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At first glance, a Tesla solar panel installation seems like a no-brainer. They have an easy ordering process and they offer good-quality solar panels at an insanely low price. All we can say is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

When it comes to solar, the communication between you and your solar company is key. Youll be dealing with them for 25 years, at least! Teslas track record shows that they might not be the ones you want to rely on if something goes wrong. Cutting costs wont be worth the potential headache you could incur after the solar installation.

We recommend getting quotes from a few local solar installers before you decide to go solar with Tesla. A local installers prices will most definitely be higher than Teslas, but the cost includes the value of a long-term customer relationship, and to us, thats priceless.

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The Tesla Solar Panel: Cost Installation And Powerwall

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular. What started out as a trend in places like Florida and California has spread all over the country. Solar panel energy is popular, not just because solar power isclean or green but also because solar panel technology provides safety, security, and comfort.

Tesla has long been known for being at the top of the electric vehicle market. In 2016, Tesla acquired SolarCity, which was the nations leading installer of solar panel systems. Since then, Tesla solar has consistently been among the leaders in the solar power market with products such as the Solar Roof and the Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall Review : Cost Capacity & Specs

With Tesla having quite a reputation for electric vehicles and moving people towards clean energy, its no surprise that they offer home battery options as well. The Tesla Powerwall is very often confused as part of the solar system they offer, but there is a bit more to learn about this system. In our Tesla Powerwall Review, we will dive into the costs of the Powerwall, how much capacity it has, if you need solar power to run it and whether or not the Tesla Powerwall is worth it.

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How Does Tesla Powerwall Work

Both Tesla Powerwall 2 and Tesla Powerwall+ give you the ability to store power. Based on how much electricity you use, you may even go for 2-3 Powerwalls to meet your energy needs. The system that controls the Powerwall batteries learns about your energy use and pricing and adapts itself to offer the most benefits.

Teslas Customer Service Comes Up Short

Tesla Powerwall Officially Launches in South Africa

Its true that youll probably get the lowest price for going solar when you go with Tesla. But the price of solar also includes the cost of the long-term relationship that you get with your solar installer, and that seems to be where Tesla cuts costs.

Unfortunately, Tesla has historically been known for having pretty shoddy long-term customer service – which you can read about in customer reviews here on SolarReviews. Because they are such a large company, they don’t have the ability to give you the type of one-on-one service that you need when going solar.

Teslas customers have reported that its hard to get ahold of them if theres a problem with their system, and it can take even longer to get someone out to check on the issues. This can actually cause you to lose a substantial amount of money.

If your solar panels arent producing energy properly, you have less electricity to power your home, and thus a higher electric bill. The longer it takes for someone to fix your system, the more money you lose.

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How Much Electricity Will The Tesla Powerwall Provide

Lets start with the how much? question. The only information you need to know is the amount of power your home needs and how much the Tesla Powerwall can supply. Then, you can examine these two numbers to figure out how many appliances the Tesla Powerwall can power. The power of solar batteries can be measured as amps or Kilowatts. Kilowatts measure power while amps measure power. This simple equation will convert amps to kilowatts. To calculate watts, skip this division and divide it by 1,000.

Kilowatts = 1,000

This formula can be used to determine how much power each appliance requires. Then, you can compare that total to the Tesla Powerwalls continuous power output.

Tesla Powerwall 2 And Powerwall+ History

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most popular solar batteries available today. It was introduced by Tesla in 2015, three years after the company expanded from the auto industry into solar and clean energy. Just a year later, the company released the higher capacity Powerwall 2 in addition to the Tesla Solar Roof. The Powerwall+, introduced in 2021, has increased performance and an inverter integrated into its design.

This article will refer to the Powerwall 2 as the Powerwall. This is because the original model has been discontinued.

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Leaders In Solar Technology And Service

Teslas smart home battery, Powerwall, has brought high-quality, renewable energy and backup power to homes and businesses across the country. Tesla Powerwalls standards are hard to beat, and Sunrun is committed to serving our customers with benefits like free maintenance and repairs.

As Americas leading residential solar and battery storage company, Sunrun is proud to meet your energy needs with industry-leading solar products, superior service, and custom solar and storage plans.

How Are Teslas Solar Panels So Cheap

Is a Tesla Powerwall 2 Worth it? (1 year review)

Teslas easy ordering process is one of the reasons they have such low prices.

Their brand name recognition also helps a lot. Tesla doesnt have to do a whole lot of work to get people to their website. People know Tesla – so they go right to it. This, plus the fact that their order process is entirely online and they only offer nine standard system sizes eliminates a ton of overhead costs that many other solar companies face.

Not to mention, Tesla is a large company – they can afford to undercharge for their panels and take a slight loss at the front end of the deal.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwalls have a substantial wait time because the demand for solar batteries is so high as more homeowners want access to reliable backup power. Teslas production simply cant keep up. In fact, it was revealed that Tesla had 80,000 Powerwall orders that had yet to be fulfilled.

You can purchase a Powerwall from Tesla directly with the purchase of a solar roof or solar panels or from a Tesla partner installer. However, customers who order their Powerwall systems directly from Tesla have shorter wait times – usually a few months. Those who are getting a Powerwall through Tesla installation partners have waited almost a year to get their battery installed. It seems as though Tesla has prioritized filling their direct orders first, and is leaving their installation partners out to dry.

So, if youre looking for a battery to add to your already existing solar system and you dont want to wait a year or more to get a solar battery installed, youll need to find a Powerwall alternative.

Where To Buy The Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall battery is currently available online through Teslas website and through any solar and/or energy storage installation company that carries the Powerwall in their inventory. Adding energy storage technology to your home is a complicated process that requires electrical expertise, certifications, and knowledge of the best practices required to install a solar-plus-storage system correctly.

A qualified EnergySage-approved company can give you the best recommendation about the Tesla home battery system and other energy storage options available to homeowners today. If you are interested in receiving competing installation quotes for solar and energy storage options from local installers near you, simply join the EnergySage Solar Marketplace today and indicate what products youre interested in your profiles preferences section.

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Tesla Powerwall Depth Of Discharge

Another important spec to take into consideration is the depth of discharge . The DoD shows how much a battery can discharge relative to the batterys capacity without impacting its lifespan. The Tesla home battery can reach 100 percent depth of discharge, meaning you can fully deplete the battery before recharge without lowering the Powerwalls lifespan. Most solar batteries offer a DoD of between 80 and 90 percent, setting the Powerwall apart.

Do You Need To Install A Tesla Powerwall With Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Powerwall For Sale / Tesla Powerwall 2

Over the past year, Tesla has flip-flopped back and forth between whether or not they require a Tesla Powerwall with their solar panel installations. As of October 2021, Tesla does not require a Powerwall with Tesla solar panels.

If you want to add energy storage to your Tesla solar panel installation, itll add an additional $11,500 onto your installation costs.

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Tesla Powerwall Continuous Power Rating

You should also make note of the continuous power rating, which designates the maximum power output that the unit can generate under normal conditions. The Tesla Powerwall offers a maximum continuous power rating of 7.6 kW with full sun and 5.8 kW with no sun on the grid. For consumers who live off the grid, the maximum continuous power rating is 9.6 kW with full sun and 7 kW with no sun.

Pros Of The Sonnencore Solar Battery

The sonnenCore battery melds together solar energy with features befitting even the most technologically advanced smart home, while still keeping it at a reasonable price.

Because of the companys commitment to advancing technologies, the battery has many useful features that should be considered when looking at battery backup systems.

Some features of the sonnenCore solar battery include:

  • sonnen’s smart system allows owners to manage where energy is being sent
  • The sonnenCore has a variety of operating modes so you can get exactly what you want out of your battery
  • The sonnenCore is an LFP battery, meaning it is safer and less toxic than NMC batteries
  • sonnen offers a 10-year warranty that ensures the battery will maintain up to 70% of its storage capacity over a 10-year lifespan

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Pros Of The Lg Resu Battery

  • LGs RESU Prime batteries come with a warranty that ensures they will retain at least 70% capacity after a 10-year period, which matches the warranty offered by Tesla
  • 16 kWh is a large enough home battery size to be adequate for most homes, and can be doubled if necessary
  • The Prime batteries are floor-mounted and LG-trained installers can service and repair the batteries onsite if anything goes wrong

The Bottom Line: Is Tesla Powerwall Right For You

I Shouldn’t Have Bought Tesla Powerwall!

The Tesla solar Powerwall is rated as one of the best solar batteries for homeowners. Though the price point is higher than the average solar battery, the larger capacity will be enough to meet your energy needs. In addition, advanced, self-powered operating modes give you more control over how you use your solar battery system. Whether its for unexpected power outages or to help lower your electricity bill, the Powerwall and the Powerwall+ will be a beneficial addition to a residential solar panel system.

When deciding if the Powerwall is the right choice for your solar system, we recommend comparing the battery with at least two other storage options. You should compare the storage capacity, functionality, efficiency and warranty coverage.

Get a Quote on Your Solar Installation in 30 Seconds

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What Power Can The Powerwall Can It Provide

Once youve identified the amount of energy your home uses You can then examine that figure with the Tesla Powerwalls power rating. It is important to take into consideration the two power ratings of batteries like that of the Tesla Powerwall: continuous power and instantaneous power.

Instantaneous power refers the amount of power needed to start an appliance. For instance, its the power necessary to start your cars engine. While youll need to have plenty of power at first to start the machine, once it is started, the power draw will decrease dramatically. It is important to determine if your appliances meet the requirement for surge. This metric will be used to determine how much energy youll need.

Tesla Powerwall Instantaneous Power Rating = 7 kW

Continuous power is the amount of power that the battery is able to provide for a long time. For instance the amount of power is required to run your car when its started. This will tell you the number of appliances that can running for a long duration .

Permanent Power of Tesla Powerwall = 5.kW

This is a standard feature of these batteries which usually range between 8 9 kW, and up to 7 to 9 kW.

Tesla Powerwall Features And Specs

Currently, the Tesla battery for home has two models: the Powerwall and the Powerwall+. The Powerwall+ is a more powerful model that offers higher rates of on-grid and backup power, as far as Tesla Powerwall specs go. Following are some of the most important Tesla Powerwall features and specs to consider.

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Is The Tesla Powerwall Worth It

In our opinion, the Powerwall is a great battery. It has advanced features and impressive technical specs for a decent price. But is the Powerwall worth it? The actual battery is worth it – but the headache that comes along with dealing with Tesla and trying to find a Powerwall probably isnt.

Teslas decision to only sell Powerwalls with new solar panel installations makes it much harder for homeowners to get one in a reasonable time, which is a huge letdown. Because of this, homeowners who already installed solar panels cant get a Powerwall right from Tesla and instead have to search for a certified installer willing to sell a standalone Powerwall to them. Then add Teslas notoriously long wait times on top of that.

You should also keep in mind that when it comes to solar installations, Tesla is notorious for having poor after-sales service, and you run the risk of dealing with subpar customer service if you choose the company. If youve purchased your entire solar plus storage system from Tesla, thats something youll have to deal with for 25 years!

With all that being said, if you dont already have solar, are willing to risk getting poor customer service over the 25 years that you have Tesla panels on your roof, or are okay with potentially months or year-long wait times to get a battery installed, then a Tesla Powerwall is right for you.

Find out if solar + storage is worth it for your specific home

What Are The Benefits Of A Tesla Powerwall 20

Tesla Powerwall 3 Price / Tesla Hikes Powerwall Prices To Better ...
  • The Powerwall is an automated system so you donât need to carry out any maintenance.
  • It has an inbuilt DC-AC inverter, so installation is simple and therefore usually less costly.
  • Itâs been given the sleek, durable and modern design Tesla are renowned for so should be an attractive addition to any home decor.
  • It can be wall or floor mounted with up to 10 battery units stacked together if needed so you can be creative about where you place it in your home.
  • There are no wires or areas that will overheat and present a potential safety hazard so itâs fine for homes with children and pets.
  • The battery is completely weatherproof so can be installed outside if preferred.
  • The liquid thermal control system controls Powerwallâs internal temperature to enhance performance in any climate.
  • Will act as a backup power supply in the event of a powercut with the addition of a Backup Gateway 2
  • Teslaâs smart Inverter is always connected and monitors your familyâs energy usage in real time. The Tesla App enables you to receive instant alerts for weather forecasts and energy usage estimations.

Tesla Powerwall smartphone app

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How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Charge A Tesla Powerwall 2

When calculating the solar energy needed to charge a Tesla Powerwall 2, it’s the rating of the panels in your solar PV system as much as the number of panels that determine how much energy they can generate to charge the battery storage system. The ratings of your panels, when added together, give a number of kW that can feed into the Powerwall battery, but some of this electricity will also be used by your building at the same time.

For example, a fairly large residential 4 kW solar array could produce around 20 kWh of electricity on an average sunny summer day, which would be enough to fully charge a Tesla Powerwall 2 and run your home. A Powerwall can run an average home throughout spring, summer and autumn, and for even longer if your demand is low.

At times of the year with less hours of light and sunshine, the same solar array might only produce about a quarter of the kWh that it does in the summer, which usually means that you will need to use more electricity from the grid, along with your Tesla Powerwall 2.

Solar Panels And Solar Batteries Make A Great Pair

Installing a solar battery storage system can be a great way to get the most value out of your solar panels.

Batteries are an excellent source of backup power, they increase your energy independence, and in some cases can even save you more money on your electric bill because youll be drawing power from the battery instead of the grid.

However, solar battery systems do come at a price. If youre looking to save money on your electricity bill, installing a solar battery might not be right for you, especially if your utility offers net metering. However, if you live in an area that experiences widespread blackouts, like the ones in California and Texas, or somewhere with Time-of-Use utility rates, having a battery backup to store energy for when you need it will be beneficial.

The upside is that the price of solar battery technology continues to fall, so much so that someday in the near future, solar batteries will come standard with all solar energy systems.

If youre looking to pair your solar panels with storage, make sure you contact multiple reputable battery storage installers to ensure that you get the highest quality installation at the best possible price.

See what local installers are charging for solar + battery storage installations

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