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Tesla Model 3 – Ultimate Tesla Spare Tire Kit

I was driving my Tesla Model 3 today when I noticed that the tire seemed a bit low. When I got home, I noticed it had a small hole and the tire will need to be replaced. Where can I find the spare tire on my Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 does not have a spare tire4-year, 50,000-mile roadside assistance plan that comes with every new Teslasave an average of $800+

The Standard Repair Rate For Fixing Tesla’s Tires

According to Tesletter, it costs $230 to repair a tire plus $55 for labor for each one serviced through Tesla’s Mobile Service support. Tesla’s mobile service also is more likely to fix the tire on the spot and have it repaired with less of a delay, though they lack the equipment for alignment, so they only do balancing.

Another alternative: most Costco warehouses will take on the job of repairing Tesla tires, but it costs $230 each, with a $70 discount when purchasing all four tires. However, there is an additional labor charge of $20 per tire. Also, Tesla does save a lot of money for its own business by not offering a spare tire. In fact, today, many carmakers do not offer a spare tire any longer.

Saving Space And Tire Technology

The truth is, these days, spare tires are not used as much as they once were. This is also the very reason many automakers chose to follow Tesla’s lead. When a vehicle’s life cycle concludes, the spare tire and tools with the vehicle don’t even get used before heading to the junkyard about 85% of the time, according to TireRack. To Tesla, it didn’t make sense to include a spare tire when it is used only 15% of the time.

Tesla thought this was an unworthy investment. So, in place of a spare tire, there’s something called the TPMS sensor. This informs drivers when the tire pressure is low, giving them enough time to drive to a tire repair shop, decreasing the risk of flat tires. However, many drivers are not too pleased with driver-assist programs such as TPMS.

However, Tesla actually equips its vehicles’ tires with noise-reducing, sound-dampening foam that’s permanently adhered to the inside of the tread surface. This helps reduce cavity resonance and road noise, but as a downside, smaller tire shops lack the proper training and supplies to adequately patch or repair Tesla tires. Keep in mind that up to 20% of the raw material and labor costs for tires are being invested in spare tires, making the process quite costly.

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Dealing With Flat Tyres

Your Tesla will not come with a spare tire/tyre, nor does it come with run flat tires/tyres, so if you get a puncture you are potentially stuck. Tesla offer a service where they will tow you up to 50 miles and possibly bring you a replacement wheel if you’re near a service centre, but this has a couple of problems. Firstly, you may be over 50 miles from anywhere you know, and secondly, tire places close overnight which is when you most want to get somewhere safely. And if the puncture is a slow one, all you may really need is a 5 mins of an air compressor to top up the pressure. Tesla also don’t eben provide a compressor to help inflate the tires if needed.

Other Tools & Products To Consider


This plug kit from Slime is widely recommended by the Tesla community to tackle small leaks.

Its also among the most highly rated on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The plugs in this kit are of splendid quality. Given that inserting them into the tire takes a lot of force, the T-handle tolerates the pressure quite significantly.

This video from the Ghettodiy YouTube channel perfectly explains how to use this kit for your Tesla:

However, theres no razor included in this kit to cut the excess off. Youll have to buy something to cut separately.

Overall, its a nice plug kit that can save you frustration. Id recommend always having it in your car.

Viair 88P air compressor enjoys a good reputation on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 5,000+ total reviews

Following are its major pros as per customer comments:

  • Robust qualityhose heavier than expected.
  • Can inflate big tires. Teslas 42 psi tire pressure is an easy task for this compressor.
  • Fairly quick to inflate tires.
  • Very fairly priced as compared to other options.
  • Doesnt heat up.

A customer complained that public air machines can only inflate up to 32 psi, but tested this champ on his brothers Tesla and it worked like a charm.

Notice also how the product has small plastic legs so that the compressor stays in place while you inflate the tires.

I LOVE that from this product.

However, it has no carrying case so you might have to buy one.

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Tire Repair And Maintenance

Tesla tires are built to optimize performance, safety, reliability and durability. Since tires degrade over time from the effects of ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, high loads and environmental conditions, always follow the recommended tire rotation schedule. For more information on ways to optimize the performance of your vehicle, see the recommended practices for vehicle maintenance.

Tire Repair Kits Are Readily Available

Another reason why Tesla may have opted against including a spare tire in their cars is that compact spare kits are readily available. For instance, the company has a repair kit that goes for around $70.

With this repair kit, you can easily fix a tire, if you happen to get a flat when you are out there. After sealing the hole, the repair kit also comes with a mechanism for inflating the tire. From there, you can then take your vehicle to the nearest tire shop for a comprehensive repair or replacement.

This repair kit is compact and lightweight. It will only consume a fraction of space in your trunk, compared to a spare tire. Therefore, it will save you a valuable amount of space. And the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with the additional space.

Besides, it provides an easier and faster means of getting you back on the road, compared to replacing the flat with a spare.

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Sparky Express Can Fix Tesla Punctured Tires By Nails Or Screws

If you are located in our service area and you have a nail or a screw in your Tesla tire, we can fix it for a reasonable price. Learn more about the flat tire service provided by Sparky Express for Tesla drivers.

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Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire Options That Work In 2022

Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire Mounting

Damn! It actually happened. You got a flat tire. After the cursing stops, you might think to yourself what now?You pop the trunk and look for a spare tire to get cracking on replacing the flat.WellIf youre driving a Model 3, you may be disappointed to learn:

Model 3 has no spare it. Nor does any other Tesla vehicle.

Wait, what? No spare tire?HOW DARE THEY!Before we dive deep into Tesla Model 3 spare tire options, lets look at why Tesla made this decision and yes, they do have their reasons.

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The Tire Repair Kit For Your Tesla Model :

As its name suggests, this will allow you to repair a small puncture and temporarily reinflate in order to to reach the nearby garage with your Tesla Model 3. Please note, however, that it is not possible to drive indefinitely with this device. We advise you not to not go beyond 80 km / h and about 200 km so as not to take any risks. Of course, if you notice an opening in the tire of your Tesla Model 3 that is too large, do not take unnecessary risks, the kit will not be able to repair everything. If the hole exceeds 5 millimeters, it will be very complicated to plug it up, due to too much air pressure.

Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

The Tesla Model 3 SR+ with the semi premium interior does not come with floor mats. You could of course buy the Tesla official mats or you can buy these Heavy Duty & Flexible Eco-Friendly All Season Model 3 floor mats. They are also useful as all weather mats for the Long Range and performance models.

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Option #: The Best Tire Repair Kits Available For Tesla Model 3

A tire repair kit might be your best choice.

However, keep in mind that Teslas OEM tires are equipped with noise-reducing, sound-dampening foam thats affixed inside of the tread surface.

It acts as a bit of a barrier, absorbing potential punctures while silencing road noise.

Unfortunately, this means the sealant of most tire repair kits wont work on the OEM tires.

A lot of the smaller, mom-and-pop auto repair shops will be ill-equipped to patch or repair Tesla tires for this very reason.

That said, the inflator pump these tire repair kits can help you top up your tires pressure to make it to your destination.

And if you have non-OEM tires, punctures can be sealed without issues.

Tesla itself offers a kit that includes everything you need to repair minor tire damage.

UPDATE: Tesla has discounted their tire repair kit for the time. According to many reputable sources, this is due to the supply shortage and many speculate the product is likely to come online again.

Its competitive $70 price makes the choice appealing for Tesla owners who prefer OEM products.

The product has an air compressor to top off your tire pressure and a one-piece sealant canister to patch up punctures.

The Tesla kit gets the job done but theres another option that offers more bang for your buck.

The BETOOLL tire repair kit comes with the tools and repair plugs you need to fix up your Teslas tires.

This kit gets the job done in 15 minutes.

Heres your best alternative then.

How To Buy Model 3 Spare Tire

Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire, 2017

Manufacturer Modern SpareLoad Index Rating 104.00Speed Rating MWelcome to the auto goods store all product groups are collected on one site for your convenience. In the online catalog you will be able to choose any spare part or part for your car as from an official dealer.One of the main advantages of our online store Autogovarov product quality. We buy parts directly from manufacturers, which allows us to monitor the quality of products and eliminate defects in a timely manner. Purchasing tesla spare tire in our online store, you can be assured that the goods are in good condition and comply with the technical characteristics stated. Products from the worlds leading manufacturers of automotive products, as well as Russian companies are presented in the catalog.The second advantage of cooperation is low prices. Thanks to direct deliveries we save money, making our production accessible. Discounts and seasonal promotions make automotive products even more affordable. On our site you can buy tesla spare tire with a 40% discount. Check for current promotions on the stores website.Regular customers get an additional discount. Check the rules of receipt in a private office.Delivery all over World free delivery of orders to any city in the country. Leave your order on the site, manager will take your order and arrange free delivery the same day.

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Dynaplug Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Even a slow flat can be a pain if you are a long way from home and many recovery companies use a kit like the Dynaplug tire puncture repair kit. With this you can push an repair into the tire to fill the leak and and slow down the loss or pressure. In some instance it can fix the tire completely although it is worth getting it checked out when convenient.

Lower The Cost Of Production

Electric vehicles such as Tesla tend to be heavier than gas-powered vehicles. Therefore, their tires have to be specially designed, so that they can comfortably handle the added weight.

At the same time, Tesla tires have also been designed in such a way that they will absorb and reduce road noise considerably.

Therefore, to produce these tires, the technology and materials that will be used will cost more, compared to tires for gas-powered vehicles. And providing a spare tire will lead to additional costs.

So, to keep the costs down, Tesla opts against including a spare tire in their vehicles. Besides, this spare tire is rarely used, meaning it will be adding unnecessary costs.

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Emergency Spare Tire Kit For Tesla Model 3 Performance

Discounted Price: $499.95

Addresses one of the biggest Achilles’ heels of your Tesla – no spare tire!! Tire comes pre-mounted, inflated, & ready for your next road trip Includes a set of new lug nuts Optionally includes install tools: scissor jack, lug wrench/tire iron, mechanic’s gloves Free shipping in the continental US

Note: Currently shipping by the end of January – Mid February.


Alternative Solutions To Not Having A Spare Tire

Tesla Model 3 Tire Replacement

However, if neither of these options gives you the peace of mind youre looking for, and you are one of those people who is happy doing it yourself, then you could consider investing in either an emergency tire repair kit. Theres a whole host of these types of kits available on the market, and most of them come with everything you need for a temporary fix which is typically 50 70 miles or three days.

Or if you want more, and youre willing to sacrifice that all import cargo space, then you could invest in a spare tire kit. Designed for the Tesla Model 3, these kits can be a quick and efficient way to replace a blown or flat tire. Typically these kits come with a lightweight Aluminum Alloy Wheel thats fitted with a tire from one of the leading manufacturers, a low-profile scissor jack, and all the necessary tools you need to change a wheel at the side of the road.

However, you should remember that fitting non-standard Tesla OEM aftermarket parts may have an impact on your warranty, so its always worth checking these things out before you go ahead and purchase such a kit.

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The Spare Wheel Of Your Tesla Model :

This little wheel, also called cake, is less bulky than a conventional wheel. It therefore has the advantage of taking less space on your Tesla Model 3, but at the expense of its resistance. Keep in mind, it will only be used in an emergency, we advise you to do few kilometers and not to go beyond 80km / h because it is not designed to withstand too high speeds. Get to the nearest garage quickly. Also, pay close attention to bends because your Tesla Model 3 will be slightly unbalanced that the slab is thinner than the other wheels of your Tesla Model 3. Also make sure that the pressure of your wheel spacer is checked often, so as not to have an unnecessary spare wheel on your Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire Options: Final Thoughts

Tesla has got plenty of rationale for why they went without a spare tire and most drivers ultimately dont seem to mind.

Relax, know the multiple ways to deal with an unexpected flat, and when a flat happens youll have a tire to spare, the tools to fix things yourself, or the means to get assistance immediately.

Modern Spare is ultimately the only satisfactory product among the very few Tesla Model 3 tire options that owners have tested successfully.

Considering its price point, its weight, and its convenience, its no wonder Model 3 owners recommend it across the board.

Modern Spare will be the obvious choice for 90% of owners reading this article.

Zac Ludicrous

These 5 rare tips can save you so much time and stress and few owners know about them . Sign up below to learn more. It’s free!

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Meguiar’s G55032sp Complete Car Care Kit

You’ve spent a lot of money on you Tesla and you want to keep it look its best. MEGUIAR’S have been making car care protects for years and for the home enthusiast we recommend the MEGUIAR’S G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit as a great way to start. Ideal to treat yourself or it makes a great gift. The products can also be bought individually.

Tesla Offers Roadside Assistance Service

Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire, 2017

Tesla offers all its customers free roadside assistance service round the clock, seven days a week â as long as the vehicle is still within its warranty duration. Hence, a spare tire comes across as an unnecessary addition to a Tesla vehicle, when assistance is simply a call away.

Tesla roadside assistance services remain valid as long as your vehicleâs warranty is valid. In Tesla vehicles are covered for up to 50,000 miles or four years, whichever comes first. As for used Teslas, the warranty is valid for 10,000 miles or one year.

So, if you happen to have a flat tire and your Tesla is still covered by the warranty, you just need to call using the number provided and a service technician will come to your location within the shortest time possible â regardless of where you are in the country.

And once the technician comes to your location, they will fix the tire and get you back on the road within no time. In a situation where the tire canât be repaired or fixed, the Tesla roadside assistance service will tow your vehicle to the nearest Tesla-approved service center to have the issue fixed.

As you can see, the availability of the Tesla roadside assistance service eliminates the need for having a spare in your vehicle. It will save you a great deal of time and effort that you may have spent trying to change the tire.

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