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Disable Fog Lights On Tesla Model :

Tesla Model 3 SR Fog Lights Installation Tutorial

It is essential to think about put out fires because otherwise it is possible that you drain your battery and you may not be able to restart . If you are in this situation you will need recharge your battery using pliers or a mobile battery.

For deactivate the fog lights on your Tesla Model 3 , you can proceed to the following steps:

  • On second ring the stalk exercise 1 step up ,
  • So you will find that the front fog light warning light should turn off.
  • After that you will always have dipped beam headlights activated so you have to go up 2 notches up on the 1st ring in order to completely deactivate the lights on your Tesla Model 3.
  • As soon as this is done, all the lights should go out On your dashboard.
  • When To Turn On The Fog Lights On Tesla Model 3

    The use of fog lights must be done only as soon as you ride in the presence of mist , the snow or with heavy rain damage . Anyway, their use must be in addition to high beam .

    He’s not allowed to make use outside these conditions . Indeed, since they are high intensity lights in order to to overcome a lack of visibility Their use at night without bad weather or other situation, could dazzle other motorists who come in front of you in the opposite direction.

    So it could be dangerous and could cause an accident of the road. This is why the Traffic Laws states that a fourth category fine or, 135 ⬠could be imposed in case of non-compliance the use of lights on the road.

    Finally: now you know the method to activate the fog lights on your Tesla Model 3 , however little warning however activate them at an appropriate time otherwise you could create a accident or then have a fine .

    Tesla Produces Two Variants Of The Standard Range Model : Standard Range And Standard Range Plus There Are Various Ways To Check Which Configuration The Vehicle Is Regardless Of Whats Listed On The About My Tesla Page

    Both vehicles come equipped with a vegan leather partial premium interior. Although Tesla had originally intended for the Standard Range model to have a more basic cloth interior with manual seats, their plans had changed so the interior is identical on both. Tesla even added front heated seats back to the Standard Range model. In terms of appearance, there are no obvious differences.

    Tangible differences come down to two factors: range and features. The Standard Range Plus model should reflect about 240 miles of range at 100% battery, while the Standard Range model will reflect roughly 220 miles of range. Fog lights are included standard on the Standard Range Plus model, and are omitted on the Standard Range. A key way to check which configuration is active is to enable Immersive Sound on the touchscreen under audio settings, as this can only be enabled on the Standard Range Plus configuration.

    It should be noted that either configuration can have Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability, although Autopilot wasnt always standard on the Standard Range Plus as it is today when purchased new. It is possible to add Autopilot to the Standard Range model for $3,000.

    Originally published at on February 13, 2020.

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    Startech Fog Light Kit For Tesla Model 3

    TAG Motorsports is pleased to offer the STARTECH Fog Light Kit for the Tesla Model 3.

    Works with STARTECH Front Bumper

    Only fits vehicles with serial fog lights.


    WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, as well as chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

    Tesla Model 3 With Upgraded Headlights Appears In China

    Carbon Fibre Look Front Fog Lights Lamp Eyebrow Trim For Tesla Model 3 ...

    Tesla Model 3 with upgraded headlight features. Photo: @894188772 on Twitter, courtesy of CY

    With so many random Tesla vehicles spotted around the world, and so many moving and changing parts to Teslas operations, it can be tough to keep track of what new vehicles are going where, and why.

    In a photo posted on Twitter Tuesday morning, a Tesla Model 3 is pictured with added headlight features, including fog lights, and upgrades to the regular headlight. The photo was originally from CY on Weibo and was tweeted by Twitter user @894188772, along with a short document explaining some of the upgrades.

    According to the document, the upgraded Tesla headlights apparently offer a brighter, more focused light beam, which can illuminate further than the previous headlights. In addition, there are now fog lights included.

    While commenters on Twitter speculated as to what the exact origin of the vehicle was, most seemed to guess that it was a Standard Range Plus Model 3, some even positing that this would be the Model 3 which was being imported to Europe from China.

    Just found this on weibo. original credit to CY The new headlight module compared to old one:1. New module lenses make light beam more focused2. New module is more brighter

    Xinzhang Li

    Whatever the origin of the mystery Model 3 is, its definitely a head-turner with those upgraded headlights and foglights. And soon it will most likely be turning some heads in Europe.

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    Model 3/y Front Fog Light

    Upgrading your OEM fog lights to our LED sequential turn signals DRL Daytime Running Lights Increasing visibility and safety.

    Features:-The light animation starts each time the fog lights are turned on-Plug & Play installation with the existing Tesla wiring harness-Provide a cool sequential turn signal animation-Lights up in white under normal conditions as a fog light. -Turn signals will activate a sequential animation in the color amber.

    Applicable Model: Model 3/Model YSpecification: 2pcs/set

    Rear Bumper Reflector Tail light: Eagle Eye Style Tail Light: Front Foglight Trim Cover:

    Install The Fog Lights On Tesla Model :

    For activate the fog lights on your Tesla Model 3, you can perform the following manipulation:

  • Start on your car,
  • Switch on the parking lights while turning one step down the outer ring of the handle.
  • It would be advisable to see the green position light indicator light up on the dashboard
  • Then spin a second step down the outer ring in order to turn on the low beam ,
  • There again green low beam indicator light should come on,
  • Then use the second ring on the same command and when press down to turn on the fog lights.
  • If the action worked you should see appear the fog light indicator on the dashboard of your Tesla Model 3.
  • Notes : it’s important to to distinguish le light fires front and rear fog light .

    • Front fog lights :
    • An oval shape with 3 lines, to the left of the oval shape.
    • The lines are down and a sinuous line is superimposed to represent the mist.
    • Indicator light color: green.
  • An oval shape using 3 lines, to the right of the oval shape.
  • The lines are horizontal and a sinuous line is superimposed to represent the mist.
  • Indicator light color: orange.
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    How To Control Lights On Model 3

    Controlling Lights

    Touch Controls > Lights on the touchscreen to control the lights.

    In addition to the lights that you can control from the touchscreen, Tesla Model 3 has convenience lights that operate automatically based on what you are doing. For example, in low ambient lighting conditions, interior lights, marker lights, tail lights, and puddle lights turn on when you unlock Model 3, when you open a door, and when you shift into Park. They turn off after a minute or two or when you shift into a driving gear or lock Model 3.

    Exterior lights are set to AUTO each time you start Model 3. When set to AUTO, exterior lights automatically turn on when driving in low lighting conditions. If you change to a different setting, lights always revert to AUTO on your next drive.Touch one of these options to temporarily change the exterior light setting: OFF: Exterior lights turn off until you manually turn them back on or until the next time you drive. PARKING: Only the exterior side marker lights, parking lights, tail lights and license plate lights turn on. ON: Exterior lights turn on.

    A separate control is available to turn on fog lights . When on, fog lights operate whenever low beam headlights are on. When headlights are turned off, fog lights also turn off.

    If you turn on Auto High Beam, your vehicle automatically switches from high beam headlights to low beam headlights when light is detected in front of Model 3.

    High Beam Headlights

    Headlights After Exit

    Turn Signals

    Premium Led Version With High Grade Acrylic That Does Not Fade For Years Of Use

    Tesla Model 3 Turn on/off fog lights

    PimpMyEV brings a brand new and very unique product for Model 3. Inspired by a number of existing designs including the very first Audi sequential lights and the Rocket Bunny Aero V2 kit. We now have complimented this design by applying it to Teslas.

    The sequential indicators and daylight driving lights kit gives you an awesome animated version of your turn signals. The big and brash LEDs make the front of your Model 3 aggressive and makes it stand out from the crowd. This upgrade enhances the functionality of your fog lights to provide styling and features never before seen on a Model 3.

    Replaces Front Fog Lights – Easily wired and slots into place of the front fog lights.

    Multiple Wiring Harnesses – Comes with both wiring harnesses for Model 3 performance, long range and regular version. Some Model 3’s do not have functional fog lights, so this upgrade provides the ultimate upgrade you never got from Tesla.

    Functional– Stays lit up when your car is on and animates with turn signal operation.

    Completely plug & play Waterproof housingTHE DEETS:

    • Daylight driving lights: 5000k at 1200 lumens accross 5 LEDs
    • Sequential indicators animation: 2000k at 1200 lumens across 5 LEDs
    • High quality LEDs with overheat protection
    • Water proof housing

    2x Lights for each front fog light.


    For extended instructions of how to install this mod, please watch the sponsored video below.


    This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas.

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    How To Turn On The Tesla Model 3 Front Fog Lights

    Published by electric people | February 24, 2022 | Tesla Model 3 | 0 |

    With the bad weather and morning mist, you want to operate the front fog lights of your Tesla Model 3 , so that you can see better and also be seen. The problem is that you have no idea how to do . But do not worry about this article we will explain to you how to turn on and off these fog lights on your vehicle. Subsequently if you are ever interested in this we will call back some rules of the road on the activation of the fog lights and what you risk when you do not respect that.

    How To Activate The Front Fog Lights On Tesla Model 3

    First of all, your Tesla Model 3 has several types of front lights, which we have listed below:

    • Position lights or night lights:
    • For being seen when the brightness decreases but does not allow to see .
  • Then traffic lights or then codes:
  • Offer the possibility of see the road at night et to be seen at a limited distance, without dazzling .
  • The Redlights :
  • Destined for see over long distances at night if no motorist arrives in the opposite lane.
  • And finally the fog lights.
  • Usable in case bad weather like heavy rain and using the fog or SNOW .
  • All will be adjustable with a joystick available on your steering wheel. This can be on the right or on the left depending on the year of construction of your Tesla Model 3. This command allows you to simply change the activation of the lights while keeping an eye on the road.

    On this controller you will distinguish 2 rings. One at the end that will allow you to manage the sidelamps and dipped beams . And a second ring in the center of the lever to manage your front and rear fog lights . To help you distinguish them you will find cartoon fire logos on the rings of the lever.

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