Alternatives To Tesla Power Wall


The Best Alternatives To The Tesla Powerwall

The Best Alternatives to the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most popular solar batteries on the market. And rightfully so. Backed by a big-name brand, this battery offers 13.5 kilowatt-hours of solar storage and has some impressive specs.

That said, installing a Tesla Powerwall could cost between $12,000 and $16,000, so it may not be the most cost-effective battery for your solar system. And it might not even be the best in terms of performance.

There are quite a few Tesla Powerwall alternatives that give this popular battery a run for its money.

In this blog, well take a look at three solid alternatives to the Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall Alternative #: Byd Battery

Like the Tesla Powerwall, the BYD Battery-Box entered the market in 2015. Its made by Chinese solar manufacturer BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams.

  • This modular tower battery comes in various sizes and voltage levels, giving you more options to choose the best battery for your home or businesss energy needs.
  • Its a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate battery, which performs well at high temperatures and has a longer cycle life than other lithium batteries.
  • Battery modules can be stacked to increase total storage capacity.
  • The BYD battery comes with a 10-year warranty and claims to be good for around 3,000 total cycles.
  • Some of the most affordable batteries on the market, ranging from $2,000 to $9,700 depending on size

  • The Battery-Box warranty is slightly below industry standards, guaranteeing operation at only 60% capacity after 10 years , which is low compared to other batteries on the market

Winning Features Of The Enphase Iq Battery: A Tesla Powerwall Alternative


With the Enphase IQ battery, you have the option of connecting multiple storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole home backup. The Encharge IQ comes in two different sizes: Encharge 3 and Encharge 10.

What this means for you: this gives you more flexibility with your specific energy needs. Connect multiple Encharge storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole home backup.


The Enphase IQ is a lithium-ion battery, like most other solar batteries from leading manufacturers. However, the difference with Enphase is Lithium iron phosphate chemistry instead of Nickel Manganese Cobalt .

What this means for you: one of the safest batteries you can purchase: LFPs stay cooler, eliminating the risk of thermal runaway fires. In addition, the Enphase IQs cells are safety tested and the battery has passive cooling, which means no moving parts or fans.


With the Enphase app, youll be able to easily track your energy consumption. When you have Enphase IQ inverters youll also be able to track solar panel production and consumption in real-time, all in one app. With Storm Guard, you can also be notified of weather directly from the National Weather Service.


Enphase created a unique design that backs up your backup system: multiple microinverters placed in the energy storage unit.

Overall, the Enphase IQ is a great Tesla Powerwall alternative. Read more about the Enphase IQ battery.

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Benefits Of A Solar Battery

Why would you want a solar battery? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Lower electric bill
  • Protection from power outages
  • Maximize your solar panels

How does a solar battery do all this, you ask? One of the top reasons homeowners have decided to add a battery backup to their solar system is to reduce their monthly electric bill. Solar panels often produce more electricity than a home can use, especially during the day. With a battery backup, you can store excess power for your home to use at night. Not only can you use that power at night, but also during any type of power outage. Homeowners like you want to feel protected from rising electricity costs and natural disasters thats why theyre adding a battery to their solar systems.

Read more about solar batteries.

Tesla Powerwall Alternative #: Enphase Encharge

Tesla Powerwall Alternative

We refer to the Enphase Encharge as the most intelligent solar battery backup system. Thats because the Encharge isnt just a battery but an all-in-one smart energy hub for your entire home solar system.

While it may not have as much public brand recognition as Tesla, Enphase is a leader in solar manufacturing best known for its microinverters. When the Encharge entered the solar battery market in 2019, it became a popular Tesla Powerwall alternative.

Enphase Encharge Pros:

  • Enphase is a modular battery system sizes are available in increments of 3.5 kW .
  • Its an easy-to-use smart system that can automatically toggle between solar, grid, battery or generator power depending on the needs of your home.
  • One of the most versatile batteries, allowing for direct integration of generators for additional off-grid power
  • One of few batteries that can automatically detect a grid power outage and switch your home into off-grid mode .

Enphase Encharge Cons:

  • The Encharge 10 typically costs around the same amount as a Tesla Powerwall, despite offering less capacity and a lower power rating.

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Pros Of The Sonnencore Solar Battery

The sonnenCore battery melds together solar energy with features befitting even the most technologically advanced smart home, while still keeping it at a reasonable price.

Because of the companys commitment to advancing technologies, the battery has many useful features that should be considered when looking at battery backup systems.

Some features of the sonnenCore solar battery include:

  • sonnen’s smart system allows owners to manage where energy is being sent
  • The sonnenCore has a variety of operating modes so you can get exactly what you want out of your battery
  • The sonnenCore is an LFP battery, meaning it is safer and less toxic than NMC batteries
  • sonnen offers a 10-year warranty that ensures the battery will maintain up to 70% of its storage capacity over a 10-year lifespan

What Is A Power Wall In Richmond Hill Ontario

As more and more houses and businesses are switching to solar, this source of renewable energy is much more than just a trend or a hot topic for the news. Instead, this is slowly becoming the way of modern life, and it has caused quite a stir. The only problem with solar energy is that the sun is only up for so many hours of the day. Because of this, every house that relies on solar needs to have a backup power plan in place.

Some homes simply stick to generators when they are not getting enough solar energy, but more and more people are choosing to go with home battery storage methods, and these are the top reasons why.

Most people are not aware of this, but home battery storage methods are not just for individuals that use solar energy. They can also be used by individuals that have regular electricity. If the power goes out for some reason, such as windstorm, the power that was saved in the battery storage system will definitely come in handy.

Tesla Powerwall is an example of a home battery storage. It is designed to be attached on walls and should be integrated with solar panels. It works as the pit stop of the energy being harvested from other solar technology installed in your home.

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Fortress Power Evault Max

Buying a solar panel system and battery storage is different for a commercial setup and a residential setup.

It would be best if you significantly had a higher capacity battery for commercial settings as you are powering businesses under heavy-duty operations.

The Fortress Power eVault Max uses Prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells, making the system more efficient and optimal.

If youre looking to expand storage quickly, Fortress Power eVault Max has capacities for 18.5 kWh up to 370 kWh.

Fortress Power offers a 10-year warranty to its eVault Max.

Pricing Breakdown Of Top Lithium Batteries

Tesla Powerwall Alternative | SolarEdge and LG RESU

This pricing breakdown accounts for supporting hardware required for an average battery system. Keep in mind that for the Powerwall specifically, Tesla recommends professional installation and may require you to use a certified installer. By contrast, most of the other batteries on the list can be purchased and installed without being contacted by a sales rep.


Now, the pricing does not tell the full story. Most of the batteries require professional installation. In fact, Tesla wont allow customers to install their own batteries. The only battery on this list that doesnt require some sort of professional installation is the Fortress Power eVault. This makes its effective cost per KWH much lower because installation is as simple as connecting the power cables to the inverter. So with that said, the Fortress Power battery is the most affordable because you dont need a professional installer. Get one here.

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I Want To Upgrade To Lifepo4 Wall

The substantial benefits that Lithium-Ion technology offer over lead-acid technology means that using Lithium-Ion batteries is becoming an ever more popular choice. And you haven’t done it yet, maybe thats because youre already adapted to the lead-acid solar storage system and still confused about this replacement process. To be honest, this is not as complicated as you think, and it brings the conveniences that you cant imagine with lead-acid products.

Just like all the battery replacement, if you want to replace your existing lead-acid battery or any other type of photovoltaic system, you need to consider your capacity, power, and size requirements, as well as making sure you have the right system. So is there anything else needed to think about?

Tesla Powerwall Alternative #: Generac Pwrcell

If youre looking for the most powerful home battery, the Generac PWRcell is a stronger option than the Tesla Powerwall.

Its probably not a surprise that the company long known for making backup power generators has a solar battery option. However, Generac only entered the market when it bought out Pika Energy a battery storage manufacturer in 2019.2

Generac PWRcell Pros:

  • Offers the highest capacity and power output of any solar storage options on our list
  • Features a modular design that allows you to expand your storage capacity if your power needs evolve. Sizes range from 9 kilowatt-hours to 18 kWh.
  • Smart Management Modules automatically manage power distribution during power blackouts, ensuring critical loads maintain power.
  • Meets industry-standard 10-year warranty

Generac PWRcell Cons:

  • The PWRcell is hard to add to an existing home solar system, so its likely only an option for new solar users.
  • One of the more expensive solar batteries, starting at around $9,900 for the 9 kWh .
  • For some of the PWRcell models, Generac mentions a throughput warranty, which is based not on the years youve had the battery but rather on how much energy has been stored and used during the batterys lifespan.

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After The Trial: Observations And Wrapping Up

Over the course of this project, the Battery Test Centre provided a very valuable amount of data and insight regarding the performance of a wide range of storage batteries.

As well as the lessons learned for consumers, noted above, ITP Renewables made some observations about the storage battery market.

  • The company noted a trend towards integrated battery and inverter systems, or battery/inverter compatibility only between models from the same manufacturer. This removes some of the problems that might otherwise arise from mismatched inverters and batteries, but also removes some flexibility for installation.
  • It also noted a trend towards high-voltage inverters and battery packs, which are generally simpler to install, more efficient and potentially less expensive.

ITP believes that the trial has overall been a success, raising interest in storage batteries with consumers and providing them with valuable data, and helping to increase accountability from battery manufacturers on the performance and support for their products.

With the trial complete, ITP is investigating options to decommission or dispose of the tested batteries and the testing facility itself, with a preference to finding a home for the products and equipment that allows ongoing knowledge-sharing, such as electrical training programs.

How Battery Energy Storage Systems Work

Image result for pictures of 2 powerwalls installed

Grid-tied applications are the most common integration for Powerwall in Canada. It is now possible to go fully off-grid with Powerwall or to provide backup power in commercial applications.

Tesla Powerwall replicates the frequency of the electrical utility grid, called grid-forming. This feature allows solar panels to continue to operate in the event of a grid outage, contrary to the typical anti-islanding behaviour which turns solar power systems ) off in the event of an outage.


Remaining grid-tied is the most economical option if your property has an existing electrical utility connection. This is explored further below.

Grid energy and stored energy interplay with each other seamlessly and automatically. When the grid goes down, Powerwall senses the disruption and continues to provide energy.

No delays. No manual switching required.

Grid-tied Powerwall installations in Canada come in two forms whole home backup and critical loads backup.

Whole Home

As the name suggests, whole home backup provides electricity to the entire home. This option typically requires multiple Powerwalls to adequately power your home.

Powerwalls tie into your main electrical panel and all loads receive energy in the event of a grid outage.

Critical Loads

You and your family can weather any storm and still live a comfortable lifestyle with an operating fridge, freezer, internet, boiler, and select switches & outlets.

Commercial Energy Storage

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Lg Energy Solution Resu Prime

The LG Energy Solution RESU battery is a lithium-ion battery that captures solar energy and stores it for later use in residential settings. In 2021, Energy Solution introduced new higher-capacity RESU Prime batteries in order to answer the needs of the marketplace affected by power outages and to more directly compete with Tesla.

The RESU Prime can be used as either a whole-home backup during outages or as a day-to-day battery pack, meaning it charges and discharges over a traditional 24-hour period. The RESU Prime comes in capacities of 10 and 16 kWh, and can be installed in pairs to create a whole-home backup for even larger homes that use a lot of electricity.

The average cost of one LG battery, including supporting equipment and installation, ranges from $11,000 to $15,000, depending on battery capacity, installation cost, and location.

Tesla Powerwall 20 Vs Powervault G: The Winner

At the times when you’re most likely to be using the energy stored in a solar battery between 5-10kWh is about how much is needed for the average household. So, don’t be put off by the Powervault G200 not having as much capacity as the Powerwall, as it can store more than enough for your home. If you feel that your home is well above average, in terms of electricity usage, then the Powerwall 2.0 will be the best solar battery for you, and if your energy usage increases over time you can add up to 10 units.

Despite the Powerwall 2.0 having a higher capacity than the Powervault, it’s still not enough to enable you to break free from the National Grid just yet. You’ll still need to top up your energy through your energy supplier but that’s true of any solar storage system at the moment.

If your home has a high demand for electricity, then the Powerwall probably feels like the clear winner and, to seal the deal, the Uninterruptible Power Supply with the Backup Gateway 2.0 is a great feature that will keep your home running during a power cut.

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Choosing A Storage Battery

To get you on your way to choosing the right storage battery for you, we have listed the key elements below so you know what to look out for:

  • Useable capacity This refers to the amount of energy that the battery can store. You will normally find that some batteries are advertised as being 6kWh when their useable capacity really is closer to 5.5kWh. The reason for this is that none of these batteries should drain to zero, thus reducing the risk of damage.
  • Cycles One complete discharge and one complete charge is called a cycle. You will find some manufacturers advertise how many times their batteries can be charged, and typically this will be in the thousands. For example, if your phone has an advertised lifetime of 1200 cycles and you fully charge your phone in the morning and use it all day till the following morning, you should expect the battery to last approximately 3 years before it loses its effectiveness.
  • Power output Its incredibly important to remember that the power output has to be up to scratch to be able to power even the smallest of devices through to your whole household. If you consider the number of devices and appliances in a typical home, you may be better off going for a larger solar battery to cater to this demand.

Lessons For Consumers From The Solar Battery Trial

TESLA Powerwall Alternative – WATTS Battery Power Array & Solar Generator
  • Malfunctions are all too possible with a storage battery.
  • Some battery manufacturers have already exited the market, and new ones keep appearing.
  • If you get a storage battery, it’s best to stick with major brands to make sure you get good warranty support.
  • Installation by an experienced solar battery installer is a must.

Storage battery technology is complex and still evolving, as is the industry itself. The trial has demonstrated that there’s a fair chance that a battery bought today will be obsolete within a few years or worse, it might malfunction.

Obsolescence is not a problem in itself as long as the battery keeps on working as claimed. But also, some manufacturers and distributors might not still be around to honour warranty claims something that happened during this trial.

Apart from the possible technical issues, it’s still the case that batteries don’t yet make full economic sense for most households, though we expect that to change within the next decade. We recommend you do your sums carefully to understand the economics for putting one in your home.

Many people are still investing in a battery regardless of the marginal economics in order to give their home more energy security and become more independent from energy companies.

You can also use our Solar Estimator tool to get quotes from reliable installers in your area.

Good warranty support is also essential, so we advise sticking with major brands who you can expect to still be around in 10 years.

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