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Is 2022 A Good Year To Buy An Ev

This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars

It’s probably not a great year to buy if you’re eyeing an EV that costs less than $40,000, as the major advances in EV technology launched this year are largely the domain of pricier options. Lower-end EVs largely still suffer from reduced battery capacity, lower efficiency due to extreme weather, and slow fast-charging capability, and are on the verge of being replaced by newer models with newer tech. That said, those compromises are not much of a problem when charging infrastructure is widely available in your area. However, in 2022, the expansion is still a work in progress. Unless you can reliably charge at home, you may be better off waiting to purchase a lower-priced EV.

On the other end of the price spectrum, EVs that cost $45,000 and up are rapidly being introduced and offer an ownership experience more akin to that of a mainstream vehicle, thanks to larger battery capacity for longer range and higher-power charging capability where charging can be done within 15 to 30 minutes. On top of that, the current tax credits program does not have a MSRP price cap.

Want To Know More About Electric Vehicles

Were keeping tabs on the best electric vehicles you can buy today, whether theyre new or used. You can also stay up to date on the latest EV news by following the Green Vehicles section on the TrueCar Blog. And when youre ready to buy an electric vehicle, you can use TrueCar to shop and get an up-front, personalized offer from a Certified Dealer.

Are Electric Cars Reliable

Electric cars are still selling in relatively small numbers and we havent seen enough of them doing significant mileages to make a firm judgment on reliability. What we do know is that EVs have fewer moving parts than conventional cars and theres little evidence from hybrid or electric cars that battery performance degrades substantially with use, although you are likely to see a gradual reduction in capacity.

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How Much Does Charging An Ev Cost

You may know that driving on electricity costs less than gasoline, but you may still be wondering about the exact cost to charge an electric vehicle. When it comes to home charging, what you pay will depend on where you live. The average price of electricity is 13.23 cents per kilowatt-hour. An EV like the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is estimated to use 25 kWh for every 100 miles, which would cost $3.30 to drive on average.

Dont Be Put Off By High Electric Car Prices Running Costs Are The Key

Would You Buy An Electric Car That Charges In Just 10 Minutes?

The list prices of electric cars can look expensive compared to equivalent petrol or diesel models, even when the Governments plug-in car grant has been applied, but looks are very likely to be deceiving. List prices are just one part of the cost of vehicle ownership and the overall cost becomes much more palatable when you factor-in the relatively low running costs of EVs – often around 60% of those of a similar petrol model depending on usage patterns.

As a general rule, charging an electric car is far cheaper than fueling a petrol or diesel one – even if you use more expensive public charging points.

The free VED , the company car tax advantages and the lower maintenance costs that result from an EVs fewer moving parts, and the lower cost of running an electric car will also help offset the higher upfront price.

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Which Electric Car Is Best To Buy

In many ways, it becomes harder to choose the best electric car to buy, the more models come onto the market! Five years ago the decision was essentially whether you went in at the high end with the expensive Tesla Model S offering a range of 200 miles or more or opted for a more practical and affordable car, with a range of 100 miles or less.

Fast forward to spring 2020 though,and you have a choice of 19 electric cars to buy with a 200-mile range according to EV Database on as of May 2020 and by the end of the year there’s predicted to be more than 30.

With range less of a concern now, buyers can choose an electric car based on something more interesting, such as how it looks or drives. New electric family cars like the Volkswagen ID.3 , for instance, combine great styling and packaging with exciting performance.

Mini electric cars like the upcoming Fiat 500e make perfect runabouts in cities and towns. And for those people seeking driving excitement and prestige, therell soon be a wide selection of premium electric cars to buy from prestigious brands including Audi, Tesla, Mercedes and Jaguar.

To help you decide which electric car is the right car for you to buy, we’ve put together some lists to help make the decision process a little easier.

As Gas Prices Rise Opposition Says Trudeau Wants Canadians Just To Go Buy An Electric Car

The Conservatives have proposed temporarily cutting the GST at the pumps to help struggling Canadians but the prime minister said people should just go buy an electric car.

On Monday, Conservative MP Dan Albas told parliament the national average gas price was $2.06 per litre, with expectations it will jump again this week.

“Conservatives have proposed temporarily cutting the GST at the pumps. The prime minister has said that Canadians should just go buy an electric car,” Albas said.

Albas then told the House commuters cannot afford to fill their tanks, let alone pay their grocery bills.

He then asked parliament how the Liberals will keep life affordable for Canadians, or is the government just running on fumes?

Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson responded by saying, “President Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has driven up gas prices around the world.”

“While Canada’s energy supply remains secure, we are working with our international allies to preserve energy value chains and to actually reduce pricing globally.”

Wilkinson then told parliament here in Canada, the Liberals asked the Competition Bureau to monitor the situation to ensure there is no illegal collusion.

“We are certainly working to ensure we are enhancing affordability through various programs the government has put into place and we are working internationally to stabilize global energy prices,” Wilkinson said.

In Canada, the average price of gas jumped 11¢ in the last week.

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Electric Car Maker Rivian Stalls After Red Hot Market Debut

Hot Air senior editor Ed Morrissey wrote that instead of worrying about gas prices, Americans will have to worry about skyrocketing electricity prices under the heavy demand EVs will create and the rolling blackouts when supply cant meet demand in a regulated environment.

In addition to the higher sticker price, AAA has estimated that owning a new, compact electrical vehicle costs about $600 more per year than a gas-powered compact vehicle despite lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Buttigiegs promotion of electric vehicles came five days after the administration announced the Department of Energy would release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat rising gas prices.

As of Monday, the nationwide average price for a gallon of regular gasoline stood at $3.39, approximately $1.27 more than at this time last year, according to AAA.

The Uk Electric Car Market: History And Future

Did I Just Buy an Electric Car (Better Than a Tesla)

Electric cars have been around for well over a century but its only recently that theyve started to gain a market foothold. In the early noughties, the Reva G-Wiz led the electric car craze, although that model was hardly a car at all, as it was classed as a quadricycle. It used basic lead-acid batteries, similar to the electric milk floats that once frequented British streets in the early hours, and was slow, cramped and not very safe. It wasn’t until the original Nissan Leaf came along that the process of electric car development went into overdrive.

As a five-door, five-seat hatchback, the Leaf offered the practicality of a conventional family car, and became the best-selling EV, albeit with sales figures significantly lower than its petrol and diesel counterparts. Initially the Leaf’s range was 80 miles at best, but constant development and improvement have seen that range increase, while the arrival of the Leaf Mk2 in 2018 saw the car gain a range closer to a conventional petrol car.

Looking into the future, you can only see the electric car market expanding, and fast. With comprehensive manufacturer buy-in fuelled by tightening emissions regulations from governments, electric car technology is improving fast – along with the infrastructure that makes running one easier. You might not be considering an electric car now but its a safe bet that you will be in the future.

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How Will I Charge The Car

For most electric car drivers, the cheapest way to charge is overnight at home. Youll need a home parking space and a charge point for the fastest and safest home charging.

Getting the right electricity tariff is essential and it could save you money on your home electricity use too. Read more about choosing a tariff in our Ultimate guide to electric car tariffs.

Are Electric Cars Worth It

There are lots of reasons why people are ditching the pump for a plug. Electric cars are cheaper to own than a gas guzzler, when you take into account exemptions on road tax and the Congestion Charge in London. With no tailpipe emissions theyre better for the environment too. And even diehard petrolheads cant deny that electric cars are relaxing and easy to drive.

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Worthwhile For You And The Planet

Theres another kind of savings, perhaps the most important for many EV buyers: saving the environment. An EV requires a lot of energy to produce and transport. And mining conditions for key EV minerals like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and rare Earth elements can be devastating to the environment and to laborers in underdeveloped, poorly regulated countries.

But EVs have a lesser net environmental effect than gas models, says Foster, whose company did an extensive study for the European Commission. EVs do have bigger upfront environmental impacts, but they are net positive after about 30,000 miles, says Foster.

And EVs are eventually net positive for many buyers pocketbooksespecially house owners. With the number of charging options growing and the costs of EVs gradually dropping, they will be an ever more appealing option for consumers.

Electric Vehicles: Top 6 Reasons To Buy An Ev

Buying an electric car in Colorado just got $5,000 cheaper  The Denver ...

Australia’s uptake of electric vehicles is increasing at a healthy rate, with combined sales of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles roughly doubling over each of the last two years.

Australians thinking of buying an EV are flooded with information and opinion as the cars have become more popular.

With more EV models set to enter showrooms this year, and more Australian buyers begin seriously considering them alongside internal combustion engine vehicles, we present the top six reasons why you should make an EV your next car.

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Decide Whether An Electric Car Will Suit Your Lifestyle

Electric cars are not for everybody. Although the public charging infrastructure in the UK is improving quickly, regular long trips in an electric car can still prove problematic. The perfect usage pattern for an EV involves charging at home overnight when electricity tariffs are lower and not needing to top up the battery again during the day.

Ideally, youll need somewhere to charge at home, but you could get around this if there are EV charging points at work or plenty of public charging points nearby. If you do less than 200 or so miles a week, you could get away without having a home or work charger at all just visit a public one every few days to top up.

If your average daily mileage exceeds the range of your electric car, wed advise you to think twice, but the occasional longer trip should be perfectly manageable. As the technology improves and the average range of electric cars grows, more and more people will find that they could live quite happily with an electric car.

The Two Biggest Emergencies Are

That post has gotten 54 responses . If you thought the biggest issues drivers of electric cars face are failures of the main battery or other drivetrain issues, guess again. It turns out the number one item according to reddit members is a dead 12 volt battery.

Wait what? EVs have a good old fashioned lead acid 12 volt battery? Yes they do. They are used for minor things like power door locks, interior lighting, and such. And like all conventional 12 volt batteries, they are negatively affected by temperature extremes. Its a little known fact that more car batteries expire from too much heat under the hood than extreme cold.

Heres the thing. That 12 volt battery gets recharged from the main battery when the car is in operation. If it sits for long periods of time, it doesnt get charged and can go flat. There is anecdotal evidence that these old tech devices may not last as long in an EV as they do in a conventional car. Two years seems to be their limit, if you believe the scuttlebutt online. 3 to 5 years is more normal for the batteries in conventional cars.

According to the reddit forum, you can also jump the dead 12 volt battery with jumper cables just like in a conventional car. That will allow the main battery to initialize so you can drive the car.

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Whats In The Inflation Reduction Act

Auto industry.Until now, taxpayers could get up to $7,500 in tax credits for purchasing an electric vehicle, but there was a cap on how many cars from each manufacturer were eligible. The new law will eliminate this cap and extend the tax credit until 2032 used cars will also qualify for a credit of up to $4,000.

Lucid Air Dream Edition

Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy an Electric Car

The only Lucid Air you can get your hands on in 2021/early 2022 is the Dream Edition, and then only if you already reserved one. Lucid started production in late October 2021, and the Dream Edition is limited to 520 vehicles. It comes in two variants, the Dream Edition R that focuses on efficiency and achieves 520 miles of EPA-rated range, and the Dream Edition P focused on driving enjoyment and capable of going 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Lower-priced versions are planned to go on sale throughout 2022. For now, you can put down a refundable deposit to reserve an Air Pure, Air Touring, or Air Grand Touring.

2022 Lucid Air Driving Range, Pricing*Air Pure: 406 miles, $77,400Air Touring: 406 miles, $95,000Air Grand Touring: 516 miles, $139,000Air Dream Edition R with 19-in wheels: 520 miles, $169,000Air Dream Edition P with 19-in wheels: 471 miles, $169,000

*Prices do not include destination. Air Pure, Touring, and Grand Touring ranges are factory-projected EPA estimates.

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Does It Cost More To Insure An Ev

Typically, no. Some insurers may even offer you a small discount on a policy for an EV, because of its environmental credentials and the fact that owners of pure-electric cars tend to rack up fewer miles and, because theyre used mainly in towns, at lower speeds. However, some cover providers still believe theres an added risk because of the charging equipment, or even the possibility of people tripping over your cable if the car is plugged in on the street.

Factor in higher list prices of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and you end up with a final bill thats likely to be roughly the same as it would be for a conventionally powered vehicle. As always, it pays to shop around.

What Policies Could Help

Policies that would help make EVs more affordable in Australia include:

  • incentives to bring down the upfront cost of EVs. Some people say this is subsidising rich people but clever policy would support jobs in the Australian energy market. Its estimated we spend more than A$30 billion on foreign fuel for our cars every year. Redirecting that money to powering EVs would help keep those billions in the country, and support local Australian energy jobs.

  • we dont have a fuel efficiency standard, putting us in poor company with Russia as two of the last remaining major economies without such standards. Thats why people say Australia is a dumping ground for vehicles that are illegal to sell overseas. The markets that have fuel efficiency standards are getting all of the EV supply.

  • having a clear target of EV sales for the next five to 15 years would support achieving net zero by 2050 in other words, selling the last petrol or diesel car by the mid-2030s.

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What Happens If I Run Out Of Charge In An Electric Vehicle

Whereas a plug-in-hybrid vehicle always has the combustion engine to fall back on in an emergency, an electric car with a flat battery is going nowhere.

Almost all cars sold in the UK come with at least a year of breakdown cover, and this applies as much to pure EVs as it does petrol or diesel models. Many electric cars offer a full three years of breakdown cover to help ease the painful process of running out of battery power.

If youre buying a second-hand EV thats more than three years old, incidentally, you should consider home recovery services. Most of the major providers have schemes that will include electric vehicle assistance.

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