How Long Is The Tesla Charging Cord


Why Purchase An Evwired Cable

E19 | 110V – 120V Home Charging – How Long?!? (Tesla Model Y)

Each cable is made from polybutylene terephthalate , which is hard wearing and remarkably weather resistant, in both hot and cold climates. Our cables also boast an IP55 rating, which means they are well protected against dust and almost unaffected by water. Can the cable still be used in the rain? Yes! So there is no need to panic if your cable gets caught outside or if the weather turns when youre out and about.

Each purchase comes with a high-quality EVwired carry bag which makes it easy to transport our cables during the school/work run and beyond. As the number of charging points up and down the UK increases, stopping for a top-up has never been easier, better yet our cables can be used at any Type 2 public charge point or home charge point.

Do not worry though! No matter which of our cables you choose to use, the Tesla onboard charger will automatically charge at the rate determined by the cable and the charging station.

At EVwired we have great confidence in the cables that we offer and to give you peace of mind each cable purchase comes with a 5-year warranty. Our UK based support is ready to help with any queries or questions that you may have.

Free shipping is included with every order, and those placed before 3 pm will be dispatched on a next business day courier service.

Tesla Model Y Charging Cable

The Tesla Model Y uses a Type 2 Type 2 connection and is capable of using a three-phase cable to charge at a rate of 11kW.

An EVwired Tesla Model Y charging cable is available in three cable lengths. 5, 7 & 10 metres, each of which comes with a free carry bag.

Our 5 metre cables are available in both straight and coiled versions, which allows for more flexibility when connecting the cable to a charge box.

Every cable that we offer comes with a 5-year warranty and free next business day delivery for orders placed before 3 pm.

Find the best cable for your car with the drop-down boxes below.


Tesla Wall Connector With 24 Foot Long Charging Cable Returns To Online Shop Shorter Lengths Discontinued

Tesla has added a new Wall Connector with a longer charging cable to its online shop, and at the same time discontinued two other versions of the popular home charger.

Until last night Tesla sold the Gen 3 Wall Connector with either a 8.5ft or 18ft charging cable. In an update to the Tesla Shop, both versions have been removed and instead been replaced by a single unit with a 24 charging cable.

The charger is priced at $500 USD or $635 CAD, the same price as the now-discontinued 18 version.

The new longer charging cable isnt actually new for Tesla. The previous Gen 2 Wall Connector also used to come with a 24 charging cable before being removed with the introduction of the Gen 3 charger with WiFi last year.

You can buy yours on the Tesla Shop here.

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Is It Safe To Use These Cables In The Rain And Snow

Some people dont feel safe even when washing an electric car or letting it sit in the snow or rain with a charging cable attached. Engineers in automotive companies have thought about these dangers and built-in safety features to tackle them. Every EV charger extension cord is protected with short circuit protection and residual current protection.

A short circuit occurs when a current travels along an unintended path, often where essentially no electrical impedance is encountered. In simple terms, the device detects unusual peaks of current and shuts the device off when such an event occurs. Usually, it means that the two hot wires somehow come into contact, and this will lead to rapid overheating if not protected with a short-circuit breaker. Events like these usually happen when the cables are damaged by a metal object.

A residual current protection device measures the current flowing through each of the wires. In normal circumstances, they are equal. If one of the wires gets damaged and starts to bleed electricity, the device cuts the power. We recommend the J1772 extension cord as a safer option.

Safety Tip Use a heavy duty cord

Why Make Charging Harder

Tesla Model 3 EV Charging Cable (Type 2 to Type 2)

With this decision, Tesla is one of the few EV companies to no longer include a home charging plug that can fit into any household wall outlet. Kias EV6 also comes with a home charging plug missing.

This can be a big problem for the first-time EV buyer, who may be waiting to install a Level 2 charging station in their garage but still want to drive home an EV today and plug it in until then, AutoPacific industry analyst Robby DeGraff told Forbes Wheels. I really hope other legacy automakers dont jump on board with this approach. If we want to collectively welcome consumers into EVs, we need to make the process as simple as possible.

Many Tesla owners on Twitter expressed frustration with the charging shake-up. Some claimed the removal hurts EV adoption and adds to range anxiety and dependency on network charging stations. Others proposed an opt-out option for those who dont need or want the slow home charger included.

Teslas decision is an odd move, DeGraff said, especially since Level 1 charging cords arent much of a cost at all to automakers to add to a vehicle, even for Tesla who we know definitely isnt short on cash at the moment.

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Product #4 Yellow Jacket 10/3 High

The Yellow Jacket 10/3 100-ft heavy-duty extension cord is recommended for use with heavy-duty equipment and tools such as a Level-1 electric vehicle charger. This 3-prong extension cord is durable thanks to its 10-gauge wire. The Yellow Jacket features a weather-resistant, high-gloss finish and resists oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion, making this extension cord tangle-free. Total power outlets:1 Cord Length :100 Color:Black NEMA direction: 5-15P to 5-15R.

This contractor-approved extension cord is a must-have for any job site. The lighted end shows that the cord is live and ready to use, while the heavy-duty strain relief plugs help to keep the cord in good condition for longer. This UL- and CUL-listed cord is powerful enough to handle up to 20 amps of power, making it perfect for big jobs. Product page Yellow Jacket extension cord for Tesla Mobile Connector.

Can You Extend Car Charging Cable

Yes, it is possible to extend a car charging cable to a longer length. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an extension cord adapter with the required wattage rating, which would be specific to the type of cable you are using.

If you are using a 120-volt standard car charging cable, the wattage rating is typically 21-48 watts. Make sure you get an extension cord adapter rated for the same wattage, or higher than the original car charging cable.

Once you have the extension cord adapter, you can match one end of the cable to the end of the car charging cable and extend it to the desired length. Be sure to keep the same polarity of the supply, meaning the round and flat connectors need to match up when you are extending the cable.

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Can I Use An Extension Cord With My Tesla Mobile Charger

Yes, you can use an extension cord with your Tesla mobile charger. However, it is important to note that the charger cord must be rated for outdoor use and be designed for the specific amperage rating of your Tesla charger.

Make sure the extension cord is fully insulated, suitable for outdoor use, and has the appropriate wire gauge to properly handle the amperage of the charger. Also, be sure to keep the length of the extension cord to a minimum to avoid voltage drop, and keep the cord away from areas with temperatures over 50°C .

Never couple two or more extension cords, and never use any adapters/splicers. For your safe use of the Tesla mobile charger with an extension cord, please refer to the instruction manual and make sure the local electrical codes and safety guidelines are followed.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle Using An Extension Cord

Charging a Tesla Model 3 on an Extension Cord
12 h 50 min

Another electric car? Using a calculator and make a calculation using your data.

In fact, if the cable is a typical length, the difference in resistance is negligible, and the presence of a supplement will not have a significant effect on the charging speed.

Safety Tip Turn it off when not in use
Safety Tip Think about source wiring

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The Right Power Supply

Most residential and commercial circuits can accommodate the needs of your Tesla. However, you should pay close attention to the wall socket. Tough Leads expects you to look for any signs which might suggest that the socket is damaged. That includes burn marks and discolorations. You can go the extra mile by using a tester to check the socket. You should also ensure that the contacts are not loose.

Electric Car Cable Types

Mode 1 charging cables

With a Mode 1 cable, you simply connect an EV to a standard AC socket-outlet using an extension cord and standard plug. As a result, there is no communication between the vehicle and the charging point, meaning that there are no special safety systems or shock protection. This type of charging is useful for light electric vehicles like e-bikes and scooters, but its not considered safe for electric cars and is prohibited in many parts of the world.

Mode 2 charging cables

When you purchase an EV, it will typically come with whats known as a Mode 2 charging cable as standard. These cables plug into your EV on one end, and a standard domestic socket on the other and the cable comes with In-Cable Control and Protection Device which is responsible for the control and communication between and the protection of the standard wall plug and the EV. While this charging method is undoubtedly convenient as most household outlets only deliver up to 2.3 kW of power, charging using this method can take a long time. It can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. Therefore, we only recommend using this charging cable if its an emergency. Find out more about how to charge your electric car safely.

Mode 3 charging cables

Mode 4 charging cables

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Can I Sleep In My Tesla While It Charges

No, it is not recommended to sleep in your Tesla while it is charging. This is because, while the car is plugged in to charge, there is a risk of electric shock due to the current, which can be fatal.

Additionally, there are safety concerns around leaving a car unattended while it is being charged, as the car may become overheated, leading to a risk of fire. Furthermore, while the car is charging, the charging cables and plugs may become hot and could harm you if you are sleeping nearby.

For these reasons, it is best to not sleep in your Tesla while it is plugged in.

Product #2 Ceptics Gn

Genuine EU Mobile Connector Charger Charging Cable for Tesla X 1058220 ...

Simple, yet sturdy. This product should be preferred for stationary application since the weather-resistant coating feels stiffer and there are no straps for carrying it around.

The cable is heavy duty and most would probably feel quite safe occasionally driving over the cable. The manufacturer produces mostly travel adapters and has started producing cables like this more recently. At the same time, they do offer a limited lifetime warranty but keep in mind that shipping the item back to the manufacturer in China could potentially cost you more than buying a new cable.

UL-listed this is important. With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing, some startups and companies push their products to market in hopes of profiting from the trend. This could lead to rushed designs and poorly tested products. UL-listed means that the product has met the UL safety standards and that this has been verified by a third party.

The cord is stiffer and makes coiling less comfortable

No convenient grip handle for unplugging

High price

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How Long Is The Cable That Comes With Tesla Model 3

The exact length of the cable that comes with a Tesla Model 3 depends on the version of the vehicle. According to the Tesla Model 3 website, some versions of the Tesla Model 3, including the Standard Range Plus version, come with a 21 foot mobile connector cable.

This cable can be used to charge the Tesla Model 3 on standard 110/240 volt outlets. For certain versions of the Tesla Model 3, such as the Long Range and Performance versions, an upgraded 25 foot mobile connector is included.

This upgraded cable is necessary to access more than 32 amps of power and can be used to charge the Tesla Model 3 on both 110/240 volt outlets and J1772 public chargers. It is important to ensure that you are using the right cable that is compatible with your Tesla Model 3, as using an incorrect cable can limit the total power delivered and adversely affect the charging time.

What Do 6/3 + 8/1

The gauge number indicates the thickness of the cord in terms of American Wire Gauge . Common extension cords are available in 16 gauge to 10 gauge, with the higher number indicating a thinner wire and lower gauge number indicating a thicker cable.

  • 6/3 marking means that there are 3 conductors with gauge #6. These are for the neutral wire and two hot wires.
  • 8/1 marking means that there is one wire with gauge #8. This is for the ground and should not carry any current.

With length the resistance of the cord increases. Choosing a thicker cable enables reducing the voltage drop and the risk of overheating. Even if the cables are good, the connector could potentially overheat if the contact between the metal surfaces is not ideal. Using high-grade contractor materials like silver-plated copper helps to reduce that risk a great deal.

Safety Tip Use only grounded cords

Never remove the ground pin on grounded power cords, as this can create a hazardous situation where there is no recourse if someone becomes electrocuted, and it may void your EVSE guarantee.

Be sure your home is wired with sufficient grounded electrical receptacles for new items you bring into your house or apartment always consult with an electrician if you are unsure about how many circuits are running throughout your home.

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Tesla Model 3 Charging Cables

The Tesla Model 3 requires Type 2 charging cables, these come in a range of sizes 5m, 10m, and 15m. All our Tesla Model 3 charging cables come with 18 months warranty and free delivery. If you are planning on using your Tesla Model 3 charging cable at home and in public, we would recommend a 32amp charging cable at a length of your choice. This ev charging is capable of charging at 22kw, so your charge speed will never be restricted by the ev cable. If you need any more information about Tesla Model 3 charging cables speak to the experts at EV King today.

Charging Cable Longer Than 20ft

Charging a Tesla Model 3 on a 50A Extension Cord
Moderator, Model 3, Tesla Energy Forums


Is there any cable out there that is longer than 20ft for charging?Want your recommendations if there are any…Thanks in advance!

jjrandorin said:The wall charger has a 24 foot cable. I believe that is the longest that electrical code allows for level 2 chargers. Thus, I dont think you will find any charger longer than 24 feet, and they all likely say not to use any extension cord if you are going more than 24 feet.If you use an extension cord it would need to be one that supports the amperage you are putting through it.

Is there any cable out there that is longer than 20ft for charging?Want your recommendations if there are any…Thanks in advance!

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J1772 To Tesla Charging Adapter 80a/240 Vac Ip54 Sae J1772 Ev Charger Adapter Compatible With Tesla Model 3/y/s/x Only For Tesla Owners

  • You can return this item for FREE within the allowed return period for any reason and without any shipping charges. The item must be returned in new and unused condition.
  • Go to “Orders” to start the return
  • Select you refund method and pickup date
  • Keep the item ready for pickup in it’s original packaging
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    Ev Charging Plug Types

    Up to 7.4 kW China

    *These numbers represent the maximum power output that a plug can deliver at the time of writing this article. The numbers do not reflect actual power outputs as this is also dependent on the charging station, charging cable and the receptive vehicle.

    Type 1 charging plug

    Type 1 plugsalso referred to as SAE J1772are most commonly used with vehicle models found in Japan and North America. They are single-phase and can deliver a power output of up to 7.4 kW.

    Type 2 charging plug

    Type 2 plugsalso referred to as Mennekes in reference to the German company that originally designed themare the official plug standard for the European Union. These three-phase plugs have a higher power transfer capacity than Type 1 plugs, delivering up to 22 kW for private charging, and up to 43 kW for public charging.

    GB/T charging plug

    China developed its own charging system referred to by its Guobiao national standards as GB/T. There are two variations of GB/T plugs: one for AC charging and one for DC fast charging. The GB/T AC charging plug is single-phase, delivering up to 7.4 kW. While it looks the same as the Type 2 plug, dont be fooledits pins and receptors are reversed.

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