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The History Of The Electric Car

MADE IN THE USA, American-Made EV’s!
  • The History of the Electric Car
  • Introduced more than 100 years ago, electric cars are seeing a rise in popularity today for many of the same reasons they were first popular.

    Whether its a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric, the demand for electric drive vehicles will continue to climb as prices drop and consumers look for ways to save money at the pump. Currently more than 3 percent of new vehicle sales, electric vehicles sales could to grow to nearly 7 percent — or 6.6 million per year — worldwide by 2020, according to a report by Navigant Research.

    With this growing interest in electric vehicles, we are taking a look at where this technology has been and where its going. Travel back in time with us as we explore the history of the electric car.

    The Early Rise And Fall Of The Electric Car

    To understand the popularity of electric vehicles circa 1900, it is also important to understand the development of the personal vehicle and the other options available. At the turn of the 20th century, the horse was still the primary mode of transportation. But as Americans became more prosperous, they turned to the newly invented motor vehicle — available in steam, gasoline or electric versions — to get around.

    Steam was a tried and true energy source, having proved reliable for powering factories and trains. Some of the first self-propelled vehicles in the late 1700s relied on steam yet it took until the 1870s for the technology to take hold in cars. Part of this is because steam wasnt very practical for personal vehicles. Steam vehicles required long startup times — sometimes up to 45 minutes in the cold — and would need to be refilled with water, limiting their range.

    As electric vehicles came onto the market, so did a new type of vehicle — the gasoline-powered car — thanks to improvements to the internal combustion engine in the 1800s. While gasoline cars had promise, they werent without their faults. They required a lot of manual effort to drive — changing gears was no easy task and they needed to be started with a hand crank, making them difficult for some to operate. They were also noisy, and their exhaust was unpleasant.

    Is This Car Made In America

    The made in America question is a bit complex when it comes to cars and trucks. Sometimes, a lot of the content of a vehicle is made in other countries and then undergoes final assembly in the US. Other times, parts are made in the US and final assembly happens elsewhere. And in a handful of cases a company will have their HQ in the US but not actually make cars in America.

    So, whats a consumer to do? One way to tell if a car is assembled in the US is to check the VIN. The US is usually a number starting with one, four, or five . Japan and Korean start with the letter J and K respectively.

    Beyond that, you can check AALA data . This has to be displayed on all new cars sold in the US, with data available on the National Highway and Transportation Administrations website. This information is updated quarterly, but is often incomplete, unfortunately, especially if companies dont always provide info in a timely manner.

    Arguably the best way to check just how made in America a car really is, is to check the American University Kogod Made in America Auto Index. The 2020 index is a good indicator of which automakers are likely to be producing their cars in the US, although its worth bearing in mind that EVs may not be made on the same lines as a companys gasoline or hybrid models.

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    Automakers Are Adding Electric Vehicles To Their Lineups Here’s What’s Coming

    Many automakers have detailed plans to electrify large portions of their fleets over the next decade, with some announcing goals for fully electrified lineups within five years.

    Consumers might not even have to wait that long. Dozens of pure battery electric vehicles are set to debut by the end of 2024 if all goes according to plan.

    These more affordable models have the potential to sway a significant percentage of the car-buying public toward buying an EV with their efficiency, performance, and lower ownership costs, says Gabe Shenhar, associate director of Consumer Reports Auto Test Center.

    The rapid expansion of the EV market will make it difficult for consumers to keep up with all the changes. To help out, heres our rundown of each manufacturers EV production plans for the years ahead.

    Great Electric Cars Made In Usa

    Tesla electric car made in USA!!

    Its almost impossible to talk about American-made luxury electric cars without mentioning the mighty Tesla and the ever-winning Lucid Air.

    These prestigious cars have zero emissions and are more focused on your comfort and safety than mass markets.

    Here is the current list of the top luxury electric cars in the USA.

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    American Honda Motor Co

    New BEVs on the horizon? Yes.

    American Hondawhich sells popular Honda- and Acura-branded cars, SUVs, and pickups to American consumershas long dabbled in electrified cars. It started with the EV Plus hatchback over 20 years ago, followed by the original Insight and Civic hybrid, the recent Accord hybrid, CR-V hybrid, and Clarity hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric.

    The company aims for all its sales to be zero-emissions electrified vehicles by 2040. The projected ramp-up to this goal is 40 percent of sales by 2030 and 80 percent by 2035. To accomplish this goal, Honda has formed a couple of major partnerships and committed to investing $40 billion in EV research and development, including engineering solid state batteries.

    Looking beyond cars, the automaker said in a statement, As the worlds largest power unit manufacturer with annual sales of approximately 30 million units of mobility products, including motorcycles, automobiles, power products, outboard motors and aircraft, we aim to realize carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities Honda is involved in by 2050, striving to eliminate carbon emissions from power sources of a wide variety of products.

    The Acura ZDX SUV will be produced in 2024 at the GM plant in Tennessee, where GM plans to build the Cadillac Lyriq EV.

    Honda and Sony formed a joint venture to produce battery electric vehicles together. The first EV from this partnership will go on sale in 2025.

    Tesla Dominates The List Of Most American

    Tesla dominates the list of most American-made cars, now with the Model Y taking the top spot on the 2022 list.

    Until somewhat recently, there were still many people who dont even know that Tesla is an American automaker. There would be, semi-regularly, someone who would compliment my Tesla without knowing what it was, and they would ask where it is from.

    That has stopped over the last few years, however, as Tesla has become completely mainstream. The truth is that Tesla is not only an American automaker, but it is arguably the most American automaker.

    Cars.com runs an annual American Made-Index to determine what cars made in the US are the most American-made:

    • Location of final assembly
    • Percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts
    • Country of origin for available engines
    • Country of origin for available transmissions
    • U.S. manufacturing employees relative to the automakers footprint

    Tesla already took the first place last year with the Model 3, but they have now released their 2022 list, and Tesla dominates it this year with the number 1 and 2 spots and four vehicles in the top 10:

    Lincoln, Ala.

    Jenni Newman, Cars.com editor-in-chief, commented on the new list:

    Tesla benefits from being highly vertically integrated while the rest of the industry has focused on vehicle bodies, assembly, and engines while relying on suppliers for much of the rest of their vehicles.

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    Environmental Concern Drives Electric Vehicles Forward

    Fast forward again — this time to the 1990s. In the 20 years since the long gas lines of the 1970s, interest in electric vehicles had mostly died down. But new federal and state regulations begin to change things. The passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment and the 1992 Energy Policy Act — plus new transportation emissions regulations issued by the California Air Resources Board — helped create a renewed interest in electric vehicles in the U.S.

    During this time, automakers began modifying some of their popular vehicle models into electric vehicles. This meant that electric vehicles now achieved speeds and performance much closer to gasoline-powered vehicles, and many of them had a range of 60 miles.

    One of the most well-known electric cars during this time was GMs EV1, a car that was heavily featured in the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? Instead of modifying an existing vehicle, GM designed and developed the EV1 from the ground up. With a range of 80 miles and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 50 miles per hour in just seven seconds, the EV1 quickly gained a cult following. But because of high production costs, the EV1 was never commercially viable, and GM discontinued it in 2001.

    Top 11 American Electric Car Brands

    How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1 (WIRED)

    People have always devised inventive ways to move from one place to another. From the days of horse and buggy to todays high-speed trains and airplanes.

    However, when it comes to energy usage, the transportation industry has a reputation for being highly inefficient.

    On the other hand, we have risks like global warming. So, its tempting to lose faith in our ability to change course.

    Fortunately, there is a positive aspect: technological businesses from many backgrounds are attempting to make even the least ecologically friendly industries more sustainable.

    This also includes the transportation sector. American Electric Car Brands has advanced dramatically in recent years, moving from a niche luxury item to the new industry norm.

    Moving on, sports cars, transport trucks, motorcycles, and a variety of other things are now available as electric vehicles. They are here to make travel easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

    Take a look at this list of American Electric Car Brands who are assisting us in increasing our mobility while lowering our carbon impact.

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    Biden Pushes Electric Cars At Detroit Auto Show


    President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced $900 million to build a network of electric vehicle chargers in 35 states, part of his administrations ambitious push to have 50% of vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2030.

    The great American Road Trip is going to be fully electrified, Biden said at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

    The funding is part of the $7.5 billion allocated by the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to build a national network of 500,000 EV chargers. The legislation also sets aside $7 billion to ensure a supply chain of critical minerals for EV battery production and $10 billion for clean transit and school buses.

    Biden, a self-professed car guy, was shown the latest green models from automakers General Motors, Ford and Stellantis, and test-drove a Cadillac LYRIQ SUV around the showroom.

    No media source currently available

    Following the tour, the president highlighted other recent legislative achievements, including the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides funding to strengthen EV supply chain, and the CHIPS and Science Act, designed to bolster domestic semiconductor production. He said these bills, both passed in August, will put the country on a path to creating more manufacturing jobs while fighting climate change and maintaining a competitive advantage globally.

    We risk losing the edge as a nation, and China and the rest of the world are catching up, he said.

    Catching up

    Buy American

    How To Choose An Electric Car

    Shopping for a brand new high-end electric car can be exciting but stressful at the same time. With new models being released every year, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices.

    For some people, comparison can be challenging, especially if they prefer a specific model. However, its essential to take your time and balance your search to get the right car.

    Here are a few considerations to make when buying a high-end electric car.

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    Best American Made Electric Vehicles 2023

    American Made Electric Vehicles, There is a lot going on in the world of electric vehicles right now, with governments establishing more strict new climate targets and consumer demand increasing. New and emerging automakers are also investigating zero-emission SUVs, pickup trucks, and electric vehicles. What about the best electric vehicles with the longest pure electric range ? We recently discussed the finest hybrid SUVs.

    What are the best American-made electric automobiles to look out for in 2023?

    Power As A Service And General Vehicle


    To overcome the limited operating range of electric vehicles, and the lack of recharging infrastructure, an exchangeable battery service was first proposed as early as 1896. The concept was first put into practice by Hartford Electric Light Company through the GeVeCo battery service and was initially available for electric trucks. The vehicle owner purchased the vehicle from General Vehicle Company without a battery and the electricity was purchased from Hartford Electric through an exchangeable battery. The owner paid a variable per-mile charge and a monthly service fee to cover the maintenance and storage of the truck. Both vehicles and batteries were modified to facilitate a fast battery exchange. The service was provided between 1910 and 1924 and during that period covered more than 6 million miles. Beginning in 1917 a similar successful service was operated in Chicago for owners of Milburn Wagon Company cars who also could buy the vehicle without the batteries.

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    From Start To Finish Chevrolet Honors Veterans And Their Families In A Unique Event This Month

    We read a lot about honoring and remembering veterans on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. One organization has made it its mission to honor veterans in December. Chevrolet is the exclusive automotive partner of Wreaths Across America, which is the countrys longest veterans parade. Im a veteran myself. Any organization that places a priority on remembering the fallen is near and dear to my heart.

    Wreaths Across Americas annual escort to Arlington kicks off on Saturday, December 10. The parade has stops with public events in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware Maryland, and Washington D.C. . The final stop is Arlington National Cemetery on National Wreaths Across America Day, Saturday, December 17. The primary function of these events is to conduct wreath-laying ceremonies at the various destinations.

    Wreaths Across America might be parading through a town near you. Photo: Wreaths Across America

    Chevrolet Bolt Ev Crossover / Euv

    Another Chevy! Set to be built at GMs Orion Assembly plant in Orion Township, Michigan, the Chevrolet Bolt EV Crossover is benefiting from a $160 million upgrade for Bolt production. This EV SUV will be taller and roomier than a regular Bolt and offers GMs Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system. Connectivity to Super Cruise is included free of charge for three years if you purchase the Premier trim, after which a paid plan is required.

    The current Bolt EV gets 259 miles on a charge, and the Chevy EUV is estimated to get 250 miles range, which is pretty good for an SUV, if not as good as the BMW iX is expected to get.

    The better news though is that the Chevy Bolt EUV is priced at $33,000 to start, which is far lower than a BMW!

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    Did You Know That Wreaths Across America Began Over 30 Years Ago

    The project started with one Maine wreath maker and a single truck. The original goal of the project was to deliver 5,000 wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery as a gesture of thanks has become a yearlong mission. On Saturday, December 17, 2022, Wreaths Across America ceremonies will take place at more than 3,500 locations across the country. Events are free and open to the public. To find a location near you, volunteer to place wreaths, or sponsor a veterans wreath for placement visit the Wreaths Across America website.

    Wreaths Across America needs volunteers and donations to keep going. Photo: WAW

    Tesla Superchargers In Canada

    Top 7 Newest American Electric Cars Coming in 2022

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    Are Electric Car Batteries Made In America

    I often wonder if electric cars support our economy here in the U.S. Do we outsource major parts for the vehicles here, or are things like electric car batteries made in America?

    most electric car batteries in the U.S. get manufactured thereIn 2021 President Biden announced a plan for electric vehicles to represent half of all new auto sales by 2030the worldâs leading force on clean energysaves $887 a year

    Mapped: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Around The World

    According to Our World in Data, the global population emits about 34 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

    Where does all this CO come from? This graphic by Adam Symington maps out carbon emissions around the world, using 2018 data from the European Commission that tracks tonnes of CO per 0.1 degree grid .

    This type of visualization allows us to clearly see not just population centers, but flight paths, shipping lanes, and high production areas. Lets take a closer look at some of these concentrated regions on the map.

    China, India, and the Indian Ocean

    As the two most populated countries and economic forces, China and India are both significant emitters of CO. China in particular accounts for about 27% of global CO emissions.

    And looking at the oceans, we see how much shipping adds to emissions, with many shipping lanes east of China clearly outlined as well as the major Indian Ocean lane between the Strait of Malacca and the Suez Canal.

    The United States and Central America

    The United States is one of the worlds biggest carbon emitters. While other countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia technically have higher emissions per capita, their overall emissions are relatively low due to smaller populations.

    With so much traffic in and out of the U.S., the oceans become a murky mix of shipping and flight paths. To the south, very clearly visible is the major concentration of people around Mexico City and the traffic flowing through the Panama Canal.

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