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Radio Flyer’s $100 Tesla Model Y Is Powered By Kids’ Feet

My First Model Y: Ride-On Tesla for Babies & Toddlers

A few years ago Radio Flyer teamed up with Tesla to create a kids version of the Tesla Model S. That drivable mini electric sedan packs a lithium-ion battery and costs $500. Now, the companies are releasing a Tesla Model Y for kids. This mini whip is a ride-on, so kids will have to scoot it themselves , but it costs just $100.

The company says kids as young as one and a half can ride the Tesla toy, dubbed My First Model Y. Most will outgrow it by the time theyre about four years old, when they might graduate to the Tesla Model S For Kids. My First Model Y comes with an ergonomic seat, functioning horn and authentic Model Y details.

Meanwhile, Tesla is reportedly working to lower the price of its Model Y electric crossover, so parents may be able to afford their first Model Y soon, too.

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Tesla And Radio Flyer Team Up Again To Create A Tiny Ride

If you cant afford the real thing just yet, you can now buy a mini Tesla Model Y for yourself your toddler for less than $100 USD.

Released today by Radio Flyer, the My First Model Y is the second Tesla vehicle in the Radio Flyer lineup, and was developed with the Tesla Design Studio to ensure it matches the real thing as closely as possible.

The My First Model Y delivers the superior Tesla experience for the littlest drivers. Developed in partnership with the Tesla Design Studio, this premium ride-on is an authentic kid-sized version of the beautifully sculpted Tesla Model Y body.

Unlike the kids Model S from Radio Flyer, the Model Y is not battery powered, hence the low price. Instead it is a ride-along leg-powered Tesla, allowing kids as young as a 1.5 years old to enjoy the Tesla experience.

Aside from the steering wheel sticking out the windshield and the roof which has been turned into a seat, the little Model Y looks just like the real thing. It has the 20 Induction wheels and a very realistic steering wheel with the scroll wheels and a working horn .

Since this is intended more for indoor use, the Model Y comes with rubber tires, instead of the loud plastic tires that are on the more expensive battery-powered Model S .

The My First Model Y is designed for kids 1.5-4 years of age, with a weight capacity of 43lbs. It can be pre-ordered now for just $99 USD, and is expected to ship on September 11, 2020.

Radio Flyer My First Tesla Model Y

Isnt this the snazziest little ride-on youve seen in ages? Its an authentic model of the Model Y made in cooperation with Tesla. Were always on the look-out for a foot powered ride-on that doesnt tip easily and has good tires for traction. Its shiny sleek red body has a discreet shimmer without being glittery. Unlike most ride-ons the wheels have rubbery treads that take it smoothly over any surface. We thought the sculpted ergonomic seat would lift for storage, as on most ride-onsbut that’s about all that’s missing. Happily, little drivers wont have to lift the vehicle to make a turn the steering wheel actually works! So does the horn. Its low enough to the ground so that toddlers can get on and off with comfort, but children as old as 4 + are able to ride it as well.

Ages: Older Toddlers

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You Can Officially Buy A Mini Tesla For Your Kids Because Why The Heck Not

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Move over Power Wheels, there’s a new car in town, and it’s pretty freakin’ sleek! On Aug. 18, Radio Flyer yes, the company known for its wagons! announced its latest product made in partnership with Tesla: the My First Model Y . According to a press release, the adorably flashy ride-on comes with a honking horn, an ergonomic seat, black induction wheels, and a working steering wheel.

Designed for mini car enthusiasts between the ages of 1.5 to 4 years old, the My First Model Y will certainly turn heads! Additionally, Radio Flyer and Tesla have already released the Tesla Model S For Kids , a customizable ride-on geared to kiddos between the ages of 3 and 8. Ahead, get a look at photos of this cool ride-on that’s perfect for little ones!

Tesla Model Y Gets Added To Radio Flyer Kids Fleet


Teslas newest electric vehicle, the Model Y, has been added to Radio Flyers lineup of cars for kids.

The Model Y is Teslas first crossover SUV. It has a currently available five-seat option and a soon-to-be-released seven-seat variant. Now, Radio Flyer has released a one-seater option for the younger Tesla enthusiasts to take advantage of.

Radio Flyer has the Model Y replica available for young drivers of ages 1 1/2 to 4. The reduced size makes it a perfect addition for younger Tesla enthusiasts who are a fan of the new crossover design.

The design of the Model Y replica includes authentic details that fit the crossovers shape and size. Black Induction Wheels that are reminiscent of the cars real-life rims are covered with rubber grip tread for improved handling and performance. Lastly, a working steering wheel will let young drivers navigate through their homes or in their driveways, just like their adult counterparts.

Parents beware: a honking horn is also included, so have some ibuprofen on tap for a potential migraine.

Radio Flyers inclusion of the Model Y becomes the newest addition of Tesla vehicles that the company has added to its fleet. The Model S is also available on the site for younger drivers to own.

The Model Y is available on Radio Flyers website for just $99.99, which is considerably less than the Model S, which starts at $499.99. The Model Y does not have a motor in it, so kids will use their feet to maneuver the vehicle through their surroundings.

Radio Flyer Is Toying With The Tesla Model Y

Theres a new Model Y in town that comes really cheap only it is not quite the real thing. It is just Radio Flyers latest playful take on a Tesla car designed to capture the youngest.

Radio Flyer now also offers the Tesla Model Y as a toy car for small children. With a price of 99 US dollars, it is considerably cheaper than the toy version of the Model S offered by Radio Flyer since 2016, but the new one has no motor.

Tesla Radio Flyer Team For My First Model Y

My First Model Y offers the Tesla experience for children as young as one and a half to four years old. Designed in collaboration with the Radio Flyer product development team and the Tesla Design Studio, this ride-on toy features the authentic design of Tesla’s full-size Model Y vehicle. The product comes equipped with a honking horn, ergonomic seat, black induction wheels and working steering wheel.

This is the second product that Radio Flyer and Tesla have partnered on in recent years. In 2016, the two brands introduced the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer, a customizable ride-on for children ages three to eight. The unique Radio Flyer used Lithium Ion battery technology.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Tesla with the My First Model Y,” says Robert Pasin, chief wagon officer, Radio Flyer. “At Radio Flyer, we’re committed to creating high-quality, innovative products

The My First Model Y is now available for pre-order on Amazon and for $99.

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Radio Flyer Now Offers A Tesla Model Y For Your Toddler’s Garage

Ditch the batteries for foot power with this Model Y mini-me.

You’re a family oriented sort of person. You have a suburban home in small town America with a white picket fence, 2.5 children, and a Tesla Model Y EV to move the family without sucking up precious earthly resources. What more could you need? Sounds like you’ve got it madeso what about your kiddos? Enter Radio Flyeryou know, the brand behind your childhood red wagonand its “My First Model Y,” a scaled-down Tesla for your kids to ride around on.

The recipe is simple. Take Tesla’s newest SUV and shrink it down to a size suitable for children. The Radio Flyer’s design is true to the real thing, and the scale model Model Y features tires with actual rubber tread for better gripthat will hopefully last the life of the toy assuming your toddler isn’t ripping burnouts everywhere they goand a steering wheel that apes the look of the steering wheel in the Model Y. There’s also a working horn and an ergonomically designed seat to help cushion little bums.

Unlike the real Model Y, there’s no battery or state of charge to worry about. That means this bad boy will go as long as your toddler can kick alongprobably not as long as the actual Model Y’s EPA estimated 316-mile range. This little flyer will make a cute addition to any garage, and it’s certainly small enough to fit in an actual Model Y, should you need to take it and your toddler anywhere.

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New Tesla Model Y For Kids By Radio Flyer Is Available For Preorder

Tesla Model S for Kids: Battery-powered Ride-on Car by Radio Flyer

Tesla Inc. is one of the hottest companies right now, with adults and children alike both enamored by the tech-focused, futuristic cars. Because of this, Tesla teamed up with Radio Flyer several years ago to offer an all-electric mini version of the Model S for kids. The car started at $500 and can reach speeds of over 6 mph.

Well now Tesla’s hottest new vehicle, the Model Y, is available for kids as well.

The “My First Model Y” is intended for kids 18 months up to 4 years old. It’s unpowered, so kids would need to move the vehicle with their feet, Flinstones style. While the Model S comes in multiple colors, the new Model Y appears to only be available in red.

Preorders are open now for the $100 child’s toy, with shipments expected in September.

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Radio Flyer Reveals My First Tesla Model Y Ride

Radio Flyer is best known for their little red wagon and tricycle, but now, theyre going a bit more high-tech with the My First Tesla Model Y: Ride-On. Its designed for children as young as one and a half to four years old and features the authentic design of Teslas full-sized Model Y vehicle, complete with a honking horn, ergonomic seat, black induction wheels as well as working steering. Read more for a video and additional information.

This marks the second time that Radio Flyer and Tesla, Inc. have collaborated on a product. Back in 2016, the two companies introduced the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer, a customizable ride-on for children ages 3-8, powered by Lithium Ion battery technology. Since its launch, the Tesla Model S for Kids has been an overwhelming success in the Radio Flyer product line.

  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN DETAILS: Just like a full-size Tesla, the My First Model Y delivers the superior Tesla experience for your toddler
  • HONKING HORN: This toddler ride-on includes a working horn
  • PREMIUM WHEELS: With a rubber grip tread, these wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride. The wheels are safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • develop motor skills and learn to ride.
  • WORKING STEERING: The working steering helps riders as young as 18 months develop motor skills and learn to ride

Tesla Model Y Is The Latest Radio Flyer For Tykes

Man, all we had were boring pull wagons back in the day. These kids get Teslas.

Sean Szymkowski

It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. Prior to joining the Roadshow team, he was a freelance contributor for Motor Authority, The Car Connection and Green Car Reports. As for what’s in the garage, Sean owns a 2016 Chevrolet SS, and yes, it has Holden badges.

For $100, anyone can be a Tesla owner… sort of.

Radio Flyer now offers a Tesla Model Y sit-down toy car, specifically created for kids from 1-and-a-half to 4 years old. So, yes, you can buy one even if you’re an adult, but you might have a very hard time enjoying this particular Tesla.

But the kids will find a lot to enjoy. The steering is totally functional with the Tesla-branded wheel atop the Model Y toy car. Prepare for lots of honking, though, because the horn actually works. Something about toddlers and a working horn sounds like a terrible idea to me.

As for the toy’s actual design, it’s pretty good and simply looks like a scaled down version of the electric SUV. The wheels , headlights and taillights all look proper and help convey the design very well for a child’s toy. Best of all, you don’t have to charge this particular Tesla since it runs purely on toddler power as they scoot around.

Radio Flyer plans to start shipping the Model Y ride-on toy starting Sept. 11 but preorders are open now.

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Introducing The My First Model Y


Meet Radio Flyers newest ride-on for kids, the My First Model Y. Developed in partnership with the Tesla Design Studio, the My First Model Y delivers the superior Tesla experience for the littlest drivers.

This premium ride-on is an authentic kid-sized version of the beautifully sculpted Tesla Model Y body. The ergonomic seat and body design ensure maximum comfort for toddler Tesla enthusiasts while scooting on their ride-on. Black induction wheels with rubber grip tread create a smooth ride every time, and the wheels are safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Thoughtful features like working steering and a honking horn add to the play value of the My First Model Y and help develop motor skills as kids learn to ride. This ride-on makes a perfect gift for toddlers ages 1.54 years old. Little drivers will feel like theyre in the drivers seat of their very own Tesla with the My First Model Y. Pre-order now on

Tesla Model Y Now Comes In A Toddler Size From Radio Flyer

Don’t expect a 300-mile driving range or a charging plug this ride-on toy is leg powered.

  • Iconic children’s toymaker Radio Flyer expands partnership with Tesla to adapt the 2020 Model Y’s design to a toddler-appropriate size.
  • The ride-on toy features a steering wheel that looks plucked directly from the Tesla assembly line, an ergonomic saddle, and a working horn, but it isn’t electrically powered.
  • The My First Model Y will cost $99 and is available at Radio Flyer’s website and .

There’s no better indicator of the changing times than seeing Radio Flyer, maker of the classic red wagon, partner with Tesla for electric-vehicle-inspired toys. Radio Flyer already has a Tesla Model S in its lineup and now it’s adding the Model Y. Unlike the more expensive Model S, the Model Y ride-on toy costs just $99.

While the Model S is battery powered and recommended for children aged three to eight, the Model Y is a ride-on and eschews electric motors, so children as young as a year and a half can hop on and enjoy scooting around the house. To give it the fresh-from-Fremont feel, Radio Flyer’s version of the Model Y comes with an accurately rendered Tesla steering wheel complete with the brand’s simplistic steering-wheel-mounted infotainment controllers and a working horn.

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