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Do Not Add Your Charger

Tesla App Tutorial 2022

Do not try to add your charger to Charge HQ. Charge HQ controls charging via the Tesla vehicle, not via the charger. It doesn’t matter if you use the Tesla HPWC or UMC or both, or any other charger.

If you add a Smart Charger to Charge HQ and don’t actually have a smart charger, Charge HQ will no longer be able to control charging because it is waiting for the Smart Charger to connect.

Tesla Launches New Car

Tesla has launched a new feature that simplifies sharing your car with other people another step toward its self-driving car-sharing network.

With Model 3, Tesla focused on designing around self-driving and car-sharing/ride-sharing capability.

Things like the center display, the cabin-facing camera, and using your phone as a key were meant to facilitate launching such a service in the future.

Now Tesla is adding a new feature that will help people share their vehicles with friends and family, and even help rental services give Tesla app access to customers.

In its account section, Tesla added a Car Access feature:

Tesla owners can now give access to five different drivers at once.

You simply have to have someones email address:

Once you enter driver details, Tesla sends an email to the new driver to grant access to the car through the app:

If the person doesnt already have the Tesla mobile app, they download them and then they can use it like the owner to unlock and access the vehicle:

The new feature is now available to Tesla owners in the US, but it doesnt seem to be available in Canada. Let us know in the comment section below if its available in your market.

Troubleshooting Tips For Tesla Phone Key

When working as described, this feature can be a real game changer. With any new technology, however, it should not come as a surprise that there have been some growing pains along the way. Since the solution relies on the drivers own smartphone hardware, many have pointed to unreliable Bluetooth connections and variability of supported devices. If you do ever experience any issues with the Phone Key, try some of the tips below:

Troubleshooting tips for Tesla Phone Key with your smartphone settings:

  • Bluetooth – Check that your smartphones Bluetooth setting is turned on

  • Power – Ensure your smartphone has sufficient battery power to run Bluetooth

  • Internet Connection – Make sure that your smartphone has Internet connection

  • – Update your smartphone to the latest OS update for your iPhone or Android

  • Location Services in Phone Setting – In your Phone settings, set location services to always on or only when using app for the Tesla app

  • Restart your smartphone

Troubleshooting tips for Tesla Phone Key with your Tesla App:

  • App Setting – Ensure the Tesla app is running in the background

  • App Version – Ensure that you have the latest version of the Tesla App installed

  • Re-install app – Delete the app from your phone and re-install

  • Waking up car – Open the Tesla app and activate Climate Control before heading to the car to wake up the connection

  • Correct car selected – If multiple vehicles are linked to your MYTESLA account, ensure you are logged into the Model 3 you want to access

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Video Of Improved Auto High Beams

@Arpe_DK: Yup, so much better! Was driving 200 miles in the dark the other day, only once did the Tesla annoy an oncoming driver. Usually it annoys all of them. I rate the high beams 7/10 from 1/10. Further improvement are needed for sensitivity, and no high beam during streetlamps.

@wertzu112: Noticed very big difference on 2022.40.4.1. Seems Tesla has cranked up the sensitivity, now they also turn off without apparent reason all the time when light reflects off of signs, poles etc. But no more dazzling of oncoming traffic, so that’s a plus. Was unusable beforeâ¦

@bjornstenberg: Oh it has improved massively. It now dips as soon as it detects a vehicle in the field of view. Front, back, side, it detects everything. I didn’t want to use it before since I couldn’t trust it to not blind oncoming traffic. That worry is completely gone.

@andefred: Yes! Significant improvement! To the point that I most of the time could not react faster manually which I always did before.

Twitter Confirms High Beam Changes


Although Tesla did not officially mention improvements to its auto high beams feature in the 2022.40 release notes, many users have reported drastic improvements to the feature.We recently asked people on Twitter if they’d noticed a difference in auto high beams. Some have not, but others raved about the change. Here are some responses:

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More Teslas Will Need Service

Recently, internal documents showed that the company was going to introduce a process allowing salvaged Tesla to be recertified and allowed back on the Supercharger grid. That may increase the number of Teslas that need to be worked on. Improvements to service have been on Teslas radar for some time. Last year, Musk said that the company was expediting service center openings to keep up with the exploding demand for the product.

How Do You Set Up The Tesla App

Another first timer question – I have downloaded the App to my phone having previously registered with Tesla on their website. I tried to log in with the same log in details on the App and it is saying “Sign In Failed….There are no products linke to your account.” Does this mean there is a need to contact Tesla with details of the car we bought today to get them to add it to the account? If so how do we do that? Thanks again

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What I Would Do Differently

While I had casually mentioned to my customer service rep that I had an electric car during our multiple conversations, the significance of that statement was lost in the data transfer. Of course, now I know that it would have been important to be explicit about owning a Tesla due to its keyless entry system, and also relate how a Tesla Phone Key works as the mode of entry.

I would be much more direct in self-advocating for Face Recognition. Ive since updated my iPhone settings for this feature.

I would have my essential passwords with me.

I would be patient so that what became for me nearly a 75 minute wait for data installation on my new phone would add 10 more minutes to activate all the necessary apps to drive home.

Im going to play with Valet Mode, I promise.

Its a slight bit of solace to know that, according to Wired, forgetting passwords is pervasive. Among apps, subscriptions, banks, and email accounts, the average person has about 100 passwords. It turns out that, if were not getting hacked with weak passwords, were getting locked out with the strong passwords we cant remember. By some estimates, 4 out of 5 of us have forgotten at least one password in the last 90 days, and a quarter of us lose a password at least once a day.

How To Connect Your Phone To Tesla Model 3s Bluetoth

Tesla App Tutorial

Setting up your phone as a key is great but what about Bluetooth?

With steering wheel-mounted controls, the ability to sync up your music library, and text over voice commands, your options to have fun are limitless!

But first, you need to pair your phone with your vehicles Bluetooth. Here are the basic steps to do just that in under 5 minutes.

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How To Connect Your Phone To Tesla Model 3 Fast

You may take it for granted today but syncing your phone with your car is still pretty wild and very Jetsons-like.

Third-party apps that enable data gathering make the whole thing even crazier than any science fiction film 20 years ago.

Whether its as a Bluetooth device or as a key for your car, knowing how to connect your phone to your Tesla Model 3 brings a lot of conveniences.

Lets navigate through the steps to set up your phone as a key first.

Setting Up A Phone Key In Your Model 3

If youre a new Tesla owner, welcome to the club!

Along with your new purchase, comes a new set of learning curves about this technological marvel.

One of the greatest conveniences is the ability to walk in to find the car unlocked and to start it by simply pressing the brakes.

No 20th-century keys.

No carrying around key cards, which many owners lose pretty easily.

Just your phone and thats it!

But your phone needs set up as a phone key first.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to connect your phone to your Tesla Model 3 in 10 easy steps.

  • Step #1: Make sure to in your mobile device. Here are the respective links to the iOS and the Android version.
  • Step #2: With both key card and phone handy, enter your car and wait for the infotainment screen to come up.
  • Step #3: Tap the small Tesla car icon on the very left bottom corner.
  • Step #4: Select the Locks tab from the main menu.
  • Step #5: Then press the plus icon to add a phone key device to your car.
  • Step #6: Open up the Tesla app in your mobile device. You should have downloaded it in the first step.
  • Step #7: Tap on Phone Key . Instructions to pair the phone will be detailed on the screen from then on.

Pretty straightforward, isnt it?

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To Use The Mobile App

To set up the Tesla mobile app to communicate with your Model 3:

  • Log in to the Tesla mobile app by entering your Tesla account credentials.
  • Enable mobile access to your Model 3 by touching Controls> Safety> Allow Mobile Access.
  • Turn your phone’s Bluetooth setting ON and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on within your phone’s global settings for the Tesla mobile app. For example, on your phone, navigate to Settings, choose the Tesla mobile app, and ensure the Bluetooth setting is enabled.
  • Your phone and vehicle must both be actively connected to cellular service to allow the mobile app to communicate with your vehicle. Tesla recommends that you always have a functional physical key readily available if parking in an area with limited or absent cellular service, such as an indoor parking garage.

    Confirmed: Tesla Is Adding Apple Music To Their Vehicles In Update

    PSA: If your phone key doesn

    After many years of waiting and anticipation, Tesla is finally adding Apple Music to its cars.

    Aaron Cash shared photos via Twitter of Teslas new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, which opened November 20, 2022. Aaron found that Apple Music was included in one of Tesla’s vehicles.

    At the exhibit, Tesla has the interior of the new Model S set up, complete with a center console, steering wheel and infotainment system so that attendees can experience the yoke steering wheel and its blazing-fast processing for maps, games, and entertainment.

    The ‘vehicle’ was running a developer version of Tesla’s OS with version number 2022.40.50, and this is where Apple Music was found.

    Teslas notorious for leaving Easter eggs and hints about upcoming features in their software, and having this vehicle run a developer version with Apple Music appears to have been intentional. We first speculated that Apple Music was coming when an icon was spotted during Zoom’s conference where they showcased their video conference running in Teslas.

    According to the software menu in the vehicle, the vehicle’s VIN was set to ‘P3TERS3N1P000BUCK.

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    Set Up A Tesla Account

    First things first, once you have your registration, you need to setup a Tesla account. I did this on my phone initially when I first got my car thinking that Id be able to start using the app right away.

    But, you can also set up your account online as well. Its a very basic account setup process. Takes 30 seconds max.

    Add Purchased Car From Third Party

    Log in to your account on a desktop computer.

    Once youre logged in, right on the dashboard youll see an icon for Purchased a car from a third party?

    Next, claim ownership by entering your Teslas VIN. This can be found on your registration.

    Now youll need to upload your documents.

    Take a picture of title or registration, front and back, along with a picture of your drivers license. Email those pictures to yourself, download them to your computer and then upload them to your account.

    For what its worth, the back of my registration is completely blank and it still worked fine.

    Next youll be asked to change the name of your car. I took a quick pic of my computer screen so Id have the directions handy and walked out to my Tesla.

    Just follow the directions as follows:

  • Change name of car to
  • Once youve changed the name of the car , go back to your computer and click Next.

    Now you can set up your Supercharging payment method. Having this saved on your Tesla account will allow you to charge as a Tesla Supercharging station.

    You can skip this step and set it up later.

    Thats it!

    The confirmation message you receive next says essentially that your documents are being reviewed and it could take 3-5 days to add your car.

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    Having Concerns About Connecting Your Phone To Model 3

    You might encounter some issues down the road using your phone in the vehicle.

    Ive compiled a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to how to connect your phone to Tesla Model 3.

    Scroll through and see if I answered your most burning questions. If I didnt, feel free to comment below and Ill do my best to help.

    • Is the bluetooth pairing process the same for an iPhone vs. Android?

    Yup, both Apple and Android devices should connect once Bluetooth is enabled and the car will locate them and sync up just the same.

    • How does voice command work?

    Once your phone is connected, you can use the voice command by touching the microphone button on your touchscreen or by pressing the right scroll button.

    Then simply let your phone know who youre trying to contact and if you want to call or send a text.

    There are a lot of other voice commands you can try.

    Heres an exhaustive document that attempts to list all voice commands in case youre curious.

    They also have a mobile app for easy access.

    • If I set up the Phone Key with the Tesla App, will it mess up the Bluetooth connection?

    No, the Tesla phone key application is a different type of Bluetooth connection and modern phones allow multiple Bluetooth connections at once.

    It wont run interference on your phones Bluetooth streaming connection to the car so dont worry.

    • Can I access Bluetooth in other places on the touchscreen?

    Yes, by hitting the music note button along the bottom of the touchscreen.

    Tesla Phone Key Not Working

    Tesla Phone Key Set-Up & Grant Access to Tesla App (2021)

    A common problem the Tesla owner faces is that the phone doesnt always unlock or start the car because the phone is not recognized. Here are a few tips that can help you resolve this problem.

    • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Also, make sure the phone is not in airplane mode.
    • If the Bluetooth is turned on, but you still experience problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Tesla mobile app. These simple steps will fix sync problems in some cases.
    • Make sure your phone is not added twice in your car settings, confusing the car.

    Most communication issues between Tesla and the phone have been resolved with software updates. Make sure your Tesla has the latest updates. If you open the Tesla app and press unlock, the car will unlock, and you can also start it. A Tesla pairs with your phone via Bluetooth connection the Bluetooth connections are not always reliable.

    We hope you find the Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Setup Guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Tesla.

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    How Do I Set Up A Tesla Phone Key

    I just bought a Tesla Model 3, and the dealer said it comes with a phone key if I donât want to carry the original. It sounds cool, but I donât know how to get started. What should I do to set up a Tesla phone key?

    set up your Tesla phone key

    • Use your Tesla Key card to get into your car and access the touch screen.
    • Turn on your phoneâs Bluetooth.
    • Press the car icon located on the bottom left of the Tesla screen.
    • Press the lock icon.
    • Press the phone key button in the Tesla app.
    • Wait for the Tesla to connect to your phone.
    • Select start when your app asks you if you want to set up a phone key.
    • Hold your key card on the center console as instructed.

    successsave an average of $879 a year

    How To Connect Phone To Tesla Model : Final Thoughts

    Its fairly straightforward to get your phone up and running in the car.

    Now youre all set to lock and start your vehicle, play music from your phone, take calls, and even connect your phones calendar so youre not late for any appointments.


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