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2015 Tesla Model S P85D | 5 Reasons to Buy | Autotrader

The 2015 Tesla Model S P85D model offers two acceleration settings: Sport and Insane. Seriously, it has an “Insane” mode, and a 5,000-pound electric car accelerating from a standstill to 60 mph in just over three seconds is completely bonkers. Thats not just quicker than virtually any other production sedan, its quicker than a lot of supercars. This superbike-like performance is possible thanks to an additional electric motor that powers the front wheels. Combined with the standard rear motor, there is 691 horsepower available in what was already the best EV on the road today. The Tesla Model S was designed from the start as an EV, and its advantages in space, comfort, style, on-road silence, and battery range all stem from that design, whether youre in the new 70D entry model or the range-topping P85D. The low-mounted battery makes the Model S highly maneuverable, and the quick steering and excellent power delivery make it downright fun to drive.

Driving Range For The Model S Family

As the Model S family has expanded over time it has become more relevant to compare range from one variant to another with a consistent set of assumptions so our customers can know what to expect and make the best decision to fit their needs. This can be a bit difficult since the background test methodology and standards from the US EPA are evolving over time. There are also many customer vehicle configuration choices, both before and after purchase, that can affect range as much as or more than the vehicle platform choice itself. The most important example of this secondary configuration is the wheel and tire selection. This short paper will hopefully help to compare amongst all of the Model S family and understand how tire choices impact range as well.

EPA 5-cycle RangeThere are many different ways to compare vehicle range but the standard in the United States is from the EPA on a complicated combination of different driving conditions, all blended together. This is the number that you will see on the window sticker of a new car. We have written about this test method in several previous blogs that are still very relevant.

A comparison of all Model S variants based on EPA 5-cycle range is as follows:

60 208

Cruising RangeAnother range comparison that we have found useful is constant speed cruising range from one vehicle variant to another. If you are travelling on a road trip with mostly highway miles this is a useful value.


Used 2015 Tesla Model S Pricing

Excluding tax credits, the 2015 Tesla Model S 70D has a base price of just over $76,000, including the $1,200 destination charge. The rear-wheel-drive Model S 85 starts at about $81,000, while the all-wheel-drive 85D adds $5,000 to that price. For the high-horsepower Model S P85D, with its “Insane” mode, youll shell out about $106,000. Click all the options boxes and youll be looking at more than $131,000 worth of luxury electric vehicle, putting it in competition with “green” luxury cars like the $97,000 Porsche Panamera Hybrid instead of more commonplace electric cars like the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf. Check the Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price to see what others are paying in your area. Kelley Blue Book isnt currently tracking residual values for the Tesla Model S because of its low production volumes, though exclusivity generally leads to higher resale value.

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How To Travel Fast And Eat Well In A Tesla

The Model Ss embedded trip planner keeps a conservative store of electricity in reserve and favors frequent but short charging. As we crossed middle America, the nav system recommended stopping at almost every Supercharger along our route. But because the charging rate slows as the battery fills, we found it quicker to ignore Tesla’s recommendations, drive the car to near empty, and plug it in for only slightly longer charges. Our routine: Drive between 120 and 200 miles at roughly 5 mph over the speed limit, charge for 20 to 45 minutes to a predicted range 50 miles greater than what was needed for the next stint, then get back on the road. We typically arrived at the subsequent stop with 20 to 30 miles of remaining range, although uphill stints caused us to slash our speed or tuck in behind semis on a couple occasions. Starting with 247 miles of range and climbing a little more than 1000 feet over 190 miles into Weatherford, Oklahoma, we rolled to the plug with just two miles of indicated range.

Traveling in this manner requires some advanced planning to know which chargers to visit and which to bypass. We used Google Maps and plugged in our chosen charging stops knowing that we wouldnt risk a run longer than 200 miles.

Tesla Model S P85d Review

2015 Tesla Model S P85D 85kWh Dual Motor Performance 4x4 670BHP P90D ...

The manic Tesla Model S P85D sets a new benchmark. Our necks still hurt after experiencing its mind-blowing acceleration.

What we love
  • the best electric car ever made
What we don’t
  • Limited rear seat head room
  • no door storage


Its a word that shouldnt necessarily be associated with cars. It means something is in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction seriously mentally ill.

If cars had minds we cant confirm or deny that they dont! all of that would ring true for the 2015 Tesla Model S P85D and its Insane drive mode apart from that last bit about mental illness, because thats a bit insensitive.

With that in mind, we wanted to break the car down using that definition of insanity, seeing how the most, er, mental electric car on the market stacks up.

And as that description suggests, this is a car that renders its driver in a state that prevents normal perception, such is the bewildering acceleration on offer from the all-electric, all-wheel drive sedan.

Plant your right foot and your eyes struggle to keep up with whats happening around you.

Your face if only for the first second of acceleration feels like its melting.

Your neck strains as you try and keep your skull forwards. Seriously, my neck is still sore.

And you are shoved into your seat in a way that is reminiscent of a bonkers rollercoaster ride one thats almost silent.

It also changes your behaviour, as the definition of the word suggests.

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Tesla Model S P85d Video Review:

Your head is snapped into the headrest, your blood rushes to the back of your skull, and a rush of endorphins are circulated throughout your body. This is then followed by a huge grin and an exhale of laughter. This may sound like the latest thrill ride at Six Flags but its not Its the cycle of emotions that the Tesla Model S P85D offers when it makes its run to 60 MPH in 3.1 sec, all without burning a drop of gas.

The Model S P85D which we will just call the P85D from this point on is the latest flagship sedan from electric car maker Tesla. From the outside, the P85D looks like any other Model S, its whats under the car that makes all the difference. The D in the P85D stands for dual. Along with the super high performance rear motor that puts out 470hp, there is now a motor in the front that provides an additional 221hp giving you a grand total of 691hp and to manage all that crazy power, you now have AWD.

The star of the show really is the performance of this electric rocket but it would really be a disservice if I didnt tell you how practical the car is.

From the outside, the P85D looks like any other Model S, its whats under the car that makes all the difference. The D in the P85D stands for dual.

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Information About The Ev Body Style Dimensions Clearance Volumes Curb Weight Gvwr

The name of the manufacturer of the electric motor.

Electric motor type

The electric motor category according to the type of motor commutation. Most electric motors operate on magnetism and can be powered by direct current or alternating current sources. Depending on the type of commutation, electric motors are either self-commutated and externally commutated .

AC induction/asynchronous
Location of the motor

Information about the electric notor’s location. The two most common locations are the front and rear of the electric car.


The electric motor voltage is related to how fast a motor can run. The voltage-rotational speed relationship is proportional one – the higher the voltage, the higher the speed.

375 V

The power produced by the electric motor depends proportionally on the motor’s rotational speed.

350 kW

The name of the manufacturer of the second electric motor.

Motor type

Information about the type of the second motor depending on the type of current and the type of motor commutation. Self-commutated AC and DC motors can be mechanical or electronic and externally commutated motors can be only synchronous or asynchronous AC ones.

AC induction/asynchronous

Information about the location of the second motor. The most common locations are the front and the rear of the electric vehicle.


Information about the power of the second motor, which is proportionally related to the velocity and ultimately – the motor’s voltage.

165 kW

Tesla Model S P85d First Test

CNET On Cars – 2015 Tesla Model S P85D: Electric to excess! – Ep 61

Insane, Defined: 1. Cannot distinguish fantasy from reality subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior 2. Mentally deranged 3.Tesla Model S P85D

“In the options selection, you’ll be able to choose three settings: Normal. Sport. And Insane.” Elon Musk glanced around and grinned.

“Yeah, it will actually say ‘In-sane. ‘”

Musk chortled, along with the 2,000-strong crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Although Wall Street analysts were soured by his Los Angeles presentation of the Dual Motor Tesla Model S P85D and the mysteriously tweeted “something else” , all we can say is that the Wall Street suits haven’t ridden in the Model S P85D. And best they don’t if they want to keep their Brooks Brothers slacks dry, because we’ve just tested it, and as insane goes, it makes Charlie Manson look like Charlie Rose.

How crazy? Musk: “Our goal was to match one of the fastest cars ever made: the McLaren F1.” Somewhere in England, Gordon Murray’s porcupine eyebrows have just elevated three inches. Can the F1 designer’s fabled carbon-fiber, 627-hp, Ferrari-humbling masterpiece actually be paced to 60 mph by a five-seat sedan with a trunk sized for a Home Depot haul?

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Tesla Model S P85d Long

Witnessing change in 36,000 miles, plus one really long road trip.

From the April 2017 issue of Car and Driver.

On April 21, 2015, a Tesla Model S P85D rolled off a transporter in front of Car and Driver headquarters, its cherry-red paint spattered with mud as if it had come from its Fremont, California, assembly plant by way of the Oregon Trail. The cars unceremonious arrival belied the magnitude of the moment the very first electric car to undergo a Car and Driver long-term test made the impending seismic shifts facing our industry feel very real and very close. Youll note something similar the day you take delivery of your first plug-in vehicle.

Model S Driven and Tested

We knew that Tesla was driving massive changes in a century-plus-old industry, but wed soon be surprised to discover that the Model S was itself capable of change. When we took delivery of the car, Tesla was touting 691 horsepower from a car that would practically drive itselfjust as soon as the engineers finished writing the software. Plugging the Model S in behind the office, we could feed the car with our 40-amp circuit, adding 22 miles of predicted range per hour of charging.

Tesla Model S P85d For Sale Near Me





















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Shock Therapy: 2015 Tesla Model S P85d Driven

The P85D suddenly makes EVs seem antisocial.

From the February 2015 issue of Car and Driver.

Not having to wait is a luxury. Saving time is the justification the privileged give for indulging in fractional jet ownership and hiring personal assistants to attend funerals and bar mitzvahs on their behalf. Ideally, the less time you spend doing something unpleasant, the more time you have to do something worthwhile. But it never quite works out that way, or Minute Rice would have ushered in a new age of enlightenment.

Model S Tested!

Teslas Model S P85D acts like a car built on the mantra Waiting is for suckers. This 691-hp battery-electric vehicle is for the impatient, the toe tappers, and the watch checkers. Tesla claims that the P85D is capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, shaving 1.4 seconds from the rear-drive P85 it replaces. To get down to that number, Tesla added a 221-hp electric motor to drive the front wheels. This secondary unit works in conjunction with the P85Ds 470-hp rear motor to provide four-wheel drive. A similar two-motor setup will be available on all Model S versions starting this spring, and the upcoming Model X SUV also will share the system. But for now, the most snow-friendly Tesla is the top-shelf P85D.

Standard Features And Options

2015 Tesla Model S AWD (P85D) elektro

I preferred the standard brake region, insane mode for acceleration and suspension set low. I did try the creep mode which allows movement of the car when releasing the brake as one would expect in a normal ICE automatic and it seemed strangely out of place in an electric car. When creep is off, the Model S will slide backward at a stop sign on a hill as there is no brake hold. My favorite settings were easily configured through the 17 inch touch screen, even though Id never used one before.

The optional $2500 Next Generation Seats and the $3000 Premium Package are a welcome upgrade to the Model Ss somewhat spartan cabin. For the exterior size of the P85D, the interior volume seems small. The headroom in the rear is pretty tight with the optional glass roof which you need if you want to be able to use a roof rack. Speaking of options, add every option and you can end up paying $56,000 on top of the base price of a 70D model. Porsche, the king of option inflation of base price, would be proud.

Overall, the Tesla P85D is a phenomenal car. It manages to compete against the fastest sedans on earth, and yet still be a zero tailpipe emissions full electric car with a 253 mile range. When you add the safety aspect- 5 Star rating, the highest and an ever expanding network of free Superchargers, one can see why Tesla has such fiercely loyal owners.

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Tesla Model S Liftback 2014 2015 2016

What is the body type, Tesla Model S? Liftback, 5 Doors, 7 Seats
What is the range of pure electric driving, P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 480 km
What is electricity consumption, Tesla Model S P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 16.5 kWh/100 km6.1 km/kWh3.8 mi/kWh
How fast is the car, 2014 Model S P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 250 km/h | 155.34 mph0-100 km/h: 3.3 sec0-60 mph: 3.1 sec
How much power, Tesla Model S Liftback 2014 P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 463 Hp, 967 Nm713.22 lb.-ft.
What is the drivetrain, Tesla Model S Liftback 2014 P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? All wheel drive . BEV . One electric motor drives front wheels, one electric motor drives rear wheels.
How long is this vehicle, 2014 Tesla Model S Liftback? 4970 mm
How wide is the vehicle, 2014 Tesla Model S Liftback? 1964 mm77.32 in.
What is the curb weight, 2014 Tesla Model S P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 2251 kg4962.61 lbs.
What is the gross weight, 2014 Tesla Model S P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 2670 kg
How much trunk space, 2014 Tesla Model S Liftback? 745 – 1645 l26.31 – 58.09 cu. ft.
How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 2014 Tesla Model S P85D 85 kWh Dual Motor AWD? 1, automatic transmission

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