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How To Charge A Tesla

Charging a Tesla at a Charging Station | How To Charge A Tesla

There are four options for charging:

  • A Tesla Supercharger that provides very fast charging for a fee .
  • A Tesla Destination Charger – these are found at hotels and other businesses. Charging is either free or provided at a low cost. These are designed for overnight use, and charging is slower than at a Supercharger, typically adding about 20-30 miles of range per hour of charging.
  • A public Level 2 charger offered by companies like ChargePoint. Some of these are free, and some will bill the cost to your credit card.
  • Home charging using you Tesla Universal Charging Connector – the preferred method of charging for most Tesla owners.
  • Regardless of the charging method you use, you simply plug into the Tesla charging port and charging will start automatically.

    How Much Does Electricity Cost Where I Live

    Since electricity costs vary widely throughout the country, estimating costs can get tricky. People pay an average of just under 15 cents per kWh in the United States for residential power.

    California residents pay an average of 27 cents per kWh, while residents of states such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Idaho routinely pay about 10 cents per kWh. Check out your states average rate. Also, some power companies offer discounts for using electricity during off-peak hours, substantially lowering the rate per kWh to charge your vehicle.

    Other Evs With Free Fast

    Some other makers of electric cars have cut deals with certain charging networks to give new owners free charging for up to the first six years of ownership. For example, the Jaguar I-Pace gets five years free at Chargefox DC fast-chargers, and the Audi e=tron gets six years free charging at the same network.

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    Prioritising The Tesla Network In The Chargemap Route Planner

    You want to benefit from the Supercharger network open to non-Tesla drivers when you travel on holiday this summer? The Chargemap route planner has integrated all Tesla Superchargers accessible to non-Tesla EVs.

    You can set up your journey by prioritising the Tesla Supercharger network. The tool then suggests charging stops on this network, providing that your EV is compatible and that there are Tesla charging stations open to all along your route.

    You can also select a charging stop yourself at a specific Tesla Supercharger. To do this, you simply need to activate the Stations button and then use the filters so that only charging stations on the Tesla Supercharger network are displayed on your itinerary. If there are any and you want to plan a stop there, tap Charge at this charging station. As an option, you can set the duration of your break and the battery level you want to attain.

    How Do Tesla Charging Stations Work

    Do you have to pay to charge your car at a Tesla station?

    | Article last updated on

    âTesla continues to innovate with new products and they have reliable charging stations scattered across the United States for everybody to use.

    Tesla charging stations are complex machines, but they are simple to use. They work by providing a direct connection using a DC or AC power source that directly connects to your vehicle battery. The charger then will provide you power up to your preset charge level between 80-100%.

    Tesla charging stations are a growing infrastructure in the car industry. With Teslaâs focus on electric vehicles, they have an extensive network of stations that are easily identifiable in convenient locations for drivers. They continue to improve too, with more power and faster charge times to keep Teslas on the road.

    If you are new to the world of Tesla, the charging stations are designed for extreme beginners with no product knowledge. They want the machines to be easy to use so you should not expect to be too confused on your first try. This guide includes all of the information you will need to become an expert.


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    How Does The Recharge Cost Compare To A Fuel Fill

    According to AAA, the average price of gas hovers at $3.88 per gallon as of this writing. So, filling up a 12-gallon gas tank currently costs about $47. Things get a little tricky because, as we all know, cars and trucks use vastly different amounts of fuel.

    Lets say youre driving an economy car that brings a combined average of 30 miles per gallon during a mix of city and highway driving. Using that same 12-gallon tank as a reference point, youll have 360 miles of driving range for each fill-up. If youre driving the same 1,183 miles per month, youll need to refuel just over three times each month and spend about $182 .

    Again, this is only an estimate since fuel prices and mileage vary. But considering few cars and SUVs come close to delivering a 30 mpg combined average, our fairly conservative number-crunching in this scenario makes it clear that recharging will cost less than refueling a car. The financial gap narrows with a more fuel-efficient vehicle, but it remains.

    Finding The Right Plug To Charge An Ev

    Voelcker explains the difference sounds more complex than it is. The vast majority of fast-charging locations have both kinds, with a different cable on each side of the station. Its like the same gas pump could dispense both regular gasoline and diesel fuel from different hoses.

    As for the price, a 240-volt recharge could cost you anywhere from zero dollars to a fixed hourly rate. Charging networks often provide membership programs to minimize your recharge cost. Thats especially useful if you cant regularly charge your vehicle at home.

    The EVgo network charges rates by state, and costs vary for Level 2 charging. On its website, the pay-as-you-go approach costs 30 cents per minute in Georgia for its rates as of this writing. However, if youre an EVgo Plus member, the rate drops to 24 cents per minute. Other popular charging apps include ChargePoint, Electrify America, and PlugShare.

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    History Of Supercharger Incentives

    Unlimited supercharging for life is free for all Model S and Model X cars that were ordered before January 15, 2017, or between August 2, 2019 and May 26, 2020, or for vehicles that were purchased using a referral code during certain periods.

    Model S and Model X cars that were ordered between January 15, 2017, and November 2, 2018, received 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits per year. Once those credits are used, supercharging has a fee.

    Between May 2017 and September 18, 2018, Tesla allowed existing owners to give free unlimited supercharging for life to up to five friends if the friend purchased a new Tesla and used their referral code. Tesla also offered all existing Tesla owners who purchased a new Model S, Model X or Performance Model 3 for themselves with free unlimited supercharging for life on those cars.

    From time to time, Tesla has offered 1,000 or 2,000 miles of free supercharging as an incentive to purchase a new Tesla car.

    Other than the above caveats, Tesla Model S and Model X cars purchased between November 2, 2018, and August 2, 2019, and all Model 3 and Model Y cars purchased at any time do not receive any supercharging credits.

    Some jurisdictions require charging operators to bill users by time, not by kWh delivered, and Tesla uses 60 kW sections to bill for different power levels.

    Does Tesla Still Offer Free Supercharging

    How To Charge Your EV On A Tesla Charging Station

    Yes, but not recently. When Tesla EVs really began ramping up deliveries to customers after the debut of the Model S, many customers saw added perks like unlimited Supercharging. Over time, Tesla has incorporated similar promotions for specific models or customers who made a referral.

    However, this still remains one of the most confusing potential perks for Tesla owners, old and new. We get a lot of questions, such as: How can I tell if my Tesla has free unlimited Supercharging? Does free Supercharging transfer over? and Does Tesla still offer free Supercharging?

    We will have to get more granular on this in a separate post, but here are some broad strokes:

    • Since mid-2020, Tesla has made no mention of additional free unlimited Supercharging
    • Fully-transferable, free unlimited Supercharging has not been offered since 2017
    • As the newest Tesla, the Model Y has never seen any free Supercharging promotions
    • The best way to check if you or your Tesla have free unlimited Supercharging is to contact Tesla directly

    Heres a breakdown of what Tesla models may still have a promotion for free unlimited supercharging. Weve also put together a more detailed guide here.

    Remember to check with Tesla to confirm if your EV qualifies or not:

    *Note: No Tesla models from 2021 onward have any promotions for unlimited Supercharging at this time

    Tesla Model
    Potentially available , confirm with Tesla

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Tesla Supercharger Network

    When Tesla unveiled the Model S in 2012, the company captured the worlds attention. But the question always remained, how will Teslas all-electric cars be able to travel cross-country? Unlike a gasoline vehicle, Tesla cars need a particular charging station to refill the battery of the car.

    The owner, Elon Musk, envisions a country with as abundant a network of Tesla charging stations as currently exist with gas stations. And the Tesla Supercharger network is making it a reality.

    In this article, you learn everything you need to know about the Tesla Supercharger network expansion going into effect. Learn how the Tesla supercharger network version 3 is set for expansion in 2019. And find out how much faster the new stations will charge your Tesla.

    Locating Tesla Chargers In Your Car

    When youre in your car, you can easily see nearby Superchargers including total and available stalls, the charging cost, and icons showing what amenities are nearby like food, coffee, and shops.

    The Tesla Model 3 main screen shows nearby Supercharger, available charging stalls, and the cost of charging

    Additionally, if you enter your destination into your Tesla in-car navigation, itll show you any necessary charging stops to make it to the destination, the estimated percentage of charge at the time you arrive at each charger, and the estimated amount of charge time to make it to the next stop. Its important to note that several factors may change the estimates shown on the Tesla navigation, including your speed and frequency of acceleration, traffic, and elevation changes.

    Necessary Supercharger stops mapped out on a driving route in a Tesla Model X navigation system

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    Finding Tesla Chargers On Zap

    All Tesla points Supercharger, Tesla Public Supercharger, and Destination can be found on Zap-Map using the network filter. You can use this on both our desktop and mobile apps.

    For open-access Tesla Destination points , Zap-Map users can also filter by connector type. To find Tesla Supercharger or Destination charge points, select the Tesla 7kW/11kW/2kW Type 2 option under connector types filters.

    Non-Tesla drivers wishing to find open-access Tesla Destination points can search by Tesla Destination on the network filters, while also selecting the generic Type 2 7kW/22kW options under Connector types.

    Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users cars.

    Certified Tesla Superchargers Installation

    Can you charge your non

    The name of Tesla draws awe and inspiration in the automotive industry. Tesla electric cars have earned a name for themselves for their quality and efficiency. Model S. Model X. Model 3- the names mean high-performance electric cars that no one other than Tesla can make.

    Electric cars will replace the fuel guzzling traditional cars in the future. Initiatives like the Paris Agreement is looking to cut down the use of fossil fuel to fight climate change. Some countries have already taken the resolution to phase out gasoline-driven cars in coming years.

    There’s no doubt electric cars will be the chosen transport mode in the future. And Tesla is going to have a strong control over the market share.

    Tesla needs an adequate number of charging stations to keep its cars on the road. People need to charge their car batteries just like you fill up gas.

    The company already operates over a thousand Supercharging stations all over the world. The stations are located in gas stations, shopping malls, grocery stores, and downtown districts. You can also find charging stations in hotels, restaurants and other locations.

    Tesla is looking for partnerships with businesses and property owners to expand its Supercharger network. You can also apply to become a Tesla Supercharger partner if you qualify!

    New York Engineers offer certified Tesla Supercharger installation service. Once you get clearance from Tesla, we will do everything to set up your Supercharger station.

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    Tesla Charging Stations Cure Range Anxiety

    With Teslas extensive network of charging stations – and extremely fast ones at that – Tesla owners can drive long distances knowing that their cars battery will get them to their destination.

    Tesla owners can take long road trips without worry because of Teslas charging stations. Image source: Tesla

    Because Superchargers are strategically placed along highly frequented routes, it allows for convenient, fast charging. Plus, the cost to charge your vehicle at a Tesla charging station is less than it is to fill up a traditional vehicle with gas.

    Plus, with Teslas Destination Chargers, Tesla owners can charge their cars even when they arent in the vicinity of a Supercharger. As Teslas charging station network continues to grow, Tesla owners can be more confident than ever that their battery will always get them where they need to go.

    See how much it would cost to charge your home and a Tesla with solar panels

    How Does Supercharging Work

    The biggest obstacle with all-electric vehicles is ensuring that it has enough range per charge. Tesla is solving this issue by building a vast network of charging stations.

    Currently, Tesla owns nearly 11,500 Superchargers worldwide, across almost 1,400 stations. Tesla is thorough in building enough stations to enable on-the-road charging.

    The Tesla Model 3 gets between 215 to 310 miles to a single charge. The Model S gets over 500 miles to a single battery charge. The goal for Tesla is to build stations no more than about 200 miles apart, to allow seamless road charging for their shortest range of cars.

    And, as the Tesla Supercharger Network expands, travellers can find charging locations further from highways and major thoroughfares.

    From your Teslas touchscreen, enter your destination in the Trip Planner. The system automatically creates your route to coincide with your cars charging requirements. Your directions automatically take you to the nearest supercharger stations at the necessary time.

    When you reach a charging station, the Trip Planner tries to schedule it so that you only have to recharge for around a half-hour. Once your Tesla is charged and ready to go, you receive a notification on your Tesla App.

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    Locating Tesla Chargers In The App

    The Tesla app shows nearby chargers, the distance to them, and charging stalls available. The Tesla app also allows you to monitor your cars charging if you leave your Tesla charging to grab food or shop. So, you can see what percentage of your Tesla battery is charged and approximately how long it has left to charge. You can also adjust the percentage you want to charge the battery up to if you dont need a full charge.

    Tesla Charging Station Expansion

    How to Charge a Tesla Model Y. Wife demonstrates at a Supercharger.

    On a Tesla earnings call in the third quarter of 2021, Tesla announced that it plans to triple the size of the network within the next two years, so its continuing to plan more Supercharger locations to meet the needs of increased Teslas on the road.

    Tesla also announced in November 2021 that its piloting a program in a few European countries to enable non-Tesla EVs to charge at Superchargers. Teslas website notes, Its always been our ambition to open the Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs, and by doing so, encourage more drivers to go electric. Pricing for non-Teslas will be higher than Teslas, with exact pricing being available in the Tesla app. Its not clear if and when this program could expand to the U.S.

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    Pricing On The Tesla Supercharger Network

    Most Tesla Supercharger stations are located in populated areas near restaurants, shopping, and internet access. So, while youre servicing your car at a station, you have access to the necessary amenities.

    Like a gas station, Superchargers cost a fee for charging. Most stations bill you per kilowatt-hour . The cost to charge your Tesla is $0.28 per kWh.

    At Supercharger stations that bill per minute, you are billed in two tiers of charging speed and cost. Tier 1 is for charging at or under 60 kilowatts and costs $0.13 per minute. Tier 2 is for charging over 60 kilowatts and costs twice as much, at $0.26. If you are sharing charging power with another Supercharger, then tier 1 cost applies.

    You pay for charging with Supercharger credits. You purchase Supercharger Credits on your Tesla Account. So, you pull up, plug in your car, and charge it up.

    If you leave your Tesla idle in a Supercharger Station that is over 50 per cent capacity, you are charged an Idle Fee. The fee is waived, however, if you move the car within five minutes of charging completion. Tesla charges an Idle Fee to keep charging stations open for those who need them.

    Do Not Charge Up More Than Necessary

    With the rising number of electric vehicles on the road and the sparsity of rapid charging stations along the main routes, Tesla Superchargers open to non-Tesla EVs will be taken by storm this summer.

    As with any other charging station, if the waiting time is long and you need to charge urgently, dont hesitate to explain the situation to the driver in front of you. Likewise, if you let a desperate driver take your place at the front of the queue, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Above all, to ensure a maximum number of drivers can profit from the charging facilities, dont charge your EV more than necessary and move your vehicle off the charging spot once you have reached the level youre aiming for.

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