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Collection From Tesla Location


When collecting your Tesla from the agreed-upon location, the most important thing you can assuming you have all the paperwork in hand is a full and thorough inspection of the car. This is arguably even more important than the tour of the vehicle that the Tesla rep will want to give you to set up your profile and show you the main features.

By all means, take the assistance from the rep in setting up your in-car profile, key cards, vehicle settings and whatnot. Make sure you are fully cognizant of those main features, how to activate and deactivate them, and so on.

Youll more than likely find, however, that your new Tesla is very intuitive and user-friendly, and its not unlike using a good smartphone in the end.

More important is the inspection. You should report any problems you find to your Tesla rep at the time of collection. To try and do it retroactively after having the car for several days will make things very difficult a lot of the time. Below is a useful checklist of things to look for:

Inspect Before Confirming Receipt and Driving Away

For the exterior, check the following:

For the interior, check the following:

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Check within 24 hours or Before Driving 100 Miles

These are things that if you miss in the first inspection, you should try to make sure they are alright within the first 24 hours. If you wait longer, it can be a problem:

For the exterior, check the following:

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Tesla Model Y

The length of time you will have to wait between placing your order and receiving your delivery varies heavily on several different aspects. Tesla estimates the delivery time to be between one and twelve weeks for the Model Y, but this can change due to supply-and-demand changes, economic status, and unit availability.

If you are curious about wait times and model availability, you can check online or visit a Tesla location in-person for more information.

Interior Within 24 Hours

Check all the controls including window operation work as expected.

Check any options work including heated rear seats, sun roof, and cornering lights if fitted.

Check rear seats fold flat

Check music from a variety of sources. Ensure DAB stations can be found. Check USB music plays without interference.

Adjust and check side mirrors function.

Check the main screen works by selecting a variety of options and displays.

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Why Is It Taking So Long To Get My Tesla Model X

Musk has admitted that the company is to blame for the Model X delays, saying that Tesla dropped the ball on its production ramp. He said it was a regrettable decision to postpone the start of production for the refreshed Model X compared with the refreshed Model S at a time when demand for the SUV was still healthy.

Are new Model X being delivered?

Update: Model X 5-seater deliveries begin section added. The Tesla Model X refresh that digitally debuted in January 2021 is on sale. In October 2021, the U.S. became the first market where customer deliveries began.

How many new Model X have been delivered?

Fallout from the delays, however, was illustrated by Tesla report that it delivered a combined 24,964 Model S and Model X vehicles during 2021, compared to 911,208 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Tesla Wait Time: Tesla Model S

How Long Tesla Will Take to Deliver Your Tesla Model 3And How to Make ...

The standard Tesla Model S currently promises a delivery estimate sometime between March and June 2023 in its cheapest configuration. But paying a bit extra can improve that by several months.

Its possible to bump your delivery estimate up to between November 2022 and February 2023 by paying for one of four premium paint jobs , 21-inch wheels as well as the black & white and cream interiors . This shortened wait time also applies to different seat configurations, so if you need six or seven then you won’t need to wait as long.

The $12,000 Full Self Driving Autopilot option doesnt visibly improve delivery estimates. You only need one add-on to shorten your waiting time. Combining add-ons wont change things for the better.

However the more expensive Tesla Model S Plaid currently has a delivery estimate between July and September this year. Which is as good as youll get, regardless of whether you pay up for any extra add-ons or paint jobs.

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A Few Things Might Surprise You Including That The Tesla Model S Plaid Is Available Right Away

We have just checked the Tesla estimated delivery times of all four electric car models available in the U.S.

There are some interesting findings, as the hectic extension of delivery times has slowed down, and in some cases, even stopped or reversed. The prices have also remained unchanged since November 12.

Let’s start with the Model 3. The queue for the entry-level RWD version with an LFP battery appears to decrease as the estimated delivery time is the same as over one and a half months ago . The Long Range AWD and Performance versions moved up a bit – to March and February. As we can see, the higher price/higher margin versions are prioritized .

In the case of the Model S Long Range, the estimated delivery time has decreased by some 4 months to July-November . Not only that, the top-of-the-line Plaid version is available right away .

The Tesla Model X Long Range probably reached a balance between supply and demand, as the estimated delivery time moved up by roughly two months, to January-May 2023. In the case of the Plaid, it’s October 2022. We assume that those times might vary as the refreshed Model X is in a ramp-up phase.

Finally, there is the Tesla Model Y, which noted only a slight increase in estimated delivery time by one month in the case of the Long Range AWD version, and by two months in the case of the Performance version. Since more than six weeks passed by, effectively the queue remains the same.

Tesla Model 3 Wait Time: How Long Will It Take

The Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric compact fastback sedan that has been one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed EVs since its debut in 2017. The car combines impressive performance and a long range at an accessible price point that separates it from otherelectric vehicles.

The cars lower price point allows drivers access to the luxury status the Tesla brand provides without investing in more expensive versions such as the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model Y. Unfortunately, Tesla is currently experiencing delays with both of these models, in addition to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

As of this writing, the Tesla Model 3 wait time is three months from purchase to delivery, according to theTesla website. However, these estimates are believed to be optimistic at best. Some reports indicate that drivers who order a new Tesla will have to wait up to seven months for their vehicle to arrive.

In this article, well survey the basic specs of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 and explore the reasons why delivery estimates are so far out as of March 2022.

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Tesla Model Y Delivery Time

It is worth noting that the delivery time for the Tesla Model Y significantly speeds up the delivery time as shown in the website configuration of the EV maker.

The estimated delivery time for the Tesla Model Y goes down to two months or in May 2022 from the six months of a waiting period of up to September 2022, if you are going to reserve the EV today.

As such, the Model Y delivery time speeds up by four months by simply adding the FSD feature.

The Model Y Long Range now carries a price tag of $54,940. But to lessen the waiting time from Sept. to May, Tesla customers have to spend around $67,000 in total.

How Long Is The Delivery On A Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Checklist | Everything You Need to Know |

I know my wife just ordered my Tesla Model 3, and I know it’s supposed to be a gift, but Iâm dying to know when itâs supposed to get here! How long is the delivery time on a Tesla 3?

There isnât an exact time frame on when you should expect your car to be delivered since it can change depending on the model, time of year, and other factors.could

  • If your vehicle is a new inventory order rather than a custom order, it will generally take less time to be delivered.
  • Tesla deliveries play heavily on a quarterly manufacturing cycle. This means that the majority of Tesla inventory is delivered in the last 5 or 6 weeks of any fiscal quarter, regardless of when it was ordered.
  • If the car ordered does not have any matching inventory that quarter, then the vehicle will be delivered toward the end of the next quarter.

expect frequent delivery updates to be placed with the person who made the orderfree insurance quotes

Background: What Happens Before Delivery Day

Before the delivery day arrives, other steps in the process should already have been completed, these include:

  • Placing your initial order
  • Checking your estimated delivery day 1,000 times..!
  • Receiving your Vehicle Identification Number
  • Schedule Delivery

The receipt of your VIN is seen by most as the first good sign that your vehicle will be with you fairly soon because at least you know with a VIN that the vehicle has been built and it does physically exist.

One way that people try to ensure they are prioritized for receiving a VIN is to confirm their delivery details within their profile as early as possible, and it seems to work. At least, Tesla recommends doing that to get prioritized for receipt of a VIN.

Taking Delivery Of A Used Car At An Independent Dealer Or Privately

Many of Tesla’s options or variations are hard to determine just by looking at the car. For instance, which version of autopilot hardware does it have, does it have unlimited super charging etc. While some of this is clear from the age, it not fool-proof.

We provide a guide on how to check which features a Tesla has to help cross check what an advertiser says as some dealers sadly get it wrong. Also check our advice on Tesla changing the specification of cars which is included in our used car buyers guides.

Check status of free supercharging and get this in writing if the car is meant to have it.

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Tesla Delivery Guide And Check

Once you’ve ordered your Tesla, you’ll be full of expectation ahead of its delivery. The wait can feel like a lifetime, but it can also be filled with anxious moments due to the way Tesla do things. This guide breaks it down into the key facts to help you prepare for what is to come and provides a useful check-list for use on collection.

Reasons For Tesla Model 3 Wait Times

How Long Does It Take To Get Tesla Model 3

There are several reasons that the production of Telsa Model 3s has been delayed as of March 2022. In a 2021 earnings call with Tesla investors, company CEO Elon Musk laid out details about the many factors the automaker was dealing with in terms of production and supply-chain issues. They include:

  • Scarcity of Materials: A global semiconductorchip shortage has caused production disruptions for automakers worldwide. Semiconductors is a microchip that partially conducts electricity. In automobile production, semiconductors play a crucial role in vehicle electrification, drivers assistance systems, Bluetooth and internet connectivity, and the integration and response of safety systems.
  • Shipping Delays: Supply chain issues like a global shipping container-ship shortage set many industries back at the start of 2022. This increased shipping costs while leading to shortages of goods and an inability to get to their delivery points on time. Congested ports in states like California have dogged numerous industries, as California alone brings in about one-third of all US imports.
  • Demand: As of this writing, Tesla continues to receive new car orders every day despite delays. Tesla has not discouraged people from pre-ordering their vehicles as estimated delivery dates get longer and longer. Prospective customers should frequently visit the Tesla website for any new press releases or updates about the manufacturing and delivery of new models.

Tesla Will Move Your Model Y Delivery Up 4 Months With Fsd

As you can see from the configurator comparisons above, Tesla is currently incentivizing consumers to throw an extra $12k at their Model Y or Model 3 purchase by expediting their delivery.

Model 3 customers currently only see a months advantage on delivery times buying FSD vs. not. However, Model Y customers might be more motivated to add the FSD option if they have the money and dont want to wait until September to drive their new EV. By spending $12,000 more, the Model Y delivery window jumps up to May, just two months from now.

Currently, delivery times for the Tesla Model X and Model S are not affected by the choice to add FSD capabilities or not. Despite some of these recent changes, the demand for Tesla vehicles is still sky high, especially with soaring prices for gasoline and diesel fuels.

For those consumers who were planning to give FSD a shot on their new Model Y anyway, this may come as welcomed news. For others, however, it may not be worth the money to jump the delivery line by a few months. Theres always the pre-owned market too!

Tesla Account & Tesla App

Why do I need a Tesla Account? Your Tesla Account is the home for all your Tesla products. An account is automatically generated when you place an order. As a Tesla owner, you will need to access your Tesla Account to complete delivery milestones, view guides and receive important updates. Please note that all information entered into your Tesla Account directly affects the spelling and punctuation on your registration documents. Learn more. Back to Top

How do I get the Tesla App? You can download the Tesla app from the App Store or after placing your order. Learn more.Back to Top

How do I use the Tesla app? After downloading the Tesla app, connect your car or Powerwall by logging in with the same email address and password as your Tesla Account. Learn more about the Tesla app in our Support page or watch our Tesla app walkthrough video.Back to Top

When can I access my Tesla App? For safety reasons, the Tesla app will not connect to your car while it is at the factory or in transit to the Delivery location. You can access your car through the Tesla app once you take delivery with the same login credentials as your Tesla Account. To enable Mobile Access from your cars touchscreen, tap Controls > Safety & Security.

Can I transfer my Tesla product to a different Tesla Account? Yes, you can transfer your Tesla product after taking delivery. Learn more about Ownership transfers.Back to Top

Factors That Slow Down Tesla Delivery

1. Chip Shortage and Production Delays

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many orders for semiconductors were canceled as OEMs realized there would soon be a huge drop in orders in the wake of tightening public health regulations and resulting lockdowns.

As it happens, demand bounced back much faster than expected, creating a massive backlog. On top of that, key factories in Taiwan and mainland China were shut down in the pandemic, and one major producer in Japan even burned down. The resulting chip shortage hit OEMs all around the world, including Tesla, and the effects continue to be felt even now.

2. Color Choices

In the early years of many Tesla models, as many as 10-11 color options were available, some of which were more complex to create than others. Whats more, the matter of resetting the painting chambers for different colors made the process very time consuming.

It got to the point where decisions were made to eliminate the least popular 5-6 colors, and now the models are down to just 5 color options each.

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3. Model Type

The most popular models with the highest demand like the Model 3 were taking longer to ensure delivery than others. Numbers from Statista show that in the third quarter of 2021, the Model 3 and Model Y accounted for 96 percent of Tesla vehicle deliveries by model.

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Tesla Model 3 V3 Supercharger Test: How Long Does It Take To Charge?

After that, some sales staff felt hesitant to seek further details on behalf of customers, the sales employee said. CNBC reviewed internal correspondence corroborating the sales employee’s account of events.

Generally, sales and delivery workers are aware that Tesla has faced parts shortages and challenges implementing the use of new machinery at the Fremont plant, this person said. Those issues were discussed by executives on prior Tesla earnings calls.

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