIY PPF – Tesla Model Y – Front Bumper PPF Install!

One primary consideration for any car owner is measuring the cost of having aftermarket work completed on their vehicles. There was a time when having a professional auto spa or detailer add paint protection film to their car was only for the ultra-rich. However, as technology and manufacturing standards have improved, and installers have better tools like plotters which save precious time and resources, the cost of installation jobs has decreased recently.

Since PPF is the only protection solution that can block UV rays damage, protect the paint from toxins, rock damage, scratches, and holds up for ten-plus years its simply the best financial investment Tesla owners can make.

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How Much Does A Tesla Ceramic Coating Cost

CARPRO CQuartz Professional
Revivify Self Healing Ceramic Coating $1699
  • Coating your windows enhances water beading and improves visibility when driving
  • Coating the tires enhances and maintains their black look
  • Clear coating your wheels keeps contaminants away, for the brakes to work at ideal conditions.

Get your Tesla the protection it deserves with our advanced Nano-ceramic coating. Dont wait up for the paintwork to get damaged as it may end up costing you more to correct it.

Is Ppf Expensive To Install

Cost makes many people avoid car extras that can benefit their cars. However, some additions can prove to be worth every dime.

PPF is expensive to install. Coating your entire Tesla in PPF can cost you between $5,500 to $10,000, depending on the size of your vehicle, labor costs, and product quality.

PPF is expensive due to the benefits it offers your car. Furthermore, you wont need to reapply PPF for another five to ten years.

If you go for PPF, always go for the best brands available. Purchase clear coating with a lengthy warranty and a thickness of at least 8 mil . Additionally, ensure that the PPF has self-healing properties.

PPF installation can take a while, especially if you opt to have PPF on your entire Tesla Model 3.

The installer starts by preparing the paints surface to remove any contaminants that may hinder the PPFs adhesion to the surface. A soap and water mixture known as slip is then sprayed on the surface.

Slip facilitates stretching of the PPF on the cars surface and prevents adhesion before the technician applies the film correctly. Once the technician positions the PPF correctly, they let the slip solution out, allowing the PPF to adhere to the Tesla Model 3.

Those on a budget can opt not to have the entire Tesla Model 3 coated in PPF. Youll have the option of applying the material only on specific parts that are more susceptible to scratching or abrasion.

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Reason #2 Ppf On A Tesla Can Hide Microscopic Paint Imperfections

Modern technology is used to streamline our daily lives. While we all use our mobile devices for everyday communication from emails to video conference calls, some technology solutions help mask issues. One of the best reasons to install paint protection film is the nanotechnology infused in the adhesive.

When PPF is installed, the adhesive slip fills minor scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections found in factory paint jobs even those freshly delivered to customers. This helps to improve the depth, gloss, and shine of the paintwork, making black Tesla vehicles shiny and white models crisp and clean. Adding an extra layer of ceramic coating on top of the clear bra can improve the hydrophobic shine properties and keep the vehicle cleaner.

The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Model 3 Ppf : Cost Best Film Brands Diy Tips And More

Tesla Model 3 PPF (Paint Protection Film): Get It Done For 1/5th The Price

For many, the idea of paying $4k to $8k USD to get a full Tesla Model 3 PPF done is burning money.

Not judging anyone here. Just echoing the general sentiment.

Even $1,200-2,000 for a partial wrap, although reasonable, is still a stretch for some.

But protecting your expensive car isnt out of the question.

After researching like a madman to figure out the most affordable ways to get a Tesla Model 3 PPF done,

I figured I had to share it all.

Whether youve got a $150 budget for a DIY project or are willing to pay for a full-coverage $5K PPF wrap, read on.

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Xpel Stealth For Tesla

XPEL STEALTH features the same self-healing and protective features as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS but gives your Tesla a satin finish. This protective film preserves your matte paint job and keeps it looking sharp. Prevent road debris and door dings from damaging your Teslas exterior with an invisible shield of protection.

Xpel Ultimate Plus For Teslas

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is a paint protection film formulated from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers that prevents discoloring, yellowing or hazing. The film has the technology to heal itself from swirl marks and light scratches. This invisible layer of protection safeguards your Tesla from the rough New England roads.

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What Is Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, as the name implies, is a very thin layer of film that is applied over your Tesla Model 3. Its invisible to the eye, and our professional team of paint protection film applicators have all the skills and experience necessary to ensure a smooth application. That film will then soak up any of the damage that would normally cause all manner of paint chips, marks, and scuffs. That means whether youre driving or your Tesla is parked, you wont have to worry about tiny little imperfections forming in your beautiful paintwork.

What Is The Purpose Of Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model 3 – Front Fender PPF Install

If you opt to add ceramic coating to your Tesla Model 3, its main purpose will be protecting your clear coat. This type of protective barrier acts as a temporary shell to maintain the new appearance of your vehicle.

Similarly, PPF serves to protect your Model 3. However, while the ceramic coating will cover the entire car to protect the clear coat, PPF is a thin layer of plastic that is typically limited to covering the front of the car. While you may choose to coat your entire vehicle with PPF, this is generally not necessary as its main goal is to protect the car from scratches and dings caused by rocks or other debris.

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How Long Does It Take To Install Paint Protection Film

Installation of Tesla PPF in Charlotte typically takes two to five days using a professional service like Exclusive Detail. Several factors determine the timeframe:

  • Coverage Area: Applying PPF over the entire car, for instance, requires more time than adding the film to one area.
  • Preparation: For best success with PPF, the cars surface must be meticulously cleaned. In addition, any paint blemishes or body imperfections need treatment to prevent show-through. We recommend applying PPF prior to this occurring.
  • Material: Some PPF materials are easier to apply than others. Exclusive Detail installs a 10 Mil thick material for significantly more impact resistance.
  • Complexity: The intricate shapes of some vehicles require more time-consuming application techniques.

Relying on a do-it-yourself approach for installation must take all these aspects into account. Plus, unfamiliarity with the tricks of the trade will undoubtedly add more time to the effort.

Which Brands Paint Protection Film Should I Choose

As mentioned, paint protection films are offered by many brands, including XPEL, Ceramic Pros, Kavaca, Sun Tek, LLumar, 3M, and STEK. All these brands have different product options along with their own sets of pros and cons.

Based on our years of experience, we recommend XPEL for customers. XPEL is an industry leader that has developed innovative PPF technology such as self-healing films. For example, XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 MIl is the thickest protection film you can buy for your Tesla and offers 20 percent more protection than thinner alternatives.

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Does Ppf Increase The Tesla Model 3s Resale Value

One might consider PPF worth the cost if it will increase the Tesla Model 3s resale value. However, not all car extras and modifications can increase their value.

Having PPF on a car wont significantly increase a Tesla Model 3s resale value. Buyers and trade-in centers consider aesthetics when valuing your car, but having PPF wont result in a significant bump in resale value.

Resale value goes far beyond car aesthetics. Therefore, if your car looks good on the outside but its interior and mechanics are poorly maintained, you wont get a good price for the vehicle.

So dont invest in full-body PPF thinking that youll recoup the costs during resale. Invest in PPF solely because you value maintaining your Tesla Model 3s aesthetics.

MonsterGadgets on YouTube uploaded a video titled 2021 Tesla Model 3 PPF is it worth the investment?. In the video, he explains that installing PPF on your Tesla wont increase the resale price. You might recoup a fraction of the money you spent installing PPF, but itll still amount to a loss.

MonsterGadgets concludes by stating that he wouldnt install PPF on his Tesla Model 3.

Whats The Difference Between Bulk And Template

Tesla broadens Model 3 shop with All

PPF is usually installed in bulk, meaning you install a large piece of PPF and then cut it precisely to make it fit. That requires a lot more skill and time than installing from a template. A template just means that its pre-cut with a computer. We actually use bulk and template depending on the area and what method is best.

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How Much Does Ppf From Tesla Cost

PPF from Tesla for the Model Y costs $50. The company provides PPF for the rear fenders as part of their weather-protection kit. However, for custom coverage, youll likely have to pay much more.

If you install PPF at home and fail to do a satisfactory job, dont attempt to remove the PPF. Chances are that youll remove the PPF along with some paint. If you mess up, leave the rest to the professionals.

Tesla states that the PPF protects from debris, sand, salt, snow, and stone chips.

Reason #1 Paint Protection Film Is The Only Way To Reduce Paint Chipping

When it comes to the cosmetic appearance of any vehicle, damage to the paintwork due to hitting road debris is near the top of the list. Mild scratches created by automated car washing machines or swirl marks can be fixed through paint correction or polishing by professional detailers. However, when a small piece of gravel or rock hits the paint it can easily penetrate the thin factory clear coat and create a hard-to-fix chip.

PPF or a clear bra is a nearly indestructible thermoplastic polymer that is transparent, long-lasting, and can deflect most road debris once it hits the vehicle. While a ceramic coating can protect your Tesla from environmental contamination, it simply isnt hard enough to make it resistant to hard objects hitting the car at highway speeds.

You can purchase automotive PPF with a matte or high gloss finish, one that heals instantly, and some with ceramic coating infused onto the top layer. Its possible to install on your full hood, full front of the vehicle, or entire Tesla Model Y front to back.

Installing a PPF on your Tesla is the only way to reduce permanent paint damage significantly. Its recommended to have a professional detailer apply PPF on the vehicles front end as this is where most road strike damage occurs.

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