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Should You Buy An Ev Charging Station Company Stock

Buy Volta (SNPR) Stock for Its 10X Potential in the EV Charging Megatrend

That was obviously a very superficial read on each company, but its enough to tell us which ones we can eliminate outright:

  • EVgo: Revenue and revenue growth remain modest. As a result, its the most richly valued stock, with a simple valuation ratio of 106. Anything higher than 40 for a growth-driven company we consider overpriced.
  • Volta: If we wanted to invest in an advertising company, wed buy Google.
  • Blink: Until Blink can prove that it has fully moved past the shenanigans of being an OTC stock, well steer clear.
  • EO Charging: Too small and too narrowly focused on one business segment EV fleets despite some of the big-name customers.

That leaves ChargePoint and Tritium. The latter is still pending closure of the SPAC merger, so we wouldnt touch Tritium stock until sometime after that. Additionally, if we were to invest in a sector like EV charging stations, we want to invest in the biggest and best. ChargePoint certainly qualifies as the biggest. In a future article, probably after it files its fourth quarter and year-end report, well take a closer look at ChargePoint to see if its truly the best and if best is good enough.

The Biggest Ev Charging Stock

Founded in 2007, Silicon Valley-based ChargePoint is the largest of the EV charging station company stocks by both market cap and revenues, as illustrated above. ChargePoint generates revenue primarily through the sale of its networked charging systems for commercial, fleet, and residential customers cloud service subscriptions that enable consumers to locate, reserve, authenticate, and transact EV charging sessions and extended parts and labor warranty services that are typically paid for upfront.

For Q3-2021, revenue hit $65 million, an increase of 79% from $36.4 million in the prior years same quarter. Recurring subscription revenue for cloud services accounted for 20% of revenues, and the company has bumped up its full-year revenue outlook from between $225 and $235 million to between $235 and $240 million. This year ChargePoint also made a couple of acquisitions in Europe, as it looks to expand its footprint outside of North America. It acquired a cloud-based e-mobility EV charging and enterprise software platform called has·to·be for more than $232 million and spent about another $80 million on ViriCiti, which provides electrification solutions for electric buses and commercial fleets. The former deal means that ChargePoint now has one the largest charging networks in Europe, with more than 50,500 charging ports, along with an additional 195,000 ports through roaming agreements.

Tpg Pace Beneficial Financial Corp

This is the smallest of the four EV charging station stocks. Its a special purpose acquisition company . And it raises funds with no business operations with the goal of acquiring another company. SPAC IPOs gained a lot popularity, and in December of 2020, this one agreed to acquire EVBox Group

Since 2010, EVBox Group has been helping the world adopt electric mobility. Today, it reaches more than 70 countries and has more than 250,000 charging ports. This makes it a global leader in smart charging for electric vehicles. It has Europes largest installed base of charging solutions. On top of that, it offers advanced cloud-based software.

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Best Charging Station Stocks

Charging Station Stock

1-Year Target: $28.11 $722.78 million

Founded in 2009, Miami-based Blink now boasts more than 32,000 charging stations across 18 countries. Blinks recent growth is so explosive that it added over 3,000 charging stations in Q3 2021 alone thats more than some of the other companies on this list have in total.

As a relative titan among EV charging startups, Blink has already acquired and cannibalized several regional competitors, including ECOtality, U-Go, SemaConnect, EB Charging, and Blue Corner in Europe. Plus, Blinks total revenue for Q4 2021 was $7.9 million, a 224% year-to-year increase.

Even still, the companys voracious appetite for international expansion has some investors spooked. Share prices have been trending downwards since their Q3 high of $46.85 and have largely settled around $16 since May 2022.

But $16 could very well be the bottom of the trough for the aggressive EV charging startup. Government EV mandates are fast approaching in the USA and Europe, where Blink already has a massive head start on physical infrastructure. And unlike many of its rivals, Blink isnt afraid to expand into rural areas, filling the gaps between cities and offsetting their installation costs with local grant money.

Ev Charging Station As A Low

Electric Car Charging Station In Oslo Stock Image

Petroleum products continue to be more expensive for consumers, especially in emerging countries.

One solution for these people is not to drive as much . Another alternative is to move toward electric vehicles, which have a lower operating cost. Manufacturers are also exploring new ways to build long-lasting EV batteries, which will extend the duration.

A perfect storm of low costs could boost demand for EV charging stations. The lower cost of electric cars and batteries is sure to have a positive influence on stocks.

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Best Ev Charging Stocks To Buy Now

In this article, we shall discuss the 10 best EV charging stocks to buy now. To skip our detailed analysis of the EV Charging sector in 2022, go directly and see 5 Best EV Charging Stocks to Buy Now.

In the past decade, electric vehicles have gone from a rare, peculiar sight on even the busiest freeways to an increasingly affordable and preferable alternative for the average car buyer. In 2020, EV sales set unprecedented records that conclusively surpassed analyst expectations, especially in countries with an eager customer base and government policies facilitating the transition. Hence, due to consumer enthusiasm and favorable government regulations and incentives, the number of industry players committed to phase out the internal combustion engine seems to grow exponentially every five years. Furthermore, according to a report by McKinsey and Company, 45% of customers in Europe prefer to take the EV route when purchasing a vehicle.

The EV Charging Sector in America: An Overview

Our Methodology

For this article, we looked at Insider Monkeys database which tracks 920 elite hedge funds and identified some of the most popular EV charging stocks in this data. Then, we picked 10 of these stocks with strong fundamentals, positive analyst ratings, or a favorable hedge fund sentiment.

The stocks have been ranked based on the number of hedge funds which hold stakes in them, from lowest to highest.

Top 10 Ev Charging Station Stocks

Now that we understand the industry outlook, benefits, and risks, you must decide if you want to invest or not. You could always mitigate your risk by investing in exchange-traded funds .

However, you could maximize your returns by investing in a single company.

Below are the top EV charging station companies to watch over the next decade as the industry blooms. For each company, we define its unique advantages.

That way, you can make an educated purchasing decision.

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Best Ev Charging Stocks To Invest In Now

EV charging stocks may see immense growth potential due to an infrastructure boost. Does that mean you should jump on EV charging stocks? Let’s find out and go over a…

President Biden’s administration has announced a $7.5 billion plan to expand electric vehicle charging stations to underserved areas. It’s part of Biden’s agenda to curb greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat

As part of the American Jobs Plan, the Biden administration announced that it aims to build a national public charging network of 500,000 EVSE ports by 2030. According to the Department of Energy, the U.S. will need to build almost 11,500 public EV charging stations per quarter over the next nine years to achieve the government’s target by 2030.

EV charging stocks may see immense growth potential due to an infrastructure boost. Does that mean you should jump on EV charging stocks? Let’s find out and go over a few stocks you may want to consider adding to your portfolio.

What Is The Best Ev Charging Stock

Charge Your Portfolio With These Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks #EV #INVESTING | VectorVest

The best stock for this category, without a doubt, is Tesla, with its highly famous name, high stock value, and influence within the industry.

What makes Tesla the best stock is its consistent value able to influence the stock of other EV-related companies with simple comments from its CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is also popular due to its promise of a future dominated by EVs in response to the growing need to address climate change.

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The Worlds Largest Network

ChargePoint has the largest network of electric-vehicle charging stations in the world. It has a unique business model that provides construction services and optimises the charging workflow via an integrated network, but does not actually own the stations themselves. Its network optimises interoperability between stations, power management, and pricing strategy for the benefit of users and providers alike.

Best Ev Charging Stocks

We cant talk about electric vehicles without mentioning Tesla.

This company pushed EVs to the forefront of public consciousness over the past few years.

With celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk at the helm, Tesla generated a huge amount of hype around its sleek, energy-efficient cars.

Unlike many other EV companies, Tesla has its own charging stations around the US called Superchargers.

The only way to charge a Tesla is through one of its charging stations it cant charge at any other type of charging station.

Since Tesla has such a significant market share in the EV industry, adding them to your portfolio as a long-term investment makes sense.

Teslas stock price has grown exponentially over the past year and has consistently been in the news.

Tesla had a surge over the last quarter of 2021, leading to its highest value ever.

Regardless, the companys EV stocks already came back to early 2021 numbers, mostly due to supply chain issues for the company.

Despite Teslas successful financial results, Elon Musks comments on the delays for the Cybertruck, including a less than ideal growth projection for the company, spooked investors, pushing for a sharp dip.

Theres also growing competition for the company that was once the only game in the market, but Elons words still inform stock investors on whether they can be confident in the industry or they should turn somewhere else.

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What Is The Best Ev Charging Stocks

There are several good EV charging station stocks to invest in, including Blink Charging , Wall Box , EVgo Inc. â , and CHARGE Point Holding . Some of these companies have a strong focus on EV charging, while others may also provide other types of charging services. Itâs important to do your own research before investing in any stock, but these are some good options to get started.

Should You Buy Ev Charging Stocks

Electric Charging Station for EV Cars. Editorial Stock Image

There are plenty of reasons to buy electric vehicle stocks right now.

Theres never been more hype around EV companies, as many people are looking for eco-friendly transportation options.

Tesla and Nio have been in the headlines this year, as theyre developing some of the most innovative electric cars on the market.

Established auto manufacturers like Ford and GM are also getting in on the action.

Ford has committed to investing more money in EV production, while GM has committed to switching entirely to electric cars by 2035.

The results of the 2020 election also seem promising for electric vehicle stocks in the US.

Joe Biden won the presidency, while Democrats retain control of the House and the Senate.

Democrats are more likely to push for environmentally friendly technology and support EV development.

With more people driving EVs, we are going to need more charging stations to support them.

Charging companies like Blink, Chargepoint, and EV Box are working quickly to expand their charging port network.

This bodes well for its revenue in the long run.

Theres been so much hype surrounding electric vehicle companies this past year.

As a result, many EV stocks saw huge price increases at the beginning of 2021.

Investors should be wary of a bubble bursting and focus on stocks that have strong long-term business models.

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Buy These Ev Charging Stocks For Huge Gains In The 2020s

EV charging stocks are a great and overlooked way to play the EV Revolution

  • To make EVs broadly useful, the world will have to build a network of millions of charging ports.
  • The owners of those charging ports will be $100-plus billion giants one day.
  • EV charging stocks are a broad, less risky bet on the entire EV revolution.

The EV Revolution has arrived. And everyone is rushing to buy Tesla and Nio stock to gain exposure to this megatrend. But theres actually a much better, off-the-radar way to play this revolution: EV charging stocks.

The logic is simple.

No charging stations, no working EVs.

Gas cars run on fuel. Without fuel, a gas car is just a metal box with four wheels that doesnt go anywhere. Thats why, to make gas cars broadly useful, the world built out a network of millions of refueling stations. The owners of those stations Chevron , Exxon Mobil and Shell are $100-plus billion giants.

The same thinking applies to electric vehicles.

EVs run on charge. Without a charge, an EV is just a metal box with four wheels that doesnt go anywhere. And to make EVs broadly useful, the world will have to build a network of millions of charging ports. The owners of those charging ports will be $100-plus billion giants one day the new Chevron, Exxon and Shell.

With that in mind, here are my two favorite EV charging stocks to buy for huge gains in the 2020s:

A Flexible Emergency Solution

CTEK , originally a producer of battery chargers, has also entered the EV charging sector. Apart from manufacturing EV charging stations, accessories and components, the company produces portable EV chargers, benefiting from its expertise in energy storage and portable charging. Its portable EV charger product has a charging power up to 11kw. This compact charger not only provides emergency support for electric vehicles, but also affords flexibility for users who want to use the charger in less urban settings.


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Verify Government Investment Activity

Electric vehicle stocks in India will probably determine the demand-supply balance in the Indian market. In addition, the national government has been heavily promoting EV drives, particularly for in-house manufacturing. As a result, in India, the demand for electric vehicles has significantly expanded.

Additionally, the industry is poised for development thanks to cooperation between the Indian government and automakers.

The Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stocks

Beware of EV charging station companies

You must decide whether or not to invest now that we have a greater grasp of the industry’s potential, rewards, and risks. You may always invest in exchange-traded funds to reduce your risk .

Investing in a single firm, on the other hand, might optimize your rewards.

The best EV charging station firms to watch over the next decade as the sector matures listed below. We describe each company’s distinct benefits.

As a result, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase choice.

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Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

As the old saying goes, you should always diversify your investment portfolio. The same applies to the electric vehicle industry. EV Charging stations and electric cars in California go hand in hand.

Charging stations will almost always have a guaranteed user base with ongoing demand. This ensures a continuous supply of revenue throughout the year. Charging station companies will see a massive rally in stock pricing as demand surges.

Ev Charging Stocks To Buy: Blink Charging

At the top of this list is the stock markets longest tenured EV charging operator, Blink Charging.

Many EV charging stocks came public in 2020 as companies tried to capitalize on investor enthusiasm for all things EV-related. Blink Charging was not one of those companies. Instead, it has been on Wall Street for over 10 years.

But it wasnt until the EV Revolution went mainstream that BLNK stock soared into the spotlight. From 2020 to 21, BLNK stock was up more than 2,000%.

This year, the stock market has struggled, to say the least. But once it finds solid ground again, stocks like this will regain their highs. Indeed, this big rally in BLNK was just the beginning.

Blink is Americas second-largest charging station operator, with more than 23,000 EV charging stations throughout the U.S., Europe and Middle East. The company has a broad range of high-quality chargers for every need. And it has scored partnerships with important clients across all verticals such as food, McDonalds commercial, Meta and retail, Whole Foods.

Blink should be able to leverage its incumbent technological advantages and partnership network to become one of the largest EV station operators in the U.S. and Europe. .

Yet, Blink is worth just $1.2 billion today. That implies the stock still has enormous upside potential over the next several years.

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The Bullish Case For Ev Charging Stocks

The Electric Vehicle charging station movement is a huge catalyst for the renewable energy industry because millions of EVs will need charging regularly.

Were talking about a long list of electric vehicles that must rely on electric charging as a power source like:

  • Passenger vehicles

EV adoption will soar as more consumers embrace smart electric cars just like everyone switched to smartphones after Apple launched the iPhone.

Upside From Down Under With Tritium

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stock Image

Founded in 2001, Tritium out of Brisbane, Australia is merging with a SPAC called Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation II . We did a deep dive into the deal last year, so theres not much to add until the merger is completed. A few things to note: Around 70% of Tritiums revenues come from Europe, which is now outpacing China in EV sales, according to Pew Research Center. Currently, almost all of those revenues are from selling hardware, with the company projecting that recurring software subscriptions will make up more than a quarter of its sales by 2026. And Tritium is also looking at ways to monetize connected car data through its charging stations, which has attracted investments from companies like Palantir .

At the time of our analysis, we offered our best compliment to the stock theres nothing to dislike about Tritium, aside from its choice to go public using a SPAC but are waiting for the deal to go through before revisiting this one.

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