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Buying A Used Ev Electric Car: Pros And Cons

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EVs are expensive. We all know that. No matter how much we want to save the planet, those price tags can give you a bit of a shock.

But if you buy your EV used, going green doesnt have to break the bank. There are some specific pros to buying a used EV, including:

  • Environmental impact: an EV does not produce tailpipe emissions. A used EV, moreover, has already been built and does not require additional resources to be built.
  • Value: EVs tend to lose value faster than comparable gas-powered cars do. A 4-year-old EV may have already lost 50% or more of its value. Thats bad for EV owners but great for prospective buyers.
  • Better Condition: Because EVs tend to be driven less during their lives than gas-powered cars, and because their engines have fewer physically moving parts, a used EV will likely be in relatively good condition.

As for the cons, the first one should be obvious:

All in all, a used EV can be a great driving investment. The environmental and financial benefits are substantial while the risks, at least based on the data we have now, appear to be quite manageable.

Volvo V90 Twin Engine/recharge

The V90 is a fantastic used buy in petrol or diesel form, as depreciation has struck and prices are low. The plug-in model was initially called the Twin Engine, but more recent examples wear the Recharge badge. It offers luxury, quiet running and plenty of luggage space, as well as about 30 miles’ range in electric mode.

When the 2.0-litre petrol engine kicks in, it has pretty strong performance considering it’s a comfortable cruiser 0-62mph takes 4.8 seconds, which was supercar pace not long ago. Read our full review here.

Mercedes E 300 E And E 300 De

The E-Class plug-in hybrid presents a rarity in the PHEV world: there’s a diesel-engine option. Most PHEVs are petrol-electric, yet the E 300 de is diesel-electric, which means it’s great for long-distance use when the battery has run out. There’s a petrol E 300 e as well, and both are excellent, making great used buys.

The E-Class is comfortable, fast, luxurious and packed with standard kit. As for whether to choose diesel or petrol? If you do motorway trips often, diesel is best, but otherwise the petrol is smoother and quieter. Read our full review here.

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The Best Used Electric Cars For Your Budget

Nick Versaw

The used car market is expanding, as is the demand for pre-owned electric vehicles. Many budget-conscious shoppers seeking a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle are also looking to swap their gas tank for a battery pack.

Its been over a decade since electric vehicles debuted on the global market, so there is now a wide variety of pre-owned electric cars for you to choose from.

Electric motors age with less of the wear and tear common in gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines. As such, the quality and reliability of these used models isnt far from that of a new EV. This is particularly true of electric vehicles from recent model years.

Before you take a test drive, lets take a quick look at the best used electric cars currently available some of which are more affordable than a new gas-powered car.

And since many used EVs are from recent model years, you may be able to find one with fewer miles than youd expect.

Compare EVs Near You

Insurance For Your Used Electric Car From Waycom

Wholesale Ride On Car 2020 Best Sell Kids Electric Car / Battery Car ...

After selecting your new used electric vehicle, you must get auto insurance. is a good place to begin if you want to save car insurance money. will perform all the legwork associated with finding low-cost quotes from the most reputable insurance companies and purchasing new auto insurance. We will even assist you in canceling your old insurance policy.

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Lifespan And Mileage Of A Used Electric Vehicle

Compared to a traditional gas-powered cars, electric vehicles last longer. In addition, there is less possibility of something breaking or needing repair because they require less upkeep and have fewer moving components.

EV batteries deteriorate over time, although the car will probably be close to the end of its useful life by the time the battery needs to be replaced.

If not, it might still be covered by warranty. A battery pack typically lasts 200,000 kilometers. But often, purchasing a used car with higher kilometers equals bigger savings. So it would be good to look for a used electric car between 50,000 and 75,000 miles if youre genuinely worried about battery deterioration but want the best deal.

Final Tips For Finding The Best Used Ev

In general, youâll find that less expensive EVs are older and have smaller batteries that can travel less on a charge. This is largely due to the price of lithium ion batteries, which has dropped around 85% in ten years on a per kWh basis. This means that even modest batteries in 2013 were far more expensive than bigger batteries in 2020.

Also, youâll note that our charging times are estimated with a 220V charger. This is the same sort of outlet you need for a washer/dryer, and an electrician usually needs to install it. Standard 110V plugs can charge most EVs but at a much slower rate. The charge times listed are for full charges, but you can usually get to 80% charge much faster than listed. EV batteries charge faster when they are near empty and slow as they approach 70-80% in order to protect the battery health.

Looking for your first electric car? Check out by our free e-book on EV range.

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Electric Cars Are Bang On

It seems as though a new electric car is announced every other week at the moment, whether it’s an all-electric version of an existing petrol, diesel or hybrid, or an all-new electric vehicle built from the ground up as a standalone model.

The planned 2030 ban on the sale of new purely petrol and diesel-engined cars is partially to thank for this increasing choice of good electric cars and it’s trickling down to the used market, too. That’s good news if you want to save some money. After all, a new electric car is still a very expensive purchase.

Picking the right used vehicle needs careful planning, though. Fortunately, weve saved you some of the hassle by compiling this top 10 list of our favourite used electric cars, from small hatchbacks to luxury SUVs. We’ve also included examples of each model we found for sale.

Autocheck Vehicle History Summary

Top 15 BEST Electric Cars In 2020 | ft. Fully Charged Show

Located in Orlando, FL/ 1,495 miles away from Rutland, ND

The following items have been reconditioned on this vehicle: new pair of tires! Red Multi-CoatDual MoonroofNavigation SystemLane Keeping Assist…

Dealer Review:

I had forgotten what it was like to be treated with respect as an appreciated customer. I look forward to working with Audi South Orlando for many years to come. Great people selling and servicing a great product. Thank you, Mo, for reminding me what it’s like to have a salesperson who cares about the customer more than the sale.

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What Is The Best Used Electric Car

Iâm looking for a used electric car, and I donât want to waste my money. Can you tell me what the best used electric cars are right now?

  • Better suited for the short-range commuter with a 170-mile range
  • Lifetime battery warranty
  • Sleek with a roomy interior
  • Semi-autonomous features

Porschetaycan 4s Cross Turismo

$93,700 – $187,600
Edmunds Tested RangeEdmunds’ real-world range test measures the distance an electric vehicle can travel on a full charge.More info
250 mi
Edmunds Rating
8.3 out of 10

The Cross Turismo is the wagon-like version of Taycan. It provides more cargo room and passenger space with no perceptible trade-off in the driving experience. With the Cross Turismo, you can get incredible comfort and effortless driving one moment and then, with the twist of a knob, world-beating performance the next.

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And No A Tesla Is Not Among Them

Electric vehicles are among the best bargains in the used-car market, with a solid selection of late-model EVs going for under $15,000, and earlier examples selling for less than $10,000. Used EVs tend to be especially affordable because older models suffer an accelerated rate of depreciation due to a convergence of factors. As with all used cars, a given EVs value will vary by region, and depend largely on the vehicles condition and the number of miles on the odometer.

On the downside, most pre-owned EVs are able to run for fewer miles on a charge than some more-recent models that boast operating ranges in excess of 200 miles. Most used EVs, with the notable exceptions of Teslas, tend to have a range of around 80-125 miles. Still, thats more than enough to cover the average commute, which the U.S. Department of Transportation says is 15 miles each way. Plus, even a short-range used EV makes for an economical second or third car for around-town use and/or for getting to and from a commuter rail station.

We combed the pre-owned EV listings here on as well as other sources to determine the six best used models that can be purchased for less than $15,000. Were featuring them in the above slideshow.

With The Inflated Second

Most expensive electric cars ever made: Top 5 in the market 2020

With the recently-inflated used car values, options for used electric vehicles are slowly waning out of the sub-$20,000 segment. Earlier this year, you could have easily purchased a certified pre-owned 2018 BMW i3 for around $17,000. Now, with the higher used car prices, the same car would go for thousands more, easily breaching the $20,000 price tag.

However, not all is lost as all cars are going for much higher than usual, so if youre trading up, you would pay more, but you could also sell your current car for more too. Plus, if youre trading up from a gasoline car, chances are youd benefit greatly from driving an EV.

For this list, however, only recent, lower mileage cars are incorporated in this list. There are many articles out on the internet showcasing old EVs like the 2011 Nissan Leaf, but owning a vehicle like that is risky. Therefore, all the EVs in this list will be from 2017 on, giving prospective buyers peace of mind knowing that there will be around four years left on the battery warranty.

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Best Practices For Sourcing And Selling Used Evs

If youâre considering adding more EVs to your inventory, make sure you have chargers available and the staff is trained properly. Consider where you can set up chargers, how frequently cars need to be charged, and what types of batteries and chargers youâre willing to cater to. Hereâs acomprehensive guide from the Electrification Coalition with more details. If youâre having trouble sourcing EVs because of the microchip shortage, consider cars that havenât been affected by the shortageinstead.

If youâre set up to sell EVs already, check out our selection of electric vehicle auctions, and buy cars online today. We look forward to working with you at ACV Auctions! Start finding great inventory by registering below.

If You Want To Go Electric But Only Have The Budget For A Used Car This Guide Is Essential Reading We Run Through The Most Affordable Used Electric Cars On The Market Today

Electric cars have a lot going for them. Not only are they better for the local environment , theyre also easier and cheaper to maintain thanks to their lack of complex moving parts – which can make them a brilliant used purchase. Theyre also easy and relaxing to drive, without gears to contend with or a noisy petrol or diesel engine.

Unfortunately, new electric cars tend to be more expensive than petrol or diesel equivalents, because the large lithium-ion battery takes up a big chunk of an EV’s build cost. As such, the vast majority of them are over £30,000. Here, we’ve found electric cars under a decade old for as little as £5,000.

While older electric cars with over 100,000 miles on the clock will suffer from battery degradation studies have shown that this isn’t as drastic a problem as many people think.

We’ve ranked the best electric cars here, but we think the options below are the best used electric cars you can get right now. So whether youre looking to swap your main car for an electric car or just want a second urban runaround, you dont have to spend a fortune to go electric.

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Best Used Hybrids And Electric Cars Under $20000

Buying used is a smart move you save all that money on depreciation up front, for one thing. Buying a used hybrid or electric car can be an even smarter buy. Not only are you saving on the purchase price, but youre also saving at the gas pump or maybe skipping it entirely.

These days, it can be tough to find a used car on any budget, but weve put together this list of the 10 best used hybrids and electric cars under $20,000 to help you get started.

Best Electric Cars For 2022

Best Used Electric Vehicles For £5k to £10k! (2020)

We knew this was coming. They warned us. The electric car revolution is upon us, and we couldnt be happier. 2022 finds us with more EV choices than ever before, with a wide range of prices, styles, and capabilities.

The Autotrader editorial team has driven and lived with the 2022 model-year electric cars. Weve asked the right questions about the interiors, the exteriors, the powertrains, the ride and handling, the features, the comfort, and of course, the prices. Do they serve the purpose for which they were built? Whether that purpose is commuting efficiently to and from work in the city, keeping your family safe, making you feel like youve made it to the top or youre on your way or making you feel like youve finally found just the right partner for your lifestyle.

We take each electric vehicle we test through the mundane parking, lane-changing, backing up, testing cargo space and loading as well as the essentials acceleration, braking, handling, interior quiet and comfort, build quality, and materials quality.

Here are Autotraders picks for the 10 best electric vehicles of 2022, listed alphabetically by brand.

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The 5 Best Used Ev Electric Cars You Can Get

The 5 Best Used EV Cars You Can Get

A Tesla getting a recharge. Source: Tesla.

Buying a used electric vehicle is like an environmental double whammy. You get to drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle while saving money and also avoiding the considerable resource costs that go into constructing a new car. Buying a used EV is a green decision in more ways than one.

But what kinds of EVs are best to buy used? What are the risks and rewards of buying a used EV? Today, thats what were going to investigate.

Best Used Electric Cars 2022

Looking to go electric, but can’t afford the price of a new EV? There are plenty of affordable used car options on offer.

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity, as more people look to these battery-powered as a way of reducing their environmental footprint, as well as bringing down running costs.

With more than one-in-10 new cars sold in 2021 being electric , it’s clear this is a segment that is rapidly growing.

New electric cars can prove quite pricey to buy, but if you don’t want to splash out the full cost, there are an increasing number of used EVs available, and at affordable prices too. Let’s take a look at the best used electric cars.

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The Best Used Electric Cars 2022

Theres no way around it: the automotive world is going electric. Even with reduced incentives and some brand new EVs carrying exorbitant price tags, demand is climbing. Gas prices and out-of-control emissions have led many people to take the plunge and shop for new models, regardless of available tax credits.

If youre searching for a new electric vehicle and dont want to get hung up on the newest models, used electric models still offer strong EV batteries with long ranges and the latest charger technologies. Used electric vehicles are more affordable than their new model counterparts, but they can still be more expensive than used gas vehicles. That said, if youre in the market for a used electric SUV or crossover, theres never been a better time to shop.

Weve selected a crop of used EVs from the last few model years. Many of these vehicles are still on sale today, but some have been discontinued or modified in recent years. Keep in mind that used EVs are not eligible for EV tax credits, and they may not offer the longer-range capabilities of the new models.

Used Prices Are New Prices

New Cars 2020 Awesome Maserati S Electric Sports Car Due In 2020 Might ...

In the not-so-long-ago past, the best advice for used car shoppers was to go where the markups werent.

Today, though, the best advice is to avoid the market entirelyunless you absolutely cannot. Thats perhaps even more true for the used EV market than for conventional internal combustion vehicles, which are in greater supply.

Theres not a lot of availability, so prices for the used EVs that are there are going to be higher, just as with the new-car market, said Sam Abuelsamid, an industry analyst and EV specialist with Guidehouse Insights and a Forbes Wheels contributor.

On average, used EV prices have climbed more than 25% in the past year, said Scott Case, CEO at Recurrent, a battery health provider thats been tracking the used EV market since late 2020. Popular models, such as the four Tesla modelswhich account for more than 40% of new EV sales and have started to dominate used EV listings as wellhave climbed even higher.

One major online seller, Carvana, had only a few thousand EVs on its national used vehicle listings in early June, and 90% of them were marked purchase pending, said Carvana spokesperson Veronica Cardenas. The site has over 32,000 car listings across all types.

Some advice can make shopping a bit easier for anyone heading into the used EV market, but it helps to understand how we got here.


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