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Tesla Model 3 High Mileage Winter Performance Review!

The Tesla Model 3 has the best MPGe rating out of all Tesla cars. Image source: Tesla

Tesla produces a range of vehicles, from luxury cars like the Model S to bigger family-sized vehicles like the Model X. With this range in vehicle types also comes quite a large range in their MPGe ratings.

When we compare the 2022 versions of the four Tesla models currently available, its the Model 3 that has the best mileage at 132 MPGe.

The Tesla Model 3 is considered the base model out of all the Teslas, or the everyday family sedan. Its MPGe rating is especially good considering it is currently the cheapest Tesla model available.

Tesla Model 3 With 100000 Miles Shows Extreme Low Cost And Minimal Battery Degradation

Today we take a look at one of the first Tesla Model 3 cars with 100,000 miles, and the owners experience with service, maintenance, and battery degradation.

There are quite a few high-mileage Tesla vehicles out there.

I have a Tesla Model X with over 400,000 miles on it.

But there are not that many Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, which are Teslas latest-generation vehicles, with 6-figure mileage yet.

Kazi Imam has one of the first Model 3s with more than 100,000 miles, and he talked to Electrek about his experience with the electric car to date.

He put 100,000 miles on the 2018 Model 3 Long Range in just over two years:

Imam told Electrek that he was quite impressed by the cost of ownership of the Model 3.

Over 100,000 miles, which would take the average driver six years to travel, the Model 3 only cost him $4,732.11 including the cost of electricity:

I was astonished at the low cost of maintenance and service for the car. The total cost of electricity was $2,985. Total maintenance and service cost was $1,741.11, so the total cost of ownership was $4732.11.

Tires made up most of that maintenance and service cost.

Imam gave us a breakdown on all the services performed by Tesla on the Model 3 over time.

The air filter had to be replaced:

At 36,000 miles, the HVAC system started giving that musky odor and I had to get the air filters replaced and the evaporator cleaned, which was $136.50.

More recently, he did a little more maintenance:

Imam told Electrek:

There Are Three Main Factors To Consider With Electric Cars: Range Charging Time And Cost To Help You Decide Whether Running One Is Realistic We’ve Looked At A Variety Of Scenarios

It might not feel like it, but most of us make long car journeys pretty rarely. Generally, our driving follows a predictable, repetitive pattern: kids to school, daily commute, trips to visit friends or family. In fact, the Department for Transport says the average UK car journey in 2019 was just 8.4 miles an absolute cinch for any electric car you can buy.

On the other hand, not everyone follows such a well-rehearsed pattern, and some need to travel a few hundred miles every day. So, to what extent would you have to change your lifestyle to go electric? How long will your car need to spend plugged in to give it the range to accommodate your daily routine? And, in these days of spiralling energy costs, will it definitely be cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel car?

In this feature, we look at all those questions in detail, from the perspectives of private car owners and company car drivers alike. And spoiler alert we found that the cost savings the second group can achieve can make adopting a new routine very rewarding.

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Tesla Model S To Clock One Million Miles

One Model S is set to achieve a significant milestone for a non-commercial electric vehicle.

A Tesla Model S is set to reach one million miles today, eight years after the owner bought the electric vehicle.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen is expected to cross the million mile mark today in his , according to The Driven, with the in line to be recognised by Guinness World Records.

The Model S P85 passed one million kilometres back in 2019, with the vehicle driving around 200,000km each year all across Europe, and previously visiting countries as far away as China.

However, its understood the vehicle has been through three battery packs and eight electric motors since 2014 with the first motor lasting nearly 800,000km, and each subsequent motor failing at around 200,000km.

Despite owning Teslas since 2009, von Gemmingen told The Driven he is disappointed with the longevity of the motors in his Model S, and is considering switching to a Lucid Air in the future.

Offering the best driving range in the line-up, the Lucid Air Grand Touring can travel up to 830km on a single charge , with its dual electric motors putting out 611kW.

Currently, the Guinness World Records recognises the highest-mileage non-commercial vehicle as being a 1966 Volvo P1800S owned by the late Irvin Gordon, with the American reaching 3.04 million miles in 2014.

Model 3 Keeps 98% Of Range After 100000 Miles

This is Tesla

An owner of a Tesla Model 3 and an intensive driver posted a piece of very interesting information about the rage of his Model 3 after driving more than 100,000 miles. Twitter user @MCarbon posted a short video demonstrating the range of his 2018 Model 3.He has already driven 130,000 miles, which is almost 210,000 kilometers if you are watching from Europe or elsewhere. He says he has driven without almost any problems and now his Model 3 gets 98 percent of range per full charge after so many miles.

Model 3 only lost 2% range

Interestingly another Twitter user, who viewed this video revealed that his Model 3 also only lost 2 percent of range after 100,000 miles, going from 310 miles per full charge to 303 miles. Thats basically only just over 2 percent loss after such high mileage, making the Tesla Model 3 a very good value.

The typical range is not the same as the standard range. Instead, it is calculated on the basis of a “typical” consumption and the battery capacity assumed by Tesla if the consumption assumption does not change, the information allows conclusions to be drawn about the battery. Model 3, which I am talking about in this case, is said to be the variant with a large battery and rear-wheel drive , which is currently not available on the Tesla website. The car was bought in April 2018 according to the owner.

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Is There Any Battery Degradation After 50000 Miles In A Tesla Model 3

Originally published at on October 9, 2019.

Elon Musk stated earlier this year that the Tesla Model 3 drive unit and body was designed to last one million miles. The battery, however, has a minimum lifespan of 1,500 charge cycles which should translate to 300,000+ miles to 500,000 miles .

Above: Elon Musk responds to Galileo Russell’s tweet about Tesla battery life and charge cycles

The math in Musks tweet is straightforward enough:

  • Standard Range Plus Model 3 has 240 miles of range, so 240 x 1500 = 360,000 miles
  • Long-Range Model 3 variants have 310 to 325 miles of range, therefore 310 x 1500 = 465,000 miles
  • A charge cycle is when you’ve used 100% of rated battery capacity. And, keep in mind, it’s not necessary to deplete the battery from 100% 0% in one trip. To that end, we can understand a charge cycle via a simple example: lets assume you’ve driven your car 120 miles today and plugged-in for the night and charged it to 100% and you went on a 120 mile road trip the next day, using 50% of the battery again this would be counted as one cycle according to Apple Inc.

    Above: Another look at Tesla’s Model 3

    To put things in perspective, according to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, Americans drive an average of 13,476 miles a year. Therefore, reaching 300,000 500,000 miles will take quite a bit of time for the average Joe .

    Above: Tesla Model 3 high mileage leaderboard .

    Solar Is The Cheapest Way To Charge A Tesla

    The cheapest and greenest way to charge your Tesla is with solar panels. Image source: Tesla

    The cheapest way to charge your Tesla – or any electric vehicle – is with solar.

    There are many options for charging your electric vehicle, but when you do it with solar you’re not only charging your car for free, you’re also charging your vehicle by using a completely green source.

    Charging your EV with solar also reduces your carbon footprint much more than charging with power bought from the traditional electric grid.

    If youre interested in getting solar for your home, check out our expert solar calculator below to see how much solar panels cost in your area.

    Find out what a solar installation would cost based on recent installations in your zip code

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    Mpge Of Tesla Cars Vs Competitors

    Below is a list of showing the current MPGe ratings of all Tesla vehicles, followed by the ratings of some competing vehicles brands ratings for comparison.

    MPGe rating of 2022 Tesla vehicles, from highest to lowest

    Tesla model

    The MPGe of other electric vehicles for comparison

    • Lucid Air G Touring – 131MPGe
    • Chevrolet Bolt – 118MPGe
    • Porsche Taycan – 79 MPGe
    • Audi E-Tron – 78 MPGe

    As you can see, Tesla’s average MPGe ratings are very good compared to many other electric vehicles on the market today.

    The MPGe ratings of Tesla vehicles, in conjunction with their price, make buying a Tesla for its efficiency an excellent deal.

    There is one other brand of electric vehicle that stacks up quite well against the Teslas: Lucid Motors. The new Lucid Air comes in at 131 MPGe, giving Tesla some solid competition.

    Service Costs Aren’t Trivial

    Repair Costs of High Mileage Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    The Model 3 has minimal scheduled service. However, one regional requirement that applies to us is lubricating the oft-dormant brake calipers every year or 12,500 miles in areas where roads are salted during winter. Those three lubes each cost oil-change money, totaling $306. But our car’s minuscule brake wear over 40,000 miles suggests the pads should last well past 100,000 miles. The Model 3’s all-season Michelin tires, on the other hand, were used up after just 30,000 miles, partially because the Tesla version of this tire has less tread depth, probably for a slight boost in efficiency and range. A new set was $1157. Although not technically service costs, replacing the $1088 windshield and later the $1196 glass roof due to stone chips lightened our pockets as much as damage and destruction incidents in other long-term test cars.

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    There Are Some Caveats Here However Including Several Motor And Battery Replacements Over The Years

    Way back in July 2019, we shared with you a Tesla Model S with 900,000 km on the clock. We were aware it would soon cross the 1 million-kilometer mark, to qualify as a world-record holder. Later that year, in November 2019, the Model S P85+ owner’s dream came true as he made it into the Guinness Book of Records after exceeding 1 million kilometers .

    As you can see, Tesla owner Hansjörg Gemmingen keeps the world up to date with his progress on Twitter. He first owned a Tesla Roadster, but decide to make the switch to a Model S in 2014. This makes the record even more amazing since he has driven most of these miles in six years. He bought the Model S used, with just 30,000 km on the odometer.

    This week, Gemmingen took to Twitter to let the world know he was just about to cross a new milestone, 1.2 million kilometers. The Model S had 1,199,413 km at the time of posting . This means he’ll surpass 1.2 million kilometers today, and it won’t be long before he hits 750,000 miles. Gemmingen told the media he won’t stop pushing forward. So, perhaps someday in the near future, he’ll hit 1 million miles .

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    What Is The Highest Mileage Tesla Vehicle On The Market

    How fuel efficient is a Tesla Model vehicle? This is a big issue that comes to everyones mind, especially when considering a Tesla purchase. Many Tesla customers have this question on their minds, whether or not they believe it.

    To answer this big question, we have to put some things into perspective. Tesla vehicles are very efficient. In fact, they are more efficient than most gasoline cars on the market. For example, a Tesla Model S can travel up to 270 miles on a single charge while a Toyota Camry only gets 28 MPG. It clearly indicates that Teslas are more efficient when it comes to fuel economy.

    But what about the highest mileage Tesla? What is the range of a Tesla Model S P100D? This is the car that has the longest range on a single charge. It can travel up to 315 miles before needing to be recharged.

    If youre eager to learn the answer to any of the following questions, heres a perfect article for you. So without any further ado, lets dig in.

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    Tesla Model 3 Owners With Over 100000 Km Are Still Impressed Love Low Maintenance And Gas Savings

    We reached out to some Tesla Model 3 owners with a lot of mileage on their electric cars already, over 100,000 km, to get their feedback.

    They are still impressed with their Model 3s and love the low maintenance and gas savings.

    Tesla has been delivering the Model 3 for two years now though the volume for the first 6 months or so was low and mostly to Tesla employees.

    Therefore, there are not that many high mileage Model 3 vehicles in the hands of customers, but some of them have managed to get put a lot of miles on their cars in a short period of time.

    We talked to a few of them to get their impressions after over 100,000 km .

    Kris Westover reserved his Model 3 the day of the unveiling on March 31st, 2016 and took delivery of a blue Long Range rear-wheel-drive Model 3 two years later.

    Another 17 months later, Westovers Model 3, which is nicknamed Whisper, already has 69,165 miles on the odometer.

    Most surprisingly, Westover changed his job to drive his Model 3 even more:

    Once I started driving it, I knew I wanted to drive it more and introduce the tech to others, so I began driving it for Uber/Lyft. Part-time became full-time as I quit my job to do just that. Its been amazing. Thru the past year, Ive given around 4000 rides. Ive likely sold hundreds of Teslas with thousands in the works as nearly every passenger gets out of the car super excited to buy one as their next car , and the gospel of EVs and AP keep spreading every trip I take people on.

    The Secret To Success: Teslas Battery Degrades Very Little

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    You may think with as long as Tesla needed to operate and how many charges it needed, that the battery would lose some of its power. However, Tesloop claimed to TechCrunch that their Model S only lost 6 percent of its total charging capacity.

    They explained that for most Tesla owners and drivers, a full charge is not typical. Unless, they plan on a long road trip. Since Teslopps cars do a long trip every day, they fully charged every day and simply let the battery degrade.

    However, note that while the battery degrading by 6 percent seems negligible, other issues arose. For instance, once the Model S hit past the 200,000 mile mark, the cars range estimator became incredibly inaccurate. The car didnt actually lose range according to the display but it would power down ahead of its estimation.

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    Efficiency Is Extremely Variable

    An electric vehicle’s efficiency varies dramatically with outside temperature . For example, in our best month, August 2020, we averaged 107 MPGe over 1812 miles. Our worst was February 2021, when we averaged 55 MPGe, almost 50 percent worse, over 1182 miles. The difference? The average temperature in February was 27 degrees, while in August it was a balmy 79. Cold temperatures obviously work the cabin heater more and also make charging less efficient. Even parking outside in wintry weather uses energy to keep the pack from getting too frigid. On one bitterly cold night when the mercury dipped down to 5 below zero, the Model 3 consumed 5 percent of its battery capacity just sitting overnight trying not to freeze.

    Is There Any Way To Maximize Mpge For My Tesla Vehicles

    Yes, you can actually control the MPGe on your electric vehicles by simply taking certain precautionary measures while driving. Following these steps will help you achieve the best possible MPGe rating for your car.

    Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your EV:

    1. Use Overdrive whenever possible:

    Using overdrive will help reduce the amount of work that your engine has to do in order to maintain speed. This, in turn, will help improve your EVs mileage.

    2. Avoid using the air conditioner:

    The air conditioner is one of the biggest consumers of power in an EV. If possible, avoid using it or set it to the lowest possible setting.

    3. Drive at a consistent speed:

    Accelerating and braking too often will decrease your EVs mileage. Try to drive at a consistent speed and only brake when absolutely necessary.

    4. Use cruise control:

    Using cruise control will help you maintain a consistent speed, which will improve your EVs mileage.

    5. Use fewer accessories:

    Any accessories that you usesuch as the heated seats, heated steering wheel, or windshield wiperswill consume power and decrease your EVs mileage. Try to use them only when necessary.

    6. Remove excessive weight from the vehicle:

    Extra weight will decrease your EVs mileage. Remove any unnecessary items from the vehicle to lighten the load.

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    Concluding Thoughts

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