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Used Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation Is This A Concern

Buying a used Tesla Model 3 !

With the Model S/X having an 8-year, 150k-mile battery warranty, and the Model 3 only having an 8-year, 100k-mile battery warranty, people have speculated about used Model 3 vehicles suffering more from battery capacity degradation than Model S/X vehicles.

Based on user testing by Tesla YouTuber Bjorn Nyland and other users from the @TeslaMiles Twitter account which compiles miles from a variety of users, in addition to other anecdotal accounts, it seems as though the average battery degradation for 50k miles in a used Model 3 is between 2% and 6% of total capacity, making this a minor issue overall for used Tesla buyers and well within acceptable limits.

Elon has also stated that a Model 3 drive unit is designed to last 1 million miles, with the pack lasting between 300k and 500k miles retaining 70% of its capacity at the end before needing to be replaced. While individual situations and vehicles may vary, it seems theres enough anecdotal evidence to conclude that Model 3 battery degradation isnt an issue. On top of that, most used Model 3s will still have some balance of the factory/battery warranty, so even if there is a battery problem with a used Model 3, it should still be covered by Tesla, alleviating that concern as well.

Used Tesla Model 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Weve answered a ton of questions in this Model 3 buying guide already, but we wanted to take it a step further and answer questions that are being asked all over the Internet!

So, to help potential Model 3 buyers as much as possible, we created this ultimate Model 3 buying/selling FAQ section. Also, as unlikely as it may be, if youve got a question about buying or selling a used Model 3 that you dont see listed in this guide, please feel free to contact us and well do everything we can to help!

What are the most popular used Model 3 configurations?

The most popular Model 3 battery is the Long Range battery, and the most popular drive train is AWD, making the most popular used Model 3 configuration the Long Range AWD.

The Performance Model 3 is exhilarating, but only accounts for about 20% or less of all Model 3 vehicles.

How much is a used Tesla Model 3?

You can expect to pay about $32k to $57k for a used Tesla Model 3 depending upon battery and drive options, as well as condition, mileage, and other features.

Can I lease a used Model 3?

No. Currently you can only lease a new Model 3. However, you can assume or takeover the lease of a used Model 3 from the current lease holder if theyre willing allow this. Sometimes people can no longer afford their Model 3 or are looking to get out of the lease for one reason or another, and in this situation a lease takeover may make sense.

Whats the MSRP of a Tesla Model 3?

  • Standard Range Plus RWD $37,990
  • Long Range AWD $46,990

Where To Buy A Used Tesla Model 3

Shoppers just like you have reviewed dealerships near you. Now that you’ve found the right vehicle for you, you can find the best place to buy a used Tesla Model 3. Check out our user ratings for dealers near you to help you choose the best place to buy your used Tesla Model 3. Learn more about the Tesla Model 3

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Used Model 3 Standard Range Plus Rwd Price

The Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD has an original MSRP of $37,990 direct from Tesla, brand new. This makes the car pretty cheap to begin with, so again, youre not looking at a huge discount when buying used just because the margins are so low to start. Also, the Standard Range Plus RWD includes Base Autopilot, which is nice because its missing from the Standard Range RWD Model 3.

Because the Standard Range Plus RWD is still made by Tesla, its generally easier to find this variant on the used market compared to other non-existent models , which means that your selection might be a bit better, and you may also be more likely to find a motivated seller. In terms of sheer numbers, the Standard Range Plus RWD is one of the most common model 3s available on the used market.

In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay between $36k to $42k or more for a used Model 3 Standard Range RWD that has Enhanced Autpilot or Full-Self Driving enabled.

Mid Range RWD Model 3 2018 Model 3 Mid Range RWD seen here

What Power Output Options Are Available For The Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Long Range used cars for sale on Auto Trader UK

The entry-level Standard Range Plus uses a single electric motor that delivers a range of 254 miles. It does 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds and achieves a 140 mph top speed. The mid-range trim gets a larger battery that boosts your range to 348 miles and goes from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. The Model 3 Performance gets 2 electric motors for more powerful performance. The range-topping Performance spec does 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and offers an all-electric drive range of 326 miles.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buyinga Used Tesla Model 3 In 2020

How much should you pay for a used Tesla Model 3, and what constitutes a good deal? Does free unlimited supercharging transfer to the next owner? Can you actually find a used Model 3 for under $30k?

These are all great questions, and to help prospective used Model 3 buyers, we wanted to share all the knowledge we have about the used Model 3 market!

Generally speaking, one of the first things people want to know about buying a used Model 3 is pricingquestions like, Whats a good deal? or How much should I really be paying? etc. are very common, so lets take a look at used Model 3 pricing first

What Does The Iseecars Vin Report Provide And How Is It Different Than Other Vin Check Reports

  • Pricing Estimates the cars fair value based on the local market and maps similar cars for sale within the area to help users see if there are better deals.
  • Selling History Provides records of price changes and the history of the places where the car was previously listed and sold.
  • Condition analysis of mileage on the odometer, positives and negatives about the vehicle, and other resources like theft record, recalls and vehicle history .
  • Dealer Scorecard compares dealers price competitiveness, responsiveness, and transparency.
  • Depreciation estimates how much the car will depreciate over 1, 3, and 5 years and in comparison with similar cars.
  • Supply Analysis Tells users the number of similar vehicles for sale within the local area. A car with many similar cars could give shoppers bargaining power.
  • Best Time to Buy as with houses, cars also exhibit seasonal fluctuations. We analyze when or what months may get you a better price.
  • Theft Record Checks if a vehicle has been reported as stolen on the National Insurance Crime Bureau database.
  • Free Recall Check Checks if there are any open recalls that havent been fixed and notifies of any past recalls.
  • Title/Lien Info Provides title/lien info free of charge depending on the state DMV.
  • Vehicle History – Free CARFAX or Autocheck reports when provided by the seller.

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Used Model 3 Performance Price

The Performance Model 3 is considered to be one of best bargains in performance vehicles. For a 2020 MSRP price of $54,990, you get supercar-like performance, with 0-60 clocking in at 3.2 seconds. Theres really nothing even close that can touch this for the money, making the Performance Model 3 an insane bargain. On top of that, Tesla offers a Stealth Performance option , allowing you to use the regular brakes/wheels from the other variants.

Now that the Stealth Performance option is available from Tesla at any given time, youll find that this variation and the full Performance variation are about equal in value.

On the pre-owned market, you can expect to pay approximately $47k to $57k for a used Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD, depending upon options , condition, mileage, year, etc.

Easily browse and sort the used Model 3 on Find My Electric here. Select Sort By: Price Low to High to quickly see if there are any Model 3s in the $30,000 range.

Leasing Vs Buying A Used Model 3

Why nobody wants your used Tesla Model 3

If youre looking for the cheapest way to get into a Model 3, leasing is an option to consider. However, there are some important caveats to note.

First of all, Tesla doesnt allow the option to buy your Model 3 at the end of a lease. So, if you fall in love with the car, youre stuck giving it back to Tesla at the end of your term. Elon has said that this is because they plan to use them for their autonomous taxi fleet in the future, but there may be other reasons as well. Either way, you dont get to keep your leased Model 3, no matter how much you may want to.

Also, like everyone knows with respect to leasing, youre basically renting a car. This means that theres no residual value at the end of the lease for you, and thats something to consider. With the price of FSD increasing, and Elon claiming that a Tesla is an appreciating asset, it may be something to consider in terms of throwing money away on a lease vs. buying. On top of that, there are mileage restrictions/concerns, so if youre thinking about road-tripping with your Tesla, this might not be possible in the same way with a lease.

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Does The Tesla Model 3 Provide A Warranty

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a standard 4-year/50,000-mile warranty. Although it’s a bit short regarding mileage coverage, it’s still longer than the 3-year cap offered by many of its rivals. In addition, the batteries get an extended 8-year/100,000-mile warranty. Tesla also promises to replace the battery if the performance falls below 70% of its as-new condition level when still under warranty. However, given the American automaker’s reputation for long-lasting batteries, such a failure is very unlikely.

Cpo Model 3 Pros And Cons

CPO Model 3 Pros
Potentially higher taxes
Easily picked up from local Tesla store Maximum depreciation
Ability to customize your Model 3 during the order process and get the exact configuration you want Longer wait time
Potentially lower interest rates if youre financing No ability to test drive your exact vehicle without completing the order

It should be pretty clear at this point that there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to buying a new, CPO, or used Model 3. With a pre-owned or used Tesla Model 3, the best part is that you can typically get a really nice, well-cared for vehicle with a nice savings over the cost of new, which makes the used Tesla market very attractive to budget-conscious buyers.

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Used Tesla Model 3 For Sale In Houston Tx

  • Video Walkaround

For those who can afford it, the smallest and least expensive Tesla offers day-to-day usability, surprisingly fun road manners, a 5-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , and an intriguing glimpse of a gasoline-free future. If Tesla delivers on its promised $36,000 base version, we might finally have a true electric car for the masses.

South Florida Drivers: Come To Grieco Mazda Ofdelray Beach For Our Great Selection Of Used Cars

Blue Tesla Model 3 used cars for sale

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Autocheck Vehicle History Summary

Located in Clermont, FL/ 23 miles away from Orlando, FL

Best Tesla 4 Less! This 2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range is powered by an Electric ZEV Engine with a 1-Speed Automatic Transmission. STANDARD EQUIPMENT IN…

Dealer Review:

Go see Steve M!!! He was the absolute best and made the entire experience of purchasing our Tahoe a breeze. He was honest and made it happen. We have never had such an easy and enjoyable experience! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve and the team behind him that made this happen. We can not say enough good things about this dealership.

How Well Does The Tesla Model 3 Drive

Even though the Model 3 may not offer the same awe-inspiring performance as the flagship Tesla Model X or Model S, its handling and driving experience is still very impressive and well refined. For its budget-friendly price, it’s hard for any car to rival the Model 3’s breathtaking acceleration and off-line performance. The well-weighted steering wheel is quite accurate, the damping is good, and it also effectively absorbs road bumps.

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New Model 3 Vs Used Model S Which Is The Best Choice

Ah, the age-old question of new Model 3 vs. Used Model Swhats the best choice here?

Were not going to cover this in-depth in the Model 3 buying guide, because weve covered it extensively on our used Model S buying guide, and also in a blog post about the CPO Model S vs. new Model 3 conundrum that a lot of Tesla buyers face. So, make sure to check out those posts!

What we will say here, briefly, about the new Model 3 vs. Used Model S choice is that it really comes down to two things: 1) personal preference, and 2) budget.

The Model S is a bigger, more luxurious car with a lot more space/features than the Model 3. But, the Model 3 is more nimble, sporty , and presents a totally different package.

If you want the space, range, and luxury of a Model S, then youre probably better off with a used Model S. But, if you want the newest tech possible, are somewhat limited by budget, and space isnt a big concern, you may be better off with a new Model 3. Ultimately, its a personal choice and something that you need to decide.

Used Model 3 Long Range Awd/dual Motor Price

Thinking of Buying a Used Tesla Model 3?

The current 2020 MSRP for a Tesla Model 3 Long Rang AWD is $46,990 before any state incentives. This includes Base Autopilot, and an upgrade to Full-Self Driving is an additional $8,000.

Due to the combination of range, performance, and all weather handling, many people feel as though the Long Range AWD Model 3 is the best bang for the buck variant, and the best all-around option. Youll find that this is generally the most popular variant available on the used Tesla Market. This means that with all selection of used Long Range AWD Model 3s available, its more likely that youll be able to snag a good deal if this is the one youre looking to buy.

Given these facts, you can expect to pay between $38k and $48k for a used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD/Dual Motor, depending upon specific options , mileage, condition, and seller motivation.

Performance Model 3 2019 Model 3 Performance seen here

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How To Run A Free Vin Check And Free Vin Decoder

Vehicle history reports, while important, provide just some of the information consumers should know before buying a used car. To help answer all of the important questions car shoppers should ask before making their purchase, theres the extensive iSeeCars VIN Report. The free VIN check report complements standard history reports to equip shoppers with all the data they need to decide if their prospective purchase is a smart one.

The VIN reports are Powered by iSeeCars’ renowned data and research which have been featured in many major media outlets such as Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Automotive News, Consumer Reports, and CNBC.

Finding Used Tesla Model 3 For Under $30000 Is It Possible

One of the big questions that used Tesla Model 3 buyers have iswhere can I find a used Model 3 for under $30,000? The thing about $30k is that its kind of a strange mental number, where anything with a 2 in front of it seems like a great dealand for a Model 3, it really is.

The honest truth is that in 2020, youre going to be hard-pressed to find such a deal, unless you stumble across an insanely motivated seller, an extremely high mileage vehicle, or salvage title used Model 3.

Used Tesla Model 3s just hold their value too well currently, and they really dont dip below $30k on the used market. But, the good news is that as the years go on, they eventually will.

Will this happen soon? Probably not, but in the next few years as the price of early Model 3s come down, and mileage goes up on these cars, the under $30k Model 3 will become a reality.

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