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Electric Coco Truck Golf Cart Low Speed Vehicle In Stock Now

Located in Miami, FL/ 14 miles away from Miami, FL

CARFAX One-Owner. Priced below KBB Fair Purchase Price! 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier in Summit White vehicle highlights include, **CLEAN CARFAX**, *…

Dealer Review:

Jose M. was our sales employee. We told him we were on our way and had the truck cleaned and ready for a test drive as soon as we got there. He was very honest and straight forward, made the sales process very easy. Got us right in with the finance department and everything was taken care for us quickly. Thanks again Jose!

The Report Says The Southeast Policy Landscape Is Not Supportive Of Electric Vehicle Market Growth Could You Explain

We have some policies in place that are helpful and constructive, like the right to sell and service in Florida. But there are other ways in which we are lagging. We could certainly be working to improve the entire landscape and create an ecosystem that would help to increase the number of electric vehicles throughout the Southeast. For example, in California, there is EV-ready building code. New construction is built to be able to accept or to receive a charging station. In the Southeast, there is no statewide policy for EV-ready code. Instead, its very piecemeal and up to local municipalities to choose to do that. In states that do, were seeing higher adoption rates. Its about creating a landscape thats supportive.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Support

Florida utilities joined the National Electric Highway Coalition , committing to create a network of direct current fast charging stations connecting major highway systems from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific of the United States. NEHC utility members agree to ensure efficient and effective fast charging deployment plans that enable long distance EV travel, avoiding duplication among coalition utilities, and complement existing corridor DCFC sites. For more information, including a list of participating utilities and states, see the NEHC website.

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Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Program Tampa Electric Company

TECOs Drive Smart Program offers business customers a rebate of up to $5,000 per port for the purchase and installation of public EV charging stations. Eligible project locations include workplace, public or retail, multi-unit dwelling, income-qualified, and government sites. Additional funding is available for EV charging stations installed in income-qualified areas and government sites. For more information, including program terms and conditions, see the TECO Drive Smart website.

Idle Reduction And Natural Gas Vehicle Weight Exemption


Any motor vehicle equipped with idle reduction technology may exceed the gross vehicle or internal bridge weight by the amount equal to the certified weight of the idle reduction technology, up to 550 pounds . To be eligible, the operator must present written verification of the weight of the idle reduction technology and demonstrate that it is fully functional at all times. Any NGV may exceed the limits by up to 2,000 lbs.

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What Action Could Florida Be Taking To Encourage The Transition To Electric

One example adopted by other states is time of use rates. So, for example, its cheaper to charge in the evening to help consumers lower the cost of electricity usage. Think about when you go to Costco, usually its cheaper to buy in bulk. The opposite is true with electricity. If you buy a whole lot of electricity, or if a bunch of cars are plugged in all at the same time, you get this thing called a demand charge. And that fee is often significantly higher than the cost of the electricity. So site hosts are reluctant to put charging infrastructure in if they know that their bill is going to have these astronomical fees attached in the form of the demand charge. Looking at a whole new rate design for electric transportation that would help site hosts, like a gas station, is really important.

The Florida Department of Transportation did a fantastic job writing our EV Infrastructure Master Plan. But what Florida doesnt have is adoption goals at the state level. Usually the reason you have a plan is because you have a goal that youre working toward. We have a plan but not a goal. That could happen via an executive order from the governors office or legislative action. That would be, I think, very helpful to increasing adoption across the state. Once you have a goal then you can have supporting policy to reach the goal. It becomes this like self fulfilling prophecy.

Alternative Fuel Economic Development

To stimulate local economic development, landowners may apply to amend the local government comprehensive plan to expand existing uses of rural agricultural industrial centers to include facilities that prepare biomass materials that can be used for the production of fuel, renewable energy, bioenergy, or alternative fuel. In addition, permitting agencies may expedite applications and local comprehensive plan amendments submitted for projects resulting in the production of biofuels or construction of a biofuel processing facility.

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Provision For Renewable Fuels Investment

To create jobs and improve the state’s general infrastructure, the Florida State Board of Administration may invest up to 1.5% of the net assets of the system trust fund in technology and growth investments of businesses operating in Florida, including businesses related to biofuels, renewable energy, and other related applications.

Natural Gas And Propane Tax

Top 4 Cheap All-Electric Cars | Great Performance from $9000

Effective January 1, 2024, propane, compressed natural gas , and liquefied natural gas will be subject to an excise tax at a rate of $0.04 per gasoline gallon equivalent , plus a $0.01 ninth-cent fuel tax, a $0.01 local option fuel tax, and an additional variable component to be determined by the Florida Department of Revenue each calendar year for the following 12-month period. To determine this tax, the Department will require each propane and natural gas retailer to file monthly electronic reports beginning February 2024. For taxation purposes, one GGE is equal to 5.66 pounds or 126.67 standard cubic feet of CNG 6.06 lbs. of LNG and 1.35 gallons of propane. Exemptions may apply.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentives

Brickell Energys aFLoat Program offers two different incentives to facilitate the installation of EV charging stations in Florida. Through the aFLoat Host Agreement, Brickell Energy will cover the cost of hardware, network service plans, management service, and warranties. Eligible hosts include commercial real estate property owners and managers. Hosts must cover the cost of installation. The aFLoat Rental Plan offers public and commercial locations, the EV charging station hardware, network service plan, management service, and warranties at a reduced fee. Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information, see Brickell Energys aFLoat Program website.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Program

Duke Energys Park and Plug Program will assist business customers with the installation of Level 2 and direct current fast charging station. Eligible installations must be publicly accessible 24 hours daily, near high-traffic corridors, well-lit, and near retail, restaurant, or other amenities. For more information, including application requirements, see the Duke Energy Park & Plug website.

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Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Charging Rebate

Jacksonville Electric Authority offers residential customers with Level 2 EV charging station an incentive of up to $7 per month to encourage EV charging station use during off-peak hours. For more information, including program terms and conditions, see the JEA Drive Electric Charging Rebate Program website.

Volkswagen Electric Cars For Sale

2021 Star Electric Vehicles SIRIUS 2

Gunther Motor Company is your one-stop shop for electric vehicles. We have a wide variety of new and used vehicles, including new Volkswagen electric cars for sale, to choose from in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our staff will greet you with a smile and work hard to get you a great low financing rate on whatever car you pick out. Let us be your new favorite electric car dealer here in South Florida.

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The Hottest Deals On Compact Suvs

Compact SUVs make up some of the best-selling cars in North America, not to mention many other parts of the world. And it’s easy to see why. Spacio …

The Hottest Deals on Compact SUVs

Compact SUVs make up some of the best-selling cars in North America, not to mention many other parts of the world. And it’s easy to see why. Spacious but not too big, practical for both cities and country roads, stylish without being gaudy — compact SUVs have exactly what a lot of individuals and families want in a car. Deals on these types of vehicles vary every year between different models and dealerships, but the good news is that they’re usually advertised well in advance. For those looking to geta new compact SUV in 2020, there are already some hot deals to choose from for the Honda CR-V, the Ford Escape and the Toyota RAV4.

What Do You Say To Consumers Wanting To Access The Federal Tax Incentives Aimed At Expanding Access To Electric Vehicles

With the wait times currently occurring for vehicles, not just electric vehicles but cars in general, I think nows the time to start doing your research and figuring out what youre interested in.

And there are caveats with the federal tax credit. In order she received the full $7,500 tax credit, the batteries have to be manufactured in the United States and materials source from allies of the United States. So some of the vehicles do not qualify at this point. And it may take a couple of years before manufacturing comes on shore. But in the long run, to me, its going to be about really bringing America back as a manufacturer. Its really important to be able to have kind of a renaissance of manufacturing in the United States.

Also, people also may not realize that the Southeast is such a powerhouse in terms of manufacturing. Florida isnt necessarily, but about 40% of manufacturing investments nationwide have been made in the Southeast. Were kind of like the silicon swamp of manufacturing right in the United States.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rules

A person may not stop, stand, or park a vehicle that is not capable of using EV charging stations in a parking space designated for electric vehicles. To allow for consistency for consumers and the industry, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services must adopt additional rules to provide definitions, methods of sale, labeling requirements, and price-posting requirements for EV charging stations.

Vw Electric Vehicles For Sale In South Florida

Lsv Low Speed Vehicle Street Legal For Sale From SaferWholesale.com

Our whole team is proud to have Volkswagen electric vehicles for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These vehicles are the way of the future, offering instant torque with just the press of your foot. It also doesn’t hurt that they don’t cost you a dime at the pump.

The current VW electric lineup is centered around the Volkswagen ID.4 all-electric SUV, but the company has more electric vehicles coming down the pipe. We’re excited about all of them read on to learn more.

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Why Has Florida Seen Higher Electric Vehicle Market Growth Than Neighboring States

One reason Florida has market momentum is that it has the ability to do direct sales and service. A manufacturer directly sell their product to consumers. If you have a Tesla, for example, they have a lithium-ion battery that powers the car, but also a 12-volt battery like other cars to run the windows and the air conditioning etc. If that were to need to be replaced, I can just go to a Tesla center in Florida and have that replaced and its no problem. Other states in the Southeast, like South Carolina, dont have that ability. They have to go through dealerships. Their sales numbers are considerably lower.

How To Find Good Deals On The Most Popular Suvs

Don’t spend too much on a new SUV! Finding the best deals on SUVs takes a little bit of time and research. After all, people want to make sure …

How to Find Good Deals on the Most Popular SUVs

Don’t spend too much on a new SUV! Finding the best deals on SUVs takes a little bit of time and research. After all, people want to make sure that they are getting the best deal possible. While the best times to find the greatest deals on these SUVs are around Black Friday and right before the end of the year, one may not always be ready at those times. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other deals year round. There are a few popular SUVs on the market today. The Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Highlander, and Ford Explorer are extremely popular. Read on to find out how to get good deals on these popular SUVs.

The Toyota Highlander is another popular SUV. Toyota always makes great reliable vehicles. The MSRP is about $34,600. The Highlander also has pretty good gas mileage of about 21 in the city and 29 for the highway. This is a larger SUV and has a seating capacity of about 7 or 8 people. It is perfect for taking long distance trips in with the family. They sell both L, LE, and XLE models. The L comes with Safety Sense 2.0, LED headlights, tri-zone automatic climate control, and a 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Our Car Buying Experience Is Now Fully Online

To help make your life easier, weve created Click to Buy. You can find and purchase a new Hyundai without leaving the comfort of your home. Participating dealers even deliver the vehicle right to your door. Simple, safe and convenient, Click to Buy is a smart way to shop for your next car.

At participating dealers only. May not be available in your local area.

Electric Car Inventory In Florida

2022 Star Electric Vehicles SIRIUS

Searching far and wide for an affordable electric car or hybrid SUV? Make your way to Off Lease Only. Our Florida used car dealerships have used EV prices and hybrid costs that we’re confident you’ll love. Shop for a used electric car for sale by checking out our inventory online, then stop by to view our selection in person. We have everything from used Toyota Prius and RAV4 hybrids to pre-owned BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrids, nearly new Tesla Model 3 trims and more. And because we aim to provide locals with eco-friendly vehicles that’ll help them save on fuel and maintenance costs, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of options. Whether you have your eye on a used Lexus or Honda hybrid or want to drive home in a pre-owned FIAT® or Nissan EV, we’re certain that we have the perfect match waiting for you.

The used electric SUV or nearly new hybrid car you desire can be found at your nearest Off Lease Only location. We have Florida used car dealerships in Orlando, Miami Gardens, West Palm Beach, Bradenton and Fort Lauderdale, so stop by today to secure the auto financing you need!


No hidden fees! All prices are clearly marked online and on the lot. Simply add applicable sales tax, title, registration fee, $20 electronic temporary registration fee*, a $799 pre-delivery service fee* and a $199 Electronic Registration Filing Fee.*

Kelly Blue Book:

*According to Kelley Blue Book Typical Listing Price

Used Vehicles by Make

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State Highway Electrification Plan

The Florida Department of Transportation must create a master plan for the development of electric vehicle supply charging stations along the State Highway System by July 1, 2021. FDOT will also establish staging area that will include EV charging stations at key locations along the State Highway system to be used as emergency evacuation stops. FDOT published the Electric Vehicle Master Plan in 2021.

What Are The Key Take

Florida has, since the beginning really, been a leader in electric transportation adoption in the Southeast. Were actually No. 2 in the nation if you look at the raw numbers of electric vehicles, which some people are surprised by. But if you look at the number of electric vehicles per capita, Florida is below the national average. So I think we have a lot of room to continue growing.

Another highlight from our Retained Transportation Fuel Spending report: Key findings show how much Floridian consumers save by switching to electric vehicles. I dont think the average consumer has the context of just how much. If every car bus and truck were electrified we would have an additional $14.6 billion dollars annually in our state economy.

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Natural Gas And Propane Retailer License

Natural gas and propane retailers must obtain a license from the Florida Department of Revenue. Through December 31, 2023, a retailer that does not hold a valid license is subject to a penalty of $200 per month of operation without a license. Beginning January 1, 2024, the penalty will be 25% of the tax assessed on total purchases. Exemptions may apply.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing And Operation

No One is Telling You the Truth About Electric Cars, So I Have To

An AV and on-demand AV network may operate in Florida if the driving system complies with all applicable federal and state traffic and motor vehicle safety, insurance, and registration laws and regulations. AVs are motor vehicle equipped with automated driving system technology that allows vehicle automation to perform the entire driving task on a sustained basis.

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Floridas National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning

The U.S. Department of Transportations NEVI Formula Program requires the Florida Department of Transportation to submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan to the DOT and U.S. Department of Energy Joint Office by August 1, 2022, describing how the state intends to distribute NEVI funds. Plans must be established according to NEVI guidance.

For more information about Floridas NEVI planning process, see the FDOT Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Funding website. For more information about Floridas NEVI plan, see the Joint Offices State Plans for EV Charging website.

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