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Saving Money On Your Ev Road Trip

Tesla vs Gas: TRUE Charging Cost After 75,000 Miles

You’ll want to factor in extra time costs associated with finding a commercial charging station. If you dont plan your road trip around the location of EV charging stations, you could spend a significant amount of time driving out of your way and even more time waiting for your EV to charge. These extra miles add to the cost of your trip.

The national network of electric vehicle charging stations is set to expand under a $5 billion program established under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula program. The program was established by the Infrastructure Law that passed in Feb. 2022.

You can take steps to help reduce the cost of your EV road trip and make the costs more predictable. First, plan your route so that you can visit chargers when youll need them. Plan your time while you wait for your EV to charge. There are plenty of tools available to help you. Teslas come with their own route planner, and you can use apps like A Better Route Planner or PlugShare. Google Maps can also highlight EV charging stations.

There are also a number of other ways you can save money on EV charges while on a road trip:

Finally, dont try to fill up your battery at every charging station. Just get enough juice to get you comfortably to your next stop, so you can spend time enjoying your trip.

Level 2 Public Charging

Level 2 is the most prevalent type of pubic charging, and youll find units installed in retail parking lots, public parking garages, and new-car dealerships, typically in or near larger cities, college towns, and other areas where theres a higher concentration of EVs.

Some Level 2 public charging stations can be used at no cost, while others charge a fee. This can either be on a pay-as-you-go basis using a credit card, or via an account with a charging network like ChargePoint or Blink. The cost to charge an EV differs from provider to provider and from state to state. Some states allow pricing based on the kWh of electricity used, while others only allow providers to charge on a per-minute basis. While the ChargePoint network allows the property owner where the charger is situated to set rates, Blink charges between $0.04-$0.06 per minute or from $0.39 to $0.79 per kWh, in states where thats permitted.

Chevrolet says its Bolt EV will get back an average 25 miles of operating range per hour of Level 2 charging. Thats a cost of between $2.40 and $3.60 at the above rates, compared to the EPAs estimate of $2.15 to drive a gas-powered Chevrolet Cruze for 25 miles.

Is It Free To Charge A Tesla At A Charging Station

No, it isnt free to charge a Tesla at a charging station. Charging your Tesla at a Supercharger comes with a price, typically around 26 cents per kWh. This is often more expensive than using a different means of charging, such as a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. Free supercharging was once available on new Tesla vehicles, but the practice was discontinued in recent years.

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How Fast Is Fast Enough For Home Tesla Charging

As long as youre charging at home, youre charging the way Tesla recommends is best. It doesnt push your battery with incredibly high charging speeds and it takes advantage of time when your car is parked at night anyway.

The ideal home Tesla charger offers these benefits:

  • Recoups your daily driving range in just a few hours
  • Fully recharges your battery overnight on the occasions that you arrive home on low charge
  • Doesnt require major upgrades to your home electrical service
  • For US drivers who cover about 37 miles per day on average, a charger that delivers 20-30 miles of range per hour charged is ideal . Average daily miles are recharged within 2 hours and even a close-to-empty 100 kWh battery can be charged fully overnight. For the vast majority of homes, charging at those speeds will not require major electrical service upgrades to 400 amps. Tesla drivers dont need to worry about forgetting to charge. In a pinch, there are Superchargers. And Plugless offer an automatic, wireless charging upgrade for home Tesla charging .

    Is Charging A Tesla Cheaper Than Gas

    Tesla® Charging Station Installation

    As an example, according to Fortune, national average gas prices got up to $4.62 in late May 2022. In 2026, new vehicles will have to average 40 miles per gallon under new regulations, according to Tech Xplore. With 40 miles per gallon, driving 100 miles will cost $11.55 in fuel if youre paying $4.62 per gallon. Tesla can range as low as around $3 a charge for 100 miles. But be aware gas prices will change and in fact could get lower as events around the world change.

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    What Factors Will Affect The Cost Of Charging Your Electric Vehicle

    The cost of charging your EV each year will depend on a number of factors including:

    • How many miles will you need to drive in between charging sessions. Choose a model with enough range and capacity to ensure you dont end up stuck.
    • Budget-conscious buyers can find great models under $35,000, like the Chevy Volt EV.
    • Consumers with more cash flow might consider investing in luxury models like the Tesla Model S.
    • For those in areas that lack dependable public station options, hybrid vehicles allow you to drive longer in between charging sessions.
    • What are you hauling on your daily drives? Those looking for a car for their daily commute can look at smaller vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf. If you need a little more room, an SUV like Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a great choice. Maybe you need a truck to get all of your things from one place to another. The Ford F-150 Lightening can do just that.

    Do your research before committing to a model to ensure you get exactly what you want.

    Electric vehicles are an important part of preserving our common resources. Installing solar panels to charge your electric vehicle amplifies your efforts and further reduces the strain on dwindling oil reserves. Contact a residential solar installation company in your area to find out more about installing a solar system to go with your electric vehicle.

    How many solar panels would it take to cover your electric bill?

    Different Methods Of Charging A Tesla

    Tesla electric vehicles are usually charged using one of two methods: either by using a home charger or by charging your vehicle using Tesla’s own commercial-only, Supercharger stations. The former option is usually available to consumers and Tesla owners who charge their cars at home.

    Charging at home is the most convenient charging method but usually implies leaving your car plugged in when you get home or overnight while you sleep. Admittedly, this eliminates the need for trips to the gas stations via a gas-powered vehicle and takes advantage of lower overnight utility pricing. The downside is that it takes time to reach full charge, especially on an older Level 1 charger.

    Tesla’s own Supercharger stations, which can charge your vehicle at a maximum rate of 250 kilowatt-hours , are capable of granting you additional 160-200 miles on a 15-minute charge. Of course, this metric largely depends on the surrounding factors, such as the model of your vehicle and the battery’s working condition. Still, the supercharging method is undeniably faster compared to home charging. It’s also great for field trips and taking breaks during long rides.

    However, when it comes to installing a Tesla charging station at home, owners of Tesla don’t have access to commercially-available chargers, and their charging methods at home are limited to a separately sold NEMA 14-50 cable or a Wall Connector â both of which are time-consuming charging methods.

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    Can You Get Tesla Supercharging For Free

    BREAKING: All new Model S and Model X orders now come with free unlimited Supercharging

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    There are a few ways to get some free charging from Tesla. One of the ways is to participate in the Referral Program. Tesla says you can get 1,000 miles of free supercharging with each person you refer that purchases a new Tesla.

    Our goal is to build the best clean energy products and help Tesla owners share their excitement and experiences with others. As an owner, with the Referral Program, youll earn awards every time your referral link is used by your friends and family when they transition to sustainable energy and grow our community.


    If you own a Tesla, you can open the app to find your referral link. This offer also applies to solar panel purchases.

    Tesla also runs specials occasionally that will include free supercharging. According to Electrek, all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles sold in December of 2020 received one free year of supercharging. This was to push the sales of the vehicles at the end of the year.

    Tesla has occasionally offered such incentives toward the end of the quarter to ramp up sales. So, plan to buy your Tesla near quarter-end!

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Tesla Charger At Home

    Tesla – Ultimate Home Charging Guide

    The cost of installing a Tesla charger at home varies depending on the specific charger and the homes electrical system. Generally, the cost of installing a Tesla charger ranges from $500 to $2,000.

    Several different types of charger can be used to charge the Tesla at home. The Tesla Mobile Connector is included with each Tesla. You can use this kit to connect to your garages standard outlet via a NEMA 5-15 adapter. A 100 kWh battery costs $0.14 per kWh to fully charge. The cost of installing a dryer outlet to charge your Tesla at home ranges between $250 and $500. To use your Tesla, youll also need to buy a different adapter. Depending on the plug type, you may need a NEMA 10-30 or 14-30, or 15-30.

    If you are not a professional electrician, it is best to find one to perform the work for you. The Tesla Wall Connector is a wireless charger that can be used to charge electric vehicles. A simple installation could cost between $750 and $1,500. It is a good idea to replace your homes electrical panel and power service if necessary. The charging speed will depend on the amps of the circuit breaker you intend to use. When installing the Tesla Wall Connector, you can either do it yourself or hire an electrician. The charging capacity of the Tesla vehicle is determined by its maximum amperage, which varies from model to model.

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    Tesla Charging Cost Calculator

    Our charging cost calculator for Tesla is easy to use. Just follow these steps to start using the calculator:

  • Select the Tesla Model: We have captured the battery size by Tesla model in the calculator.
  • Input the average electricity rate: The average retail price for electricity is $0.13 per kWh and the average cost of a Tesla supercharger is $0.25 per kWh .
  • Select the level of charging: Between the different levels of charging results in different charging efficency. The lower the level of charging, the likely lower level of efficiency youll have.
  • The calculator will display the cost of a full charge. If you know that you are charging only 75%, you can then discount the total cost subtotal accordingly.

    How To Find Tesla Charging Stations Near You

    While Tesla charging stations are available throughout the U.S., the exact availability does vary state by state. Its pretty easy to find Tesla chargers and plan your Teslas charging on a road trip since both your car and app provide details on Superchargers near you and your car shows you chargers on your route if you require a charge to reach your destination.

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    The Faster The Charging The Higher The Rate

    Unlike a typical 240-volt Level 2 home charger system, you will find Level 3 chargers in commercial settings because theyre prohibitively expensive for a private individual to get installed at home.

    Tesla uses its own dedicated Supercharger network with more than 35,000 across the globe. But the rates can vary widely depending on region, timing, the Tesla model youre charging, and the tier you choose for your recharge speeds. Tesla offers four charging tiers. One important caveat: Tesla Superchargers only work for Tesla vehicles. That is until the network opens up to other EVs in the United States. The non-Tesla Supercharger pilot began in November 2021 in Europe.

    Voelcker stresses that home charging is the best option for anyone considering an electric car. Yet, equally important is knowing where to find EV perks close to home.

    Some workplaces offer charging for employees cars But electric-car owners quickly learn which public stations near them are free, which charge for charging, and how much they cost, he said.

    For example, a bustling parking lot in a crowded city center might lure EV owners with the promise of free electric car charging. But the resultant fee for parking there could easily zoom past what youd have paid to fill up even the thirstiest gas-powered car or truck. Still, drivers will find the network of chargers growing with plenty of free options, including at malls, hotels, grocery stores, and more.

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    Factors That Determine Level 2 Charging Speed For Your Tesla

    Tesla charging stations outnumber gas stations in Manhattan

    A Level 2 EV charger is simply any EV charger that can connect to a particular type of electrical circuit 240 volt, split phase circuits . But just like different clothes dryer models take different amounts of time to dry your clothes, different EV chargers take different amounts of time to charge your car.

    What determines the speed of Level 2 Tesla charging are the following factors:

  • Maximum power output of the charger: Different chargers pull different amounts of electrical current through the 240 v electrical circuit. More current = more power = faster charge. Level 2 chargers deliver anywhere from 3.3 17.2 kW of power enabling 10-52 miles of range per hour charging.
  • Maximum power intake of your Tesla: This is either 17.2 kW or 11.5 kW depending on which variant you own.
  • All Model S variants come standard with 11.5 kW charging to for a maximum of 32 miles of range per hour charging.
  • Model S variants with the High Amperage Charger option can accept up to 17.2 kW of power for a maximum 52 miles of range per hour.
  • Maximum current capacity of your electrical panel Your homes electrical panel can likely withstand the draw of either 100 or 200 amps of electrical current. Charging at 17.2 kW of power on a 240 volt circuit may require a home electrical panel upgrade to 400-amp service. Read more about amperage requirements for Level 2 EV charger installation.
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    How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla At A Destination Charger

    The cost to charge at a Tesla charging station, also known as Destination Chargers, deliver Level 2 charging. Some places offer free charging if you meet a specific condition, such as having a hotel reservation. Note that Tesla doesnt own and operate these chargers. Instead, commercial establishments install them.

    Charging Your Tesla With Solar At Home

    Theres sometimes a misconception that home Tesla charging is expensive. Still, its substantially less expensive in most areas than buying gasoline especially if youre using solar to power your charging. Your exact comparison depends on the cost of electricity in your area and the model Tesla you own .

    One of the best long-term solutions to lower your home Tesla charging costs is to go solar. You can use the EnergySage Marketplace to compare several quotes from pre-screened installers, helping you find a system that fits your needs at the right price. If youre planning to charge an EV at home, share that information when getting estimates so an installer can help you build the right size system, allowing you to power your car with free, renewable energy generated at home.

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    Option #: Install Tesla Charger In Garage

    As already noted, choosing to install a Level 2 Tesla charger in your garage is the highest cost option of this trio. It is something that many Tesla owners do, though. Tesla charger installation cost can vary greatly depending on the layout of your garage, the existing power capacity of your home, the wiring work thats needed, and your regional market .

    Nonetheless, answering the question of how much it costs to install a Tesla charger as broadly and usefully as possible, in general, a Tesla charger installation typically costs somewhere between $1000 and $7000+. That is just the installation cost, not including the cost of the Tesla charger itself.

    A $500 Tesla home charger can add up to 44 miles per hour to your cars driving range, but that will again depend on your electricity panel, wiring, and model.

    Which Is The Best Ev

    Charging a Tesla at a Charging Station | How To Charge A Tesla

    The best EV for you will be the one that meets your budget and gives you the range you need for daily tasks. Both the Nissan Leaf and Tesla’s Model 3 are affordable options. While Tesla’s Supercharger network is very well thought out, not all cities have access to one, so you will need to consider the availability of applicable chargers near you. If you need space and performance, the Model X is great for large families and is priced similarly to other luxury SUVs.

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