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Why It Stands Out: Scandinavian Design More Space And Features For The Money Recharge Plug

The 30 Best Electric Cars To Buy RIGHT NOW!

OK, so sometimes it is about being a bit sensible, and the XC60 is more so than most. It’s more spacious than the norm and this Volvo boasts safety credentials that should please fretful parents everywhere. It’s also pretty fuel efficient, and even available with an excellent plug-in hybrid model dubbed Recharge. But the XC60 also isn’t some uber-utilitarian boxy Volvo of old. The styling is timelessly beautiful, and its interior oozes Scandinavian cool. Quality and feature content are also fully in keeping with the bigger, pricier XC90. Basically, the XC60 is one of the more sensible choices in the segment, but also one of the best.

Why It Stands Out: Beautiful Interior Impeccable Engineering Oozes From Everything Five Engine Options Well

If the GV80 is the supremely talented rookie of the year, the GLE is the perennial all-star who’s recently taken its game to a whole new level. This midsize luxury SUV builds upon its illustrious predecessors with elements that also make it far more competitive in the segment as a whole: more cohesive styling, an opulent interior, five engine choices and nearly every bit of infotainment and safety technology in Mercedes’ vast arsenal. If anything, all that tech can easily overwhelm, especially the MBUX interface. Still, it sure looks pretty with its ultra-wide twin-screen setup and vivid graphics. Note that a third-row seat is a $2,100 option, but like the GV80’s, it’s quite small and likely a rare feature to find on dealer lots.

Volkswagen Passat Estate Gte

  • Kerbweight: 1760kg
  • Legal towing limit: 1600kg

With a price thats just north of £40,000, the Passat Estate GTE is going to be within reach of more budgets than the X5.

Although it might lack the BMWs distinctive wow factor, the GTE has much to offer and is a thoroughly appealing PHEV.

The high kerbweight for its size contributes to impressive stability, whether you are driving on the motorway or travelling on a country road.

A tauter suspension set-up compared with the otherwise similar koda Superb iV gives the Volkswagen a more secure feel while towing.

Whats more, the healthy 1600kg towing limit means that a broad choice of family tourers can be towed by the GTE, so you wont need to compromise or limit your choice of caravan if you are considering the switch to a petrol-electric car.

Some PHEVs can sound rather raucous when the engine is working hard.

You will find that this is not a problem with the Volkswagen, because the GTEs 1.4-litre petrol engine is impressively serene.

The official all-electric range for the Passat is 38 miles. We havent quite matched that in our test drives, but we have achieved over 30 miles.

When the battery does run low and the petrol engine is required, the changeover from electric to hybrid running is smooth and subtle.

As far as the cars interior is concerned, the Passat is solidly made, if rather conservative in its design. Importantly for tow car drivers, theres lots of passenger space and luggage room is very generous, too.

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Porschetaycan 4s Cross Turismo

$93,700 – $187,600
Edmunds Tested RangeEdmunds’ real-world range test measures the distance an electric vehicle can travel on a full charge.More info
250 mi
Edmunds Rating
8.3 out of 10

The Cross Turismo is the wagon-like version of Taycan. It provides more cargo room and passenger space with no perceptible trade-off in the driving experience. With the Cross Turismo, you can get incredible comfort and effortless driving one moment and then, with the twist of a knob, world-beating performance the next.

Best Electric Bikes Above $5000

Best Electric Cars for Kids (Review &  Buying Guide) in 2020

You just couldnt stop, could you? I showed you plenty of awesome e-bikes that didnt cost most of a paycheck. But you just haaaaad to keep going.

Fine, here they are. These are some of the most expensive e-bikes out there that weve tested and that Id actually recommend someone buying, if you can pony up the cash.

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Are Electric Cars Better For The Environment

For many would-be electric motorists, this will be the million-dollar question, yet its also the one that theres probably most argument over. Supporters of electric mobility will tell you that having fewer cars chucking out CO2 into the atmosphere cant help but cut down on greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, sceptics will argue that electric cars take more energy to build in the first place, and that having more of them on the road just means an increased burden on the national grid, meaning more CO2 emissions from the coal-fired power stations that make the electricity used to charge them. So, whos right?Unfortunately, nobody really knows for sure. Countless studies have provided evidence on both sides, but its such a complex equation with so many variables that nobody has managed to prove their case conclusively.What you can say with confidence, though, is that electric cars definitely improve local environments. If you ignore carbon dioxide for a moment, petrol and diesel cars kick out all sorts of other pollutants that pollute the atmosphere and can cause breathing difficulties for those in the vicinity.And the bigger picture? Well, as fossil fuel reserves run dry, power producers will have no choice but to move towards more renewable energy sources, so as power stations become greener in future, so will electric motoring.

Do Evs Drive Differently To Conventional Vehicles

Yes, but not as differently as you might think. And most importantly, most people find that once theyve travelled a few miles in an EV, they no longer notice anythings changed. If you compare an EV with a typical automatic petrol, and the differences are quite subtle. The most obvious contrast between the two is when you fire them up the EV is completely silent. Although it sounds obvious, this takes some getting used to in the first instance.

The next thing youll notice is how responsive the EV feels. Other than that and depending on the car, there are few other differences. What you will notice, though, is when you jump back into a petrol or diesel car, they will feel slow, unrefined and dead on their feet. This is completely normal.

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Rad Power Bikes Radmission

The $1,199 RadMission is the epitome of an affordable metro bike. Its purely designed for the city, though that hasnt stopped me from abusing it off road either, testing its impressive ruggedness.

The bike features moderately-sized tires that balance ride comfort and efficiency, yet offers no suspension, keeping it light and long-lasting. Theres a peppy 500W motor and removable 500Wh battery. Both are balanced nicely to offer good performance while keeping the price and weight low.

Rad Power Bikes is also the largest electric bicycle company in North America, meaning youve got the backing of a solid service department and the peace of mind from knowing the company will be around for years to come.

You can check out my complete review of the Rad Power Bikes RadMission here.

Rad Power Bikes RadMission quick specs:

  • Motor: 500W rear hub motor
  • Battery: 48V 10.5Ah
  • Top speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 20-45 miles
  • Weight: 47.5 lb

Rad Power Bikes RadMission

Frey Ex Pro Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Cars 2022 (and the ones to avoid) Top 10 | What Car?

The FREY EX Pro is a high-end electric mountain bike with crazy high power. It uses the same motor as the CSC FT1000MD we featured above , but cranks up the current to provide closer to 1,500W of power.

Its enough to destroy chains if you arent careful. We know. Several of us here at Electrek have done it.

The FREY EX Pro not only features high-end parts like a RockShox Lyric fork and Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes, but it even comes with dual batteries so you can ride farther and stay on the trails longer.

Ive personally taken this e-bike back UP a downhill mountain bike course thats how powerful it is.

It may be expensive, but it saves you several thousand dollars compared to many European electric mountain bikes with similar components but a fraction of the power in the FREY.

See my full review of the FREY EX Pro here.

  • Motor: 1 kW continuous, 1.5 kW peak-rated Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Top speed : 59 km/h
  • Battery: Dual 48V 14Ah packs
  • Range: Varies considerably by ride style/terrain, but 30-100 km is the ballpark

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There Are More Electric Cars Than Ever To Choose From So We’ve Picked Some Of The Best You Can Buy In The Uk Now

Pressure is growing on UK motorists to ditch their petrol and diesel-powered vehicles and switch to pure-electric cars, but which are the best electric cars available to buy now on the UK car market?

The number of electric cars on the UKs roads continues to grow, as more new electric cars are launched and used electric cars become more widely available. The choice of new electric cars available to consumers will continue to expand as more manufacturers get on board with the technology in preparation for tightening emissions regulations and upcoming bans on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

At the same time, the electric car-charging infrastructure in the UK is improving, making electric cars more viable for more people. The wider availability of fast and rapid chargers at homes and workplaces, as well as in public spaces, means it’s easier than ever to make the swap into a BEV and enjoy its lower running costs with relatively little inconvenience. Even if you cant manage with a pure EV, todays plug-in hybrids offer a good halfway house option.

Rad Power Bikes Radwagon 4

Cargo electric bikes are the workhorses of the e-bike world. They have higher weight capacities and more surface area for carrying all of your gear.

The $1,999 Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is one of my favorite options thanks to the awesome build and wide range of compatible Rad accessories.

The bikes 750W motor and large capacity battery make it easy to hit the top speed of 20 mph and ride farther than your errands will require.

Plus that long rear bench has tons of room for boxes, bags, or kiddos. Ive had three riders on the bike plenty of times, and it can definitely do more. Plus, I love that double center kickstand for creating an ultra-stable parking platform.

Check out my full in-depth review of the RadWagon 4 e-cargo bike here.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 quick specs:

  • Motor: 750 W geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 32 km/h
  • Range: 45-72 km depending on user input
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon

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Why It Stands Out: More Features For The Money Spacious And Versatile Interior Distinctive Design Electric Version Could Be Better: Fuel

Most subcompact luxury models feel a bit like cheap knockoffs of their bigger, pricier brand mates. The XC40, by contrast, is a break from the Volvo norm in a good way. It rides on a different platform from the various 60- and 90-series Volvos, resulting in a car that’s a bit more playful to drive, but still possessing the solid, refined feeling one expects from the brand. Its design is more utilitarian and youthful, eschewing luxury trims like chrome and wood in favor of elements like contrasting roofs and vibrant interior colors. Importantly, it’s also one of the larger, more versatile vehicles in the segment and provides more features for the money. It’s a desirable vehicle to buy on its own merits in a segment that often feels like you got it cause you couldn’t afford a pricier model.

Electric Vehicle Best Buy Of 2022

Girl Favorite Daughter Car Electric Car Ev 35kw High Speed 100

As the electric vehicle market starts to heat up, the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E is landing some of the best punches in the EV battle.

Available for sale in all 50 states, the Mustang Mach-E brings some of the best plug-in style, tech, and performance available among affordable electric cars. Its SUV-leaning shape and fresh attitude also contribute to the Mach-Es value to both Ford and to the emerging EV landscape. When pricing gets added to the equation, the Ford Mustang Mach-E makes a value statement deserving of our 2022 Best Buy Award for electric vehicles.

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Will All Cars Be Electric By 2030

The UK Government has said that sales of new conventional petrol and diesel cars must end by 2030. Hybrid models capable of travelling a ‘significant’ distance under electric power can be sold until 2035. Once these dates have passed, you’ll still be able to buy and sell used petrol and diesel models as well as drive them on the road.

Should I Buy A Second Hand Electric Car

One of the biggest obstacles most people cite when it comes to buying an electric car is the price. You can save money by searching for a used electric car on heycar. All cars advertised on heycar are less than eight years old, with less than 100,000 miles on the clock and come with a 12 month warranty so you can feel relaxed about buying a used EV.

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Are You Exempt From Paying Road Tax On Electric Cars

For the time being, electric cars are completely exempt from car tax, in both the first and subsequent years, as they emit zero CO2.

Electric cars costing more than £40,000 are also now exempt from the ‘expensive car supplement’, since an announcement in the 2020 Budget, which sees most cars priced above £40,000 liable for an additional £335 per year of car tax for years two to six.

For more on the rules around taxing your car, read our guide on car tax explained.

Best Electric Vehicles Of 2022 And 2023

Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy an Electric Car

The best new electric vehicles of 2022 ranked by experts. Get ratings, eMPG, vehicle range, price and more at Find the best EV for you with Kelley Blue Book expert ratings.

Drivers looking for a high-tech electric SUV from an established automotive brand will find a lot to love in the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This EV has impressive range, an upscale interior, and the engaging performance youd expect from the Mustang name.

The all-electric 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV subcompact car can run for 259 miles on a single charge. Pricing starts at $25,600, which is $5,900 less than last year. These factors mean that the Chevy Bolt EV can be a second car or even an only car.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric full-size pickup. Yes, a battery-powered version of the highly regarded, highly capable, and highly successful F-150. A standard-range battery results in 452 horsepower and a range of 230 miles. The extended-range battery provides 580 horsepower and 300 miles. Both have a muscular 775 lb-ft of torque.

The 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge all-electric small luxury SUV is spacious, stylish, safe, and swift. Its just a shame about the 223-mile range.

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How Should You Charge An Electric Car

Don’t even think about using a domestic three-pin socket to charge your car. This is slow. Very slow. We’re talking in excess of 35 hours’ worth of slow, depending on the car.

For regular charging at home, if your property allows it, you’ll be best off investing in a dedicated fast charger. This normally takes the form of a wallbox mounted on the outside of your house. The type of charger, connector and wattage you need will depend on your car, budget and what electricity connection you have.

When you’re away from home, you can use a number of different websites or apps to find out where your nearest public charging point is. These include on-street charging points in city centres, for example, as well as the growing number of high-voltage fast chargers and rapid chargers at strategic service stations on the motorway network.

Currently, charging points are run by a variety of separate networks, so youll need work out which ones are compatible with your car, and register with them accordingly. And bear in mind that some public charging points can be very costly when compared with rates for home charging, with some providers billing based on the duration of the charge, rather than the amount of electricity consumed.

See our dedicated electric car charging guide for all you need to know.

How Do Electric Cars Work

In many ways, driving an electric car is exactly the same as driving a petrol or diesel car. You still get a steering wheel, pedals and a gear shifter.

Rather than a petrol or diesel engine sending power to the wheels, batteries send power to electric motors that drive the wheels. It’s a relatively simple system that requires very few moving parts – just one or two motors fed by what is usually a rather large battery.

Probably the first thing that sticks out is how quiet electric cars are. An electric car’s motor doesnt roar into life like a petrol or diesel engine when you turn it on theres no noise. Instead, you usually get a light on the dash saying Ready or words to that effect which might be accompanied by a warning tone when it switches on.

That lack of noise continues as you get underway. Electric cars are so quiet that an EU rule brought in in 2019 means they have to be fitted with an external noise-emitting device to warn pedestrians theyre approaching. Many EVs also emit a soundtrack internally for those who miss the aurul experience of a combustion engine car, but it can be turned off.

Aside from the lack of noise, the best electric cars are notable for how easy they are to drive. Electric cars produce maximum torque immediately so you get instant acceleration the minute you push your foot on the accelerator.

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