How To Charge Tesla At Apartment


Charge First Thing In The Morning Or Last Thing At Night

How to charge your Tesla when you live in an apartment!

This is a big one! If you are using a third-party charger or Supercharger to charge your EV, then you will learn to either leave the house earlier in the morning to charge for the day OR charge at the end of the day on your way home. The frequency of your charges depends on how much you drive daily and the maximum range capacity of your EV. There are weeks when I will only charge once and other weeks when I will charge 2 or 3 times.

Aniseh at a local Tesla Supercharger

Regardless, Ive learned to leave the house a little earlier in the mornings on days when I have a lot of driving to do. I prefer to have a fully charged car so that I can conquer the day no matter what comes my way. I usually take this time to get some work done in the car while Im charging like answering emails, replying to messages, and getting organized for the day.

Installing A Wall Connector

The third generation Tesla Wall Connector is designed for easy installation. An open wire box with integrated terminals provides plenty of room for landing wires, with entry point options from the top, bottom and rear. Installers can use a smartphone to commission Wall Connector and connect to customer Wi-Fi networks.

Installers should download and fully review the Gen 3 Wall Connector installation manual prior to installation.

For more information on how to install a Gen 3 Wall Connector, watch the video below.

Charge While Youre At Work

Some businesses and property owners have installed charging stations for their employees in places like parking lots.

If theres a Level 2 charger, you can charge your car while you work 9-to-5 and get to go home with a fully charged car.

However, if its a Level 1, you can add about 30 miles. Again, not a bad idea as it adds to your existing charging levels.

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Installing Ev Chargers In An Apartment Block Made Easy

There are numerous stories of people having difficulty getting EV charging into apartment blocks we enthusiastically embraced the idea.

The Botanica is a boutique apartment block in St Kilda Rd, in Melbourne. It was converted from a four-storey office block into an eight-storey apartment block about 25 years ago. It has around 60 apartments and around 90 car bays. There are no spare bays all bays are owned outright.

We are an older building but with all the new buildings coming on stream in the area, we must be competitive. Having EV charging is just part of that story.

In January this year we took the first step of commissioning Jet Charge to develop a strategy document that gave a variety of options. The options ranged from simply ensuring there was sufficient safe power point access for a small number of EVs through to allowing dedicated chargers to be installed for each bay.

The committee surveyed owners to gauge interest and concerns. The numbers were modest but growing. After consulting our insurance company, real estate agents and reference sites, we committed to installing a modest solution.

The solution has the following features:

The system went live in June and while the take up has been modest, we have had a number of owners pay for their last mile to ensure that they are EV ready. This included one owner who saw it as making his rental property more attractive.

Hack A Solution Together

Apartment EV Charging &  Ownership May Be Easier Than You Think ...

Many Tesla owners on forums have opted to simply charge using an extension cord out their window in lower level apartments, to get around resistant building managers. However, this solution can be risky, as your charging cord is exposed to both the whims of passerby and the elements. Because an electric vehicle draws significant power, a short in the power supply line can be very dangerous, which means you should take precautions before trying anything of this nature. Most household outlets are also 120 volts, which means they will charge your car very slowly.

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Tesla Charging At Apartments

nagleess said:Thanks Chipper! Seems like a major hassle to be honest, especially with Tesla cracking down on the superchargers as of late… have you used something like ChargePoint, blink, or Evercharge? On property charging seems like its the way to go, kinda of like your phone you just need to plug it in every night

How Do I Charge A Tesla In An Apartment

I live in an apartment complex and am thinking about getting a Tesla. A lot of people have been telling me this is a bad idea, saying itâs impossible to have an electric car while living in an apartment complex. Is it really impossible?

notfast-charging stations

  • Your favorite restaurants
  • Grocery stores or malls you frequent

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Keep An Eye On New Construction

More apartment complexes are introducing EV chargers as a perk for renters and to meet the demand for more sustainable, green living. If you have flexibility in your apartment search, keep an eye out for new construction and renovations in your area. Then, contact the property manager to ask about signing a lease to get in early on the grand opening.

How Can I Charge My Tesla In An Apartment

Tesla Charging in an Apartment

If you live in an apartment complex, or youâre considering moving into one, the prospect of owning a Tesla might seem a bit out of reach. Fortunately, this is not actually the case, as driving a Tesla can be highly compatible with apartment living. Utilizing a dash of creative thinking and the strategies below, youâll find there are a number of convenient ways to charge your Tesla outside of single-family home living.

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Can You Own An Electric Car If You Cant Charge At Home

Yes! There are many EV drivers who do not have home charging access. it is possible to own an electric car with a home charger. In fact, Tesla Joy, a Youtuber, has explained her experience in owning an EV without charging at her apartment in this video here. As Tesla Joy describes, she can drive an EV without home charging by accessing public charging stations on a weekly basis.

If Your Apartment Doesnt Have An Outlet Charge Your Ev At Work

If you currently live in an apartment complex and dont have access to a standard electric outlet, then there are other EV charging options as well. For example, if your place of work has a charging station, which is typically a Level 2 charger, then you can charge your EV fully while youre working an eight-hour workday. However, if you only have access to a Level 1 outlet at work, then youll be able to add around 30 miles of range during your work period.

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Tips For Owning A Tesla Without A Home Charger

Most Tesla owners have a home charger installed in their garage before taking delivery of their Model S, 3, or X. But not everyone lives in a house with a garage. Some new Tesla owners live in an apartment building or condo that might not have any EV charging. Should this prevent you from buying a Tesla?

Originally published on EVannex.

Most Tesla owners have a home charger installed in their garage before taking delivery of their Model S, 3, or X. But not everyone lives in a house with a garage. Some new Tesla owners live in an apartment building or condo that might not have any EV charging. Should this prevent you from buying a Tesla?

Some apartment buildings and condos arent equipped with EV charging

Absolutely not. Many soon-to-be Tesla owners have the ability to work with the management of these apartment or condo properties to get EV charging installed. But this doesnt always work out. With over 10+ years in the auto biz, Aniseh Shairifi came across this particular challenge when she took delivery of her new EV, a Tesla Model 3.

Even though the Model 3 changed her life , she had to figure out solutions for her charging situation pronto. Her condo wasnt ready to install an EV charger. So what did she do? Aniseh recently shared 5 tips for owning an EV without a home charger. In her own words, heres what she recommends.

Charging An Electric Car At An Apartment Or Flat

Living with the Tesla Model 3

Charging an EV at home makes lots of sense, which is why around 90% of owners refill their car batteries this way. Not only is it cheaper thanks to lower domestic electricity, but its more convenient as you can charge when the car would otherwise be doing nothing, such as overnight when youre asleep. Simple, no? Well, not quite.

You see, you really need a garage or off-street parking to make this work, which is fine until you consider that over 40% of households in the UK dont have this facility. That rules out quite a lot of potential drivers looking to go green. Frustratingly, it also makes it harder to own or drive an EV in urban or built-p areas, which are environment that will benefit the most in the short-term from the improvement of local air quality that comes with zero emissions vehicles. Yet there are solutions. Dig a little deeper and youll find that driving an electric car and having to park on the road shouldnt be mutually exclusive. In fact, read on and youll find that it could be easier to do than you think.

Can I run a cable across the pavement?

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Find A Supercharging Station Located Near You

When your apartment doesn’t have an option for electric car charging, you’ll need to find car charging stations in your area. To do this, download apps like PlugShare or OpenChargeMap where you can type in your location and find supercharging stations near you. This is a great option because you’re likely to find several EV charging stations near your apartment. You can plug in your car to charge while you’re grocery shopping, running errands or at the gym.

Many Tesla Owners Get By Just Fine Without Home Charging

There is a reason why it may appear that owning a Tesla necessitates a garage, but this is not the case. Tesla owners can enjoy complete range and Supercharger access without worrying about losing battery life if they dont charge their vehicles at home. Furthermore, the included Supercharger adapters allow the cars to be charged quickly.

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Charge Electric Car On Wall Socket Or Wallbox In Apartment Building

If you find yourself in a situation where your assigned parking stall is near a wall socket, it is highly recommended to check with property management before plugging in your portable EV charger.

First, you will need to confirm who is paying for the electricity. It is likely the outlet is suited to support landscaping or maintenance, which would be connected to the house meter. If so, you will need permission from the property management company to use it.If they refuse, then you will need to install a commercial charging station like a shared parking situation. This commercial charging station will handle who pays for electricity and network fees, which would most likely be you as the EV driver. Once installed, you will have access to overnight charging at home!

Find A Charging Station Near You

Tesla Model S 3 X – Charging your car in an apartment

Installing an EV charging point is not for everyone.

The best solution would be to look for a charging station near your apartment.

There are charging stations located in various places that are available for public use. If your apartment or workplace has no charging points, then you can use these outlets.

Youll have to download an app such as OpenChargeMap or PlugShare to find the outlets near your area.

This option shows you several charging points near your apartment, and you can choose the best one.

Unlike fuelling a car, getting it charged would take some time.

You can choose to use this time for any errand you might have or find a cafe and get some work done while your car energizes itself.

Many public charging points have Level 2 and Level 3 chargers capable of adding 50 to 150 miles in just 30 minutes, so you wont have to wait for a long time.

Additionally, for Tesla owners, there are many supercharging points, so your car will be fully charged in a matter of minutes.

While most of the public charging outlets are free, some charge a small fee. However, you can use the locator app to find outlets near you that are free.

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Can You Charge A Tesla Without A Charging Station

Yes, you can charge a Tesla without a charging station, but it will take much longer to charge the battery. Tesla recommends using a charging station whenever possible to minimize charging time.

There are over 40,000 public, third-party, and Hertz charging locations across the country where you can plug in your Tesla. Simply remove the charging station connector from the dock and insert it into the cars charge port, then open the charge port and insert it back into the charging station. Before you insert the SAE J1772 adapter, it is important to first connect the SAE J1772 adapter to a non-Tesla charging station. In addition to the standard wall charger, Teslas can charge up to a Supercharger in three ways. You can see the status of your battery charge as well as your percentage and time remaining with the touchscreen. Keep an eye out for car alerts to prevent a depleted battery, and monitor your charge, plan for a charging station stop, and pay close attention to your charging schedule.

Can You Have A Tesla Without A Home Charger

The decision by Tesla to stop offering a home charging plug that could be plugged into any wall outlet is one of the few EV manufacturers to do so.

The Pros And Cons Of Tesla Cars

It is costly to own a Tesla car. There are numerous reasons why Tesla cars are among the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vehicles on the market. The Tesla car is not only expensive, but it is also difficult to purchase. Because Tesla produces only 100,000 cars per year, finding one is difficult.

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If You Cant Charge Your Ev At Home Plan Ahead

Lastly, whether youre able to charge your EV in your apartment complex and workplace or not, its important to plan ahead in order to get the most range out of your EV. While you might not be able to wake up to a fully charged battery every morning, you can at least figure out your cars range, your typical commuting distance, and public charging stations in order to get you to where you need to go without any range anxiety.

Ultimately, its possible to own an EV when you live in an apartment complex, but it could just take some careful planning.

Lease Terms About Charging May Look Murky

EV chargers &  Energy Storage Servi

If your landlord is new to EV renting, they may not have a firm policy on what happens if the charging stations break. Are they required to fix it? Before you sign a lease, ask what happens if more tenants move in with EVs, if the charging stations need servicing, and if there will ever be additional costs to use the chargers.

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Ask Your Landlord To Install Tesla Chargers For The Apartment

Learning how to charge your Tesla at your apartment will require the assistance of additional parties. The easiest approach is to simply ask your landlord or building manager if they are willing to install chargers for tenants to share. Chargers which could be installed in the buildingâs parking lot or garage. You might be surprised how amenable landlords can be to this option, especially if a good business case is made. Tesla actually offers specific resources to help you get approval for charger installation in high-density properties, so you arenât completely on your own.

Look For Apartments With Ev Charging

If you currently lease or own an electric vehicle and you’re looking for a new place to rent, it’s smart to search for an apartment with EV charging stations already included. This will save you time and energy as you can simply plug your car in to charge at your dedicated parking spot.

When searching for apartments with specific amenities, you can use a search finder tool to narrow your search and find the perfect place for you. Put in the features you’re looking for like two bedrooms, on-site gym, swimming pool and apartment electric car charging and you’ll get a list of available rentals tailored to your needs.

Why not include the exact features you’re looking for so you can charge your car while at home?

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Consider Your Charging Options Before Buying An Ev

The number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase every day. You probably want to get one, toowho doesnt want to go green?

With standard cars, you dont have to think about where and when youll fuel up.

But with EVs, thats a consideration you must make when purchasing one, especially if you live in an apartment.

Does your apartment have charging points?

If not, consider other places you can charge, such as your workplace or public outlets. This will help you plan your days, trips, and even your schedules.

As the world shifts towards green energy, electric vehicles will become more popular, and hopefully, most apartments will install charging infrastructure.

But, until then, ensure you consider the available charging options before buying an EV.

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