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What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Internal Combustion Engine Car

How much energy can regen get back in your Tesla

The upfront cost of ICE vehicles are usually lower, and you can find a wide range of new and used vehicles. Secondly, gas stations are widely available everywhere you go, so you don’t have to worry much about running out of gas.

On the downside, gas cars are more expensive to operate in the long run, and those costs are subject to wild fluctuations without much warning. They also contribute to climate change and other environmental hazards.

Is It Free To Charge A Tesla At A Charging Station

No, it isnt free to charge a Tesla at a charging station. Charging your Tesla at a Supercharger comes with a price, typically around 26 cents per kWh. This is often more expensive than using a different means of charging, such as a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. Free supercharging was once available on new Tesla vehicles, but the practice was discontinued in recent years.

Does Tesla Still Offer Free Supercharging

Yes, but not recently. When Tesla EVs really began ramping up deliveries to customers after the debut of the Model S, many customers saw added perks like unlimited Supercharging. Over time, Tesla has incorporated similar promotions for specific models or customers who made a referral.

However, this still remains one of the most confusing potential perks for Tesla owners, old and new. We get a lot of questions, such as: How can I tell if my Tesla has free unlimited Supercharging? Does free Supercharging transfer over? and Does Tesla still offer free Supercharging?

We will have to get more granular on this in a separate post, but here are some broad strokes:

  • Since mid-2020, Tesla has made no mention of additional free unlimited Supercharging
  • Fully-transferable, free unlimited Supercharging has not been offered since 2017
  • As the newest Tesla, the Model Y has never seen any free Supercharging promotions
  • The best way to check if you or your Tesla have free unlimited Supercharging is to contact Tesla directly

Heres a breakdown of what Tesla models may still have a promotion for free unlimited supercharging. Weve also put together a more detailed guide here.

Remember to check with Tesla to confirm if your EV qualifies or not:

*Note: No Tesla models from 2021 onward have any promotions for unlimited Supercharging at this time

Tesla Model
Potentially available , confirm with Tesla

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Finding The Right Plug To Charge An Ev

Voelcker explains the difference sounds more complex than it is. The vast majority of fast-charging locations have both kinds, with a different cable on each side of the station. Its like the same gas pump could dispense both regular gasoline and diesel fuel from different hoses.

As for the price, a 240-volt recharge could cost you anywhere from zero dollars to a fixed hourly rate. Charging networks often provide membership programs to minimize your recharge cost. Thats especially useful if you cant regularly charge your vehicle at home.

The EVgo network charges rates by state, and it varies for Level 2 charging. On its website, the pay-as-you-go approach costs 30 cents per minute in Georgia for its rates effective March 2022. However, if youre an EVgo Plus member, the rate drops to 24 cents per minute.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Model Y

How Much More Electricity Does A Tesla Use

Teslas newest EV model – the Model Y – has three versions, all of which come with a 75 kWh battery. The cost to fully charge the Standard Range Model Y comes out to $11.47. Thats about $0.047 per mile, or $4.70 per 100 miles.

This is almost 64% less than the cost per mile to drive some of the most popular gas-powered cars, which is approximately 13 cents per mile.

These gas savings are impressive, but most new electric car buyers have realized that there is an even cheaper way to charge their Tesla: using home solar panels.

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Tesla Battery Cells Vs Battery Packs

Tesla cars use battery packs that are made up of thousands of individual lithium-ion cells. These cells are commercial-grade, and quality tested, as poor-quality lithium batteries can be dangerous. Tesla batteries are some of the best on the market, and they are extremely safe.

Tesla packs are stored in unused spaces, such as below the floor of the car. This frees up interior space, as the battery packs are remarkably thin. One thing to note about Tesla battery packs is their weight, as heaviness is the primary downside of batteries. The battery is one of the heaviest parts of the entire car, weighing in at an incredible 1,200 pounds.

Letâs use an 85 kWh battery as an example to show how theyâre put together. A typical Tesla 85 battery is made up of 16 modules. Each module has six groups of cells, which are simply wired together in series.

This effectively turns thousands of batteries into a single battery, which is regulated by computers. Tesla batteries also generate quite a lot of heat, as batteries are not 100% efficient, and some capacity is wasted in the form of thermal energy. As a result, Tesla battery packs come with an integrated cooling system to prevent overheating.

Electricity Rates For Home Charging

f you look closely at the electricity bills coming from your energy provider, you may notice there are different ways electricity rates are applied. Depending on your location and your electricity distributor, there will be different ways to pay for your energy consumption. Four of the more common price offerings are: flat rate, tiered rate, time of use rate, and real-time rates. At the end of the day, all of these rates are still mapped to electricity measured in kWh. However, pricing can help inform how you use your electricity and charge your vehicle.

Flat Rate Pricing

With flat rate pricing youâll have a pretty consistent electricity bill, assuming youâre drawing on average the same amount of electricity per month. Flat rate pricing is a great model for those looking for a consistent bill. These models eliminate the surprise of a higher than average cost per kWh at peak usage times. Unfortunately, you will also be losing out on the cost-saving benefits of charging at low usage times.

Tiered Rate Pricing

Time-of-Use Rate

Time-of-Use rates attempt to encourage use of electricity during off-peak hours by lowering costs during off-peak times and increasing costs during high-peak hours.

Real-Time Rates

Keeping track of all of this is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are third-party applications that can help you minimize your electricity bill and maximize your battery life.

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Is It Cheaper To Charge A Tesla At Home Or At A Supercharger

Overall, it will be less expensive to charge your Tesla at home than to use a supercharger station often.

But did you know that you can charge your phone for free in some places?

As was already said, any money you might save by using a quick charge will go away quickly if you have to drive back and forth to get them.

Also, keep in mind that even though the price of electricity for businesses is usually lower than the price for homes, supercharger stations charge a higher rate per kWh.

As weve already said, a Tesla station will charge your car faster, but youll pay more for the convenience.

In total, it will cost you between $10 and $15 to fully charge your Tesla at home.

When you use a supercharger station, keep in mind that a lot of high-voltage electricity is sent to your cars battery in a short amount of time.

This is good because it gets you back on the road quickly, but if you do it all the time, it can hurt your Tesla battery.

How Much Is The Tesla Powerwall

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

The Tesla Powerwall costs $10,500 when purchased directly from Tesla. If you need more than one, the price goes down with quantity. You can currently purchase two Powerwalls for $17,000. If you’re not purchasing solar panels, you will need to find an independent retailer, and prices vary.

It’s important to note that while the price above includes installation, it doesn’t include any necessary adjustments to your home. For example, if your electrical panel isn’t compatible, you may be required to pay an additional fee to replace it.

Provided you’re using the Powerwall with solar power, you may be able to get a federal tax credit of 26%. This can make the Powerwall more affordable but it’s only applicable if the Powerwall gets 100% of its charge from solar panels.

Depending on the state in which you live, additional rebates may also be available.

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How Much Electricity Will A Tesla Powerwall Provide

Well begin with the how much question. To get to the answer, you really only need two pieces of information: how much power your home needs and how much power the Tesla Powerwall can provide. Then, you can compare the two to figure out how many of your appliances the Powerwall can run. Power on batteries like these is measured in kilowatts or amps . Amps are a measure of current, while kilowatts are a measure of power. Here is the simple equation to convert amps into kilowatts :

Kilowatts = / 1,000

You can use this equation to calculate the amount of power youll need to supply each appliance, and then compare the total with the power output of the Tesla Powerwall.

Is Tesla Sentry Mode Worth The Energy It Consumes

A Tesla sentry mode is a wonderful feature worth the value of your money since it helps monitor the cars nearby surroundings for threats.

The cameras help capture vandalism or someone crashing into your Tesla. The feature also helps the Tesla owners save money during the repair since the camera activities help the professional mechanic identify the exact problem due to vandalism or crash.

The only downside of this Tesla inbuilt feature is the energy consumption. The Tesla owner will have to spend more money on recharging to keep the sentry mode active.

But if live in a state with high electricity costs, we recommend turning off the sentry mode to save on power. Otherwise, you may get stuck on your way back home or to the nearest supercharger station.

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There Should Be Sufficient Pressure To Make The Water Flow

So, we opened the switch , measured the voltage difference between the negative and positive terminals, and measured the number of electrons in the circuit . The resultant pressure is called watts.

  • Using the water analogy, you can change the pressure by widening or narrowing the width of the pipe, so adjusting the Voltage will change the watts.
  • If you increase or reduce the current speed, the flow will increase or decrease the watts.
  • Watts is the measure of power that determines how much work can be performed in a given amount of time.

    Without boring your socks off, lets conclude by saying that the watts are calculated by multiplying the Voltage and the Amps, resulting in the Watts produced by a circuit.

    Simply put, the higher the current speed which flows and the larger the pipes mean a faster battery charge.

    Tesla 2022 Cost Per Mile By Model

    Tesla Supercharger Network Charging Cost: $70 From New York To Florida

    It costs between $0.038 and $0.056 per mile driving a 2022 Tesla, the average being $0.045.

    Just like the power consumption per mile, the cost per mile varies by model.

    The table below shows the cost per mile for each 2022 Tesla model.

    Tesla model

    Again, cost per kilometer is listed for convenience.

    These costs assume a price of $0.15 per kWh.

    How do your costs compare? Use the Tesla 2022 Electricity Cost Calculator below to find out.

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    Does It Cost Less To Drive A Tesla For A Year

    If you calculate the average of all Tesla models, it costs $614.51 to charge per year. Comparable gas-powered cars cost an average of $2,245.10 to fuel per year. So, Teslas cost approximately $1,631 less to drive each year than gas vehicles. This is calculated by using the average U.S. gas prices from AAA and electricity prices from nationwide EnergySage data as of April 2022, along with the average distance driven according to the Department of Transportation of 13,476 miles each year.

    How Much Does The Electricity Cost To Run A Tesla

    Weve talked a lot about how much it costs to run your Tesla when it comes to electricity. But there are still a few more things to talk about.

    Many Tesla owners think they should charge their cars most of the time at Tesla supercharger stations.

    Even though these charging stations are convenient and come in very handy on long trips, they are not made to be used every day for long-term charging.

    Since a supercharger station can fully charge your Tesla in about 15 minutes, its like a pit stop for your Tesla.

    You might save some money if this was the only way you charged, but it would be too inconvenient in the long run, and you would use more electricity each month driving back and forth between your home and the charging station.

    Also, youll need to think about how efficient the charger you use for your Tesla is.

    Many Tesla owners, especially those who just bought their first Tesla, think that the chargers work perfectly, but thats not true.

    Most are between 85 and 90 percent, which means that the real cost of electricity will be a bit higher.

    For example, if your Tesla has a 100kWh battery, which it would if it was a larger model, it would cost you about 14 cents per kWh plus 15 percent more because the charger isnt as good as it could be.

    So, the total cost to fully charge a Tesla Model S would be around $16.50, which is still cheaper than the price of a gallon of gas right now.

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    Cost To Charge A Tesla Supercharger/dcfc

    DC Fast Chargers get you back on the road fully juiced a lot quicker, but it may cost you more for the advantage of speed.

    Again, these prices very much depend on where youre charging, the rates during the time of charge, and how much energy youre actually taking from the grid.

    On average, commercial energy prices are cheaper in the US. However, Teslas Supercharger network doesnt necessarily utilize commercial rates, and certainly doesnt charge customers that low of a rate.

    Like the residential numbers, we will again utilize data from the EIA for average energy costs in the US. However, to account for this upcharge present on DC Fast Chargers, we will add an additional $0.10 per kWh. As a result, we get $0.216 per kWh, so we feel safe rounding up to a cool 22 cents.

    DCFCs like Tesla Superchargers snag DC power directly without having to convert it for your EVs battery, making them much more efficient compared to Level 1 and 2 charging. Charging efficiencies range from around 90% to 99%, so for our estimates, we will call it 95%.

    Electric Car Charging Cards

    the REAL cost to charge a Tesla (revealing my electricity bill)

    In addition to smartphone apps, radio frequency identification electric car charging cards are provided by some of the major UK public charging networks, such as Polar, GeniePoint, Ecotricity, Shell Recharge and ChargeYourCar. To use public charging points, you’ll need to register with a membership scheme before use.

    Zap-Map can help identify which charging schemes charging points belong to. There are alternative maps you can use too, here’s a few to get you started:

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    Cost To Charge A Model 3

    The Model 3 line includes compact sedans and is Teslas most affordable line of vehicles. It costs between 3.60 and 4.62 cents per mile to charge a Model 3 product. The Model 3 is Teslas cheapest product to charge.

    Tesla Product Energy required to charge battery Cost to charge battery Charging cost per mile
    Model 3

    *Based on the 2021 Standard Plus model, the closest model listed by the EPA.

    Can You Save Money By Charging Your Tesla With Solar

    The 2020 cost of solar per kWh for residential areas was about 12.8 cents per kWh, according to The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. Thats about 13 cents per kWh, nearly a full cent less than the estimated average cost of electricity in the U.S. This means you could save more money by charging your Tesla with solar panels, though it could depend on where you live. For example, it might be different in California compared to New Jersey.

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    People Still Debate Whether Owning An Ev Is Worth It Financially

    While many in the general public would like to think of Tesla, or electric cars in general, as an exotic foreign concept, its anything but. Battery-powered devices have ruled our life for some time now. The process of owning and charging a Tesla is almost identical to that of your smartphone or laptop. You just leave it plugged in as you sleep and wake up with enough energy to take on the next day.

    Charging At Home What Would Be The Cost

    How Much Electricity Does A Tesla Car Use

    Installing a home solar power system can make charging even cheaper, but solar panels are not suitable for every home. Solar electricity costs as little as 5 cents per kilowatt-hour to create. This is only if your home is suitable for solar panels. This will allow you to charge your Tesla for only 35% of the normal price. This will also lower your homes energy costs.

    Lets have a look at the numbers.

    Before the current 26% tax credit, a 6 kW solar system will cost roughly $17100, while after the tax credit, it will cost around $12654. It will produce between 6,130 and 10,500 kWh of power annually . Over the 30-year life of a solar power system, this equates to 184,000315,000 kWh or around 5.6 cents per kWh.

    This is almost a third of the cost of grid power and nearly a third of the national average cost of power. In California, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, where electric utility prices are substantially higher than the national average, charging your Tesla with home solar power is at least 65 percent cheaper than charging it with grid electricity. This, of course, does not account for the time value of money. However, deposit interest rates around zero have little impact on the numbers.

    However, the installation cost for your home may be greater or cheaper than the national average.

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