Tesla Free Supercharging For Life


History Of Teslas Supercharging

Free Charging for Life from the Tesla Supercharger

Supercharging has always been a Tesla thing. Once upon a time, when Tesla was a fledgling company, all cars from Tesla got lifetime Free Supercharging. The company offered this perk to attract people and encourage them to buy their electric vehicles.

Until 2017, this supercharging perk was linked to the owners account instead of the car, making it transferable to new cars. However, the company has brought various changes to its program over time.

For instance, until the company introduced Model 3, customers used to receive free non-transferable supercharging. However, Tesla cut this perk in May 2020.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla With A Supercharger

A Supercharger can charge a battery from 0% to 80% in about 40 minutes. After 80% charge is reached, the charging rate slows in order to protect the batterys health until 100% charge is reached. You wont need your Teslas battery to be at 100% to get to most destinations.

So, all in all, if youre charging from 0% to 100% using a Tesla Supercharger, it will probably take about 70 minutes total. This is longer than it takes to fill up a tank of gas, however, you can plan out charging times to coincide with meals or sightseeing stops you want to make on your way to your destination.

How long it will actually take to charge your vehicle using a Supercharger depends on how depleted your battery is, how much you want to fill up your battery, and even how many Superchargers are in use at a station.

What Is A V4 Supercharger

Details of the next generation supercharger are starting to appear. These are physically larger, and are believed to be rated up to 325kw. The main difference however, is thought to be greater alignment to the CCS standard, although interestingly the 350kw rating of these is achieved by having 800V battery packs, twice that of the Tesla.

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Free Unlimited Lifetime Supercharging Now Available For Tesla Model 3

One of the biggest advantages that Tesla currently holds over all other electric carmakers is its proprietary Supercharger network. By plugging a Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X into a Tesla Supercharger, you can recover about 60% of the cars range in less than half an hour, or 100% of its range in 6070 minutes. And while this is significantly longer than it takes to fill the tank in a traditional gas-powered car, its quick enough that taking a Tesla on a long-distance road trip is actually practical.

One of the biggest advantages that Tesla currently holds over all other electric carmakers is its proprietary Supercharger network. By plugging a Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X into a Tesla Supercharger, you can recover about 60% of the cars range in less than half an hour, or 100% of its range in 6070 minutes. And while this is significantly longer than it takes to fill the tank in a traditional gas-powered car, its quick enough that taking a Tesla on a long-distance road trip is actually practical.

Tesla surprised its early Model S reservation holders with its release of the first Superchargers in 2012 and news that Model S owners would have free unlimited access to Supercharging for life . Since then, the carmaker has continued to offer the free unlimited Supercharger option to its Model S and Model X customers, as long as you buy the car through a referral link from an existing Tesla owner.

So, what do you get for that $10,000 premium?

¤ Top speed of 145 mph

Is Free Lifetime Supercharging Transferable

Free supercharging for six months! use this link: Tesla.mptpro.com # ...

In other to attract early adopters to buy cars from the fledgling company, Tesla gave customers lifetime free charging at its network of Superchargers. It even introduced a short-lived scheme to encourage viral purchasing by allowing Tesla owners to grant free Supercharging to a friend in 2018.

You have free, unlimited Supercharging, including your current Tesla and any new Model S or Model X you purchase. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner because it is no longer transferable.

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How Do Superchargers Charge Tesla Batteries So Fast

Tesla car batteries have something called an onboard charger. Onboard chargers convert alternating current electricity coming from a charging source to DC energy. DC energy is what the battery needs in order to charge.

Unlike other EV chargers, Teslas Superchargers release DC electricity, so the onboard charger is bypassed and the DC energy directly charges the battery. Because the electricity is going straight to the battery and doesnt have to pass through the onboard charger, the vehicle can be charged faster.

Overcharging Can Harm The Battery

And, also lets not forget that realistically most Tesla owners only need to use a supercharger when taking long-distance trips. Unlimited supercharging can be useful for those that are constantly traveling but it can also harm the battery if constantly used only for a top-up.

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Does Your Tesla Still Qualify For Free Supercharging

While Tesla seems to be pivoting its referral mileage bonus program, there are still plenty of Teslas out there that have been grandfathered into free unlimited supercharging. Here are some of the best ways to determine if you or your Tesla qualify.

First, its important to note some of the policy updates and Tesla news that has happened since the automaker began offering free unlimited Supercharging in 2012. This should help get you up to speed:

  • The original Tesla Roadster does not have Supercharging capabilities
  • All versions of the Model S have seen some form of free Supercharging from Tesla
  • Excluding the Model S 40, since it was software-limited Model S 60 that needed to be unlocked
  • Fully-transferrable, free unlimited Supercharging has not been offered since 2017
  • The Performance Model 3 came with free unlimited Supercharging for the life of the EV in 2018-2019
  • However, this deal only applied to the first owner and is non transferrable
  • Since mid-2020, Tesla has made no mention of additional free unlimited Supercharging
  • As the newest Tesla, the Model Y has never seen any long-term free Supercharging promotions
  • In a push to hit Teslas sales goal, Model Y purchases made in later December 2020 may have qualified for a year of free Supercharging
  • Does Free Supercharging Transfer When You Sell Your Tesla

    How To Get Free Tesla Supercharging for Life

    Free Supercharging on Teslas Supercharger Network is one of Teslas best-known early perks, and transferable Free Unlimited Supercharging is a great selling point when youre ready to put your Tesla on the market .

    The problem is knowing whether or not Free Supercharging will transfer to the next owner. Tesla has offered the Free Unlimited Supercharging promotion in several variations over the years, and it can be tricky to figure out if you can offer your buyer the same perk once the vehicle changes hands.

    Weve done part of the Free Supercharging detective work for you. In this blog post, well lay out most of the Free Supercharging transfer scenarios by model, give a brief overview of figuring out your Free Supercharging type, and discuss the best way tosell your used Tesla with Free Supercharging included .

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    Is Free Supercharging Worth It A Guide To Teslas Supercharging Network

    Posted on April 04, 2019by Matt Pressman

    Guest post: Blane Erwin, Current Automotive

    Superchargers are Teslas solution to electric vehicle fast charging. 15-30 minutes at a Supercharger station is all thats necessary to get the battery recharged to get back on the road. Plus, Tesla has invested heavily in building out a network of Superchargers so that Tesla drivers can go anywhere.

    Above: Tesla Model S and X charging at a Supercharger station

    The Supercharger Network and Road Trips

    The biggest benefit to the Supercharging network is that it allows Tesla drivers to go anywhere in the country. Looking at the map below, you can see Superchargers strategically located in lines along highly traveled areas and major highways. This level of support is unmatched by any other automaker or DC fast charging provider.

    The key to using this network is to understand that Supercharging is not meant to charge your cars battery to 100 percent. Supercharging is meant to charge your battery to the point that you have enough electricity to make it to the next Supercharger on your route until you get to your destination.

    Above: Tesla’s US Supercharging network

    Once at your destination, Tesla recommends using one of their Level 2 Destination Chargers, strategically located at places like hotels and restaurants, to recharge.

    What does Supercharging cost?

    Above: Prices from Teslas website. They may vary from station-to-station, even within the same state

    When should I use a Supercharger?

    What Is The Difference Between Version 2 And 3

    The original superchargers were installed in pairs, sharing between 125 and 150kw. The implications were when 2 cars were plugged in, each car might only have 75kw available to them resulting in slower charging speeds. For this reason, many suggest using alternate chargers.

    The v3 chargers share capacity across the site, and have a maximum charging speed of 250kw. As a result, the newer cars such as the Model 3, can charge ignificantly faster on a v3 charger. Older cars which are limited to about 120kw, the faster charger makes no difference other than avoiding the issue with sharing a 150kw capacity.

    One final difference, in some countries including the whole of Europe, the v2 chargers have 2 cables. One supports the older DC charging over type 2, and the other is a CCS connector. The v3 chargers are all CCS and the Model S and Model X that do not have a CCS socket in these countries need to have an adapter and the appropriate communications board fitted to the car which can be retrofit buy Tesla.

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    Why Do I Not Get The Charging Rate I Expect

    The cars charging is dictated by a number of factors and is limited by the slowest of them all. This may be:

    • A cold battery reduces the maximum charge rate. Even temperatures below 20C can cause slower charge rates, the colder the battery, the more it is decreased.
    • Sharing a v2 supercharger with another car
    • Model S and Model X, especially in europe are limited to 150kw irrespecitve of the supercharger (although release 2022.24 onwards appears to have improved the speed on V3 superchargers.
    • The state of charge reduces the charge speed, so as the car fills up, the rate will decrease

    Autocheck Vehicle History Summary

    Why Free And Unlimited Supercharger Access Can Devastate Tesla ...

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    Dealer Review:

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    Is Tesla Free Supercharging Worth It

    The simple answer is Yes. Superchargers are Teslas solution for the fast charging of their electric vehicles. Charging your Tesla for 15 to 30 minutes at a supercharger station is all you need to top up your battery and get back on the road.

    Also, since Tesla has built a great network of superchargers in the US, Tesla owners can travel almost anywhere in their cars.

    Moreover, transferable unlimited free supercharging is an excellent selling point when you put your car for sale on the market.

    Once Upon A Time All Tesla Cars Got Free Lifetime Charging

    In a bid to attract early adopters to buy cars from the fledgling company, Tesla gave customers lifetime free charging at its network of Superchargers. It even introduced a short-lived scheme to encourage viral purchasing by allowing Tesla owners to grant free Supercharging to a friend in 2018.

    Until 2017, the perk was tied to the Tesla owners account rather than the car so it could be transferred. When the Model 3 was introduced customers received non-transferrable free Supercharging, however as the company grew and worked towards maintaining profitable quarters, the company cut the perk in May 2020.

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    Where Can You Charge A Tesla Or Other Electric Car For Free

    As the electric car transition starts a gradual and belated ramp up in Australia, conversations around the dinner table abound and questions are many. One example came from a family member this week who was under the impression that Tesla electric cars can charge for free.

    Its a simple assumption, but the reality is a little complex: Yes, once upon a time, Tesla EVs did get free charging and still do, sometimes, and in some places. And yes, at some EV chargers, other electric cars can also charge for free but you have to know which ones.

    If that sounds vague and confusing to you, youre not alone! Therefore the topic is deserving of a more detailed explanation if weve missed anything please shout out and let us know.

    How Much Does It Cost To Supercharge

    How to Get Free Tesla Supercharging

    The cost to charge at a supercharger in nearly all countries is based on the amount of electricity put into the car, measured in kwh. The price per kwh varies from charger to charger and in some locations can also vary by the time of the day. To see the price, locate the supercharger on the map in the car and look at the more information details. This also shows how many chargers are at the location, whether version 2 or version 3, and how many are free.

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    Where To Find Cars With Free Unlimited Supercharging

    So now you know what to look for, the question remains on where you can find used Tesla vehicles that still have Free Unlimited Supercharging.

    FindMyElectric has a Tesla vehicles listing page that makes sure to publicize the important details youd need, including whether the Tesla being sold has Free Unlimited Supercharging or not.

    Check out the Features tab of the vehicle listing to see if it has Free Unlimited Supercharging mentioned like the one below

    From the home page, you can even type in Supercharging as a filter to narrow down your search.

    OnlyUsedTesla seems to be another popular place for private sellers to list their vehicles and you may find the Free Unlimited Supercharging specified on the listing.

    Can I Charge With A Tesla Supercharger For Free

    There is a lot of confusion around whether or not Supercharging is free. For most Tesla vehicle owners, Supercharging is not free.

    Tesla launched a bunch of campaigns in the past that gave some customers free Supercharging for life. The company hasnt launched a campaign like this for quite some time. But, for those who did get to enter one of these programs, it was a pretty sweet deal.

    Here are some of Teslas vehicles that may qualify for some form of free Supercharging:

    • Model Ss released between 2012 and 2020, except for the Model S 40
    • The Model 3 Performance versions released between 2018 and 2019 may have free unlimited Supercharging, but they can only be used by the original owner. If bought used, the free Supercharging offer is voided
    • Some 2020 Model Y purchases may qualify for one year of free Supercharging

    You can check to see if your Tesla qualifies for any sort of free Supercharging promotion through your Tesla account. Simply log in, click Manage, then View Details on your Tesla vehicle, and see if Free Unlimited Supercharging is listed. You can also call Teslas customer service directly.

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    History Of Supercharger Incentives

    Unlimited supercharging for life is free for all Model S and Model X cars that were ordered before January 15, 2017, or between August 2, 2019 and May 26, 2020, or for vehicles that were purchased using a referral code during certain periods.

    Model S and Model X cars that were ordered between January 15, 2017, and November 2, 2018, received 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits per year. Once those credits are used, supercharging has a fee.

    Between May 2017 and September 18, 2018, Tesla allowed existing owners to give free unlimited supercharging for life to up to five friends if the friend purchased a new Tesla and used their referral code. Tesla also offered all existing Tesla owners who purchased a new Model S, Model X or Performance Model 3 for themselves with free unlimited supercharging for life on those cars.

    From time to time, Tesla has offered 1,000 or 2,000 miles of free supercharging as an incentive to purchase a new Tesla car.

    Other than the above caveats, Tesla Model S and Model X cars purchased between November 2, 2018, and August 2, 2019, and all Model 3 and Model Y cars purchased at any time do not receive any supercharging credits.

    Some jurisdictions require charging operators to bill users by time, not by kWh delivered, and Tesla uses 60 kW sections to bill for different power levels.

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