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Tesla Model 3 Vs Model Y: Which One Should You Buy

2021 Tesla Model S in-depth review has it had its day? | What Car?

We take an in-depth look at each of Tesla’s entry-level models.

Tesla Model 3 or TeslaModel Y, which one should you buy? Before we go any further, if Track mode is a must-have for you, then the Model 3 Performance is your only choice. According to Tesla, there are no plans to introduce it for Model Y Performance, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, you can stop reading right now and go order yourself a Model 3 Performance. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, you could order it online in 90 seconds . But for those of you who aren’t into Track mode, this author extensively drove and experienced both Tesla entry-level models side by side in order properly gauge their similarities and differences.

Tesla is a swift moving automaker and doesn’t follow the usual model year cycle with their products. Since we first published this article in June of 2020, Tesla has made a few minor upgrades to both models. While the attached photos do not fully reflect the current actual vehicles, we’ve added some helpful contextual updates to our original story below.

So which one is right for you? Read on find out what we observed so you can make a more informed choice between the Model 3 and Model Y.

Range Charging And Battery Life

Under the Tesla’s floor lies a battery pack that yields a low center of gravity and evenly distributed weight from front to rear. Driving range and acceleration performance varies from model to model, with the Long Range Plus version’s battery providing up to a 402-mile range while the Performance model offers up to 348.

Which 2020 Tesla Model S Trim Do We Recommend

We would recommend going for the 2021 Model S Performance trim. The Performance variant, priced at an MSRP of $90,115, provides you better performance stats, to keep it straight. It ups the top speed to 163 miles per hour, but the most exciting aspect of it is its acceleration. A mind-boggling 0 to 60 MPH sprint in 2.4 seconds, and also a carbon fiber spoiler. The Performance variant is well worth spending if you have this much money to spare on a car.

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Used Electric Cars Model S Vs The Competition

Most people in the electric car world know that Tesla leads the packand this isnt really up for debate. However, with that saidthat doesnt mean that there arent other interesting offerings among other car manufacturers.

Which raises the questionhow does a used Tesla Model S stack up against the competition? The TL DR answer isvery well. In fact, as Elon said during the last Tesla Autonomy Eventmost manufacturers are still struggling to keep up with the 2012 Model S and cantso thats about all most people need to know. However, with that saidlets take a look at how a used Model S compares to other relatively popular EVs like the Nissan Leaf, etc.

Lucid Air

Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S

Ah, the fabled Lucid Airit seems this long-rumored premium EV sedan will finally come to fruition in 2021. But the question ishow does the Lucid Air compare to a Model S? Although no one knows for sure, we can examine some of the early data.

With a range of 400-500 miles, and a 1/4 mile time of 9.9 seconds , this seems like it could be the first time the Model S has a true competitor. We also know just how hard it is to bring a concept to productionso in reality, theres a lot that remains to be seen.

Used Tesla Model S For Sale

2020 Tesla Model S Review, Pricing, and Specs

If youre looking for a used Tesla Model S for sale, theres no doubt that youve come to the right place! Find My Electric is the ultimate Tesla marketplace, and were glad youre here!

We built Find My Electric to be the best, easiest to use Tesla marketplace on the web, hands down. Whether youre looking to sell a used Model S, or buy onethis is the most technologically-advanced platform in existenceso feel free to dig in and check out our listings below posted by Tesla enthusiasts and fans, just like you.


On this page, weve also taken the time to create the ultimate guide to buying a used Tesla Model S in 2020. We cover the basics, and also the in-depth, nerdy tips and tricks that you can use to find the best deal possible on a used Model S.

Sound good? Alright, lets jump into everything youve ever wanted to know about buying a used Tesla Model S!

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Fuel Economy And Real

While rivals such as the Chevy Bolt EV and even Tesla’s own Model 3 have encroached on its driving-range superiority, the Model S remains an impressive alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles when it comes to long-distance usability. The Model S Performance sacrifices some of its driving range to provide brutal acceleration performance. We tested a 100D model in 2018which is essentially the Long Range Model S 2019and found that our real-world range differed significantly from Tesla’s stated maximum range our test vehicle’s battery maxed out at 270 miles on our highway fuel-economy test route. If you drive more in the city, you should expect to get much closer to Tesla’s claimed range.

The 2019 Tesla Model S Is One Of The Longest

The Model S gets an easy 10 out of 10 on our green scale, due to its impressive range that betters most competitors. Long Range models tout a range of 373 miles, while Performance models are good for 348 miles.

The EPA says the Long Range model is good for 111 MPGe, while the Performance is a tad less efficient at 104 MPGe. Those differences might seem minute, but they matter to hyper-milers.

A note on electric range and efficiency: Extreme temperature as well as driving style can make a big difference in how far you go and how efficient you are. Cold weather and fast driving will deflate the proclaimed range. Dip into Ludicrous Mode and watch the total available range disappear nearly as quickly as the Tesla gets up to speed.

As for charging, the Model S can charge at up to 145 kw at existing Version 2 Superchargers. V3 Superchargers arriving later this year may add 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes. With existing V2 Superchargers, owners can plan on adding up to 170 miles of charge in 30 minutes.

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Ways To Buy A Used Model S

If youre looking to buy a used Tesla Model S, there are a few options:

  • Using a Tesla-specific marketplace
  • Buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle directly from Tesla
  • Buying from a dealer
  • Using a third-party site designed for gas-powered cars
  • Using an auction site like eBay Motors
  • Using a local Facebook or social media group
  • Buying direct from someone you know
  • If youre looking to get the widest selection of Teslas and the best prices, Find My Electric is your best bet overall.

    Shopping for a Used Tesla Online

    While there are other sites such as Craigslist, AutoTrader, etc. where you can shop for used Teslas, they really arent created for electric cars, especially not Teslas. You cant search/sort/filter based on Tesla-specific options, and theyre overrun with ads that often times dont even differentiate between Model S sub-types. Even sites that claim to cater to electric vehicles or Teslas specificall dont work well, are clunky, and dont allow you to manage your own ads.

    Facebook or other social media groups can be a decent place to look for a used Tesla, but its very hard to see more than the last day or so of posts, so many good deals slip through the cracks, and its really hard to find what you want as theres really no filtering beyond price.

    Buying From a Dealer

    Buying from a dealer is an OK option when it comes to buying a used Model S, but you need to make sure theyre a dealer who understands Teslas and has taken care of the car while they have it.

    What About Tesla Full Self

    2020 Tesla Model Y electric SUV revealed price, specs, release date | What Car?

    Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist technology is already one of the most advanced systems on the market, able to maintain speed, lane position, and more over long stretches of highway. The company’s basic Summon feature works to move the car in and out of your garage without you in it.

    But what about the company’s Full Self-Driving option? A $12,000 upgrade at the time of vehicle purchase, Full Self-Driving includes Navigate on Autopilot, City Steering, Auto Lane Change, Parking Assist, and Advanced Summon features, as well as access to future software updates the company promises will bring the technology ever closer to fulfilling the promise of its namesake.

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    Tesla Model S Used Vs New Pricing

    In 2020, the pricing for a new Tesla Model S is as follows:

    • Model S Long Range Plus: $69,420
    • Model S Performance: $91,990

    There are a few things to note about these prices as well:

  • They dont include state/local incentives which reduce the overall cost
  • They can easily be optioned higher with better wheels, paint colors, interiors, and software features like Full-Self Driving
  • They dont factor in the savings compared to a gas vehicle over time
  • Still, with that said, as awesome as Teslas are , $80k+ is just simply out of reach for many consumers

    So, what do you do if you want a Tesla but cant afford a new Model S? Well, you basically have 2 options:

  • Buy a Model 3
  • Buy a used Model S
  • Leasing a Model S could potentially be considered a third option, but generally speaking if you cant afford to buy a new Model S on a loan, leasing will probably be out of range too.

    Lets talk about the Model 3 for a momentits an amazing vehicleand here at Find My Electric, we love the Model 3for sure. But what if you have your heart set on a Model S? Well, in that case it might be hard to settle for a Model 3

    Its definitely up for debate, but the Model S is likely one of the best-looking sedans of all timeit just exudes tech cool, and as much as we love the nimbleness and value of the Model 3we have to say Model S has the edge on looks.

    Should You Buy The 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range

    The 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range is an exemplary electric SUV that offers the best in class performance and features. It is in a league of its own especially when it comes to charging time and range, thanks to Teslas large supercharging network. With a spacious cabin and unique features like semi-autonomous driving and falcon-wing doors, the Model X stands out in its class. Thus apart from the firm ride and unimpressive quality of materials on the inside, the Model X offers quite a practical package.

    More From Tesla:

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    Used/cpo Model S Pros

    Model 3 can be delivered faster in many cases Autopilot is often already included/paid for Model 3 may have better range and a fresher battery Free unlimited supercharging is often already included/paid for Model 3 battery technology is more efficient All aluminum so the body panels wont rust in winter-climate states Model 3 may be easier to park in urban areas and tight spots More options for wheels and tires Tires are typically cheaper due to their smaller size Larger interior and bigger seats Model 3 charges faster on lower amperage outlets Longer/wider rear view mirror All Model 3 vehicles are FSD-capable

    As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. So, we recommend taking a look at our used/CPO Model S vs. new Model 3 blog post to dive into some nerdy specifics!

    What Is The Value Of A 2020 Tesla Model S

    2020 Tesla Model S price and specs
    The value of a 2020 Tesla Model S, or any vehicle, is determined by its age, mileage, condition, trim level and installed options. As a rough estimate, the trade-in value of a 2020 Tesla Model S with no options and driven roughly 12,000 miles per year would be worth about $64,422 for one in “Clean” condition and about $67,666 if you’re selling it as a private party. Head to Edmunds for a more detailed appraisal, where you can see its estimated dealer retail value along with the values for other condition levels. Learn more

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    Incredibly Fast And With A Range That Puts Some Small Gas Tanks To Shame The Model S Leaves Almost Nothing On The Table When It Comes Getting To Faraway Places

    Part of the reason early electrics like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt failed to excite was their ho-hum performance. The Model S, however, took a different tack, and embraced performance almost from the beginning. The result is a hatchback that can embarrass almost every kind of exotic. Its a 9 out of 10.

    With the old rear-drive model now retired, both variants of the Model S utilize dual motors and all-wheel drive. A 100-kwh battery feeds those motors. In standard Long Range trim, this setup is good for a 3.7-second 0-60 mph time. In Performance trim, that time is cut down to an absurdly fast 2.4 secondsits one of the quickest production cars ever made.

    Perhaps most incredible about the experience is the lack of drama. The only sound from the Tesla as it rockets toward the horizon is the rushing of the tires on the asphalt and a touch of wind noise seeping through the frameless door glass.

    Over the road, the Model S is well-behaved. Theres no surprise motions over undulating pavement and bumps are quickly evened out by the standard air suspension. In its standard setting, the ride is firm without being harshappropriate for a sports sedan. The battery sits under the floor and, despite weighing nearly 5,000 pounds, the Model S corners with confidence.

    Even in its most aggressive regen setting theres no option for one-pedal driving in the Model S. All regenerative braking occurs via application of the brake pedal.

    Ev Motor Power And Performance

    With an electric motor dedicated to each of the front and rear axles, the Model S offers full-time all-wheel drive no matter which version you choose. Acceleration performance of the various models ranges from outstanding to ferocious. We haven’t tested the 2020 Model S Long Range Plus yet, but our 2018 100D test vehicle blasted from zero to 60 mph in a mere 3.9 seconds and delivered endless entertainment thanks to its immediate power delivery. If that’s not enough for you, the Model S Performance is capable of more brutal acceleration and in our testing managed a leap to 60 mph in a supercar-like 2.4 seconds using its Cheetah launch mode. The Model S is an agile sports sedan with well-controlled body motions and direct steering. Two different settings allow drivers to choose heavy or light steering effort, but neither of them enable more feedback from the road ahead. Ride comfort is good, and the Model S imparts a solid feeling on the road that perfectly accompanies its tranquility when cruising.

    More on the Tesla Model S

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    How Much Is A Tesla Model X

    At $104,990, the Tesla Model X is the priciest Tesla to start , costing $10,000 more than the base Model S. The SUV only has two trim options: regular and Plaid. Both trims offer all-wheel drive, with the Plaid getting three motors and much higher performance. Tick all the options and things start to get really pricey.


    333 Miles

    The Model X comes standard with a black interior, but offers optional white and black and cream-colored faux leather finishes, as well. Five-passenger seating is standard, with the seven-passenger version adding $3,500 to the cost and the six-seat configuration with two second-row captains chairs costing an additional $6,500.

    On both trims, Autopilot is standard but adding the Full Self-Driving Capability is now an extra $12,000. A loaded Model X costs $134,660 with destination, and a Plaid model with the same options costs $149,690.

    The Used Tesla Model S Buying Guide Putting It All Together

    Tesla Model Y | Review & Road Test

    We hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide to buying a used Tesla Model S! At this point, we cant imagine theres anything left to coverbut if youve got any questions, feel free to reach out to our team and well help you with anything that we can!

    And if youre currently in the market for a used Tesla Model S, be sure to check out our current listings. Happy Tesla hunting!

    Not sure which used Tesla you should buy? Wondering where to begin?


    Everything You Wanted to Know About the Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y

    Driving The Used 2020 Tesla Model S

    As a new decade opens, one certain to transform the automotive industry, the 2020 Tesla Model S comes in Long Range and Performance trim levels. The Long Range zips to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds while the Performance blasts to that same velocity in a downright ludicrous 2.4 seconds. That makes the Model S faster than just about any car on the road.

    Given the obscene thrust in either version of the car, a Model S is a real thrill ride. Upgrade to the handsome 21-inch wheels, and the wide rubber combined with the exceptionally low center of gravity gives this family-sized luxury car the moves of a high-end exotic.

    Under normal driving conditions, a lack of engine noise imbues the Model S with a serene demeanor, supported by good ride quality. And when you dont want to shoulder all of the driving responsibilities, you can lean on Autopilot, Teslas package of advanced driving-assistance systems . Standard for 2020, Autopilot can, in certain situations and with your constant supervision, take care of the braking, steering and acceleration duties. No, you cannot take a nap. So dont.

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