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How To Tell If Your Tesla Has Homelink

Programming Homelink Garage Opener for Tesla Model Y

All Teslas are capable of opening garage doors using HomeLink, however not every Tesla comes equipped with the HomeLink module.

If you have a Model S or Model X, then your car already has the capability to open your garage door.

If you have another model, then whether its included in your car will vary. Model 3s included HomeLink only up until Spring of 2019. It then became an option that would be installed after delivery through Tesla service. All Model Ys do not have it installed unless it was installed after delivery.

However, the easiest way to tell if your car has a garage door opener is to check on the cars display. You can go to Controls > Software then tap on Additional Vehicle Information.

This will bring up a screen that will display several important details about your vehicle and the hardware it includes.

The screen will display which full self-driving computer hardware is installed, your infotainment processor and more. It will also display whether you have the HomeLink garage door opener hardware installed.

Next to Garage door opener, you will either see Not installed, or HomeLink 5 . The number may vary, but it will mean that you have the HomeLink module installed and your car is capable of opening garage doors.

Program Tesla Garage Door Opener

First, you have to click on the HomeLink icon and then open it. After this, you need to add a new profile in HomeLink. The other thing you want to do is mention the mode of your garage opener system. There’re three modes that you can use namely standard, D-mode or UR mode.

After set your preferres mode, you want to open your Garage door using remote control during your Tesla trains via radio frequency. New profile will be ready after the redio frequencies are matched. Now, the profile is ready, you just want to simply tapp on the name of the profile to test it out.

Morever, you can specify the distance between your Tesla and Garage Door and also there’re options to activate HomeLink within the summon feature. Further on, press and hold open button after point your vehicle in front of your garage. Finally, your Tesla set up successfully once Tesla’s headlight flash.

Model 3/y Automatic Garage Opener

Retail Price: $350

Come and go with easy access. Connect your Model 3 or Model Y to your garage door, gate system and other radio-frequency controlled devices with the fully integrated Homelink module.

Learn more about the Automatic Garage Opener on our support page.

Note: The Model 3/Y Automatic Garage Opener will be sent directly to the shipping address entered at checkout. Shipping and installation are included with purchase. Once you have received this item, please schedule a Service appointment for installation in your Tesla app. Do not tamper/open the package, as this will cause installation to be voided. For additional questions about scheduling your Service appointment, visit Shop FAQ.

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How To Set Garage Door Opener In Tesla Model : Users Ultimate Guide

Think of a situation where your garage door opens automatically as you approach it in your Tesla.


Can a Model 3 do that? If yes, then how to set it up?

After watching a lot of YouTube videos and going through several forum discussions, I have come up with everything you need to know about Teslas garage door opener and Homelink.

So without further ado, lets hop into it.

Auto Open When Arriving

Tesla Model 3 Garage Door Opener Without Homelink : Living With A Tesla ...

Teslas will combine your GPS signal with your HomeLink transmitter and auto open your garage doors as youre approaching your house.

This is a really convenient feature and Id recommend having it on as long as your garage door has the safety sensors at the bottom that will prevent it from closing if anything is in the way.

You can also choose the number of feet away from your garage when the car should send the signal to open it.

Its nice to have your garage door fully open before you get to it so that you dont need to stop and wait. However, the number of feet that is right for you will depend on your garage door opener and how far away it could receive a signal.

Id also recommend having your garage door in view so that for those rare times when you come home and the garage door is already open. This will cause your car to send another open signal, causing your garage door to start closing.

It’s important to understand that the car has no way to know whether your garage door is open or closed, and unfortunately HomeLink simply sends an “open/close” signal, which causes the garage door to open if its closed or close if its opened. Some caution is necessary, but the feature works well, especially when youre arriving home.

Tesla recommends only using the auto-open or auto-close features when your garage door is installed with safety sensors along the bottom.

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Tesla Removes Homelink From Standard Model 3 Features Now A $300 Aftermarket Product

Tesla has told its sales staff today that its removing the HomeLink automatic garage opener from the standard features in the Model 3 premium interior.

Its now a $300 aftermarket product that requires installation.

Homelink, a popular vehicle-based wireless control system to automatically open garage doors, has long been included in all Tesla vehicles.

In a new memo to sales staff obtained by Electrek, Tesla announced that they are not making the system standard on Model 3 anymore:

Starting today, HomeLink will be removed from Model 3 Premium interior cars in North America. With this change, all Model 3 cars will no longer be equipped with HomeLink. Model 3 customers interested in upgrading to HomeLink can purchase on our Tesla shop here. Upon purchasing, this upgrade requires installation from service.

The automaker is now selling HomeLink as an aftermarket product for $300 on its shop website:

Tesla describes the product on the website:

Come and go with easy access. Connect Model 3 to your garage door, gate system and other radio-frequency controlled devices with the fully integrated Homelink module.

The automaker says that the $300 price tag includes shipping and installation at Tesla Service Centers.

Battery Size And Range

The Model Y comes in Long Range AWD and Performance AWD. In some markets a standard range RWD model is or has been available. The performance of the P models over the LR has been largely off the line and once doing above 30 mph there is little in them, and for those reasons we’d suggest the smart choice really is the Long Range. The car is still quick by most standards and the chassis dynamics mean the Performance model is unlikely to ever be a more rewarding drive.

The Model Y is now made at 4 factories, Fremont, China, Berlin Germany and Austin, Texas. German production was originally limited to EU LHD Performance models with LR models starting in August 2022, both using the BT43 battery first seen in the China production cars. Texas uses the first 4680 battery cells as part of a new entry level model. This car has a battery capacity of approx. 67kwh, or about 18% less than the Long-Range model built in Fremont. There is also rumour that Berlin could make its own version of the MY with a structural battery pack and LFP battery with peprformance below the LR model.

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Top 5 Tesla Model Y Interior Upgrades

The Tesla Model Ys interior does not disappoint. Having significantly more cargo space and a roomier back seat than the Tesla Model 3, the Model Y is a great option for many prospective car buyers who want an electric vehicle. Despite this vehicle having an interior with a clean appearance and features like reclining back seats, theres always things you can do to increase your satisfaction with a vehicles interior. The following are the top 5 Tesla Model Y interior upgrades and accessories:

Automatic Garage Door Opener: Does Your Model 3 Have It

Tesla HomeLink/Automatic Garage Door Opener for Model Y/3 Install & Review. Worth it?

To check if your Model 3 has the automatic garage opening feature, go to your cars touch screen.

Tap Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information.

Next to the Garage Door Opener, if the display shows Not Installed, then you dont have the HomeLink module installed in your car.

If it shows Homelink5, then your car has the module installed. The HomeLink number may vary depending on the installed version, but it will mean that your car can automatically open garage doors.

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History Between Tesla And Homelink

Tesla had offered Homelink with the Model 3, and they implemented it in the Model S and X through OTA updates as well. This was a standard feature, and the small radio frequency receiver would fit inside the front bumper. Since it fitted inside the bumper, it was easy for Tesla to actually install it during standard assembly.

In May 2019, Tesla sent an email to its workers saying the Homelink will not be a standard feature anymore. It was made an aftermarket product for an additional cost of $300. Of course, this was aimed at earning extra cash and increasing the profit margin on the Model 3, which was selling like hotcakes at the time.

Having your Tesla car linked with a Homelink system was a major convenience, and Tesla priced it at $300. The downside was that you had to buy the product online, and after delivery, take it to the Tesla service center to allow technicians to fit it onto your car. For Model 3, this became a tough job, as they had to remove the front bumper for installing the Homelink device. However, they solved this issue in Model Y.

Homelink or Tesla garage opener is a great way to make sure you never have to get out of your car in the rain or snow again. Elon Musk also mentioned last April that Tesla will bring an internet-based garage-door-opening feature for systems that are not compatible with Homelink. As of now, up to 99% of garage opening systems are compatible with Homelink, but Tesla is trying to ensure that everyone gets to use the feature.

Tesla Automatic Garage Opener

One interior upgrade that can make a large difference by making life more convenient for you is theTesla Automatic Garage Opener. Despite its name, the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener is not only applicable to garage doors. Instead, it connects your Tesla to up to three radio frequency controlled devices, also known as RF controlled devices. This may include your home security system, lights, garage doors, or even gates.

After purchasing the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener from the Tesla website, the parts will be sent directly to your door. Unfortunately, you can not install the parts yourself. You will need to schedule a service appointment on the Tesla app to have it put together. After you get home and connect it to the RF controlled devices you want your Tesla connected to, you are finished and will be able to control all of them from your vehicle.

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Things A Tesla Model Y Owner Learned In 12 Hours

Here are 17 things a Tesla Model Y owner learned in the past 12 hours, presented by Torque News Armen Hareyan. Hareyan shares the story of a user named Silversmith from Utah who recently joined Tesla Owners Club and is the new owner of a Tesla Model Y.

Here are 17 things a Tesla Model Y owner learned in the past 12 hours, presented by Torque News Armen Hareyan. Hareyan shares the story of a user named Silversmith from Utah who recently joined Tesla Owners Club and is the new owner of a Tesla Model Y.

Silversmiths Model Y is a sleek new beautiful midnight silver Model Y that reflected the Tesla logo on the wall of his garage as if it were a mirror instead of a car. You can view it here. Hareyan explains in his video that Silversmith was a bit worried when he got the notification to pick up his Model Y. He thought it was a mistake and that when he got to the Tesla delivery center it wouldnt be there.

Silversmith didnt need to worry, though, because his Model Y was ready for him. Silversmith learned quite a bit in the past few hours while exploring his Model Y.

  • There is no HomeLink , which his Model 3 AWD has. It appears this comes at an extra cost if desired.
  • There is no hatchback shelf, and not even a spot to add one. Thats a surprise.
  • The wheels on the Model Y are taller and wider than the non-Performance Model Ys wheels. This is one reason why, as Elon just confirmed, the Model Y Performance eats up more range than the non-Performance Model Y.
  • Homelink: Your Tesla Will Open Your Garage Door

    HomeLink Universal Receiver  Tessories

    HomeLink is about controlling your home from your vehicle.

    It is a wireless control system that enables a compatible vehicle to open or close your garage door automatically from the vehicles interior.

    Just press that HomeLink button in your cars interior and Welcome home!

    You can operate up to three RF devices, including doors, lights, and security systems, using HomeLink.

    Now we all expect a revolutionary automotive brand like Tesla to include this feature in its carsand some Teslas do have this feature.

    Like if you own a Model X or a Model S, then you already have that privilege.

    But in case of other Teslas, they have the necessary hardware support for this feature, but not all of them are equipped with HomeLink modules in their stock versions.

    Specifically, the Model 3 or Model Y were able to open garage doors automatically until spring 2019.

    Later, this feature was discarded from the stock version and was made optional. Now owners can buy it only after the delivery of their electric car. It was done mainly to cut costs and make the vehicle more budget-friendly.

    Tesla offers an automatic garage opener retrofit for $325 that can be purchased at the Tesla shop and later get installed from any Tesla service center.

    Another cool feature that comes specifically with Tesla is Summon, which is part of the FSD feature of Autopilot.

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    Rpm Model Y Display Shade Cover Frame

    When the sun comes into your Tesla at just the right angle, it can become difficult to see the display screen. Another great product by RPM is theirModel Y Display Shade Cover Frame. If you find yourself having a hard time making out your speed or other needed information while driving your Tesla Model Y, this cover frame will greatly increase the shade on the display screen so you can see while maintaining the clean aesthetic of your Tesla.

    Being so affordable and easy to install and remove, theres no reason to not give it a try. To install the RPM Model Y Display Shade Cover Frame, no hardware or adhesive is used. You simply hook the cover over the top of the display screen and pull down until it snaps onto the bottom. Not only does it take only a couple seconds to install, but it is also just as fast and easy to remove.

    Control Your Garage From Your Tesla App

    Step 01: Go to the touchscreen on your Tesla first. Then you may choose the Summon button by going to control > Autopilot.

    Step 02: When you press the summon button on your Tesla’s touchscreen, pick your garage door by tapping the HomeLink icon.

    Step 03: Next, open the Tesla app. If you click on the summon button there, the HomeLink button will appear on the upper right-hand side of the screen. When you press that button, your garage door automatically opens and closes.

    To operate your garage door with the Tesla app, you must have a Full self-driving outfit or Enhanced Autopilot installed. If not, you must reverse the position of your garage doors. Additionally, you don’t need a remote control to use your Tesla HomeLink.

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    New Model Y Very Satisfying But No Homelink

    johnjrs3 said:Just traded in my 2018 Model 3 Long range AWD for a Model Y long range AWD. So I am a repeat Tesla buyer. The buying experience has vastly improved and the COVID safe process took 30 minutes and exceeded my expectations for efficiency.Drove the 2.5 hours home and liked what I had. Tight, nice drive almost as good as the model 3. A superior cross over for sure. I really enjoyed driving in it, a great experience. Better range by a little bit and more clearance for the dirt roads in our town. That said as I drove up to my garage and fumbled for the homelink that my model 3 had, I find it is gone! It is a $300 after market option! Is Tesla serious? Elon are you listening? My wife’s Ford Edge has buttons to open the garage for goodness sake. Some bean counter thought this would add a few million onto the bottom line? Was it worth pissing off repeat customers? This is a bone headed move that only irritates your best customers.

    Supporting Member

    E_R_N said:Im glad I didnt get one and didnt have to pay any extra for my car. I dont want to waste $300 on some gadget I dont need when I can just use my phone and Siri Shortcuts for $40.

    E_R_N said:Im glad I didnt get one and didnt have to pay any extra for my car. I dont want to waste $300 on some gadget I dont need when I can just use my phone and Siri Shortcuts for $40.

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