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Inflation Reduction Act Impact On Electric Vehicles

Automakers Push For Amendments To EV Tax Credit Proposal

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was signed into law on August 16, is perhaps the most significant legislation to accelerate transportation electrification in U.S. history. The Electrification Coalition has been advocating for many of the key measures included in the law for over a decade. Altogether, this is a major win for consumers and businesses, but there are challenges on the road ahead.

Watch a webinar on recent EV legislation by the Electrification Coalition and SAFE.

Electric Vehicles Are Becoming Increasingly Popular And The Demand For Charging Stations Is Growing

North Carolinas electric cooperatives, including BEMC, are working to create a statewide network of EV charging stations, enabling more consumers in both rural and urban areas to adopt this technology. If youre considering an EV purchase, to see how an EV could be beneficial.

To meet this need in our community, BEMC has installed eight EV charging locations in our service territory:

  • Brunswick Forest, 1112 E. Cutlar Crossing, Level II Charger
  • Calabash, 1045 River Road, Level II Charger
  • Sunset Beach, 419 Sunset Blvd., Level II Charger
  • Ocean Isle, 44 West First St., Level II Charger
  • Holden Beach, 101 Jordan Blvd., Level II Charger
  • Shallotte, 123 Mulberry Street, Level II Charger
  • Boardman, 1029 Old Boardman Road, DC Fast Charger
  • Oak Island, 182 Southeast 46th St., Level II Charger

BEMC provides Level II chargers. Level II chargers typically take 4 to 6 hours and can charge hybrids and electric vehicles.

Payment can be made through Chargepoint for Level II chargers. Those who are not signed up to use Chargepoint can call the number on the charging station, and a representative will collect payment information for one-time use. Once charging is complete, you will receive a receipt by email.

Federal Tax Credit

Used Vehicles Now Qualify

In the past, EV tax credits were only obtainable when buying new vehicles. That has now changed under the Inflation Reduction Act, which in 2023 will introduce a tax credit for pre-owned clean vehicles that are two or more years old, cost $25,000 or less, weigh less than 14,000 pounds, and are purchased from a dealer. The credit covers up to 30% of the purchase price and is capped at a maximum of $4,000.Again, you wont currently find many options in that price range. However, that could be subject to change as the market matures. Notably, used vehicles dont need to comply with the made-in-America requirements.

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New Jersey Ev Charging Tax Rebates

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates Atlantic City Electric
  • ACE offers make-ready rebates to residential, multi-unit dwelling , commercial, and fleet customers for the installation of Level 2 EV charging stations. Additionally, make-ready rebates are available for publicly accessible Level 2 and direct current fast charging stations. MUD customers include residents and commercial entities controlling the property.
  • MUD customers in overburdened communities are eligible for a rebate of up to $6,700 per port. For more information, including eligibility requirements and overburdened community locations, see the ACE EVsmart residential, multi-family, public, workplace & fleet rebates website.
    • Rebates are available in the following amounts:
  • Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates El Paso Electric
  • EPE offers residential customers a $500 rebate to purchase a qualified Level 2 EV charging stations and a $2,300 rebate for low-income customers to purchase and install a qualified Level 2 EV charging station. Low-income customers are households with income equal to or less than 200% of the federal poverty level. Eligible Level 2 EV charging stations must be ENERGY STAR certified, networked, and have Wi-Fi or cellular capabilities. For more information, see the EPE Residential Programs website.
  • Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Xcel Energy
  • Federal Electric Car Incentive

    North Carolina May Add Extra Fees for Hybrid, Electric Cars

    A federal EV tax credit program offers up to $7,500, depending on your situation. The type of vehicle you choose and your tax circumstances impact the incentive you qualify for. The capacity of the battery used to power the vehicle impacts the federal tax credit you can get. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars purchased after 2010 are eligible for the federal tax credit.

    Since the federal tax credit is based on the capacity of the vehicles battery pack, the original cost of the vehicle does not matter. A more expensive EV will not necessarily offer a higher federal tax credit than a less expensive one.

    Check out the

    Since the Federal tax credit is not a tax rebate, you can only claim the credit up to your tax liability in the year you claim the credit. The tax credit lowers the federal tax liability on your income for that year.

    You can view all qualifying vehicles for the Federal EV Tax Credit at fueleconomy.gov. However, consult a tax professional to review your specific tax situation.

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    States With Tax Credits/rebates For Electric Vehicle Chargers

    Now that weve broken down all the tax credits, rebates, and exemptions at your disposal when acquiring an electric vehicle, its important to think about how and where you plan to charge it.

    If you are fortunate enough to own a home, you may want to consider installing a Level 2 EV charger. In addition to potentially raising the value of your home, you can more easily charge your new EV in the comfort of your garage or driveway, saving additional money during off-peak hours.

    Better yet, many states or utility companies operating within them offer tax credits or rebates on the equipment and installation of these electric vehicle chargers. How does your state stack up? Have a look below.

    Oklahoma Ev Charger Tax Rebates

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    New Federal Tax Credits Under The Inflation Reduction Act

    • Federal tax credit for EVs will remain at $7,500
    • Timeline to qualify is extended a decade from January 2023 to December 2032
  • Tax credit cap for automakers after they hit 200,000 EVs sold is eliminated, making GM, Tesla and Toyota once again eligible
  • The language in the bill indicates that the tax credit would be implemented at the point of sale instead of on taxes at the end of the fiscal year
  • That means you can get your credit up front at the dealer, but these terms may not kick in until 2024
  • In order to get the full credit, the EV must be assembled in North America and
    • The majority of battery components need to come from North America and
    • A certain percentage of critical minerals must come form North America or countries with free trade agreements with the US
  • New federal tax credit of $4,000 for used EVs priced below $25k
  • Subject to other requirements like lower annual income
  • Revised credit applies to BEV cars with an MSRP below $55k
  • Also includes zero-emission vans, SUVs, and trucks with MSRPs up to $80,000
  • New credit also expands to commercial fleet customers
  • Includes separate qualifications and limits
  • The federal EV tax credit will be available to individuals reporting adjusted gross incomes of $150,000 or less, or $300,000 for joint filers
  • The new credit will also continue to apply to Plug-in Hybrid EVs as long as they meet the same requirements outlined above and are equipped with a battery over 7 kWh.
  • Revamped Credit for new BEV/PHEVs

  • One credit per vehicle.
  • What Is The New Federal Ev Tax Credit For 2022

    Electric vehicle makers say most cars won’t qualify for federal tax credit

    The Build Back Better bill will increase the current electric car tax credit from $7,500 to $12,500 for qualifying vehicles. President Bidens EV tax credit builds on top of the existing federal EV incentive.

    The base amount of $4,000 plus $3,500, if the battery pack is at least 40 kilowatt-hours, remains the same. You can qualify for the additional $5,000 if:

    • $4,500 EV Tax Credit: If your EV was made in the US with a union workforce
    • $500 EV Tax Credit: If at least 50% of the battery components in your EV are made in the US

    Some other notable changes include:

    • EV vans, trucks, and SUVs with an MSRP of up to $80,000 qualify
    • The electric car tax credit is only available to individuals with a gross income of $250,000 or less

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    What About Fuel Cell Cars

    If you purchased a fuel cell car after January 1st, 2017, youre no longer able to claim Federal tax credits on these cars. Those who bought before were able to get a Federal tax credit of $4,000, in addition to credits ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. After that, it largely depended on the fuel efficiency rating of the vehicle.

    Some states still have these programs. For example, California continues to offer a $5,000 rebate on the Toyota Mirai.

    Florida Electric Vehicle Charging Tax Rebates

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    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Idle Reduction Technologies And Diesel Retrofits Funding

    The Clean Fuel Advanced Technology project provides grant funding to reducing transportation-related emissions in nonattainment and maintenance counties for National Ambient Air Quality Standards. A project that is adjacent to these areas may also be eligible for funding if the project will reduce emissions in eligible counties. For more information, including current requests for proposals, see the CFAT website.

    Point of Contact

    Arizona Electric Vehicle Charging Station Tax Rebates

    Gas Tax Revenues Will Plummet With Large Increase in Electric Vehicles ...
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Burbank Water and Power
  • BWP provides rebates to commercial and residential customers toward the purchase of Level 2 EV charging stations.
  • Commercial or multi-unit dwelling customers who purchase and install EV charging stations can receive up to $15,000 per EV charging station. Commercial customers in disadvantaged communities are eligible for higher rebate amounts.
  • Residential customers who install a charger can receive up to $500 and will be placed on BWPs time-of-userate.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than six months from the date of purchase for commercial customers, and no later than four months for residential customers. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. For program guidelines and application materials, see the BWP Residential Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate and Lead the Charge websites.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Alameda Municipal Power
  • AMP provides rebates of up to $800 to residential customers and up to $5,000 to commercial customers toward the purchase of Level 2 EV charging station.
  • Commercial customers are also eligible for a $500 rebate for every additional port, up to $3,000. Customers may apply for multiple rebates at a time. Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information, see the AMP Electric Vehicles website.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates Anaheim Public Utilities
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    Has The Push To Incentivize Electric Vehicle Ownership Undermined Itself

    One of the main talking points of the Inflation Reduction Act is its impact on incentivizing people to buy an electric vehicle . This $369 billion bill, signed into law on Aug. 16, 2022, by President Biden, features a number of federal provisions aimed at tackling climate change, keeping EVs affordable, and boosting American industry.

    Nevertheless, some of the provisions, however well intended, may have unintended results, with some industry commentators concerned that no current vehicles will qualify for the revised EV tax credit due to its strict price limits and the made-in-America requirements that go into effect in January 2023.

    Are There Any State Programs I Can Take Advantage Of

    Do remember that the Federal government is not the only body you can claim a tax credit from. There are dozens of programs run by states and even regions that can offer tax credits on electric cars and other vehicles that take advantage of alternative fuels.

    Many states have multiple programs, but the problem is most of them apply only to businesses. A lot of credits are in the form of exemptions, such as inspections and fees. Some programs even offer access to carpool lanes and regional free or reduced parking.

    Retail buyers do have some options, though. They can claim rebates, tax credits, and reductions on vehicle taxes by purchasing a qualifying vehicle.

    California is one such state that does this. If you buy or lease a new car, like the Chevrolet Bolt or the Jaguar I-Pace, you can receive a rebate of $2,500. These programs are in addition to the Federal tax credit. So, Californians can shave off up to $10,000 off the cost of a new model.

    On the other hand, Plug-in hybrids work a little differently because their batteries are smaller, and they burn some form of petroleum-based fuel most of the time. Cars like the Chevrolet Volt are only eligible for $1,500 rebates in California.

    It would help if you looked up Plugin America for more information. They provide a map of the country and all the different plug-in car rebates, credits, and deductions. The Department of Energy also offers a similar resource.

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    Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Available In Mississippi

    Electric Vehicles Are Exempt From Sales And Use Tax In New Jersey

    There’s a new tax credit you can get if you buy an electric car
  • Clean Fleet EV Incentive Program
  • The Clean Fleet EV Incentive Program supports local and state governments as they transition their fleets to EVs. The Program allows local and state government entities in New Jersey to apply for $4,000 grants toward the purchase of battery electric vehicles, $5,000 grants for public Level-Two chargers, and $4,000 grants toward the purchase of a fleet Level-Two EV charging station.
  • Eligible entities include local schools, municipal commissions, state agencies or boards, state commissions, state universities, community colleges, county government and county authorities in addition to municipalities, municipal utility authorities, and state agencies. Award caps are based on population.
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    How Much Is The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit For A 2021 Tesla

    The Clean Energy Act for America would benefit Tesla by allowing most Tesla vehicles to qualify for an $8,000 or $10,000 refundable EV, electric vehicle tax credit while discouraging Chinese EVs from entering the US market.

    Tesla, on the other hand, does not utilize unionized workers. Therefore it would be ineligible for the extra $2,500 or $4,500 credit that corporations like Ford and GM would get.

    To help you understand how much each vehicle is worth, look at the chart below:

    Something Good For Evs

    Nickel was the sixth person in the state to buy a Model S, the first electric car from California-based automaker Tesla. So, he took notice last December when a row of pickup trucks parked in front of a group of charging stations at a Sheetz gas station in Hickory, a small town about 50 miles northwest of Charlotte.

    The incident caught fire on the social networking site Reddit and soon made its way into mainstream media outlets. According to the post from a user named Leicina, the truck drivers yelled profanities about Tesla until a station employee told them to leave.

    Ive never had a supercharging experience like this one, Leicina wrote. Who do you report activity like this to?

    In most of North Carolina, the answer is no one. Under state law, able-bodied drivers caught in parking spots reserved for disabled people can be fined at least $100. But only the city of Raleigh imposes a penalty specifically for cars and trucks that block access to chargers Charlotte uses a general parking ordinance to go after violators.

    Nickel and a bipartisan group of his colleagues hope to change that. Republican Sens. Vickie Sawyer of Iredell County and Bill Rabon of Brunswick County, the chair of the powerful rules committee, are cosponsors of Nickels bill. An identical measure from two Democrats and two Republicans in the House cleared a transportation committee this week with no dissenting votes.

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    North Carolina Laws And Incentives

    Listed below are incentives, laws, and regulations related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles for North Carolina. Your local Clean Cities coalition can provide you with information about grants and other opportunities. You can also access coalition and other agency contact information in thepoints of contact section.

    Alternative Fuel Use And Fuel


    State-owned vehicle fleets must implement petroleum displacement plans to increase the use of alternative fuels and fuel-efficient vehicles. Reductions may be met by petroleum displaced through the use of biodiesel, ethanol, other alternative fuels, the use of hybrid electric vehicles, other fuel-efficient or low emission vehicles, or additional methods the North Carolina Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources approves. )

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    Federal Tax Credit Up To $7500

    All-electric and plug-in hybrid cars purchased new in or after 2010 may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The credit amount will vary based on the capacity of the battery used to power the vehicle. State and/or local incentives may also apply.

    Small neighborhood electric vehicles do not qualify for this credit, but they may qualify for another credit.

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