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Government Funding Targeted At More Affordable Zero

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Changes to the plug-in grant scheme to enable funding to go further and to help more people make the switch to an electric vehicle.

15 December 2021
  • soaring demand for EVs leads to refocusing of grants on the most affordable zero emission cars, making best use of taxpayer money
  • analysis shows sales of zero-emission cars are up 89% compared to 2020, and in the last 3 months nearly 1 in 4 new cars sold had a plug
  • comes as new rules set to be introduced next year to improve reliability and make it easier to pay at public chargepoints

As sales of plug-in cars, vans and motorcycles increase, the government is today announcing that the grant scheme for zero-emission vehicles has been updated to target less expensive models, allowing the schemes funding to go further and to help more people make the switch to an electric vehicle .

The plug-in grant scheme, which has supported nearly half a million vehicles over a decade, has helped kickstart a market that is now moving forward at pace with over one in 10 cars sold in 2021 over 150,000 having a plug. EVs are becoming more affordable as the market has expanded and demand is increasing.

The governments approach to supporting the uptake of electric cars is clearly working while the grant has slowly reduced over time, the sales of electric vehicles has soared. Record sales in 2021 have already exceeded those from 2019 and 2020 combined.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said:

Roads media enquiries

Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Announced

FREDERICTON â A provincial program shifted into drive today with the launch of a rebate initiative for New Brunswickers who purchase eligible electric vehicles.

Starting today, people who buy or lease eligible new or used electric vehicles from a dealer in the province will be eligible for a rebate under the New Brunswick Electric Vehicle Incentive Program.

âWe committed in our Climate Change Action Plan to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and this program will help us continue to not only meet but exceed our emission targets,â said Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman. âThe program will make electric vehicles more affordable so that more people can take part in reducing our transportation emissions.â

Financial support for the three-year program, which comes from the Climate Change Fund, will be approved annually. For fiscal 2021-22, $1.95 million was approved.

People who purchase or lease new qualifying battery electric vehicles and long-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles may receive up to $5,000. People who purchase or lease new short-range plug-in hybrids may receive up to $2,500.

Those who buy used battery electric vehicles may receive up to $2,500 and purchasers of used plug-in hybrid electric vehicles may receive up to $1,000.

Consumers who buy an eligible new electric vehicle in New Brunswick can also apply to the federal governmentâs Zero-Emission Vehicles Program, resulting in up to $10,000 in combined rebates.

How Much Is The Electric Car Grant Worth

When it made its debut, the so-called Plug-in Car Grant was worth 35% of the cost of a new EV, up to the value of £5,000. There were also lower categories for vehicles like plug-in hybrids, though they received less financial help. The grant was reduced a few times until it became worth up to £1,500 , though this was only available for vehicles costing under £32,000, which ruled out a large portion of new EVs. In June 2022, it was removed for most private cars altogether.

Grants for electric vans and motorbikes are still available, but these too have also significantly reduced over the years. Nowadays buyers of small electric vans get a maximum grant of 35% of the list price, capped at £2,500. For bigger vans the cap is £5,000. Motorbikes and mopeds also qualify, and the OZEV grant will pay 35% of the purchase price so long as it retails for less than £10,000 up to £150 for mopeds or £500 for motorbikes. More details on these figures below.

There were also government incentives towards the cost of home charging points for both new and used electric and plug-in hybrid car buyers. Like the PiCG, these grants were funded from taxpayers cash and distributed by OZEV, and offered significant savings sometimes in the hundreds of pounds. From April 2022 homeowners have no longer been eligible for this grant with the exception of those living in flats. The grant continues to be offered to renters, too.

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Exemption From Road Tax

Firstly, as of 2020, fully electric cars are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty or as itâs more commonly known, road tax. The reason for this is this tax is based upon how much CO2 your vehicle emits and as EVs donât emit any CO2 theyâre exempt from this tax. If youâd like to read more about this, we recommend checking out the HMRC website.

Bottom Line: Electric Motorcycle Ownership Continuously Saves You Money

The UK government expands its plug

As you can see, buying an electric motorcycle has become more affordable than ever before. State and federal electric motorcycle incentives are being offered left, right, and center to encourage people to join the EV revolution. These savings dont stop when you turn the key they keep on rolling far into your EV ownership.

Electric motorcycle insurance cost is starting to fall, and as electric motorbikes get safer, it will continue to do so throughout your motorcycles lifetime. On top of that, batteries are lasting longer, theres almost zero maintenance, and, of course, no gas involved!

Its time to save the planet, look fly, and save a pretty penny while doing so.

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Alectra Utilities Corporation applied to the OEB for:

  • Incremental capital funding effective January 1, 2023, to undertake urgent underground cable renewal projects.
  • Distribution rates and charges effective January 1, 2023.

How Do I Claim An Ev Grant / How Do I Qualify For The Office For Low Emission Vehicles Grant

  • You must buy an eligible EV or plug-in hybrid car since October 2016.
  • If you fail the first condition, you must have leased one for at least 6 months
  • You need to have off-street parking at your home.
  • You should install an OLEV-approved chargepoint. And it should be installed by an OLEV-approved chargepoint installer.

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Success Story: Build Grant In Idaho And Wyoming

In 2020, USDOTs BUILD program awarded $20 million to Wyoming and Idaho for the Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements Project. This rural project will implement a series of multimodal improvements along the Idaho 33/Wyoming 22 corridor. The project includes the purchase of two electric local buses among many other improvements to the corridor.

The Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity discretionary grant program provides an opportunity for USDOT to invest in road, rail, transit, and port projects that achieve national objectives.

The eligibility requirements of RAISE allow project sponsors at the State and local levels to obtain funding for multimodal, multi-jurisdictional projects that are more difficult to support through traditional USDOT programs.

For FY21, RAISE increased program focus on zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, including EV charging.

  • Eligible EV activities: LDV charging, infrastructure planning, commercial charging, public transportation charging
  • Eligible applicants: States, Tribes, localities, transportation providers
  • FY20 grant ranges:

Over 825000 For 36 New E

We drove these new electric cars until they DIED!

The Scottish Government has provided over £825,000 to support 36 innovative e-bike projects across Scotland, with projects for disabled people and rural communities leading the way.

The latest round of the eBike Grant Fund, delivered by Energy Saving Trust, has successfully delivered 216 e-bikes, 56 e-cargo bikes and 34 adapted cycles to 36 projects across the country.

This will enable communities and organisations to take advantage of e-bikes, adapted cycles and e-cargo bikes to meet local needs, whilst improving health, air quality and protecting the climate by encouraging a shift away from car journeys.

The Shapinsay Development Trust has been awarded over £16,000 for 10 new bikes to promote greener travel on the island in Orkney. The bikes will be available for rental by visitors, while residents will have free access for the project duration.

In Edinburgh, Leonard Cheshire Disability has been awarded over £19,000 for two rickshaw adapted cycles to be shared across eight services. This will offer disabled people more opportunities to keep active through accessible cycling.

Across four years of the fund, over £2.8 million has been provided to support over 170 projects across Scotland with 996 e-bikes.

Minister for Active Travel Patrick Harvie said:

Stuart Robertson Director of Scotland at Leonard Cheshire said:

Lisa-Marie Muir from the Shapinsay Development Trust said:

Neil Leckie Senior Programme Manager at Energy Saving Trust said:


About Energy Saving Trust

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New Uk Electric Bike Subsidies Could Knock A Third Off The Retail Price

UK government aims to offer a sweat-free alternative to private cars and public transportation

According to recent reporting by the British newspaper The Times, the UK government is looking at subsidies that could bring the price of a new e-bike down by a third.

With more people taking advantage of bikes for transportation, the UK government is looking to add a sweat-free way for riders who commute in their business attire, or older riders, or anyone else who is just looking for an easy way to get around, while also getting a bit of exercise in the process.

This new taxpayer-backed scheme will likely take a similar form to the subsidies available for plug-in electric vehicles, which can reduce their price by up to 35 per cent. The Times reported the UK Government is looking at grants of up to £3,000 in an effort to appeal to potential buyers who may be on the fence.

Cycling UK voiced its support of these endowments, noting that currently, eBikes are the only electrified form of transport where no such relief is currently available.

The final wording of the plan wont be unveiled until Spring 2021, but Transport Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said the government, is developing a national support program to boost the adoption of e-bikes to levels seen in many other countries.

Enjoying The Freedom Of A Family Ecargo Bike

Meet Maria, and her one-year-old son Ruairi. Maria was keen to find an environmentally friendly alternative to a car for local journeys. She purchased her family ecargo bike using the interest-free eBike Loan available from Energy Saving Trust. In this video, she talks about the financial and health benefits she has experienced since making the switch to a more sustainable mode of transport, and the freedom that the ecargo bike has brought to their lives.

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What Are The Ozev Standards Based On

Previous iterations of the grant stipulated certain CO2 emissions that allowed cars to reach certain categories, but in its latest form, the grant required cars to emit zero emissions. The new rules replaced a set that stipulated that plug-in cars could emit up to 70g/km of CO2 using the ‘WLTP‘ emissions test standard. They also needed to be able to drive 70 miles in electric mode. The figures used came from the standard industry test that every new car must undertake. They arent representative of real-world conditions , but remain the only common standard.

CO2 emissions

20% of RRP


*Wheelchair accessible vehicles are eligible for up to £2,500 , and can cost up to £35,000. Vehicles eligible to convert include: Citroen e-Berlingo, Citroen e-SpaceTourer, Nissan e-NV200, Peugeot e-Rifter and Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life. The number of WAV grants available is limited.

How Can I Access The Free Level Two Charger

Many motorists unaware of government EV grants

Those who utilize the incentive will receive the free charger from the province. Once the Province receives all the necessary documentation from the dealer, the consumer will receive their free level two charger by courier. The consumer will be responsible for any costs related to installation of the level two charger.

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Federal Rebates For Electric Vehicles

The Government of Canada offers Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles . So, what does that mean for consumers purchasing an electric car?

The first thing you need to know is what kinds of cars are eligible for the incentives. For the purpose of the program, the federal government considers battery-electric, plug-in hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars to be zero-emissions vehicles . In fact, a car can qualify as a ZEV if it has an internal combustion engine so long as it can also operate without using it. Not sure if the car you want qualifies for the incentive? Check out the list of eligible vehicles.

The next thing you need know is that there are two levels of incentives under the iZEV program. The federal government offers up to $5,000 in incentives if you’re buying a battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, or longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicle with a battery capacity of at minimum 15 kilowatt-hours . However, if you are purchasing a short range plug-in hybrid car with a battery capacity of less than 15 kWh, you are only eligible for $2,500 in incentives.

The good news is that all incentives are applied when you buy the car from the dealership. That means that while you will have to pay taxes and fees on the full price or lease amount, you will not have to pay the incentive amount out of pocket and then have to apply for the rebate. The dealer simply applies it and it appears as paid on the bill of sale or lease agreement.

Launch Of Electric Spsv Grant Scheme 2021

18 October 2021

The Electric SPSV Grant Scheme supports the uptake of electric vehicles in the Small Public Service Vehicles sector . In recognition of the important role the sector plays in decarbonizing the broader transport system, the scheme has increased from 2m in 2020 to 15m in 2021, with grants of up to 20K now available to existing SPSV drivers who scrap older, high mileage vehicles for new full electric models. Drivers can apply for grants of up to 10,000 towards the purchase of a new full battery eSPSV with a further 2,500 available to convert it to a wheelchair accessible model. Those scrapping older, more polluting, or high mileage vehicles are now eligible for double the normal grant if they make the switch to electric with 20K available for a new full electric or 25 for a wheelchair accessible new battery electric vehicle.

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Do All Electric Car Drivers Qualify For A Home Charger Grant

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to £350 for drivers who have bought, or leased, a new or second hand eligible electric vehicle on or after 1 October 2016, as long as they have not claimed against a previous Government chargepoint scheme.

This includes:

  • Drivers assigned an eligible company car for at least six months
  • Individuals who lease an eligible vehicle for at least six months
  • Employees who have leased an eligible electric car as part of a salary-sacrifice scheme
  • Individuals who are named by their employer as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle for at least six months
  • Drivers who can prove that they have ordered an eligible electric car

While Transport Canadas Earth Day Announcement Means Some Higher

Budget 2021: More incentives to encourage early adoption of electric vehicles

More new electric vehicles sold in Canada will be eligible for the federal governments $5,000 purchase rebate for EVs as Transport Canada has announced new price ceilings for light- and medium-duty vehicles.

Under the new rules, which took effect April 25, the rebate is available on EV passenger car models with a base price under $55,000, higher-priced versions of those models up to $65,000, larger vehicles including SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks with a starting price of $60,000, and more expensive versions of those models up to $70,000.

Previously, many models of electric SUVs, vans and pick up trucks missed the former $45,000 ceiling despite those classes of vehicles making up 80 per cent of all vehicles sold in Canada.

Another program tweak thats received less attention sees the definition of longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicles changed so that it is now based on electric range in kilometres. PHEVs with an electric range of 50 km or more will be eligible for $5,000, and those under this threshold will continue to be eligible for $2,500.

According to Transport Canada, this means certain current plug-in hybrid SUVs from Ford, Hyundai and Kia are now eligible for the full rebate.

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Grant Scheme For Electric Cars Vans And Trucks

The grant scheme has been updated to target less expensive models. Government grants of up to £2,500 will be available for electric cars or vehicles costing less than £35,000.

Plug-in car, van and truck grant to be targeted at more affordable models to allow more people to make the switch

As more people than ever opt for electric vehicles, the government announces changes to the plug-in car, van and truck grant.

18 March 2021

The grant scheme for electric cars, vans and trucks has been updated to target less expensive models and reflect a greater range of affordable vehicles available, allowing the schemes funding to go further and help more people make the switch to an electric vehicle.

From today , the government will provide grants of up to £2,500 for electric vehicles or cars priced under £35,000.

This will mean the funding will last longer and be available to more drivers. Grants will no longer be available for higher-priced vehicles, typically bought by drivers who can afford to switch without a subsidy from taxpayers.

The number of electric car models priced under £35,000 has increased by almost 50% since 2019 and more than half the models currently on the market will still be eligible for the grant, including spacious family cars, such as the Hyundai Kona 39kWh and the MG ZS EV.

The plug-in vehicle grant scheme was renewed last year, with £582 million of funding intended to last until 2022 to 2023.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said:

Roads media enquiries

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