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Lamborghini Aventador: Best For Driving On The Street

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Looking to introduce your child to auto luxury from an early age? This officially-licensed Lambo features doors that swing upwards for that high-tech sports car feel. With technological features such as LED headlamps and a built-in auxiliary outlet so you can port your own music through the car, the mini-sized Aventador delivers a real-car feel with maximum street presence in a tiny package.

Measuring in at 52 long, 28.75 wide and 18 high, this car is best suited for children between the ages of three and eight. It clocks in at a max speed of 3.7 miles per hour, and it can be steered by both a child in-cabin and by a parent via remote control. This kid-powered car has a weight limit of 66 pounds and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Lamborghini Aventador is our pick for the best street-ready ride-on car.

Best Choice Products Kids 24v 2

The Best Choice Products 24V ride-on SUV is built to scale and comes with built-in LED headlights, a trunk storage area, horn, and start-up sounds. The ride-on vehicle features a powerful 24V rechargeable battery motor that can reach speed up to 3.7 mph and let the kids race down the sidewalk quickly and safely. The SUV car is ideal for kids aged 3-8 years and has a maximum weight limit of 128 lbs.

The Ride-on SUV uses metal components for the frame and chassis, and the plastic parts are very thick, making the truck very sturdy, and can easily handle a bump or two, which might occur while kids are playing. The SUV is powerful enough to climb grassy hills and easily handle obstacles with high ground clearance. The double seating fits two children comfortably so they can pretend to cruise around like their parents.

The Best Choice ride on car comes with manual and remote-control mode. You can use the remote control to guide them safely until they get the grips of the vehicle. The remote has forward/reverse controls and speed selection however, it does not override the SUV controls. The ride-on truck comes with a built-in AUX outlet that lets kids plug-in media devices to drive while jamming to their favorite music.


  • Remote Does not override manual controls
  • The turning radius is large

How Fast Do 6v 12v 24 Volt And 36v Ride On Toys Go

Kids electric cars come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to know what kind of speed to expect from your chosen model. Below youll find information on how fast 6v kids ride on toys go, how fast 12v kids ride on cars go, and also how fast larger 24v and 36v kids electric cars can go.

The speed of the car depends on two factors: the size of the battery and the size of the motor. The smallest kids electric cars are those designed for very young children. These cars are usually fitted with small batteries and very low-powered motors, and travel at speeds of around 2mph. When you bear in mind that a brisk, adult walking speed is around 4 miles an hour, this is a safe, slow pace.

Cars designed for 3-5-year-olds generally use 6v motors and 6v batteries. These cars usually travel at around 2-3mph. Cars with 12v batteries and motors are capable of speeds of up to 4mph, while 24 volt vehicles can travel up to 6mph, although this is only if they are fitted with a 24v motor. Many kids electric cars with 24v batteries use 12v motors, the extra power prolonging battery life.

Kids electric cars using 36v batteries are capable of significantly higher speeds than smaller models, since they are able to use larger, more efficient motors. Some 36v vehicles can travel at speeds of 15mph. 48v vehicles are capable of even greater speeds, topping out at around 18mph.

Quick Facts on Speed of 6v, 12v, 24v & 36v ride-on toys:

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Razor Dirt Quad: Best 24v Ride

For children aged 5 to 10 who are comfortable behind the wheel, check this Razor-Dirt-Quad. It comes with a 24V battery, so its the most powerful ride-on model on our list. Do not use it with younger children, its simply too powerful and unsafe under 5 years old.

The Razor-Dirt-Quad is the best premium ride-on car for school-age children. It can easily carry two kids at the same time, or even a child and an adult depending on their total weight. A fully charged battery can easily last two days of continuous driving.

With its large wheelbase, you can take the Razor-Dirt-Quad from the road to the beach or the woods. You kid will be able to follow you along pretty much anywhere.

Best Choice Products Ride

Kids Electric Ride On Mercedes UTV Car*24 Volt*2 Seats*2 Motors

Sometimes the right colour is more important than anything else. If youre little one wants nothing but pink, this is the car for them. Manufactured by Best Choice Products, the car is the perfect size for children from 36 months to 7 years.

The one-seater comes with tons of little extra features to stand out from the rest. It has front and roof LED lights, engine sounds and even a real horn. You can also play your own music through Bluetooth.

In terms of safety features, the car comes with a remote control for parents and sturdy seat belts and locking doors. Its a 12V battery with 2-speed levels and a max speed of 3.7mph.

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Razor Dirt Quad 24v Electric 4

Featuring a high-torque gear reduction motor to enhance off-road drive traction, the Razor Dirt Quad lets your kids conquer challenging trails and bumps. The ride on ATV can speed up to 8 mph and delivers up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. The max rider weight the vehicle can carry is 120 lbs.

The Razor Dirt Quad features shatter-resistant plastic fairings and powder coated tubular frame for all-weather durability. The ride on ATV comes with four 12-inch knobby air-filled tires and rear droop travel suspension with a coil shock that provides a smooth ride on uneven terrain. The dirt quad features variable-speed, a twist-grip throttle, and a hand-operated rear disc brake to provide an adventurous ride with the four-wheeler drive with the control.

The Razor dirt quad is designed with authentic all-terrain vehicle geometry to provide real off-roading adventure. The ride on ATV s space-saving design for vertical storage capability.


Dune Racer: Best For Driving On The Beach

For fast-paced fun, this Dune Racer is truly a versatile choice: its primed to drive on any surface, whether it be wet, slick, rugged or paved! As its name implies, the rugged, grooved tires are well suited especially for racing along a sandy beach.

Featuring a fast 5mph as a top speed and a power lock brake system, this is a mini car for kids that will keep them safe and happy for hours on end.

At 25 x 46 x 15 inches and a maximum weight limit of 66 lbs, this Dune Racer is appropriate for children between the ages of 3 and 7. Interested in a truly rugged ride? The child-sized Power Wheels Dune Racer is the way to go.

Were pleased to name the Power Wheels Dune Racer as the best electric car for driving on the beach.

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Mercedes Benz Gt: Best Two

Featuring the iconic grille and streamlined shape for which Mercedes Benz is known, this mini car is perfect for a child who wants to cruise indoors or outdoors in style. With radio, USB, and auxiliary connectivity as well as remote control steering assistance, this two-seater is made for easyand realisticchild-appropriate driving fun.

This tiny Mercedes Benz GT comes with three speed settings for a max speed of 3.72 mph, along with reverse and brake functionalities. It can support 88 lbs in its cabin, and its dimensions are for its length, width, and height. This tiny electric car is appropriate for children aged 3 to 8 who would love to drive an officially licensed Mercedes Benz electric car!

Were happy to introduce the Mercedes Benz GT Kids ride-on car as our pick for the best street-ready ride-on car .

Types Of Powered Ride On Toys

How to troubleshoot and fix 12 volt kids electric car

Kohl’s has a wide variety of kids ride on cars to choose from, including Disney powered riding toys and Blazin Wheels powered riding toys, so your kids can find just about anything that they’re in search of. With realistic car styling, awesome colors and graphics, a pretend radio with sounds effects, and real character phrases, these vehicles are ready for all your child’s driving adventures. Whether youre looking for a style that features their favorite Disney character or just something small and simple, theres something for everyone!

Disneys Frozen Ride On Cars

Hot Wheels Jeep Ride On Cars

Disney Princess Jeep Ride On Cars

Dodge Charger Police Ride On Cars

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Tons Of Ride On Cars 24v To Pick From

Everyone has their own personal sense of style. Our children are no different, often inspired by the tastes of their parents. Fortunately, theres no shortage of variety from Kidz Auto to choose from:

  • Licensed Ford Rangers
  • Jeeps
  • 4X4s

If youre a family who loves the outdoors and owns a big car, you may just find a mini 24V electric car replica of your own waiting. Transform playtime and give them a large, comfortable, and powerful enough to transport them and a friend or pet around. Solo drivers can pack in all their favourite toys, a snack or two, and still be left with room to stretch out and cruise in style.

V Challenger Xl 20 4×4 Ride On Buggy W/ Leather Seat & Rubber Tires

**NO CALIFORNIA SALES** This product cannot be shipped to any California address.

NEW Original Big Toys Challenger 4×4 XL 2.0 Buggy

The all new Challenger 4×4 XL 2.0 is one of our larger UTV-style ride on toys at almost 5′ Long! Your kids can enjoy driving with almost unlimited power. Some cool features include a working horn, working headlights, and a built in audio system with an AUX Input, Micro SD / Regular SD card slot, a USB thumb drive input, and even Bluetooth connectivity so they can listen to their favorite tunes. This large ride on truck has upgraded factory installed 24v drive motors on each wheel for max torque and speed so your child can enjoy going up all the hills and speeding down the sidewalks. Some other notable exclusive features include rubber tires, an adjustable plush leather seat, shifter and a parental RC remote so the parents can play along too. Some minor assembly required.

We offer the original fully loaded BIG MOTOR 24V Version, not sold on Amazon or anywhere else online.

Other features include a luxury plush leather seat and large 15″ rubber tires that provide a comfortable ride and great traction!

The 24v Challenger XL includes upgraded Long Travel rear suspension and front internal cup suspension for a smooth ride!

All new exclusive plush rubber tires with Dual Layer Technology!


In The Box

  • 24v Charger
  • Pre-Installed 24v Battery Pack

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Features To Look For In Kids Electric Cars

Battery We know how upsetting it can be to spend all day charging a toy only for it to work for 10 minutes. Thats the kind of stress you can do without. Battery life is important. While all of the vehicles we reviewed take a long time to charge, most provide a couple of hours or at least an hour of run time for the kids to enjoy. If you are looking for the best battery life, stick to 12V cars. Almost all vehicles in this guide use a rechargeable 12V battery except one – Costzon’s Mercedes Benz ML350, which is also the most affordable model on the list.

Age range You dont have to take the age range as gospel, but its a good indication. Of course, all children grow at different rates, and you will know better than anyone if a product is suitable for your child. Most of the products have dimensions of the interior which you can use to know for ceratin if your little one will fit in the car.

Safety Safety is everything when you are buying something for your children. You want to know that there are no sharp edges, no exposed electronics, and no other potential dangers. When it comes to buying a kids motorized car, there are additional safety concerns. For example, you dont want your children to be able to go too fast and hurt themselves. Thats why all the cars on this list are limited to 6 mph or below. Also, some of these products are remote control ride-on cars, which gives you the added safety measure of being able to take over the controls whenever necessary.

Toyota Tundra: Best Ride

Kids Electric Ride On Mercedes UTV Car*24 Volt*2 Seats*2 Motors

Looking for a fun toddler car with serious style? The officially-licensed Toyota Tundra pickup truck for children delivers with more than just great looks: with a top speed of 3mph thanks to its 12V battery, this mini electric car even comes with 4 wheel suspensions. The electric truck also includes LED headlights, a built-in MP3 player, lockable doors, a storage compartment, and a reliable electric brake system. Your child will be able to go wherever they want in serious kid-sized luxury.

The electric Toyota Tundra comes with a long-range parent remote control and emergency brake, so you ensure that your toddler is always safe when out and about.

As one of the best electric cars for kids on the market, the Toyota Tundra can hold up to 66 lbs in its cabin, and its dimensions are slightly larger than other, more compact childrens cars at 45.28 x 29.13 x 23.62 . This makes the mini pickup truck great for children three years and older, for use both indoors and outdoors!

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Electric Cars For Children Aged 5

As your little ones grow, they can handle more complicated toys or even share the experience with a friend or sibling. We sell cars that have two seats to accommodate this need when it’s age-appropriate.

Note: These cars are larger in size and have additional power, so keep that in mind when testing.

Q: On What Surfaces Can My Child Ride

A: This depends on the specific vehicle you choose. Some kids electric ride-on cars are built specifically for rougher terrains whereas others are much better on flat and smooth surfaces like pavement. Most cars can be driven over any flat surface, as long as it is not too wet or loose. They dont have enough power to do any serious off-roading, so try and keep it to the garden or pavement.

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Kids Electric Cars That Are 24 Volt Parallel

We are proud to offer a wide variety of 24V Volt Parallel Ride-On Toys and Cars that will bring joy to any child.

All of our battery-electric toys use 6V, 12V, or 24V electric batteries and include a parental remote control .

At RiiRoo, we have a mission to encourage both inside and outside play.

Kids are spending too much time on their screens, so we felt the need to do something about it.

Toy vehicles are one way for children to have fun and play make-believe.

Kids tend to be captivated by realistic toy cars, so they can seamlessly pretend that they’re driving.

We Feature A Huge Selection Of Electric Cars

24V RiiRoo MaxPow⢠UTV-MX Battery Electric Ride On Car For Kids with Parental Remote Control

Check out our huge selection of 24v trucks, cars, ATV, and SUVs from all brands including Toyota, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Bentley, and more. Our ride-on toys for your toddler or child are great quality and affordable to buy.

Why Purchase a 24v Ride On at Kids VIP?

Looking for a ride-on car for your child but dont know which voltage is right for your child? Kids VIP offers all voltage ride-ons and we recommend 6V kids electric cars for kids aged 1-3, 12V ride on cars for kids aged 3-6, and 24V cars for kids over 6. These are perfect for outdoors or indoors, the best gift you can give for the little ones.

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Electric Cars For Kids 24 Volt

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