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Hydrogens Role In Green Steel Production

The 200 Mile Electric Car Range Test!

Of course, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is how to decarbonise and produce green steel in an extremely competitive market.

As a globally-traded good with fine cost margins, steel production has been associated with major geopolitical issues, including trade disputes and tariffs. But because of climate change, there is also a sudden and massive demand for carbon-friendly production.

And thats where hydrogen plays a key role. Steel traditionally made in a blast furnace uses cokea high-carbon fuel made by heating coal without airas a fuel source to heat iron ore pellets and liquify the pure iron component. This expels a lot of emissions in order to get the iron hot enough to melt and be mixed with scrap and made into steel.

The green steel method instead uses hydrogen to reduce the iron pellets into sponge iron, metallic iron that can then be processed to form steel. This process is also done at high temperature but below the melting point of iron , saving energy costs.

And by introducing non-fossil fuels to create iron pellets and renewable electricity to turn the sponge iron and scrap into steel, fossil fuels can be removed from the process, significantly reducing emissions as a result.

Is 220 Miles Of Range Enough

For most people, anything around 200 will keep you happy in driving around your urban region. Ranges around 250 will do you fine for most road trips that dont go too far from the beaten path. To go far from the beaten path, consider the longer ranges above 300 miles, or consider using a rental car for those trips.

How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last

Just like any other battery in your life, be it in your phone, laptop or tablet, electric car batteries lose capacity over time. This is because almost all electric cars use lithium-ion batteries as their power unit, which naturally degrade as they go through charging and discharging cycles. They are, however, very well-suited for your electric car. Here at DriveElectric, we have more than 10 years of experience working closely with electric vehicles, and weve found their batteries to be incredibly reliable.

How long an EV battery lasts for will depend on several things, not least the number of miles you cover in your car. As a ballpark figure though, you can expect a battery to last for around 10 years, although you could get double that from one.

Batteries do degrade over time though, so capacity may be reduced very slightly over a decade. With that said, battery technology is improving all the time, with more and more models offering a better rate of degradation even with 100,000 to 200,000 miles on the clock. In fact, there are Teslas that have now driven over one million kilometres on their battery.

At DriveElectric, we know that electric vehicle batteries dont fail very often and we dont expect them to need replacing, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt do your best to protect it.

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Tesla Model X: 295 Miles

Sales of the large Tesla Model X are booming, thanks to the sudden shift in consumer preference away from sedans and into sport-utility vehicles. This gull-wing-door-equipped SUV is rated to run for 295 miles on a charge with the 100D version and 289 miles with the P100D. As with the other Teslas on this list the Model Xs federal tax credit is phasing out this year.

Eight Models Can Now Run For More Than 200 Miles On A Charge With Many More On The Way

Volvo unveils C40 Recharge electric SUV with over 200 miles of range ...

Aside from perhaps its sticker price, an electric vehicles most critical specification is the distance it can travel on a charge. Buying an EV that delivers a sufficient operating range to meet ones needs can mean the difference between happily driving a zero emissions vehicle that never has to visit a gas station, and becoming stranded at the side of the road with a depleted battery.

Americans drive an average of 40 miles a day, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which makes even the shortest-range EV practical . Still, its always better to err on the side of caution and choose an EV that can go the longest distance you can afford. Its no fun to have to drive with one eye on the road and another on the cars state-of-charge meter.

Fortunately, battery technology is developing rapidly, and automakers are pushing the proverbial envelope in terms of operating range. For the 2019 model year there are no fewer than eight models that can run for more than 200 miles before needing to be tethered to the grid. New longer-range models this year include the Audi e-tron at 248 miles, the Nissan Leaf e+ variant at 226 miles, and the Hyundai Kona Electric that can run for an average 258 miles and is priced under $30,000 after deducting the one-time $7,500 federal tax credit.

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Our List Includes Six Evs That Have A Range Over 200 Miles Can You Guess Which Ev Is The Best

In order to achieve considerable emissions reduction from road transport, car manufacturers need to deliver long-range affordable electric vehicles. Unfortunately, while the last eight months have seen a remarkable +75% in global EV sales, EV prices are growing at a fast pace too .

An example is Fords iconic F-150 Lightning truck. The electric version of this popular pickup just two years ago was priced under $40k, but now it costs 30% more than that! Another issue for affordable EVs is their batteries still dont deliver a range anywhere comparable to Internal combustion-powered cars.

There are, however, at least six affordable long-range electric vehicles on the US market that are priced at just under $40k. All these vehicles have a range of over 200 miles.

Our ranking reviews these six vehicles from the shorter to the longest range. Can you guess which EV will be on top?

Check Out The Quick And Affordable Kia Ev6

The 2022 @Kia EV6 GT-Line AWD is comfortable, composed, and quick:

Car and Driver

The 2022 Kia EV6 was designed from the ground up and has netted positive results. It has all of the necessary elements to top Consumer Reports lists, such as the green choice accolade and high scores on the road test. For the long-range RDW version, the EPA-estimated range is 310 miles. For the AWD long-range, buyers can expect to get 274 miles on a full charge. Opting for the standard range RWD version, this EV6 gets 232 miles.

Also compatible with 400V and 800V fast charging, the EV6 can go from 10% State of Charge to 80% SoC in 18 minutes.

Price Range: $41,400 $56,400

Range: 232-310 miles

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Depending On Which One You Choose The Tesla Model Y Gets 244 Miles Of Range Or More

Meet my new 2022 @Tesla Model Y Performance!Ive had her for about two months now and Im in love ?

coL Ashes

The story is similar for the 2022 Tesla Model Y, except Consumer Reports approves a little more. The reliability score still isnt great, but the owner satisfaction scores makes up for it. Depending on the configuration, the Model Y gets between 244 and 330 miles of range on a single charge.

Teslas 240V home charger will take 10 hours to charge the Model Y, but the Supercharger network should make up for it.

Price Range: $65,990 $69,990

Range: 244-330 miles

Many factors can impact the range of an electric vehicle, such as extreme weather and larger wheels. Having a home charger is a good way to ensure your EV is charged and ready every morning. Some new electric vehicles come with free charging or a charging credit, so be sure to ask if you order an EV anytime soon. There are likely a few electric vehicle charging stations around you, and you havent even noticed.

What Electric Vehicles Have A 200 Mile Range

200 mile range Electric Porsche 911

What electric vehicles have a 200 mile range? Electric cars with 200-mile range

Is 200 miles enough for electric car? Battery range is one of the most important factors buyers look for when buying a new EV. While many drivers prefer a vehicle with a 300+ miles range, youll be happy to know that 200 miles is sufficient for everyday driving and short road trips.

Which EV has the longest electric range? 1. Mercedes EQS 485 miles. The longest-range electric car currently on sale is also one of the newest: the Mercedes EQS. Its a version of the brands S-Class flagship saloon, but it uses electric power only and has a deeply impressive maximum range of 485 miles in the EQS 450+ model.

Will there be a 500 mile range EV? Fast speed and acceleration of the 2022 Lucid Air. Not only does the 2022 Lucid Air have over a 500-mile driving range, but it also delivers phenomenal performance. Its dual electric motors generate an incredible output of 1,111 horsepower and 1,025 lb-ft of torque.

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Honorary Mentions: Tesla Roadster And Tesla Cybertruck

Two electric cars we havent mentioned here come from none other than Tesla, which has already proven itself to offer some of the most consistently high range among electric carmakers. From what weve heard so far the second generation Tesla Roadster and the tri-motor Cybertruck are set to continue that trend.

Back before the original Cybertruck delays, Tesla claimed that the tri-motor Cybertruck variant would offer over 500 miles of range on a single charge. An impressive achievement for any car, let alone a bulky truck that doesnt look particularly aerodynamic. The Roadster is set to have it beat, however, with Tesla still advertising that the car will have 620 miles of range per charge which would put even the Lucid Air to shame.

Unfortunately, the status of both cars isnt exactly clear. CEO Elon Musk has announced both cars will go into production next year, but that could change. After all, the two have already been delayed multiple times, and theres no guarantee it wont happen again.

Likewise Musk has been very vocal about his opposition to extreme range estimates, claiming anything over 400 miles is pointless especially since youd need to stop and charge long before then anyway. After the cancellation of the Model S Plaid Plus, which promised to have 520 miles of range, because the regular Plaid is more than good enough, theres no telling what could happen to these lofty range estimates between now and launch.

Nissan Leaf Plus: $32400

When the Nissan Leaf Plus was released for the 2019 model year, it was a strong competitor for the Chevrolet Bolt. Now with Nissan directing more of its resources to the upcoming Ariya electric SUV, the Leaf Plus is starting to fall from its pedestal. Unlike practically all its competition, Nissan still doesn’t offer a liquid-cooled pack in either the Leaf or Leaf Plus, which isn’t awful, but just something to consider if you live in a hot environment. Also, despite being outfitted with an antidiluvian CHAdeMO fast charger, it has the best charge rate on this list at 100kW.

  • Price after tax credit: $24,900
  • Range: 226 miles

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Tesla Model S Continues To Impress With A 405

Since it was first introduced in 2012, the Tesla Model S has been the gold standard by which all other EVs are compared. It is known for its sleek style that is both futuristic and classy and its stellar performance. When critics talk about Lucid Air competing with Tesla, they are specifically talking about the Tesla Model S.

In terms of range, the standard Model S has an estimated range of 405 miles. This is considerably less than the Lucid Air Grand Touring, but it is still an improvement over nearly every other EV out there. Tesla makes up for having a lower range than the Lucid Air by being more affordable, though, as the standard Model S starts at $106,440.

One trim of the Tesla Model S can also accelerate quicker than the Lucid Air Grand Touring. The Tesla Model S Plaid can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds. However, choosing this trim costs you 9 miles of estimated range.

Whatever way you slice it, both of these luxury EVs provide more range than most people will ever need. They stand alone as the only two electric cars with over 400 miles of range in their standard versions.

What Is Range Anxiety


Range anxiety is the fear that a 100% electric vehicle doesnt have enough charge to reach your destination. Range anxiety has been one of the major barriers to large scale EV adoption and understandably so nobody wants to be stranded!

At DriveElectric we consider range anxiety as more of a myth than a reality, it actually is more of an issue for non-EV drivers than EV drivers. In fact, range is often mentioned by drivers that have never driven an electric vehicle.

Perhaps running out of charge was more of a possibility in the early days of electric vehicles but not anymore. With modern electric cars and vans capable of 140-350 miles per charge we dont feel its an issue anymore, if it ever was. Even back in 2012 a study from researchers at London Metropolitan University Rewriting the Psychology of Electric Cars revealed that range anxiety for electric vehicles is almost non-existent in practice.

This being said, when you get your first electric car it is normal to be a little worried, however rest assured that any anxiety you do have will have vanished completely after 10 days of driving electric. You just need to find the right car to suit your driving needs, and that is where we can help. Work out how many miles you drive per year but also whether you make a lot of short trips, long trips or a mixture of the two and then check out our real world range figures to see what electric car model best suits your circumstances.

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Travel From London To Birmingham And Back On A Single Charge: Electric Cars With A 200

Electric cars that can travel over 200 miles on a single charge are now a reality. At a stroke, they promise to remove the range anxiety associated with electric cars and the fear of running out of power, while opening up the possibility of travelling from London to Birmingham and back without needing to plug in.

Not all of these cars are expensive premium models, either. The cheapest are around £30,000, but are also available for less as used cars. That’s not to say there are no expensive options – it’s possible to spend over £100,000 on some electric cars that can do more than 300 miles.

For electric vehicles like the Kia e-Niro, 200 miles is just the start: their battery packs store enough electricity to power them for 250 miles in real-world conditions .

We’ve quoted each car’s real-world range, drawn from testing by BuyaCar and its sister publications, as well as the official figure that’s quoted in brochures and advertising. This official range is calculated during a standard laboratory test, which has recently been updated to be more accurate, reducing the discrepancy between official and realistic range. All electric cars on this page have undergone the new test, apart from Teslas, which explains the larger gap between the two quoted ranges.

Used deals from £24,275Monthly finance from £0*

Official range up to 300 milesUsed deals from £29,491Monthly finance from £0*

Used deals from £31,499Monthly finance from £0*

Model Y Long Range 330 Miles

The black sheep of the Tesla family, the Model Ys standard model was canceled due to its comparatively short range. Still the Long Range Model Y is one of the best out there, pushing out 330 miles on a single charge.Its got all the usual Tesla goodies including Autopilot, the optional Full Self Driving module,and Supercharger access. That means you can regain up to 162 miles in 15 minutes at peak charging speed. 0-60 happens in a Model X-beating 3.5 seconds, and you have 76 cubic feet of storage space to work with. All in all, not bad going.

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Is It Free To Charge An Electric Car

Charging your electric car while out and about is a great way to top up your battery and many locations offer free charging to their customers or visitors. On most modern networks you can use a free-to-download mobile app to find chargepoints and start your charge.

The 10 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

GM CEO: New Bolt Is First Affordable EV With 200-Mile Range

Whether range anxiety is real or not, the distance an electric car can travel on a full battery remains one of the key factors to consider when buying an electric car.

The good news is that the range of electric cars has increased dramatically in recent years, making them practical transport for all types of journey especially if you can charge at home. But which EVs will go furthest on a charge?

To find out, we’ve delved through the spec sheets to unearth the 10 electric cars on sale in the UK with the longest range. We’ve used the official Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure figures, a rigorous emissions and efficiency test. While far more reliable than previous tests, the WLTP figures still tend to be a bit higher than the mileage you’ll achieve in the real world, but they do provide a good, consistent guide.

So what are the ten cars with the longest range? Let’s find out.

1. Mercedes EQS 450+ AMG Line – 453 miles

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is the German brand’s luxury electric car and, in 450+ AMG Line trim, delivers a whopping 453 miles of range between charges. Packed full of tech and offering excellent comfort throughout the EQS is a commendable EV that is also excellent to drive.

2. Tesla Model S Dual Motor All Wheel Drive – 405 miles

It’s also worth noting that the Model S is currently being updated, with new versions including the much-anticipated Plaid model on the way. That could stretch its range still further.

3. BMW iX xDrive 50 – 380 miles

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