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Tesla Model Y Long Range Vs Performance: Which Electric Suv Is The Better Buy

Tesla Model 3 DRAG RACE *Performance v Long Range v Standard Plus*

Weighing the pros and cons of the new 2020 Tesla Model Y trims.

Range or performance? It used to be that electric car buyers had to choose between efficiency and fun. The 2020 Tesla Model Y proves that those days are long gone. Tesla currently offers up two trims for the Model Y Dual Motor: the Model Y Long Range and the Model Y Performance, the latter of which is also available with a higher-performance upgrade package at no extra charge.

We’ve driven both the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance with the Performance Upgrade Package extensively back-to-back. Although we like both, it’s safe to say that right now, the sweet spot right now is the Model Y Long Range.

In order to understand why, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to quickly look at the specs. The Model Y Long Range is the current entry-level model in the Model Y lineup . Starting at $54,190, it sports a front and rear motor that combine to make 384 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. The combo is good for an EPA-estimated 316 miles of range and an impressive 4.6 second 0-60 mph time.

To transform the Long Range into the Model Y Performance, Tesla adds a new spoiler and performs a rear motor swap and some tuning changes. Starting at $62,190, it gets a combined 456 hp and 497 lb-ft of torque and has a 315-mile EPA-estimated range. Yep, you lose one mile of range for all that added power, which isn’t utilized on the EPA test cycle.

2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor

Differences Between Tesla Model 3 Long Range And Performance

Tesla Model 3 keeps getting better every year due to extra features added. The model has become a benchmark for others in the past decade.

The long range and performance variants have some close similarities resulting in decision-making challenges among potential buyers.

Below are the vital factors that help tell the differences between Tesla model 3 long range and performance. Take the time to read through each element and make an informed decision before buying the variant of your choice.

Tesla Standard Range Vs Long Range: Which Ev Is Best

Nick Versaw

Despite some buyers still struggling with range anxiety, Tesla models have become very popular. Theyve gone from a rare novelty to a stop-light staple in a matter of a few years. This is fueled by their steadily improving range and increased access to the fast-chargingSupercharger network, which can add 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

Teslas lineup was once filled with Standard Range and Long Range versions of each of its models. However, today, only the Model 3 has these two variants. And with both models sharing features like the standard 15-inch infotainmenttouchscreen, standard adaptive cruise control, standard Bluetooth connectivity, free over-the-air software updates, and available AutoPilot self-driving capabilities, it can be hard to pick between the two models.

Below, we explore the Tesla Standard Range vs. Long Range Model 3 to help you choose the right one.

Compare Teslas in Your Area

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Long Range Vs Performance: What Are The Similarities

Tesla Model Y Performance is a bit faster off the block than its sibling the Long Range AWD.

While both are distinct brands, thats not to say the two dont share some similarities, however. For instance, both trounce the range of the standard range Model Y. Additionally, both come with the same display, the same amount of storage space, and the same seats and color schemes on the interior.

Model Y Performance Vs Long Range: Range

Tesla Model 3 å¨åç³»ç»ï¼ä¸»éå?å¨ï¼è§£æ?ï¼ä¸ï¼

We begin with one of the factors that make a Tesla what is it the economy. The Model Y Long Range comes with a rating of 330 miles when it is completely charged. This is one of the best figures in its class. If you get the Performance, youll have to lose some miles though.

The Model Y Performance is good for a maximum of 303 miles of range on a full battery. This is due to a greater focus on its speed and acceleration figures. Despite the drop in mileage, this is still one of the best CUV offerings in terms of fuel economy.

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Which Tesla Model 3 Trim Is Best Heres Our Guide

Standard, Long Range, or Performance? We consider which Model 3 trim is best.

Read around our site a bit, and it’ll be obvious we’re fans of the Tesla Model 3 sedan. Not only does it hold the top spot in our rankings of electric cars, but the Model 3 is also our favorite compact luxury sedan , rated above the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. It’s the cheapest Tesla you can buy, and it still delivers generous range, strong safety ratings, and impressive performance.

But even if you’ve decided you want a Model 3 over a Model Y or a BMW i4, there’s still one more decision to make. Tesla offers three trim levels for the Model 3: Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. Each variant provides strengths and weaknesses in terms of cost, range, and athleticism stick around while we spell out the pros and cons of each Model 3 and which trim we think is best.

No Matter The Version Model 3 Is A Blast To Drive

The Model 3 Performance has managed to make it on our shortlist of cars with fantastic driving dynamics. Tesla says this vehicleâs performance is faster than 80% of sports cars out there and we tend to agree after having driven both versions. The Tesla Model 3 Long Rangeâs horsepower also backs this up!

We have been plenty vocal about how much we enjoy driving the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It’s a pure blast to drive and makes you feel like a kid in a spaceship. Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 has no competition at its price point.

Register Your EV today with Optiwatt and learn how to better charge your vehicle as well as your wallet!

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Better And Better

As the most popular Tesla model, the Model 3 is becoming the benchmark in its class, not only for price point but also performance. The best thing about the Tesla Model 3 is that it’s constantly improving. And when it comes to performance, the Model 3 doesn’t joke around either.

Take the Tesla Model 3 Performance, for exampleâthis version has a motor-generator unit with a high-efficiency, four-pole AC induction motor that produces 480 horsepower, which makes it capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. In addition, the range of this model is 315 miles.

While the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the top version available, the 2021 Model 3 also comes in two other trims: Standard Range Plus and Long Range.

Aero Wheels For The Model 3 Performance

2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range – Which Is Better?

For our experiment we chose the FAST EV01+ wheel from Canadian supplier Fastco. This is a lightweight flow formed wheel with removeable aero inserts. In several different independent tests, the EV01+ demonstrated nearly identical efficiency to the OEM Tesla aero wheels. They are also hub centric for the Model 3 Performance, providing a factory-level fit without adaptors or centering rings. This makes them safer and less prone to vibrations than multi-fit wheels.

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Does Acceleration Boost Add Track Mode

Track Mode is a feature that is exclusive to Performance models. It allows you to adjust how your vehicle handles and performs. For example, it allows you to adjust features that may be useful on a track, such as adjusting the motor bias from front to rear, reducing traction control or adjusting vehicle cooling.

Although vehicles with Acceleration Boost have better performance than their Long Range counterparts, they do not include Tesla’s Track Mode feature.

The Most Efficient Tires

For the rubber, we selected the Michelin Energy Saver A/S, currently the lowest rolling resistance tire available in the 235/45R18 size. These tires are even more efficient than the Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires fitted to the Model 3 Long Range from the factory.

Weighing 22.4 lbs each, the EV01+ wheel is almost 10 pounds lighter than the hefty OEM Uberturbine wheel. While three pounds of that weight savings is negated because the smaller wheels necessitate a taller tire, the new combo tips the scales at 7.1 pounds less than the factory setup. This alone will translate into a small efficiency increase. Normally this reduction in unsprung weight would also improve acceleration, but any celerity gained here was neutralized by our eco-friendly tires lack of traction.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance: Whats The Difference Faqs

Is Tesla Model 3 performance package worth it?

The Model 3 performance is designed for people who dont mind paying a little extra for boosted performance features like top speed and 0-60 times.

Why is the model 3 performance faster than the long-range?

The Performance is faster because its lower, has bigger wheels, and is specially tuned for speed and acceleration, not energy conservation.

Does Model 3 performance have ludicrous mode?

None of the Tesla Model 3s have Ludicrous mode, a feature only available on the Model S. It may be added in the future.

How do you tell if a Tesla Model 3 is a performance?

The Performance trim package has red brake calipers, larger wheels, and metal pedals on the interior.

Is a Tesla Model 3 long-range worth it?

The Model 3 Long Range is worth it for anyone looking to get the maximum range out of their Tesla and isnt as concerned with getting maximum speed.

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Tesla Model Y Long Range Vs Performance: Which Version Is Superior

實測 Tesla Model 3 LR éå¼æå?ç´ãAcceleration Boostã?å?/å¾ VS. Performance Model ...

Even with these details, the Long Range vs Performance debate is still a tough call. How can you possibly pick between two solid and dependable trims for an equally solid and dependable EV? Both are bestsellers, have a similar interior, and came out the same day. Sure, the Performance trim has the higher top speed and faster acceleration. Not to mention, the Performance trim has the larger horsepower. But, when all is said and done, the Long Range offers several features that are just flat-out better. Better range, cheaper price, more seating, smaller tires, lighter overall weight. Ultimately, you just have to hand it to the Long Range Model Y.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance: Summary

Model 3 is a fantastic option for anyone shopping for an affordable EV. Within the Model 3 lineup are three trims, the Rear-wheel, Long Range, and Performance models. The Long Range is in the middle for price and performance and has the furthest range. The Performance is the most expensive, but delivers the best performance, and has the second highest range.

Which Tesla Model 3 Range Is Best For You

Determining the best Tesla Model 3 option for you can be tricky because of the range vs. efficiency debate. The Long Range model is technically less efficient than the Standard Range model, but the Long Range model offers added convenience with more miles between charges.

With 272 miles of range on the Standard Range model, the average commuter, who drives about 32 miles per day, five days a week, will suck up 160 miles of that range just driving to work and back. This leaves 112 miles of driving range for various odds and ends throughout the week, such as dance recitals, baseball games, grocery trips, and other errands, without having to charge.

Thats just 22.4 spare miles per day without the weekend, and 16 miles per day with the weekends. For most drivers, this means youll have to charge your Model 3 at least once and maybe twice a week to ensure you have enough juice to get where you need to go.

With the Long Range versions extra 86 miles of range, you now have 246 leftover miles after the average American commute. This gives you an extra 49.2 miles per day when youre just counting weekdays and 35.1 miles per day when counting the weekends. Unless youre planning a road trip out of town for the weekend, youll likely have plenty of charge to last through Sunday.

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What Is The Model Y Battery Size

Even though both cars are different in performance factors, both of them have the same battery pack. So if you are looking at the Model Y, both the Performance and Long Range models have a 75 kWh Lithium-ion battery under the frunk.

Both cars have Dual AC Electric motors powering the front and rear. These two motors are responsible for controlling the Model Y Performance hp and torque of both the front and rear wheels.

Which Tesla Model Y Flavor Is Best For You Performance Vs Long Range

2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range VS Performance Consumption Test with @Bjørn Nyland

At some point in time, every Tesla Model Y prospective buyer faces that tough decision to weigh the pros and cons of a Performance variant over the Long Range. Teslas Model Y design studio is as simple as it can get. Two toggle buttons labeled Long Range and another labeled Performance stands between you and ownership.

For some, its an emphatic and instinctive yes when it comes to buying a fully-loaded Tesla, and for others, the decision to splurge a tiny more on a Model Y Performance takes some pondering.

YouTube channel The Kilowatts compared the two Model Ys, highlighting the main similarities and subtle differences between the Long Range and Performance variants. The results revealed something quite interesting: the efficiency of the two vehicles was remarkably similar.

In the short but spirited comparison between the two cars, the handling and acceleration of the Model Y Performance seemed to stick out as a critical difference. Equipped with 21 Überturbine wheels, performance brakes, lowered suspension, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler, the Model Y Performance variant combined with the optional Performance Upgrade Package is ideal for an owner who wants a quicker and more intense driving experience.

The vehicles stability and handling were also highlighted by automotive veteran Sandy Munro, who once said driving the Model Y was like riding on rails.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Pros And Cons

The central difference between the Standard and Long Range versions of the Model 3 is the latter’s second electric motor. In addition to the rear motor, Long Range and Performance versions of the Model 3 include a front motor for dual-motor all-wheel drive.

The Model 3 Long Range will set you back about $50,000 before paint and interior options, but there are notable benefitsin addition to AWD tractionto spending the extra $10K. First off, range jumps by almost 35 percent to 353 miles. The Long Range is quicker than its little sibling, too, hustling to 60 mph in a claimed 4.2 seconds. Autobahners and speedoholics will also be pleased to know the Model 3 Long Range tops out at 145 mph.

Acceleration Boost Vs Performance Times

While Acceleration Boost will give you a very noticeable boost in all performance aspects, it will not turn your vehicle into a Performance model.

Here are the 0 to 60 mph time comparisons between the Long Range model, Long Range with Acceleration Boost and Performance models.

4.3 seconds 3.5 seconds

As you can see from the table above, a Long Range model with the Acceleration Boost upgrade falls roughly between a Performance model and the Long Range model in terms of acceleration.

The graph above was created by an independent owner and displays the vehicle’s performance from 0 to 10, 0 to 20, 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 mph after purchasing Tesla’s Acceleration Boost. From the graph we can see how the vehicle’s acceleration rate remains fairly constant from 0 all the way to 60 mph.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance

As far as power goesâthe top trim of the Tesla 3 is a high-performance machine. A smaller battery with less power is offered in the Long Range model, but the Performance version of the car has a bigger battery and more horsepower, reaching 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. That’s impressive for an electric car that costs only $57,990, making it one of the most affordable high-performance cars on the market. This car far surpasses any electrical car on the market with its size, price tag, and power output.

Teslamodel 3 Vs Fordmustang Mach

Tesla Model Y Performance Real

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was a surprising winner when it debuted last year, quickly banishing any complaints one might have about Ford attaching the Mustang name to an electric crossover SUV. It’s quick, spacious and fun to drive, and real-world range is impressive. It’s a bit more comfortable than the Model 3 too. The Model 3 is still easier to road-trip because of Tesla’s vast Supercharger network.

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The Success Of The Model Y

Despite the debate over the Long Range vs Performance, the Model Y at large is still hugely successful. While Elon Musk is notorious for making promises and predictions that dont always come true, his foresight with the Model Y was certainly impressive. As far back as 2016, Musk predicted that demand for Model Ys would surpass the demand for Model 3s. While some scoffed at Musks big estimate, all these years later, he might not be that far off.

Might is the key word here, as Tesla has not revealed any substantial sales figures for the Model Y yet. However, on a call with investors and shareholders, Musk claimed that the Model Y was well on its way to being the highest-selling vehicle in America. That distinction is currently held by the Toyota Corolla, averaging around 1.15 million units sold annually. If Musk is to be believed, then the Model Y must be somewhere not far behind the Corollas numbers.

We also know that the Model Ys sales have surpassed the Model 3s. Moreover, we know that the Model 3 sells around 250,000-300,000 vehicles a quarter. That puts the Model Y above those numbers while remaining markedly less than the Corollas 1.15 million a year. Theres no doubt Tesla can handle it, either. With the combined power of the Gigafactories in Texas, Germany, California, and Shanghai, Tesla can manufacture a million Model Ys a year.

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