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Cost To Charge A Tesla At Home

Tesla Model 3: Orientation – Charging Port

The cost to charge a Tesla at home is usually fairly economical, more so than on the road or than of an equivalent gas vehicle. For example, the average cost of electricity in the United States is around $0.13 per kWh. So, hypothetically, charging a Model 3 Standard Range Plus with a 75 kWh battery from 0% to 100% would cost $9.75. See How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Tesla for more.

Specific Tesla Charging Errors

There is a real litany of error codes that can emerge in your Tesla. Thats not to say they will always emerge, but its still a bit like dealing with a problematic printer or copier with all its strange error codes and unhelpful information.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of a comprehensive Tesla-provided error guide that you can find in the owners manual for each model. For example, you can to see the list of error codes on the Model 3. Take Error Code CC_a013, for instance: Unable to Charge Charge handle too hot. Check charge handle or charge port for debris.

In this case, your charging may have been interrupted by an instance of overheating, and this error message is giving you probable cause as to how it might have happened. You can check the connector is properly inserted into the charge port, that it is not covered by anything, and in Teslas words that there is no heat source nearby.

Most error message advice also includes a point that you should seek help from the Tesla Service Center if all conditions are correct and the problem seems to persist, whatever it might be. If you browse the full list, youll find a number of charging-related errors, many to do with the Tesla Wall Connector, and charging port on the car itself. Your manual is a good place to start with if youre unsure about what to do about specific errors that arise.

Charging At A Tesla Supercharger Station

Tesla provides its owners with ample fast charging options while charging on the road. In addition to the ability to charge at a growing number of public charging stations , Tesla owners can also charge quickly and cost-effectively at one of the many convenient Tesla Supercharging stations placed strategically throughout the country on popular routes.

These high-speed chargers are also sometimes called DC Fast chargers or Level 3 in the EV parlance, but for Tesla owners, they are simply called Superchargers.

Superchargers allow Tesla owners to simply pull up and plug in to start charging, unlike most other public chargers. Any costs incurred are billed directly to the owners account.

Theres no need to log in when arriving at the station, the station recognizes the car and the account automatically. Founder Elon Musk wanted to ensure charging is easy and simple for Tesla owners and a better experience than going to a gas station.

Each Supercharging station has multiple stalls, often between 8 and 12, so multiple vehicles can charge at once. There are different types of Superchargers, each with unique characteristics, which well explain below.

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Your Wall Charger Is Faulty

Wall charger errors are actually very common with Tesla owners, especially when using third-party chargers, but frankly even the official Tesla Wall Connector can be a real pain at times. If your wall charger is experiencing technical issues or is in need of servicing, then your Tesla will display this error message or a similar one.

Level 1 Vs Level 2 Vs Level 3 Ev Charging

Tesla Model 3 charge port

You may hear the terms Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging. Heres a brief overview of what they mean.

  • Level 1 Chargers This is simply charging at home on a regular AC 110V outlet. This very slow and you may get something like 2 to 5 miles of Range Per Hour .
  • Level 2 Chargers These are higher voltage 240V AC based chargers. Theyre still fairly slow and can typically deliver around 25 miles of RPH. ChargePoint has many Level 2 charging stations.
  • Level 3 Chargers Level 3 chargers are DC Fast chargers that tap directly into the vehicles battery system and can deliver anywhere from 100 to 1000 miles of RPH.

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Am I Charging At A Faulty Tesla Supercharger

Whilst charging your car at a supercharger you might plug it in, only to come back and see it hasnt been charging or it stopped prematurely. You may also not be able to start charging your Tesla Model 3 at the supercharger. If this is the case the first thing to do is to try a different supercharger. Its fairly common for superchargers to go down at the services and swapping to a different one normally solves the issue.

If you have tried a few superchargers and it is still not charging, then there is likely an issue somewhere else. If the car stops charging whilst plugged into the supercharger you should also receive a notification through the Tesla app.

Cost And Paying For Charging At Public Stations

Public charging stations all unfortunately have different payment methods. Luckily many of these companies have entered into roaming agreements with one another. So if you get a Chargepoint account, for example, you can roam on EVgo and Electrify America networks. There are also different options to pay . Check the Chargepoint site for for information, if youre interested.

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Install A Wall Connector

For home charging, most people install a Tesla Wall Connector that includes the Tesla connector cable and taps directly to your homes 240V electrical circuit so you can enjoy relatively high-speed charging overnight.

When charging at home, it usually takes a few hours to overnight to fully charge a battery, depending on how many amps are powering your Wall Connector . Most people connect the Wall Charger to a 60 amp circuit, which provides 11.5 kW of charging power and will provide 30 to 44 miles of Range Per Hour for a Model X and Model 3, respectively.

Let’s Take A Look At The Tesla Proprietary Charging Inlet In North America And See How It Works

Tesla Model 3 Charge Port Hacking : Intro

If you ever wondered how the Tesla proprietary charging port is built and how it works, search no more, as here is one of the best videos on this topic, provided by Ingineerix.

What we see above is the entire charging port, taken from a Tesla Model 3 – it’s basically the same in the Tesla Model Y. The European one is different, because it uses a CCS 2 Combo-compatible charging inlet.

Tesla developed its proprietary charging connector for both AC charging and DC fast charging in the early days for the Tesla Model S, when there was nothing aside from the AC SAE J1772 and the clunky CHAdeMO for DC charging.

The manufacturer managed to create a very elegant, compact and easy to use solution for AC and DC charging, which turned out to be future-proof for charging at up to 250 kW .

The beautiful design is a shame for the entire automotive industry, which required years to agree and develop a DC charging standard.

The Tesla charging port is located on the driver’s side rear end, in the light area. It has many smart solutions, including an inductive sensor , detection of the flap position, motor to open and close the flap and an LED for status, as well as an actuator to lock the plug inside the inlet . There are also temperature sensors.

Inside the inlet, we can see two large current pins, a medium pin for ground pin , and two additional signal pins .

For now the Tesla charging system appears to not be designed to support bi-directional charging .

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Do I Need Any Experience

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Will I Have Any Problems Charging My Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 does have its charging problems. The majority of these can be solved quickly and easily without having to take the car to a service centre. Reboots are very handy and normally solve any light software issues related to charging. Previous faults are already known to Tesla and they are fixing these issues with recalls.

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling EV in Europe for good reason. Although the car does have some charging problems they are not all that common. You should be comfortable owning your Tesla Model 3 in the knowledge that charging problems are infrequent and easily managed.

We hope youve gained something valuable from the article and we have set you on the way to fixing your Model 3 Charging Issues. Please leave us a comment and let us know!

We also have a handy article on charging problems for the Model S.

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Does My Tesla Model 3 Have A Charging Software Problem

Sometimes software glitches can cause Tesla Model 3 charging problems. These software glitches can normally be fixed by rebooting the car. If your Tesla Model 3 has got a charging problem after a new update then the issue could be with the updated software. You will need to contact Tesla to check if this is the case. Rebooting the car is good practice here.

The Tesla Charging Port

Car &  Truck Battery Cables &  Connectors Tesla Model 3 Charge Port ...

All electric cars, including Tesla vehicles, have a charge port . These charge ports have a special EV charging connector that connect compatible charging cables. There are four major charge port connectors in the US, with Tesla being one of them, and one of the most popular, especially as they continue to outsell other electric vehicles.

The charge port on Teslas is located on the left rear of the vehicle near the taillight assembly is and integrated in such a way that the charge port door is hidden and neatly integrated into the design.

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Tesla Model S Prototype Spotted With New Charge Port And Taillights

A Tesla Model S prototype has been spotted with a new charge port and taillights near the Fremont factory.

It could be an upcoming update or the European version.

Tesla started producing a refreshed version of the Model S just six months ago with a completely new interior, refreshed exterior features, and updated powertrain.

Thats why its surprising to see a new Model S prototype already being spotted testing by Tesla.

We have been hearing a lot of rumors of an updated Model S prototype being spotted driven around Teslas Fremont factory over the last month.

Now it has been spotted by TMC forum user liludiivert around the factory, and they shared some pictures of the vehicle :

The vehicle features update taillights and doesnt have the same trim over the license plate though it looks like it might just be off.

Another obvious change is the charge port next to the taillight on the drivers side.

It is normally very small on the Model S, but this one looks larger and just like the one you will find on a Model 3 or Model Y.

Tesla designed a bigger charge port for the Model 3 because it built the vehicle with the CCS standard in mind for the European market.

For the North American market, where Tesla still uses its own proprietary plug, the charge port appears oversized, but in Europe, it comes with the bigger CCS plug, which fills the charge port.

Therefore, it could be that this new Model S is the European version of the refreshed version of Teslas flagship sedan.

Scheduled Charging And Scheduled Departure

Toggle between Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging by touching Controls> Charging> Switch to Scheduled Charging/Scheduled Departure when Model 3 is in Park.

Think of Scheduled Charging as “When do I want charging to start?” compared to Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging which is “When do I want charging to be complete?”

Scheduled Charging can be used together with Scheduled Departure Preconditioning but not with Scheduled Departure Off-Peak Charging.

Scheduled Charging/Scheduled Departure settings are automatically saved for each location.

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Explained: Tesla Model 3 Charge Port May Not Open When Pressed Error Message

You may be wondering what is the meaning of Tesla Model 3 charge port may not open when pressed error message. This article will look at possible causes and a remedy for this problem. If your Tesla Model 3s charge port does not open when pressed, you may need to update the software in your car. Fortunately, this issue is not a complicated one. Listed below are a few possible solutions:

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Model 3

Replacing my Tesla Model 3 Charge Port Lid | Vlog 115

The table shown below shows estimates of the cost to charge the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 60 kWh battery at home or using a rapid charge point. Cost estimates are dependent on the charge remaining, usable battery capacity, and age of battery pack. Cost per mile is calculated using an estimate of real-world range.

4.6 p/mile

Based on these figures, the Tesla Model 3s fuel costs are 4-6 p/mile based on real-world energy usage, the cost depending on the type of charging. In general, home charging provides the cheapest per mile cost and public rapid charging tends to be around double the cost . These fuel costs compare favourably with 12-15 p/mile for conventional petrol and diesel cars.

To find the cost and times to charge an EV on a public charge point, Zap-Maps Public Charging Calculator calculates charging costs for any new or used plug-in vehicle. The results can be personalised for different electricity costs and the level of charge required.

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Where To Charge A Tesla

You can charge a Tesla almost anywhere there is power, even a 110V outlet since Tesla includes adapters for standard power outlets .

That said, most people install high speed charging adapters at home, or if they live in an apartment, either use included Mobile Adapter or visit a nearby Tesla Supercharger to fill up quickly.

On the road, you can utilize the robust Tesla Supercharger network, one of the largest in the world and other public charging stations. Well get into more of that in a bit.

So What Cables Do You Really Need

It really depends on your use. For most owners, the standard cables from Tesla will be all you ever need especially once Tesla add more Superchargers. With the standard cables, you can charge:

  • at chargers with tethered Type2 connectors
  • at any location with a household power socket

You may well want to get a Type2 to Type2 cable, as these are becoming more common, especially as all new EVs coming onto the market also use Type2 connectors. The Business Directory lists businesses that sell charging cables and adaptors , so it is worth taking a look for all your charging cables and adaptors.

There are few sites that still have Type1 connectors, and they are often quite slow, so unless you routinely park somewhere that has one of these, its unlikely youll need a Type1 to Type2.

If you want to be able to charge at high-speed from third-party rapid chargers, and you own a Model S or X, you may want to get either a CCS2-adapter , or a CHAdeMO adapter, or you can choose to borrow club adapters when you go on trips.

If you plan to travel longer distances further out of town, then a set of 3-phase tails are worth investing in there are many locations that have available 3-phase connectors, and the is mostly made up of these sockets.

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How To Unlock The Charge Port

The following methods should offer a quick fix to unlock your Model 3 charge port:

  • Physically press and release the middle of the charge port itself
  • Press Open Charge Port on the interior touchscreen
  • Press Open Charge Port on the Tesla Smartphone App
  • If you have a Key Fob, press the rear trunk button for 2 seconds
  • Press the thumb button on top of a charger handle or Supercharger handle
  • System Reboot: While pressing the brake, press and hold both steering wheel scroll wheels for 10 seconds until the screen turns black and begins rebooting
  • Installing the newest software update

Assuming your charge port door is not stuck due to unique circumstances, these different methods for opening your charge port door should work. Make sure to go through each method before relying on alternative solutions.

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Charge Port Still Not Opening

Tesla Model 3 design &  styling

If youve tried all of these fixes without success, it may be time to connect Tesla Service.

Driving your Tesla to a local Tesla Service Center may be the best option because your car will run out of charge assuming you cannot open the charge port to charge it.

If your car runs out of charge at a Tesla Service Center, you know you are in good hands.

Another option is scheduling a Tesla Mobile Service appointment on your Tesla Smartphone App.

This may be more convenient because you can leave your car at home and they will come out to you, but it may take a week or two until you get an appointment.

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