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2010 Glacier Blue Tesla Roadster For Sale | Gruber Motors

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This car has the the new R80 battery installed in March of 2022Thank you for looking @ our 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport, This beautiful California / Nevada car is the dream machine for many colle…Read More


Please note there are a lot of reflections in these pictures from that beautiful paint in our booth.Thank you for looking @ our rare 2010 Tesla Roadster 3.0, This has the R80 Battery Upgrade T…Read More


Tesla Roadster 2010 SPORT, Metallic Red — The same model that Elon Musk sent in thespace!This is a limited edition, top-of-the-line Tesla Roadster, 1-60 mph in 2.75 seconds. The one model th…Read More

Private Seller

Bricked Roadsters For Sale

This section is reserved for Bricked Roadsters for sale. If a Roadster is not charged for a couple of months, it can get “Bricked” and no longer take a charge from the Roadster charge port door. We can repair this condition within 6-9 months, but anything longer will require a new battery pack. These cars are being sold unrepaired.

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Used 2010teslaroadster In Torrance Ca Values

The average list price of a used 2010TeslaRoadster in Torrance, California is $161,945. The average mileage on a used TeslaRoadster2010 for sale in Torrance, California is 25,194. Based on the average mileage of 25,194 for used 2010TeslaRoadster for sale in Torrance, CA and using an average vehicle condition rating, which means the vehicle may have a few mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and may require a considerable amount of reconditioning, we appraise the average trade-in value of a used TeslaRoadster2010 in Torrance, California to be N/A.

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Used Tesla Roadster 25 Sport For Sale

Showcasing the performance abilities of Teslas all electric sports car design, the 2010 Roadster 2.5 Sport delivered a 0 60 mph acceleration time of about 3.7 seconds. This exhilarating driving experience led automotive magazine Car and Driver to comment that the Roadster 2.5 Sport acceleration felt like the closest thing to being shot out of a potato gun. Met with generally glowing reviews for performance, technology advancements, and a novel driving experience, the Roadster still had a few quirks in comfort thanks to the cramped cabin of the Lotus Elise body and other less than luxury features for the high price point.

Still, the uniqueness of the Roadster 2.5 Sport and its Base counterpart kept orders from intrigued customers trickling in. By the end of 2010, Tesla had produced and delivered over 1,400 Roadsters and was deep into the design phase of a new all electric production sedan .

The exterior of the Roadster 2.5 Sport gained two extra paint colors over the Base model: Lightning Green and Atomic Red. Other color options came in Racing Green, Arctic White, Radiant Red, Brilliant Yellow Metallic, Electric Blue, Jet Black, Obsidian Black Metallic, Fusion Red, Glacier Blue Metallic, Sterling Silver, Twilight Blue Metallic, Thunder Gray, and Very Orange. Additional exterior features included Wheels in a directional Forged Silver or Black style and a removable top.

Outside The United States

Salvage 2010 TESLA TESLA for Sale

The company has been shipping cars to European customers since mid-2009. Tesla sold out of its EU special-edition vehicle, which had a 2010 model-year production run of 250 cars. A total of 575 units have been sold in Europe through October 2012.

Tesla first overseas showroom opened in London in 2009, with right-hand-drive models promised for early 2010. Showrooms in Munich and Monaco were also added in 2009, followed by Zurich and Copenhagen in 2010 and Milan in 2011. Reservations for the 2010 Roadster were available for a 3,000 refundable reservation fee.

From 2009 to 2014, Hansjoerg von Gemmingen of Karlsruhe, Germany drove his Tesla Roadster 400,000 km , this being the mileage world record for an all-electric vehicle and reached 520,000 km in 2017. He also drove another 200,000 km in an Tesla Model S and voiced his plan to become the first man to travel a million kilometres in an electric vehicle.

Kevin Yu, the director of Tesla Motors Asia Pacific, said Roadsters in Japan had additional yearly taxes for exceeding the width limit of normal sized cars.

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Used 2015 Or Earlier Tesla Roadsters For Sale

  • 49,350 miles·Silver·Portland, ORExterior Color: sterling silver metallic, Interior Color: black, Body: Convertible, Engine: 3-Phase/4-Pole Electric, Fuel: ElectricTools
  • 28,023 miles·Blue·Carrollton, TXExterior Color: glacier blue metallic, Interior Color: black, Body: Convertible, Engine: 375-Volt Ac Induction Air-Cooled, Fuel: ElectricTools
  • Used Tesla Roadster For Sale

    Locating a quality used Tesla Roadster for sale isnt always the easiest thing to dothey havent been produced for some time, and the newest ones arent out yetmaking the used Tesla Roadster market somewhat difficult to navigate. The good news is that we created Find My Electric to make finding a used Tesla Roadster easier than ever before!

    Whether youre shopping for that perfect pre-owned Tesla Roadster, or youre looking to sell your Tesla Roadster, Find My Electric has got you covered! Weve created a high-tech used Tesla marketplace thats like nothing youve ever seen beforewe put buyers and sellers in control of the process in a way thats never been done!

    Take a moment to browse the used Tesla Roadster listing below, and then check out our guide to buying a Tesla roadster below. Whether youre new to Teslas or not, theres some awesome info there that can help you navigate the Roadster buying experience. Happy searching!


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